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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
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Product Description

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow takes players back to the shadowy world of Third Echcelon - a special spy unit using high-tech weapons and equipment in defense of their government. Special agent Sam Fisher is waging a one-man war against Indonesian terror networks. He'll travel to far-off corners of the world and try to figure out who can be trusted. This conspiracy-filled story will test your wits and your nerves, by throwing you into the world of international espionage. Unbelievable online gameplay -- you'll become a team of Third Echelon agents like Sam, competing against deadly mercenaries, in a series of multiplayer action/shooters!

2006: The U.S. installs a temporary military base on East Timor to train the developing defense force of the "world's youngest democracy." Resistance to the U.S. military presence in Southeast Asia is widespread and passionate, but the threat Indonesian militias pose to Timorese democracy is deemed sufficient justification. Anti-U.S. resentment comes to a head under the leadership of guerrilla militia leader Suhadi Sadono, acting with the unofficial support of major corrupt factions of the Indonesian government. Suhadi's men attack and occupy the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, taking dozens of civilian and military personnel hostage.

Deployed by a top secret wing of the NSA (National Security Agency) known as Third Echelon, Sam Fisher is a lone field operative supported by a remote team. Fisher must defend and assist the U.S. military, both locally and from remote locations, until Suhadi's terror-driven policies can be subverted and the guerrilla faction eradicated. Charged with saving the world, it's a high stakes game. If he fails, the U.S. will deny any knowledge of his existence.

An experience so compelling you feel it.

  • Believe the story. Inspired by the world of Tom Clancy, and endorsed by the famous author, and written by JT Petty, who penned the original Splinter Cell, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow features a storyline so real you can feel it. Tension filled stealth-action springs from a compelling original storyline so realistic it could have been ripped from the headlines.
  • Understand the characters. In this sequel to the original game, favorite characters like Sam Fisher and Irving Lambert return and unveil even more about their personal histories in the more character-driven storyline. New antagonists appear, including Suhadi Sodano an Indonesian guerilla leader whose beliefs are sound, but whose methods are barbaric. And then there is Norman Soth: CIA-trained mercenary deep under cover or traitor working for the enemy? Whose side is he really on?
  • Immerse yourself.Revolutionary lighting, shadowing, animation, physics, and sound effects pushed to the limit to create a universe so tightly woven that the line between reality and gaming starts to blur. "High res" cinematics, amazing sound design and music as well as top quality voice over give SCPT as unique movie production quality. Voice actors, music composers and cinematic directors to be announced in the coming months.
  • You've got the moves. Now more than ever, Sam relies on his moves. In this sequel to the original Splinter Cell, circumstances demand that Sam use his agility and athleticism to avoid detection and death. In fact the level design demands them. Use a half split jump to reach a ledge, zip line across an open courtyard, rappel along the side of a building, SWAT-turn to bypass an open door unseen.
  • You've got the gear. Based on prototypes currently in development, or gadgets out on the field, Sam Fisher has a menu of high tech gadgets and tools from which to choose.
Revolutionary multiplayer stealth action gameplay online for the first time.
  • Take Splinter Cell online. Taking place in a graphically-rich environment we expect from Splinter Cell, the multiplayer gameplay is a natural extension of the Splinter Cell world. Just as in Splinter Cell, players will call on a wide variety of gadgets, weapons and athletic moves to best their opponents. The light and shadow-filled environment offers dark retreats for stealth gamers and wide open spaces that spell danger for spies. The multiplayer game is integrated into the compelling offline story, though both offline and online gameplay can be enjoyed independently of one another.
  • Choose a side. Taunt your enemies from the shadows as you meet stealth objectives playing through wide multiplayer maps in third-person view as a Shadow Net Spy. Or track spies using a first-person perspective as a heavy armed Argus Mercenary protecting your compound. The abilities and resources on each side are evenly matched. Winning will come down to skill and strategy.
  • Feel the tension. Just as in the original game, online players will feel the tension that comes from never knowing what might happen next. Shadow Net spies hold their breath as mercenaries pass by close enough to touch them. They hide in the dark and wait for the right moment to spring into action. They work in concert—one can distract the mercenaries, while the other(s) meets the objective. Mercenaries never know when a Shadow Net spy might silently drop down from the shadows to attack, or slip by detection efforts to complete a mission. By relying heavily on their detection devices they feel like they can stop the threat—at least for now. Are spies stealing your secrets while they toy with you?
    It's important to note that the maximum number of players on a multiplayer map is four. Too many people in a map would create chaos and result in shooter gameplay. But this is Splinter Cell. It's a stealth action game not a shooter. This game tests your stealth and your strategy, your readiness and your resourcefulness. Are you ready?
  • Feel the game. The multiplayer maps feature the revolutionary lighting, shadowing, animation, physics, and sound effects that have become the Splinter Cell trademark. Graphical effects push that even further. Electronic interference can disrupt the vision and tools of the mercenaries. Spies must avoid the searching flash lights and laser pointers. Flash bang, shaft and gas grenades are also powerful visual effects that players will have to deal with. Thanks to their advanced goggles, Shadow Nets can see in the dark and read thermo signatures in their environment while mercenaries detect movements and electro-magnetic disturbance in their surroundings…and much more to discover.
  • Incredible real movement and control - you can even shift Sam's weight when preparing him for a split jump between two walls
  • Exciting new moves maximize Sam's lethal fighting skills -- spin out of the shadows and kill silently
  • All-new moves and levels - fight in jungles, on rooftops, on top of(and under) a moving train
  • Advanced AI makes it harder than ever to get past enemies - if you reveal yourself they'll get reinforcements and put on armor
  • Weapons now have secondary functions that can be equipped on the fly - be amazed at the advantage you get from the red dot of the laser sight

Customer Reviews:

  • A terrific blend of action and stealth...
    Splinter Cell : Pandora Tomorrow is my first real time stealth experience in gaming. And the experience is truly satisfying. Ubisoft has maintained its high game quality over the years and Pandora Tomorrow is no less than a remarkable achievement. If you are new to this sort of gameplay like I am, then read on...

    You start out as Sam Fisher, an uber elite hi-tech soldier cum spy, working for a top secret organization called Third Echelon. Within that, you are a secret entity known by the code Splinter Cell. Together with a few covert allies, you infiltrate, search, gather intelligence and if need be, 'dispose' off your enemies who could adversely affect the United States. In short, you are one silent bad-ass....

    The story is fairly coherent in concept but disjoint in terms of character-building. You are after a shadowy Indonesian guerilla group headed by an enigmatic terrorist called Suhadi Sadono. Your task is to find out what he is intentions are and how his actions it could impact the free world. And if his plans bear fruit, you actions would proceed accordingly from infiltrating to liquidating and protecting some vital 'assets'.

    It is not so much the story as the gameplay that keeps the game moving forward. Splinter Cell falls neither into pure action genre games like Serious Sam or Quake, nor does it fall into the RPG genre like Morrowind or Neverwinter Nights. It lies somewhere in-between. If you have played No One Lives Forever, where you are required to be stealthy in certain levels, then think of Splinter Cell as a game encompassing all the characterisitcs of those levels, but with greater attention to detail and flexibility. What you get is a magnifcent blend of pure action ,subtlety and tension. Absolute, rivetting tension.

    Graphics, Gameplay & Sound
    At almost every stage you are required to perform actions by being in the shadows. Darkness is your best friend. And to help you acheive your objectives, Splinter Cell has the most advanced lighting system in any game to date. You have a visibility meter which indicates just how much you are exposed to light and if you are careless enough, you would attract unwanted folks to your presence. The secret to Splinter Cell looking so good is that the shadow lighting effects are all real time and every object casts its won image on other objects in the environment. And any change in the environment will invariably change the objects of that environment. For instance Sam would alert his foe to his presence if he say, blew off a lamp. The guard would patrol the area for sometime and then resume his duty. If Sam does the same thing over and over, the guard could eventually sound the alarm because too many lamps are were blown off for no reason. Hence the true tension comes when Sam has to understand and make use of his surroundings. The graphics is magnificent, showcasing the real power of the Unreal engine that drives it. Sam himself looks great and has different costumes to suit different locales. All look really cool with the all black costume looking especially awesome. But the best part of the game is when Sam stomps onto bushes in the dense foliage, they make way for him and then spring back and sway about just like in real life. That effect is worth every penny I put into buying this game. It is brilliant, to say the least.

    The gameplay has a cinematic feel to it.Really. Sam is utterly believable in action and his movements are jaw-dropping. He can run, stroll, roll, jump, flank or sneak upon an enemy with a cat like grace that is unseen in other games. And add to that, the various sounds of the game are executed with extreme care. All lush locales have ambient natural sounds while the indoors have that clautrophobic roomy atmosphere. Very authentic.
    The game does not have a replay value though, but you'd love to handle Sam once in a while to re-live the tense moments. But put your efforts into the multiplayer mode which is superb in concept and has the same characteristics that made the single player so enriching.

    Some cons: Since Sam moves around from region to region, you'd expect his foes to speak native language. It ain't so, and that takes away a lot of authenticity. Also your enemy is rather blocky and less detailed than you. The story is a bit dull in the middle. The game could be really frustrating at times owing to the limited save option in the XBOX.


    Barring aside the cons that shouldn't stop you from enjoying Splinter Cell, I suggest you buy this game. It should be in your collection of game classics. On an XBOX, Splinter Cell looks fantastic, achieving photo-realistic levels. Add to that, you are part of a community that has pushed the stealth franchise to a new standard of gameplay. Splinter Cell: PT isn't ground breaking per se, but it takes in all the vital elements that makes this genre so good and adds unmatched lustre to it. Enjoy...more info
  • Splinter Cell got better
    (short review attempt)

    I awaited this one for a while, it came out, and it was everything i hoped it would be. Some of the graphics look better than the first. And the singel player storyline is more the of good stuff form the first, except puts you out doors more often. I cant get enough of me splinter cell.

    The multiplayer is so much fun. I dont remember playing anything this original online for a while. It takes a common concept of first person shooting and switches it around a little by adding spies to it... and *gasp* it makes you use your brain to try and outsmart the other team! I consider an online game full of repaly value if it lets you try and get into the other person's head to out think them, and this onelets you do that just perfectly. Something i love to do, play mind games with people. So at the end of the day you'll have fun testing different strategies against some people, then going back the next day and doing it all over again. It's amazing how some things you can get away with and others will stomp you down at the slightest mark of an attempt.

    If I have to name a problem, it's the slight change of some of the controls. Like going against a wall, i cant keep track of how many times i whistled when it was definitely NOT a good time to whistle. Another small thing is the loading times when first booting up the game, a little long. But these small faults are easily overlooked

    More of the great single player which made the first splinter cell a hit, added with superb online multiplayer for pretty much infinite replay value, make this one better than the first in my book

    (short review attempt didnt work too well)...more info

  • Most Innovative Game Ever
    Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is the second game in a series of three (to date). It is available for XBOX, Play Station 2, PC, Game Cube and Game Boy Advance. This review is in reference to the Xbox version.

    The game is set in 2006: a corrupt guerilla militia attacked the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta. They now occupy the building and have taken dozens of hostages. This is where you come in, but not to save the hostages. There are top secret documents located somewhere within the embassy: you must find and destroy them before the terrorists have a chance to get hold of them.

    Building on the enormous success of the original Splinter Cell game, Pandora Tomorrow once again pushes the boundaries beyond expectations. All areas of the game - the lighting & shadowing, animation, physics and sound design have been boosted to create an even more enveloping environment to play in. The single player game is nothing short of fantastic: it boasts a set of new hi-tech gadgets for you to play with as well as new moves to help you evade and engage your enemies.

    However, the truly groundbreaking aspect of Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is the Multiplayer mode. The only game of its kind, the Splinter Cell's multiplayer mode pits two on two in a very unique way; two stealthy, agile spies with third person perspective against two armed & deadly mercenaries in first person view. You wouldn't think it would work as well as it does, but it's perhaps the most well balanced multiplayer game ever made. Mercenaries may have lethal weapons, but spies are faster, can climb, hang and break your neck. Spies can move more quickly through the shadows, but mercenaries have an available motion tracking vision. Mercenaries have motion tracking but spies have hidden routs to travel unseen, etc. etc. etc. - it is this type of counteractive system that is applied to every facet of the MP experience. It's extremely addictive and even more fun than it sounds. A wide variety of maps are available to choose from, all of which are incredibly well designed. Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is not a revamp of the original, but is an original itself.
    ...more info
  • Fun but rushed
    This game is extremely fun. I loved every minute of it. The story is very realistic. WARNING: this game can be vary hard! But it's still a great game. Although, the ending is very rushed. And the game itself is quite short. But that's only half. You can go online! Now, it's not Sam Fishers running around, it's different. It pits spies against mercenaries. It's so addicting! The graphics are amazning. The water and grass look beautiful. The spies try and neutrilize the virus online, while the mercs defend them. The spies can use devices to listen in the mercs. The mercs can set mines. I reccomend this to all gamers. But remember, this is stealth!...more info
  • Pretty good
    this game was pretty good. it was REALLY fun, but it was kind of short. it seemed long because you have to wait for guys to move, so it seems longer than it really is....more info
  • Better and worse than original
    Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (like the first in the series) is a welcome addition to the stealth action genre. It offers high tension, incredible graphics (especially in its natural environments and lighting effects) plenty of action, excellent voice acting (by the principal characters, anyway) and is a lot of fun to play. However, despite these accolades it has its share of problems.

    As another reviewer has already written, the voice acting (except for the principals) is abysmal. EVERYONE, whether they're Indonesian, French or Israeli sounds American. Even their lines seem wildly unnatural and out of character. While this wouldn't seem to be that big of a concern at first, it gets old quickly and detracts away from the atmosphere, tension and believability.

    Another problem is the game's bugginess. Dialogue would often begin between Sam and other characters, even when he was alone! All because he was standing in a place where the other character was supposed to appear and talk to him. Very odd. In addition, the subtitles for the dialogue between characters often didn't match what they were saying or was completely ungrammatical.

    The enemy AI was decent most of the time, but there were problems there, too. Even after taking a couple of rounds, some soldiers would go back to their patrol routes as if nothing had occurred. At other times soldiers would go on alert because they claimed to have seen me (when I wasn't even in the same room with them and wasn't moving). The game is a bit like the first Tenchu in that way and again, it's very strange and frustrating.

    My last complaint is with the set pattern you're forced to take in the game. A more free flowing environment would have been more fun and challenging. The worst example of this is the final confrontation with Sadono, in which you have to follow a certain path in defeating him. Deviating from this route always ends in you getting shot.

    Still, despite my gripes, PT is a good game and is fun to play most of the time. I enjoyed the first and this one even more, but I'd try and get a used copy or wait until the price goes down a bit before purchasing it....more info

  • A Stealth Game With its Pros and Cons
    This game is fun, but it has its pros and cons.
    1. When you are trying to hide a body, the stealth meter will flash stating the body is well hidden.
    2. There is an advantage with the lock pick and optic cable. Instead of finding it in the inventory, it will say "optic cable" at the door. If the door is locked, it will also say "lock pick".
    3. You can zoom in farther with your SC-20K (up to 6X).
    4. You can whistle to lure a guard into your trap.
    5. The lighting is much better. In the first Splinter Cell, I would often times be in a circle of light and I would have no shadow and it would say I was well hidden.
    6. I guess you can say the graphics are better.
    7. There are many new moves. You can shoot hanging up-side down from a horizontal beam.
    8. Many places to explore. One mission is in an airport. Amother is in Jeruselum, Israel.
    9. There is a new alarm (in some missions) where there are three stages. If you stay invisible, it will decrease.
    10. Your pistol has a laser (by pressing the left trigger while equipped). It will come in handy when shooting at the back of someones head, but they can see it if you point it in front of them.

    1. When I did a split jump and then landed on the officer's head. I went right through him and it didn't hurt him at all.
    2. Sometimes a guard will see you even if you are well hidden. (On the last mission, I hid a body in the shadow and the guy saw it and was more than 20 feet away.)
    3. Voice acting: It is convincing except for the officers who never move their lips. Also, the civilians voice also sounds very weird.
    4. I don't like the fact that your SC-20K is always in the rifle mode.
    5. There were more checkpoints in the first Splinter Cell.

    In conclusion, this is a game some people will and won't like. This is a fun game, but Ubi-Soft needs to fix these problems.

    P.S. For all you people who say this game doesn't give you enough ammo, think again. Lambert said that your gun should always be your last resort. Stealth is your best weapon. You don't have to kill every guard you see. If you have too, always aim at his head. I always had never used more than 10 bullets by the end of any mission.

    P.S. Look for magizines in the game that have the Prince of Persia (a game by Ubi-Soft) cover. One of them is in the Paris-Nice level. Find the place where the conductor is telling the man how he couldn't find any earplugs. Run in and knock the civilian out cold. Take your binoculars and zoom in on the magizine on the table. You have found a Prince of Persia Magizine!...more info

  • A lesser version of the original
    Like many people, I was sucked in by the first Splinter Cell and eagerly ate Pandora Tomorrow up as well. And again, like most, I was somewhat disappointed with it.

    The same gameplay is here, the same engaging interface, the same main characters. There are several new villains to battle and the storyline is very involved, though not as involved as the first Splinter Cell. You do travel to some interesting geographic areas, like Jerusalem, Indonesia - even LAX.

    I was initially encouraged by the game, when the second level turned out to be one of the coolest Splinter Cell levels in both games combined - the train level. At the start of the level, Sam finds himself on the top of a speeding train in the middle of the night. You have to climb down the side, almost getting clipped by another locomotive passing. The graphics in this level are amazing and it's unlike anything you'll see in the first installment of the game. Then there is Jerusalem, amazingly recreated to cinematic proportions. At this point I began to notice the music. The same Splinter Cell themes were there, but performed with a Middle Eastern orchestra, incorporating percussion and instruments native to that area only. I was pretty impressed with this attention to detail.

    But then the game began to wane. It was more like work than gaming. Many of the levels have a 1-alarm limit. Someone sees you - that's it. You're restarting from the last save point, which was probably several minutes back. I found that there was very little action and a great deal of strategy, which is fine I suppose - that's what you get in a Splinter Cell game. But sometimes it was to an excessive point, and I was just trying to get to the next save point, not really engaging in the Splinter Cell world. At other times I was rather impressed with the attention to puzzles. In one level you must navigate a dark mine field - with your thermal goggles - while spotlights scan the surrounding area. However, the spotlights are timed in such a way that you must move at very specific times, in a very specific pattern. It was well thought out.

    The ending was very anti-climactic, and I wasn't even sure it was the real ending until the credits started rolling. I didn't feel the game was particularly long. I'd be interested to see how it compares to the original in its length. In the first game I felt almost overwhelmed as the levels kept coming and coming. In Pandora Tomorrow, as I said, I was surprised at how quickly the ending came.

    All in all, I expected much more. It was essentially the same game as the original but with new levels and a new story.

    I've read some about Splinter Cell 3 due out later this year (or early next year). It's supposed to be the game that most of us expected Pandora Tomorrow to be. A completely redesigned interface, a sound meter (to go with stealth), new weapons and completely new ways to circumnavigate your enemies are just a few of the features. I suppose Pandora Tomorrow was released to hold us over until then, but all in all it's only a mediocre effort that doesn't offer much than simply replaying the original.
    ...more info
  • soldier
    This game was not long enough!!! I beat it in 3 days. I am glad I barrowed it and didn't buy it. I havn't tried it online yet so I can't say anything about that. I also think that it would have been nice for multiplayer action without Xbox live! Oh well. ...more info
  • Best Game EVER!!!!!
    This game was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the first. Better Moves. Better weapons. It was a bit short, and at some parts easy, so i would not reccomend the strategy guide. This game would be an excellent addition to ne collection, or one of the best starter games if u jst got n x-box....more info
  • Improved over the last one
    I recently purchaced this game after I beat the first one and loved it. I expected the same controls, slightly better graphics, and same gadgets. Boy, was I wrong! This game is much, much better.
    The graphics in this game have been improved a ton. Everything looks so real. Sam has more facial detail, the surroundings are better, and the shadows have improved. There is only one graphical glitch, and this is when you grab enemies, or put them down. Sometimes you or the enemy can go slightly into the wall. Not that it matters, I just wanted to say that. Overall much improved graphics.
    The controls are changed but but not drastically. when you wall hug, you press in the left thuinbstick. To snipe, you press in the right thumbstick. Inventory is now the white button, and black button is whistle. Down on the directional pad is laser aiming. (I'll get to the gadgets later on in my review) Also, if you press the right thumbstick in without having the SC20K equipped, you will be put into a camera mode which will let you zoom in and out. Okay so the controls were cahnged drastically, but I was still able to play with no problem.
    Now to the gadgets. There are many new gadgets and moves. Here is a list: Pistol laser-aiming, ajust the snipe cam in and out, whistle, half split-jump (which allows you to jump to leges while in a split-jump), upside-down pole shooting, laser-mic zoom, and new backrounds like a different view for the sticky camera, stealth meter etc. The voices of the people are changed very slightly, you might not even notice the difference. Instead of health kits, there are health power ups on walls that can be used more than once but have limited using.
    The sound on this game is phenomonal. It has cultural music for different places you go. The sounds are also much more realistic.
    The gameplay is the best partof the game. Newly designed levels, including outdoor levels were included. The light changes during the game, but it never turns into broad daylight. It makes it much easier to distract certain guards by the whistle feature. It has the same Sc20k gadjets, and is a lot like the last game in terms of stalth movement. But what you have to look for in this game is more pipes, and more split jump moves. Also, there are more times you have to shoot out the lights, and more times you have to look for alternate routes.
    There were a few things that I did not like about this game. One, I realized that if I hadn't had the first Splinter Cell, I woundn't have been able to play this one at all. You have to remember what you learned in the first one for moments in this game like when you have to disable wall mines, and shooth land mines. Also, the levels are slightly shorter, and there is one less level, so I beat the game in three days. Also, it was a bit easier than the first, but that doen't say much because the first one was extremely difficult.
    This game has a ton of replayability. I keep finding alternate routes i din't find the first time. I also keep finding more health boosters that I didn't see.
    Overall this was a great game. Don't get it if you don't have the first one, or if you didn't like the first one. If you didn't like the first one, just rent this. I don't know you might like it. This is the best game ever. I loved it.
    ...more info
  • Stealth and Action to the Fullest
    Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is one of those games that everyone is talking about and you have to try it out for yourself. It's a stealthy action game that really lives up to the high expectations. I liked the original Splinter Cell game, but I wasn't looking forward to the sequel very much. This was because I pretty much sucked at the original game, especially playing the multiplayer on xbox live. You have to have a pretty good understanding of the maps, the controls, and your surroundings. You also have to have some practice with the game before you can become good enough to play people over xbox live. I got my [...] kicked SO many times playing this game it's not even funny. Even with all my doubts at how bad I would be at this game, I couldn't resist picking up Pandora Tomorrow the first week it came out.

    I played through the single player campaign with ease. Well, not ease I guess, but it went over smoothly. I really enjoyed the single player gameplay, something that I hardly ever like. At least not as much as I like the multiplayer experience. It seemed as though the gameplay of this sequel is toned down quite a bit and makes it easier for a new player to the series to complete the game without having an extremely difficult time. I liked this a lot because it makes for a more "pick up and play" experience and not so much where you have to be SO good at the game. It was like this through the single player campaign that is. When I tried to play online, this was a while different story. I guess I'm just not up to par with my Splinter Cell skills. Again, I got destroyed in pretty much every time I played a match over xbox live. Either I really really suck at this game, or its one of those that you really need practice to be able to play well.

    Even though I completely suck at the multiplayer portion of this game, it is still one of the best games overall that I have played in a while. The graphics are great. This game goes into so much detail and the lighting is phenomenal. Sam Fisher (the main character) looks incredible in this game and there is a greater level of detail in his face and his outfits. There are also things like rain and smoke that also look insane and very realistic. The sound in the game is also something that makes it shine above the rest. It's a game here if you play it with the volume too low you might actually miss something crucial to the story. The sound effects are also great along with the dialogue and voice acting. This game is a definite buy for those people looking for a great multiplayer experience. I for one enjoyed the single player game better, but with all the features and modes, you can't go wrong with Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow over xbox live (that is unless you totally suck at it like me)....more info
  • An okay game...
    Now I know that everybody says that this game is better than the first one but that is not true. The only better thing is the online play. When making this game they totally butchered the single player mode. The controls are different but not that much. You get very limited gameplay and the levels are very fustrating. You only get 9 levels which might sound good but is not. It goes by very quick allow you to have much fun with it. The levels are too short period. Now, the online multiplayer however is very fun. But there are a couple of downfalls. One is that there are many glitches that the designers forgot to take out. So don't even bother playing the warehouse level because all it is is a glitch level. You can even get into the opposite team's spawn to kill them when they come back to life. Also this game is very fustrating if you are a merc. The reason being that it is first person view and you are constantly being shot by a stupid stun gun from the spies. You take two steps and you are getting stunned. And let's not even get into double jumping... Another downfall is that in spies there are only two ways to kill the mercs. One is to go up behind them, grab them, and either break their neck or choke them. The other way is to constantly jump on them and eventually they will die. I give this game a 3 out of 5....more info
  • Good looking, bad playing
    I probably should have rented it first because this game is horrifically difficult. I didn't play the first Splinter Cell, but bought this one after reading glowing reviews and listening to my friends who said it is the best game ever made. I've put 30+ hours into it so far and haven't gotten past the second level. I never will because I'm sick of doing the same thing over and over. My copy of this game has been earmarked for the "Previously Played" bin at the local game store....more info
  • This game is so awesome.
    I'm a huge gammer and this game is so close to perfect.

    The sole lacking side of this game is it's single player. Anyone who gives this game a bad review has not played multiplayer, or has not invested the time (a few hours) to get good at it. There's something just beautiful about this game online; it's possibly the most challenging game I've played. As a spy you must stalk the enemy, giving witht the cruicial momement of murder. As a merc you are confiened to the most challenging first person shooter ever made. You must counter for the ingenuity of your foes, their wit is your challange. It's quite indescribable really. Often times while playing I'll listen in to my opponents communication as my partner attacks and I can hear the frantic screams and calls for help; when was the last time you screamed out loud while playing a game?
    ...more info
  • Phenomenal Work !!!! ......Fisher
    I confess...I have never played a Tom Clancy game before...but I am glad I did this one ....its not mindless shooting and blowing things up like the genre of games I am used to playing like Golden Eye (N64), Night Fire or even like the legendary HALO. The stealth missions and non use of lethal force makes this game remarkable. I was mad at my brother for buying this game (thinking only HALO 2 will be worth the 50 bucks this year) but now I am glad he bought it....this is truely one of the masterpieces for X Box :)...more info
  • bad
    this was the worst game i ever played in my life. it should be buried in the desert next to e.t. for the atari. i hate this game so much that i cried all of last night. i do not recomend this game to anybody unless they are obsessed with stupidity. i hate you splinter cell. u stink ....more info
  • Pandora Tomorrow is an utterly amazing game that offers an extraordinary experience that revolutionizes the stealth genre.
    The first Splinter Cell was a revolutionary game that changed the stealth action genre forever. Pandora Tomorrow simply builds on the foundation set by its predecessor and expands on it, which makes it an even more extraordinary game than the original. With the perfect combination of exciting action and stealth tactics, Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow is definitely an instant classic.

    The story is told in true Tom Clancy fashion. Responding to the growing use of sophisticated digital encryption to conceal threats to the United States, the NSA (National Security Agency) has responded by making a top-secret initiative in creating the Third Echelon team. They use methods of espionage along with cutting-edge technology to collect stored data in hostile territory. Third Echelon is deployed by the government when intelligence cannot be obtained peacefully and when force must be used, but the U.S. denies any knowledge of the team's existence. Third Echelon uses units known only as Splinter Cells, which are the most elite intelligence gathering forces in the world. They consist of a lone operative in the field that is supported by a remote team. Splinter Cells must be small, sharp, and nearly invisible in order to survive. This is where you come in. You are Sam Fisher. You're sent into hostile territory to destroy top-secret documentation held deep behind enemy lines.

    The gameplay is very similar to the first game. Fisher's ability to operate both silently and secretly is two of his most valuable assets in fighting against overwhelming enemy forces. While you are a Splinter Cell and you do operate alone, you still have your OPSAT. The OPSAT is like a standard civilian PDA, except designed for military use. It enables Fisher to receive mission objectives and updates from Third Echelon headquarters. It allows you to view you operation goals, personal notes, data, and items in your inventory. It also includes a visibility meter, which is an important indicator of stealth. It displays Sam's level of visibility and shows whether he is lit up and in danger of being detected or if he is completely invisible and undetectable. It will become your best friend on the field. But as a Splinter Cell, you must not only be invisible to enemy eyes but also enemy ears. While running and jumping may be necessary at times, they also generate sound, which will put enemies on alert. You must move slowly while crouched to avoid making sound and to avoid enemies. Another critical part of the core gameplay is alarms. If Sam is detected by an enemy or if they even suspect the presence of an intruder, they are specifically trained to alert other comrades or to trigger alarms rather than to engage Sam by themselves; and due to missions being extremely covert, raising alarms will sometimes result in Third Echelon aborting a mission.

    In order to remain invisible, Sam has a wide variety of moves. You must learn how to get around and how to do it undetected. Sam has the basic abilities to walk, crouch, mantle, climb, and roll. He can also perform close attacks with your weapon. You can put your back to the wall, you can shimmy along ledges, you can move along pipes by going hand-over-hand, and you can use zip-lines. Fisher also has the ability to perform split-jumps over narrow corridors. He can also shoot his gun while in split-jump. If he performs a half split jump, he can jump up to higher spots. Drop attacks on enemies are also possible in split jump. In order to remain quiet, Sam can perform quiet landings after jumping. Fisher has the ability to rappel off buildings and to shoot from this position. While hanging from pipes, Fisher has the ability to do hanging shooting as well as upside-down shooting. With his back to a wall, Sam has to ability to perform back-to-wall shooting as well as back-to-wall throwing. The SWAT turn can be performed when peeking at an open door or corridor. It enables Sam to pass through the doorway almost invisibly. Fisher has the ability to pick up and move dead or unconscious bodies in order to hide them. He can also grab enemies, use them as human shields, interrogate them, or he can even force them to cooperate with him. You will need all these moves in order to survive.

    Completing missions that are this difficult would be impossible to do without your huge arsenal of high-tech weapons. Of course, you are armed with Sam's trusty silenced pistol. The only difference is that this time around, the pistol is equipped with laser aiming, which shoots a laser at targets. His highlight weapon, though, is his SC-20K. It is light-weight and delivers impressive firepower. It is equipped with a sound suppressor and a multipurpose launcher. It has the ability to fire the following weapons: Ring Airfoil Projectile (incapacitates enemies), sticky cameras (can be fired onto walls and feeds images back to Sam), Sticky Shockers (incapacitates enemies), Distraction Cameras (fired onto walls and can be triggered to attract enemies with sound and then dispenses incapacitating gas), and gas grenades (knocks enemies unconscious).

    Besides SC-20K gadgets, Fisher still has an entire arsenal at his disposal. Sam has flashbang grenades, which can temporarily blind enemies, and chaff grenades, which release magnetic particles that can disable electronics. Sam also has his useful lock picks, which enable him to get into locked doors. His disposable picks have micro explosive charges that will shatter the pins in any lock cylinder. To eavesdrop on conversations, Fisher has his laser microphone and can use it to gain useful information. Camera jammers are useful to disrupt surveillance cameras and gain Fisher enough time to sneak by them. Sam also has an optic cable, which can easily be slipped under doors to view the other side. Fisher's highlight gadget would have to be his famous three-light goggles. They can be used as night vision goggles, which amplify low existing light and enable Sam to see in the dark. He also has thermal vision goggles that capture heat signatures, which enable Fisher to see body heat in dark or smoky areas. In enemy territory, you will come across items that can range from the following: wall mines, emergency flares, frag grenades, medical kits, alarm panel, automated turrets, surveillance cameras armored cameras, keypad locks, retinal scanners, booby traps, and motion detectors.

    Splinter Cell is not your traditional FPS in which you run through levels with your guns blazing and kill anything and everything. You must, and are required, to use stealth tactics. When you go to kill or knock out and enemy, you basically have two options. First, you can simply shoot him in the head with a round from your rifle or pistol (deadly option), or you can stun him with a sticky shocker or ring-airfoil round from your SK-20 rifle (friendly option). Second, you can sneak up to your enemies and grab them unexpectedly, drag them to the shadows, interrogate them or force them to cooperate with you, and then either kill them or knock them out (deadly or friendly option). Now you are probably thinking this is going to be easy, but it is an extremely difficult task.

    Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow features some of the most outstanding and dynamic enemy A.I. ever seen in a video game. They respond to everything just like real humans; this means they are smart enough to come searching for you if they detect your presence, they will raise alarms if they sense danger, they will respond to sounds you put off, and they will even go find their buddies if they feel trouble. It's the dynamic A.I. that affects how you will play the game. These are when some of Fisher's moves come in handy, especially his ability to pick up bodies. After you kill or knock out enemies, you can not simply leave the bodies lying out in broad daylight. You must pick up bodies and drag them to the shadows in order to hide them so that they will not be found or discovered. If you leave bodies lying around, guards will stumble across them and raise alarms, which will sometimes end missions.

    The gameplay wouldn't be as good as it is without the graphics. With Splinter Cell's revolutionary shadow effects system, it brings a completely new element to the stealth genre. The game makes you use the shadows to stay hidden and remain invisible to your enemies. No game has ever had shadows as realistic Splinter Cell. With the help of a visibility meter that is integrated into your Opsat, you can tell how visible you are to enemies. Detail is put into every aspect of the game. Landscapes always look extremely detailed and full of life. Characters and character animations are stunningly realistic and facial detail and expressions are great. Weapon models are excellent. Almost all textures in the game look amazing and are nice and polished. You might occasionally come across some things in the game that may seem a little blocky, but these moments are extremely rare. Overall, the graphics deliver on almost every front.

    Sound effects in the game are awesome. You can hear a whole range of sound effects as Fisher tip-toes along across different surfaces; from the splash of water, to the creaking of floorboards, to the shattering of glass, it is all amazing. Weapons all sound sharp and right on target. Music in the game is great and really adds to the whole effect of being a super-spy. Voice animations are some of the best ever seen in video games. The entire cast is stunning, although some foreign accents seem a little false at time. But the sound is simply icing on the cake for such a great game.

    Overall value is pretty good compared to the original. The game, of course, offers the outstanding single player game. But for the first time in a Splinter Cell game, Pandora Tomorrow has an amazing new multiplayer game both online over Xbox Live and offline. The multiplayer is split up into two teams of human players: SHADOWNET Team and ARGUS Corporation. The SHADOWNET team must progress through missions without being spotted and analyze its environment, as well as fulfill the conditions for victory. The Mercenaries team, ARGUS Corporation, must prevent the SHADOWNET team from making progress by tracking them down, find them, and eliminating them. It is an extremely fun and addicting addition to the overall Pandora Tomorrow package. So with the combination of the outstanding single player game and the stunning multiplayer, Pandora Tomorrow is definitely worth purchasing.

    The storyline is riveting and pulls the gamer into the game, making them feel like they are right there in the action with Fisher. It will definitely keep you playing all the way through. While the game is difficult and you will find yourself replaying missions, the pure excitement of operating is such covert mission will immerse into the game and you won't want to put it down.

    The original Splinter Cell was truly revolutionary. Everybody thought that it would be almost impossible to top such an extraordinary game; but Pandora Tomorrow proves that theory wrong. It builds and extends on the foundation set by its predecessor and delivers with a game that no others can top. It has the perfect combination of exciting first-person action and stealth combat, and it blends them together into one game almost flawlessly. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is a truly stunning game that must be experienced and is definitely worthy of the Splinter Cell name....more info
  • not as good as the first one
    although this is a good game, it isnt as good as good as the first one.Yes there are a couple more features, it is plainly a little two hard. which could be good or bad. so id say tou should rent it first/ ...more info
  • Not a pefect sequel, but pretty darn close.
    After finishing the first Splinter Cell, I couldn't wait the follow-up game to be released. Now that I've played it, I do like the game, but I think the original was better.

    The shadows and lighting effects are all there just as you remember from the original. The new version automates some of the tedious tasks for you (silent landings are now automatic) and holding the right trigger engages the fully automatic weapon, although you really rip through bullets fast AND the trigger is very sensitive.

    The missions are shorter than the original and there are more save points in between in this version. Good and bad I guess.

    All in all, the game will still hold your attention long enough until Chaos Theory is released, but it just didn't live up to the hype....more info
    If your looking for a HALO type game this is NOT it,but if you like stealthy hide in the shadows covert action type gameplay with gourgeous graphics than this is a must buy or rent .I recently put in my old splinter cell game and noticed improvments graphicaly on PANDORA . For me the only way to take out enemies is with a head shot(once you get your rifle),cause you have plenty of time to set up your shot.I only wish this game had more levels. Before you know it your done. But its still an awesome game.The gameplay is very smooth. I think its better than the first SPLINTER CELL.But again I say if your looking for a FPS ,this is not a RUN & GUN shooter. Its a stealth game which I found easy to play. But Ive been playing games since BEFORE missle command and pong. So some novice players might get frustrated. Graphics are even better with a "S" video cable or better yet a component cable.I just wish it had at least 20 or more levels/locations . But still a SOLID game....more info
  • The splinter cell series is great
    The Splinter cell series are all great games for adult gamers. You cannot just go blazing in, you actually have to think about what you are doing. Not mindless game...more info