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AO Safety 95090 Quicklatch PRO Dual Cartridge Respirator
List Price: $62.11

Our Price: $36.43

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Product Description

The AOSafety Quicklatch PRO dual cartridge respirator features a patented drop-down latch that lets you take the respirator off with one hand. It eliminates the need to undo straps and readjust your fit, and the contoured flange offers exceptional fit and comfort. This respirator comes with twin P100 cartridges for superior protection against mold, asbestos, pesticides, chlorine, solvents, and many other substances. It weighs 6.5 pounds.

  • Professional-grade dual-cartridge respirator
  • Protects against mold, asbestos, and other liquids and chemicals
  • Convenient one-hand operation; contoured flange for superior fit and comfort
  • Includes two P100 cartridges
  • Weighs 6.5 pounds

Customer Reviews:

  • Fantastic new respirator
    I decided to replace my older respirator with this one after reading the reviews. It is everything that I expected and the one handed operation is very convenient. I am a full time woodworker and have to wear this for hours a day and it is quite comfortable even though it is a bit heavier than what I am used to. It is very well made and worth every penny....more info
  • Good value, solid product
    I bought one of these to do some light-duty automotive painting. Fit will enough that I used it for all of the prep/ sanding too. I will never go back to those ill-fitting white paper masks. Can't believe I didn't buy one sooner....more info
  • The best respirator out there
    This is a very comfortable respirator with easy on - off features. I am allergic to latex. This is latex free. I paid $30 for this on Amazon. This is the best price out there. I wear one of these 40 hours per week due to allergies and the type of materials I am exposed to in my work. Look no further....more info
  • Works Great!
    This is the first respirator I have owned. I am very pleased with the performance. The quick-latch feature is wonderful. The respirator is very comfortable in extended use and very effective in filtering the fine wood dust in my shop. I highly recommend this product. The only issue I have encountered is that I end up wearing my glasses on top of the seal over my nose and therefore they are a little out of position (high). The result is having to look down a little more when doing close work to see through the bottom of my glasses. This would be an issue with any respirator of this design....more info
  • Breathe Well During and After Woodworking
    The Quicklatch took a minimal amount of adjustment and figuring out how to use and use well. I particularly like the head harness feature which keeps the respirator right under your nose...literally. No more trying to figure out where I laid the thing down. It works very well and along with my Jet Air Filtration system keeps my breathing much, much easier. I have a small shop with no room or budget at the moment for a dust collection system. For now, this respirator is a life saver....Highly Recommended!...more info
  • A very good respirator
    I used this for a few different projects involving woodwork and some different chemicals/glues/etc. and it worked very well in keeping all of the bad stuff out. It's not very scientific, but I could hardly smell what I was working with when I had it on. It's quick release is also nice....more info
  • This respirator really works
    I have a life threatening allergy to mold and work with horses (whose hay can often be a source of mold), so I can not ignore the chances of being exposed to mold. My doctor wanted me to stop and move away, but I wanted to first try a respirator to see if it could protect me. I did some research and was impressed with the A/O Safety model because of reviews here on Amazon that reported it was comfortable and easy to use. It also has cartridges that can filter out 100% of mold spores. I had tried masks from the pharmacy first, but they were hot, only good for 95% protection and expensive.
    I love this mask and feel safe in it. It is easy to clean, not overly expensive, either for the initial purchase or the cartridges. Also, in the time I have been wearing it, my health has continued to improve. I plan to tell my doctor that he might want to recommend it to others with my condition.
    Yes, I look like a hazmat worker, but breathing well is the best reward!...more info
  • great item
    this item was great for the project i had at hand.

    i had to sand and paint some restrooms (5 stalls) with a very smelly oil based paint in a small area with poor ventilation. it worked great with the dust from sanding the stalls down and even better with the fumes then other respirators i have used in the past.

    it ended up taking 8 hours to finish and my head was not in the clouds from the fumes like with other projects i have done with lots of paint fumes

    over all the items was amazing! comfortable to ware and the quick latch thing works amazing when you take a break from the work at hand.

    also get some replacement filters
    AO Safety 95061 Replacement Cartridge for Quicklatch PRO Respirator ...more info
  • love them
    These are easy to put on and take off. Comfortale to wear. Recommend and affordable also....more info
  • Excellent respirator
    We are rehabbing a 1925 Chicago bungalow and spent a week taking down the lathe and plaster walls and ceiling. Both of used this respirator during those long days full of fine plaster dust and debris. This respirator is comfortable even after hours of wearing it. It achieves a difficult task - being comfortable while still providing a good seal. The quick latch works as advertised and is convenient. Wear a good respirator - I recommend this one - and protect your lungs....more info
  • Respirator
    This unit replaces an old(30 year model)simmular to my first. This new one has a far superior strap and attachment system. Feels good and works great. Good seal to the face without leakage....TIM C., Alabama...more info
  • Must-have!
    As a pest control business owner and operator, this was a must-have for me. I haven't actually used it yet, but it is obviously a quality mask as I have dealt with these for almost 15 years. ...more info
  • Cartridge Respirator
    I used the Quicklatch PRO Dual Cartridge Respirator while crawling inside an old sewer tunnel made with asbestos and fiberglass lining. It's not very good for bad odors, as I could smell the noxious old stench but for keeping out flying particles, I think it worked, although I don't know because I would need an X-Ray to tell. The replacement Cartridges might add up after a while, but it beats getting a metal lung in your chest or a sewer pipe in your eye.

    Sewers: Replacement and New Construction(Vol 2)

    Cinema Sewer: The Adults Only Guide to History's Sickest and Sexiest Movies!

    Camco Manufacturing Inc. 39551 Easy Slip Ready To Use Sewer Kit
    ...more info
  • I am very pleased with this product
    I am a woodworker and a runner and I care about my lungs. I have a thin beard and this respirator fits my face comfortably with no apparent gaps. My glasses did not fog once. I have used it several times while sawing/turning and sanding walnut. The HEPA filter does what it was designed to do....more info
  • Keeps vapors out, quick release is awesome.
    I was staining some wood and getting sick doing it. Once I started wearing this thing, I couldn't even smell the paint anymore, even with my face practically in the bucket (I was running my own tests!). It is quite comfortable, and the quick release latch makes it so I can easily be free of it and breathe fresh air if I ever have a few minutes to do so, without taking the whole thing off. I really appreciate that feature. I'm glad I bought this. ...more info
  • Should have bought this long time ago...
    I have been renovating my home for years and never got a respirator for reasons that mostly revolve around laziness shrouded in a cloud of machismo. I occasionally donned the white masks you would get from the local hardware store, but quite frankly, they don't do a whole lot. This is my first respirator, and I have to thank the authors of the many reviews I read on this site that made me choose this one in particular.

    I've used this under the house (fine dirt), while gardening (pollen), while sweeping (dust), and while using power tools to cut/mill wood (fine sawdust, smoke). I don't think any respirator will ever give you the experience of the freedom of not wearing any breathing apparatus of course, but this one is actually more comfortable than those white masks, and I breathe a lot better after my jobs are done. No more coughing and raspy throat for me!

    Due to pollution, a bit of aging, and probably all those years of not wearing a respirator when I should have, I now have a mild asthmatic reaction to irritating airborne particles (I take Qvar everyday and have albuterol on standby). Don't let this be you! Get a respirator (I am of course, recommending this one) if you do any job/housework that results in you coughing or having to rinse your nose and/or mouth out afterwards. Your lungs will thank you.

    Here are some downsides to wearing this (and probably all) respirators:
    - Having facial hair will not allow a good seal around the muzzle (so shave, and beards, goatees, mustaches, mutton chops, etc. are out)
    - It's a giant thing strapped to your face and head. I've unpleasantly bonked into things while working.
    - The quick release clip on the back is great for getting in and out of this thing (I've read many reviews saying this is a key feature that many other respirators lack), but while it's very useful, the clip is kind of small and hard to operate (especially if you're wearing gloves).
    - You'll look like a member of a hazmat team.

    Here's some upside bullet points:
    - Replacement cartridges are easy to find (something I think people don't always think about). I've seen them at OSH, Home Depot, and of course, Amazon.
    - The quick release clip gets you in and out in easily
    - I get sweaty and dirty, but this has been easy to clean
    - Replacement cartridges easy to remove and install (don't know if this is normally an issue or not, but I thought I'd mention it)
    - Did I already mention this will help save your lungs?
    - You'll look like a member of a hazmat team....more info
  • So this is what a respirator is supposed to be
    I've tried a lot of different respirators from Home Depot, all of them under $10. What a waste of time and money. This AO respirator is the real deal -- the only thing I've used that kept the junk out of my lungs. Well worth the price....more info