Notebook Screen Cleaning WIPES24 Wipes
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Product Description

3M CL630 Notebook Screen Cleaning Wipes are safe for LCDs too. They remove dust, fingerprints and smudges from notebook computer screens. Non-abrasive, non-streaking. 4" x 7" pre-moistened portable wipes, 24 individual packages.

  • Removes dust, fingerprints, and smudges from notebook computer screens
  • Non-abrasive, non-streaking material
  • 24 pre-moistened sheets per package
  • Each sheet measures 4 by 7 inches
  • A clean screen can help reduce eyestrain

Customer Reviews:

  • Makes a bigger mess than it was before
    I have to agree with the other reviewer, it just smears it all over the place. However at work I just discovered the 3M Notebook Computer Cleaning Cloth with microfiber texture. I used it to clean our tablet pc's and pda's with excellent results and its just as the package claims....more info
  • not a very good product
    I wasn't impressed with these cleaning wipes. By the time you add postage, you'd do far better just using standard lens-cleaning wipes you can buy at any discount retailer. These don't even work that well; they tend to create streaks on the computer screen, and don't even do a great job cleaning dust or dirt specks. They're nothing special....more info
  • Work great with a little patience
    These are the best wipes I've found for LCD/Laptop screens, but they do require a shred of patience. Yes, they'll leave streaks if you do a sloppy once-over on the screen, but I don't think that's how they're meant to be used. If you go slowly and go over it multiple times, the excess moisture in the solution will evaporate and you won't get any streaks. Works for me every time....more info
  • Nothing more than a damp cloth
    It does not worth to spend money on this. It does not do anything other than leaving water marks on the screen....more info
  • Cleaning Wipes for Soft LCD Monitors
    I desperately needed them, out of fear of scratching my monitors with anything else. They work well, but have a strong alcohol scent to them. I hand them out to my clients as gifts, makes everyone happy....more info
    These wipes are horrible. My powerbook had more streaks than you can imagine. Buy the Monster Brand Screen cleaner instead, It is awesome....more info
  • Gets rid of dust and fingerprints, but leaves a mess
    The other two reviewers got it mostly right. But let me make it clear: this lightly moistened wipes can indeed remove fingerprints and dust -- and even prevent dust build-up for a few days. The problem is, when the cleaning liquid dries, it leaves ugly fog-like marks on your LCD screen. I've found out that after it dries, using a lint-free soft cloth to lightly polish the screen helps clean up the screen completely. But then, I could have just used the cloth to remove cust and fingerprints.

    I think these wipes can be helpful when you have serious fingerprints or dirt (not just dust) on your LCD screen. Otherwise, for most people, this is just a waste of money and can actually make you frustrated....more info