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OXO Salad Spinner
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  • Salad Spinner my eye! It's a tofu drainer!
    I got this item with the express intention of using it to wring out tofu, which it does pretty well. There is some crumbling, and it doesn't get as dry as leaving it in (wasteful) paper towels for hours, but it doesn't take hours, either. I've also used it to wring excess moisture out of onions and other vedge to avoid soggy end-results (as advised by the great and mighty Alton). And who knows? maybe some day lettuce or other salad greens may actually see the inside of this thing. Also, the basket is a quick and handy second colander if your primary colander is already taken (just avoid heat; I don't think it'd like that much), and the outer bowl is handsome enough to double as a serving bowl.

    I like the Good Grips series overall, although it is a bit heavy on gadgety items. But this one in particular is well-designed, and the extra you pay for the ergonomics is worth it. It says what it does; it does what it says.

    A word of advice for those who wish to try my silly scheme: drain the tofu for a minute or two, then cut into cubes, filets or whatever, and make sure you balance the load in the basket. If you've ever had an imbalanced load in your washing machine, then you know what I'm talking about....more info
  • Nothing better
    I started to read the negative reviews on this item (I rarely read anything else, since this is where you get either needed info or a good laugh). I just couldn't believe what people were saying about this almost perfect device.

    I've been using mine for over 5 years now, and it does much more than "salad spinning". You can literally let your imagination go wild with this thing....more info
  • Great Spinner!
    The large spinner does exactly what it says it will - a great salad dryer, and doesn't mush things up as some do. It does not skid on the countertop or tip easily, either, when you start a spin.

    I'm very happy with this (as was the individual who used it for the first time) - it's well-built and solid, easy to use, and stores any leftovers very nicely (take out the mesh basket first and lock down the spinner button and there you have it!)

    ...more info
  • Works Great
    This is a nice item to clean your salad mixings. It is easy to clean and I would highly recommend this....more info
  • oxo
    I was very disappointed in this item. My daughter has one and loves it but the one I received did not work and I had to send it back....more info
  • OXO Large Salad Spinner
    I have been using this salad spinner for about a month and it works. Salad is claened well when in the wet cycle, and gets pretty dry during the dry spin...more info
  • Great Salad Spinner
    I bought a salad spinner because my daughter and my sister both have one and they tell me how much more convenient it is to use one. But my sister likes mine best. It is large enough to handle a whole head of lettuce, the spinner is easy to use for people with arthritis, it has a non skid bottom, and the freshness of the lettuce after it's been stored in the frig is amazing. My sister is ordering one for herself. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Good salad spinner, one minor improvement needed
    Love the push action, love the large capacity and ease of cleaning. The one thing I would like that this does not have but that my previous spinner had is the ability to spin in alternating directions to get even more water off. Right now I spin once, then reach in and agitate the leaves to rearrange them, and then spin again, just to make sure there isn't water hiding out places where a unidirectional spin wouldn't get them....more info
  • Charmed at first, but it didn't last.
    We got this salad spinner (the small one) from our gift registry, and at first we just thought it was the cutest little kitchen toy we'd seen. Almost immediately, however, the spinning mechanism popped apart and since then anything but the most gentle usage causes it to deconstruct again. It was not easy to pop back together either. It turned out to be a big disappointment we just need to return to the store....more info
  • Good Job On Salads
    We eat a salad nearly every day and like the convenience of the bagged salads. However, with the concern over contaminates in produce such as salads we had begun washing the greens...something we had not done previously. It has been difficult to remove all the water and the result has been a somewhat watered down salad when the dressing is added. This salad spinner does a good job of removing the excess water. ...more info
  • EXACTLY what I needed.
    I'm saving a ton of money on paper towels thanks to this thing. I put a large amount of lettuce in, push the spin thing a bunch of times, stop it, and taaadaaa, dry lettuce. As someone who eats a really big salad every day, this is absolutely perfect. Been using it for about 6 months with no problems at all....more info
  • Love it
    While searching for a salad spinner, I came across this one, read the reviews and was convinced (plus it had good reviews on Food Network). I have to say it is living up to the reviews. It is awesome. I 100% recommend it. ...more info
  • Horrible!
    When I received this Oxo salad spinner as a gift, I gave away my trusty MIU salad spinner.

    Big mistake!

    The Oxo salad spinner didn't spin anywhere near as fast as the MIU spinner = lettuce doesn't get dry enough. Plus, the Oxo salad spinner was big, clunky and hard to store.

    Do yourself a favor and buy the MIU salad spinner. It holds more lettuce, spins faster (so your lettuce gets drier), and actually fits inside your fridge when you want to chill your freshly washed lettuce for dinner....more info
  • Durable, Easy to Clean, Longer Lasting Lettuce!
    I didn't actually think I needed one of these but we are growing lettuce in an AeroGarden and decided to shop around for something that would conveniently rinse and store the lettuce post-harvest.

    After reading the reviews for this one here and on another site, the feature that caught my attention was how the container somehow made the lettuce last longer. I read that it would keep the lettuce fresh and edible for up to two weeks.

    I was completely surprised to test this out on my own and find it to be accurate. I haven't tried it with the store-bought lettuce packs yet, but for sure the home grown lettuce that I have harvested has had unexpected longevity and makes me feel better about the extra produce not going to waste.

    The item is easy to clean. I throw it in the top shelf of the dishwasher and it comes out great.

    I have the regular version of the salad spinner which is quite large, so it does require a lot of space in the refrigerator to store. More than I was expecting. The smaller one probably would have been just fine but I do love this one!

    It's been very easy to use, and amusing as well to see it spinning and then hit the "brake".

    I'm very happy with the product. It seems to be quite durable, offers multiple uses (can toss the salad in it and serve from it), is easy to clean, and keeps the salad fresh for a good long time!

    ...more info
  • More than just a little salad spinner, easy to use and clean
    This is an amazingly convenient little unit. It make quick work of salad for one or two, cleans easily, and takes up little cabinet space. Also makes cleaning fresh herbs a snap! This will rinse sand, dirt, critters and debris from a handful of mint, lemon balm, or basil making their use!) Imagine mint tea or juleps without grit, lemon balm tea without mystery additives, and basil cleaned and dried enough for fresh tomatoes and olive oil.

    Fill the bowl and soak tired greens in cold water. Use the strainer to drain the water then spin the greens for a much improved crispy salad. You can even wash and soak and drain dried beans in this, leaving dirt behind.

    I keep finding more uses for this small version, but its larger cousin gets almost as much use in as many different ways....more info
  • It is fun.
    It is fun to use and clean up is pretty easy. It is built well. And my salads taste fresher....more info
  • It spun for about 5 weeks
    I bought the smaller unit. This spinner was fun to use and really did a great job of spinning the water out of freshly cleaned lettuce. But cleaning the unit is difficult. The top/lid is supposed to easily snap apart for cleaning. This happened effortlessly the first time. The second time was more difficult. By about the fifth time I could not separate the two halves. Instead the plunger mechanism unlocked itself, the spring popped out - and I was never able to reassemble the unit (without cracking the plastic). Cleaning this unit is an exercise in frustration!...more info
  • Love it.
    I bought this spinner to replace my old pull cord version. That cord was always flopping out of the cupboard and being generally annoying. I love how this version is self contained and you can push the pump down and lock it in place for storage. Dries my greens quickly!...more info
  • Nice Kitchen Tool
    This was an early Christmas gift from my husband (since he FOUND his present in the closet early). I've been wanting this since seeing it mentioned in, I think it was, Cooks Illustrated magazine. I haven't gotten to use it much, but what use it's had so far, it's great!...more info
  • Great Spinner!!!!!!
    This salad spinner is the best. Really throws the water off lettuce leaves better than any other spinner, and so easy to use....more info
  • My Wife Loves Our Salad Dryer
    She has used it for (3) years. No complaints from her lips to my ears. I do not know what else to say about a salad spinner. ...more info
  • A great spinner
    We received one of these salad spinners as a gift 10 years ago, and we use it on a regular basis. Not only is it a great spinner, storing the greens in the spinner in the fridge extends their life immensely (compared to any sort of plastic bag--even those veggie bags that extend the life of the greens)....more info
  • A MAJOR Disappointment!
    I purchased this spinner on the strength of all the positive reviews. Yes, I read the negative ones too, but didn't see how all those folks who wrote glowing reviews could be wrong. Well...I'm thinking differently now.

    This is a spinner that simply won't spin unless the load is balanced just so. Most of the time, when I push down on the spin pump, I get a whole lot of resistance and a few weak twirls. The pump behaves pretty much like the brake.

    Frustrated, I retired this spinner quickly and purchased the large Zyliss Easy Spin Salad Spinner---the kind with the pull string. Works like a charm. I am happy to report that I HAVE found a use for this OXO spinner, however. When I buy grapes, I wash them and spin them in the Zyliss, then store them in the OXO. The mesh basket keeps air circulating around the grapes, and they don't go bad as fast as they have with other storage methods I've tried. I've given the spinner 2 stars instead of 1 simply because it does serve this worthy purpose in my kitchen....more info
  • Worked well but not durable
    Used this for about 7 months. The bottom part wasn't as sturdy as we had hoped. It cracked and leaked water from the pressure of operating the spinner. Can't hold a good amount of water without bending out of shape and almost breaking. After about a year of moderate/occasional use, the spinning mechanism finally came to a grinding halt. I'm looking for a sturdier product now. ...more info
  • Not Dishwasher-safe
    My inner basket to the spinner warped after one cycle through the dishwasher. Before critical reviewers try to flame me for improperly washing the unit, it's advertised as dishwasher safe on the top rack. I routinely wash many other plastic items in my dishwasher, and this is the only problem I've ever had with any item I've washed. I have several other OXO products, and I never would have expected OXO to cut corners with their materials....more info
  • Good for a year
    This spinner worked well enough for about a year, then the bowl started cracking from the bottom center outward. It was acceptable at first, but now leaks all over. I also found that if we filled it more than about a third full, it didn't dry the greens very well.

    Other than those two factors, it worked fine. Gonna try something different this time....more info
  • A Quality Kitchen Essential
    There are less expensive salad spinners, but this is ultimately the one to rely on. It is worth every penny. The ergonomic OXO design is flawless, as usual, and easy to use with wet hands during a flurry of preparation activity like making a quick dressing. I particularly like the pump action which leaves me free to multitask while getting the dry leaves I insist on. This is a much better approach than a hand-cranked or battery-operated spin system, approaches that wound up in the trash. I keep a year around kitchen garden, so this OXO spinner gets a daily workout. It is dishwasher safe and sturdy enough to take the bowl and basket with me into the garden. The practical design makes rinsing and drying a snap. I fill the basket and bowl with fresh-picked lettuce and top it off with water for a quick soak to loosen any soil or organic visitors, then pour off the water, removing the bowl to rinse. A good trick for crispy greens is to refill the bowl with fresh water and drop a few ice cubes in with the greens for a few minutes. Meanwhile, make a quick, fresh dressing in the bottom of your serving bowl. Rinse and spin dry. Place the dry leaves on top of the dressing and don't toss until you get to the table. Don't have a garden? Grow mesclun mix in a large pot for a continual harvest using scissors, leaving the roots in place. A mere 35 days from seed to table. Try Renee's Garden "Paris Market Mix." Cleaned, dry greens get very crisp and store well in a refrigerated spinner for a few days. Yes, the container is a little large, but it needs to be, and aren't great salads something worth making room for?...more info