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Fatal Frame 2
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Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly is a new journey into fear, with the terrifying themes and feel that made the first fatal Frame such a hit! When Mio and her sister Mayu return to their old hometown, they follow a strangely glowing crimson butterfly deep into the forest. There, they discover an abandoned village that hides an ancient, horrifying secret.

  • Brand new setting with more wide-open exploration -- more possibilities for fear and terror
  • All-new storyline and different game mechanics as you try and capture the ghosts who stalk the forests

Customer Reviews:

  • To sum it up: Terrifyingly disturbing and Scary
    Many games try to be scary, but fail miserably........ Not this one. I am not going to get into the subject of what happens in this game, that is for you to find out. However, I will give you an advisory of what to expect. There are two things that parents may want to hear about before letting their children play.

    Scariness: Deeply Disturbing, and Scary Situations. Many pop-out at you suprises. If you have seen "The Ring," get ready for a suprise.

    Violence: References and Scenes depicting a horrific ritual. Some graphic wounds.

    If you let your children play this game, keep close. This game is very scary....more info
  • A reason not to sleep at night
    This game is intensly disturbing. I am not going to spoil it, but I will say that when you play on easy or normal, the ending is very sad. It is almost done like a movie. I love it....more info
  • You're not leaving me again...are you?
    I was a love-at-first-play kinda guy about the first one. I could not wait for the release of the sequel. As said in a magazine review of the first, it was the first Survival Horror (now series) to feature the most basic in supernatural phenominon-- ghosts. Note that you do not need to play the first to enjoy this one, they are not directly related to each other.

    First off, I have to say the first one is a bit more creepy. The plot was alittle more unknown in the first. In this one, you kind of have an idea where its headed, and the side mysteries in the game keep you going, sometimes frustrated. Although I think the "American" voice actors try alittle too hard to try and scare you...always whispering and stuff sometimes takes away the reality of the situation that is scary to begin with. However the VAs get 8.9 overall score, Compared to FF1's voice actors getting 9.6 (too many things repeated too many times over and over-- plus, only Mayu screamed authentically in this game.)

    All in all, it's the cut scenes that will terrify you the most.

    The camera has said to be easier to use in previous reviews. I disagree. While the powerups are much easier to come by and use, the "charge bar" which tells you how much ghostbusting power your picture will have can be difficult to keep track of, sometimes downright annoying since some ghosts are hard to shoot, and the fantastic SFX sometimes make ghosts blur into the bar. The first game was obvious when the bar filled. This time, the bar is harder to see, yet the operative controls still remain.

    There are those who are "insulted" at a game similar to a "scarier" version of Pokemon Snap-- after all, all you do is take pictures. Well, to that I say imagine Pokemon Snap was never made. The idea of using a camera to zap ghosts (not cute animals) is a great idea, plus, there is a mystery to the story, and strategies on battling ghosts, not just getting them to smile and get points.

    I doubt this game would rate as high for me (or any others) if not for the super-cute Japanese girls who play the characters. Probably one of the reasons I got hooked with the first. As brave as Mio and Mayu are for being in such a place, their fearful moments make the game more enjoyable, not just scary. Game play is enjoyable, with a setting and story to top the first. There are even some promotional bonuses (pictures, videos, etc) included in the game (and might I add, Mio and Mayu look EXCELLENT in those special costume skirt kimonos!!). You'll want to play it at least twice to get different endings, and thrice to obtain all of the extra features. It may frighten some children, so be advised. Honestly I'd be more concerned about buying this game for a serious action gamer, later being disappointed at the patience needed for the game. Bottom line, a great game to add to your collection, even if the first one wasn't played. Tecmo did great for the 2nd sequel...but now I'm hungry for a third!...more info

  • One of the scariest games ever played.
    When I play the first Fatal frame I did it at night with the lights off I was so scare I quikly put them back on.But when I played the second one I did'nt even bother putting them off this game is fun because you have to trapt the ghost with your camara but thats if you have enough courage to play this scaryass game....more info
  • Best horror game imaginable
    I first heard of Fatal Frame 2 through an AMV. Which in case no one knows is an Anime Music Video. I have ALWAYS had a passion for horror and such, and I fell in love. But I never had the chance to buy the game. Until my friend brought it over to a sleepover and that was when I fell head over heels ..

    At first I thought it was not scary at all, since I was so used to horror. But I was wrong. After awhile even little sounds made me scream. Adding to the fact that I was playing AT NIGHT with a bunch of my girlfriends screaming behind me. But I couldn't put down the contoller even though they begged me to stop the terrifying game.

    The way the sounds created such an eerie affect got me so caught up into it. Like I was actually there. But I think the most terrifying, yet impowering effect, was the way the ghosts would pop out of NO WHERE. The way they where created was just amazing. Their movements and sounds were so realistic. And the way the screen would change whenever a ghost would walk by sent chills up my spine. After awhile I became a pro at "killing" the ghosts. It was just soo much fun that I wouldn't stop. I got so into it that I was just around the same level as my friend. I don't own the game, but I'm am hoping to change that. It is one of the best games I have ever played in my life.

    I think the only thing that made me a bit mad was the fact that the character ran SO SLOW. And sometimes that was a bad thing because the ghosts can be fast at times. But most often, their slow.

    Overall, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME. It is just too great to turn down. I assure you....more info
  • Just when I was getting cocky...
    This game is cunning. I was praising myself too early at being able to handle the tension, but a couple of ghosts later I was in a strange trance, a place of limbo where I could not stop playing but didn't like continuing either. A door would shut behind me and I would about go into a siezure. A hour and a half later I was upstairs watching the Antique Road Show with my parents.
    The drama and style have a strong transporting ability. The cut scenes are very fluid, amazing really. Red crimson is a character all on it's own. The extreme contrasts of the fawn like qaulity of the sisters against the ongoing questionable shapes in the environment keeps the tension mounted. Sounds come and go irradically---get ready to turn up the sound to hear the kitten like voices of the girls--making way for more ominious noises to crash into your consciousness. It took a lot for me to get used to the fact that it's so bloody dark - it's hard to tell a door from a wall or which way is a path and which isn't. I am guessing that that is part of what makes the game so intense, to be always trying to figure out what things are, but I found it a bit frustrating.
    This is probably the darkest game I have played, not only because of the startling images, but because the story feels so personal.
    ...more info
  • freakin SCARY!!!!
    at first when my cousin bout this game he said it was scarier than resident evil i thought nothin could be scarier than resident evil intill he put it in I thought it was gonna suck but i was wrong this is the SCARIEST game I've played besides the first fatal frame i reccomend this game to anyone who could take scaryness THIS IS 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000% SCARIER THAN ANY RESIDENT EVIL OR SILENT HILL

    GET THIS GAME IT'S VERY SCARY!!!!!!!...more info

  • Love it!
    This game is personally my favorite. The scare factor on this game isn't the looks of the ghosts, but the tension. The walking in to a room and not knowing what is waiting there for you. I personally like the game, because of the settings. Which are beautiful. There are a few things that annoyed me about the game, first and foremost is Mayu. She is seriously irritating as you attempt to make your way through the game, being as you constantly have to wait for her to catch up. The repetitive nature of some of the ghost. I really dislike how many of the ghosts actions repeat themselves. (Such as when the lady falls fom the landing.) But all and all this game is fun and is truely scary, I have friends who won't stay in the same room when I'm playig. But I recommend this, ONLY if you believe in ghosts^^...more info
  • The Best Yet Scariest Game Ever Made
    Fatal Frame 2 is the best yet scariest game ever made. I was not able to play it alone and I was horrified at night because of playing that game! But the more I play it them less afraid I am, but I still haven't beat the game yet! If you like gruesome, scary and horrifying games you should buy this! It's the best game ever!...more info
  • I was too afraid to be able to complete it
    First of all, I have not played this game to the end, so I may have some points wrong in this review and for that I am sorry.

    You play two sisters who stumbles into a deserted village, full of ghosts and memories. You're objective is ultimately to get away from there alive and without losing your mind. The girls discovers that a strange, morbid ritual has taken place in the village and alot of what happens to the girls is a product of that.

    I was too scared to play much of this game. I was only able to play during the day and with many breaks between. But the thing that made me stop playing was not the horror part, it was to difficult to manoeuver the Camera Obscura (which is your weapon against evil ghosts) as quick as later encounters demanded of me. I have a disability which makes me reacting abit slower than the average person. But for a person who hasn't got those problems it is a nice game.

    The sound and music is terrific, the graphics as well. I would like to have somewhat more intuitive moving by the characters. For example, you can't have the girls climb a stair from the side, you have to come from the front, even when it's an open stair.

    I give this game a weak three of five.
    Pro's: Graphics, music, sound and story.
    Con's: Controls...more info
  • Holy Crapola...
    My friend, Tiffany, returned her Simpsons Hit & Run game to get this game, because of our slight obsession of the first game, Fatal Frame. So we desperately wanted to play Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly. The first one was scary, but towards the end we were used to it, and not so jumpy. But FF2 has kept us on the edges of our seats (well, of her bed) throughout every chapter. The game is in a dark setting, FORCING you to turn your lights OFF so you can see your screen better. We are on the last Chapter, and still scared out of our wits. But somehow, I still love the game and look forward to being scared crapless ;)...more info
  • Together Forever.......
    This is my all time favorite game...I love the first on but this installment surpasses it. The story is so interesting. You're trapped in a cursed village that continues to replay the night of its destruction until what went wrong can be fixed. You play one of a set of Twins Mayu and Mio...and your sister keeps running off after crimson butterflys like she's being called by something...which she is and then you have to find her....but you have to play to find out what happened and whats going on 'cause I'm not telling. And the Town you can to explore...its taking a trip back in time and getting to see feudal style Japanese was amazing.
    The atmosphere was still extremely creepy...though not as scary as the first is definitely still creepy.
    And its got insane replay value...there are 3 different endings you can get (and one is only available once you have beaten the game at least once), plus completing the ghost list. I have played and beat this game 4-5 times and I'm still not tired of it. Graphics, music, and sounds are all great and look and sound real. One of my favorite parts is that if you get stuck there is a ghost boy who helps to point you in the right direction.
    Definitely worth playing, especially if you liked the first one!...more info
  • Best played at night.
    I played this game over a weekend, with the lights off and the surround sound turned up. It is clearly how this game is meant to be played.

    I was terrifically creeped out by this game. It's beautifully atmospheric and eerie. The storylines are intriguing but sad, and the images presented are unsettling - they stick in your brain afterwords. Even if you aren't interested enough to buy it, it's a great renter. ...more info
  • sweet
    I've never played the first one, but if it is half of the game this one it is awsome. This is the best PS2 game i've ever played. Good use of cammera angles and cut scenes to add to drama....more info
  • Personally, it was disappointing
    Ever get one of those feelings where you really want to do something and it'll keep bugging you until you do it? Somewhere I read a review of this game called Fatal Frame 2 and it looked interesting and everybody was saying it was one of the scariest games they've played. So on a whim I rented it and didn't even finish the game and found it quite disappointing.

    Story: Mio and Mayu are 2 japanese twins who are playing in the woods one day. One of them hurt her leg previously so they other one feels sorry about it. One of the twins starts to follow these red butterflies into the woods so the other starts following her. Only they end up in an abandoned village that holds more than what it shows.

    Graphics: Pretty dark but sets the atmosphere perfectly. With Resident Evil 4 it was pretty dim and dark with casual lighting or full blown lighting from lamps and fire but here there's not a lot with the only light coming from your flashlight. The ghosts look downright eerie and very disturbing looking, especially some of the later ones.

    Sound/Music: Since it's a survival horror game, much emphasis is on an organic and atmosphere based soundtrack rather than full on orchestral music. It's certainly creepy too as you pass by a room and start to hear moaning(not the sexual kind, that 3am grandfather woke up kind) or even voices. The english voice actors are ok but it's in english so it's always gonna sound slightly hammy.

    Gameplay: This is where I feel the game falls flat. Your only defense against these spectres of the night? A camera. Not just a camera, the Camera Obscura. Which reveals hidden things and secrets and damages ghosts. Look through the viewfinder and take a picture of the ghost. Hold it long enough and the damage will be more greater than if you fire off shots. It gets tedious since the whole game essentially boils down to look, search, aah ghost, click click click, ghost dead repeat.

    If this was a movie I would've loved to see this story unfold but to actually play the game to get to that point just gets old....more info
  • The Best of the Fatal Frame Series
    Fatal Frame II is quite possibly the scariest video game experience on any console. The atmosphere during the first fifteen minutes of the game is so creepy and unnerving, but you have to remember, this is only the first fifteen minutes. One thing that I have to point out though is the fact that this game doesn't rely on blood and gore to serve up some of the many scares. (Even though there is some blood in the game.)

    The game starts out with two sisters, Mayu and Myo. They are reminiscing about a horrifying situation that took place many years ago at the All God's Dam.(I think thats the correct name.) Then, Mayu follows a Crimson Butterfly into the woods, and then, without warning, you are plunged into eternal night. When you finally reach her, she finds the fictional All God's Village. This is where the fun begins....

    My Review

    Plot: Very well done, and very well written. Reminiscent of J-Horror movies.

    Atmosphere: Creepy and unnerving. As you walk through the misty, dark, abandoned village, you will see white figures walking in the distance....

    Music: The backbone of the atmosphere. It has various Japanese instruments, that play perfectly. Occasionally, you will get that trade mark high-pitched violin screech. (When ghosts lunge at you.)

    Scares: Quite possibly holds the most frightening sequences on any video game. Ghosts seem to attack you from out of nowhere,and make you jump a mile high. I only have to name the ghosts to give you goosebumps. (Broken Neck Lady, Women in Box, Limbo Man, Limbo Women, Drowned Women, and the infamous "Mourners.")

    Overall: Great Video Game for the survival-horror genre, if your into that sort of thing. ...more info
    I'm a fan of the survival horror genre, and usually like a good jump every now and then. I read reviews of the game and decided to try it out. I was surprised, this game is definately a keeper.
    Controls are easy to use and the graphics are clean and crisp. The music fits the situation well, and the story is surprisingly good. It follows two twin sisters who end up in this mysterious village under eternal darkness. The two race against time before a strange ritual will occur.
    The best thing about this game is that it doesn't rely on excessive gore to freak you out. The game freaks you out on a psychological level. Darkness, strange groans and creaks, quick surprises, and a camera as your only weapon against the spirits against you are just a few of the things that will get your heart pumping. This game is a bit of a thinking game, you need to use your wits and reflexes to get through. So those who are fans of more action paced games might be a little put off, but there is some action to keep you going.
    There are a few minor problems, the camera can be a little irksome and clunky at times, the character tends to move a little slower than some might like, and using the camera can seem a little akward at times. However, if you are looking for a fright that will make you have a hard time getting to sleep at night, this is definately the game for you....more info
  • Well Worth Buying
    Fatal Frame 2 has a unique story that will keep you captivated through the whole game. The ghosts and backgrounds are extremely well done, especially for when it came out. The ghosts really are terrifying. The game was great all the way through and I recommend it for anyone who enjoys a survival horror game....more info
  • Deadly Good
    Mio and Mayu are twin sisters visiting an old childhood hideaway in Japan. Soon to be lost underwater with the building of a dam, they've come to take a last walk around the quiet forest trail where they played as children. It's also the location of the accident that left Mayu with both a physical and emotional scar; chasing her sister, Mayu tumbled off the path and severely injured her leg, giving her a permanent limp, and a phobia of being abandoned by her twin.

    As Mio sits reflecting on her past, and wondering about that day, Mayu wanders off, following an oddly colored butterfly into the forest. When Mio realizes her sister is no longer with her, she runs to catch up, passing an odd stone marker as she heads deeper into the forest.

    Without warning, the afternoon sky suddenly turns to night and an odd light shows in the distance. Finally catching up to her sister, Mio looks down the path towards a small, seemingly abandoned village...

    So starts Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. The most recent entry into the Survival Horror genre, this game is designed from the ground up to scare the player silly, like any good ghost story, and it largely succeeds. To clarify something right up front, however, this game is just that: A GHOST story. This instantly sets it apart from both the Resident Evil and Silent Hill series of games, to which Fatal Frame is most commonly compared.

    As a veteran of both Silent Hill and Resident Evil, in addition to Fatal Frame, I'm pleasantly surprised that not only do the three series each have a different approach on how to scare the player, but all three work very well in their own way. Fatal Frame is sort of the middle child of the three; it's not as shock-horror as Resident Evil, but isn't nearly as disturbing (imagery wise) as Silent Hill. I mean, which is more disturbing?: The ghost of a broken-necked woman grinning at you, or a bizarre cross between a lamprey, a skinned corpse, and a twitching pile of psychosis grinding the face off a dead security guard?

    Basically, this translates directly into how scary the game actually is. If you're fairly new to the genre (or easily scared) then Fatal Frame will probably do it for you. If you're like me and have been to Silent Hill and back, it's more of a coin toss; is it the events leading up to an enemy attack, or the attack itself that scares you more? While the atmosphere in Fatal Frame is exceedingly well done and very cohesive, it lacks the threat level present in Silent Hill, or even Resident Evil. Video game vets will pretty quickly adjust to the game's combat engine of picture-taking (which, in practice, isn't nearly as stupid as it sounds and makes more sense as a means of fighting ghosts than, say, shooting them). While the ghosts in the game are certainly creepy, most of them don't attack the player, and the game lets you know which do and which don't right off the bat. This doesn't make it any less creepy when a dead 7-year old girl pops out of a wall next to you and laughs, but the fact that she can't actually do any damage to the player negates some of the fear factor, at least for me. Were this Silent Hill or Resident Evil, you can bet that dead kid would be trying to take your head off before you knew what hit you, and it's that fact alone that adds to much of the tension to a game (again, at least for me). The build-up to an enemy is that much more effective when you know that the payoff could be fatal.

    Still, this was a stylistic choice for the game, and while it's potentially not as frightening in the long run, it does make for an excellent storytelling device, which brings me to the game's strongest point: The story is top-notch, which is unusual for the clich¨¦-ridden Survival Horror dealie. In Fatal Frame, there's no hunting for the Spade Key to unlock a door in a Police Station. You won't find any crests to open hidden doors, and you won't be killing demons with a handgun. For once, the puzzles present actually make a good amount of sense and blend seamlessly into the story, which is such an amazing feat in it's own right that it can sell the game right there. Survival Horror done coherently!

    On top of that, you won't be fending off the same five enemies over and over. The ghosts in the game have their own stories attached, and they overlap as the game unfolds. If the promise of scares isn't enough to propel you forward, the compelling narrative is. What starts out as seemingly random ghost encounters quickly forms into several narratives the player can uncover, and they're all interesting enough to be rewarding.

    Tie all this together with absolutely breathtaking graphics, a superb translation and voice cast, and a particularly well done soundtrack and you have a package that's good enough to have you playing through it several times over and still want more. It's a new take on Survival Horror, and while it's different, it's still excellent all around.

    This game shouldn't be missed....more info

  • I couldn't sleep for a month
    When I first sat down to play this, I had no idea how terrifying this game was. After the first time a ghost crawled out of a box, I started playing it during the day only. The plot follows two girls alone in a hidden village in Japan where a massacre occurred years before (leading to the huge amount of ghosts which roam about). Your only weapon is a camera, found inside the first house. Your goal is to save your sister who repeatedly goes weird on you and wonders off or is taken by the ghosts. Think the slums of the village in Spirited Away on a VERY bad night.

    Gameplay: Good. Being as your only weapon is a camera, you have to switch into "camera mode" every time an attacking ghost charges you (which not all ghost do, but they can still be captured). You have no control of your character's sister except in two or three mini-missions. Not just a survival horror game, there are several puzzles as well that you have to muddle through. They can be challenging, but not over the top, Riven difficult.

    Setting: Perfect. The village and houses for the game are dark, cramped at times, and beautiful in a horrifying way. You have to pay a lot of attention to what is around you, some ghosts are hidden and can give valuable rewards once captured, but you have to look for them among the setting and sometimes in odd places.

    Sound: Minimal. There isn't a lot of background music through out the game, only when you are in battle is it really noticeable. But when the battle is about to begin, YOU WILL KNOW IT! A heartbeat sound is heard and then watch out for scary monsters and super creeps to be lunging for you. The save/load screens have some interesting, I'll be it very Japanese music, which really works sense, well, it is set in Japan and made by Japanese. Voice acting was top shelf.

    Ghosts: Bladder clearing. Probably the scariest enemies of a video game I have ever seen. The ghosts are straight out of a Japanese horror film; black eyes, pale skin, creepy. The ghosts are shown in the fashion in which they dead (ex: the broken neck girl who can't keep her head up, the crawling woman who falls from the ceiling at you, but the most disturbing are the children'll just have to see those...*shiver*). Again, not all ghost will attack you, but none will help you, either. It is not uncommon to see figures walking out of some corner of the village and disappear. Plus, there are hidden ghosts, ghosts that will jump out but not attack, and other chilling spirits that will just walk by or say something simply to freak you out. The big bad boss at the end was a bit over the top as far as scary demon, creepy to look at but a bit over done and easy to finish off if you have enough film.

    SPOILERS: Ehh...The end is truly disappointing. Even the good ending made my feel "well, if all this is for not, why did I waste my time". Not saying this game was bad, in fact, as stated above, it's by far the scariest game I've ever played (Silent Hill 2 & 4, close second and third), but I wasn't expecting to be angry for all the horror I was put through to come to that. I won't tell you how it ends, but in my opinion, it was a cop-out.

    All in all, this game is great (scary as hell). Play in the dark, if you dare!
    ...more info
  • You promised you'd never leave me........
    I started looking at this game clear back in August. It looked so different from the old Silent Hill and Resident Evil. Come Christmas and I got it, my parents said they were thinking of not getting it for me cause people were telling them I'd never sleep. (I'm 12). Well I got Fatal Frame 2, Final Fantasy X-2 and Kingdom Hearts also. The first one that I played was Fatal Frame. I got scared and couldn't play it. So I played my other games and finshed them. I finally got the courage to play it and I'm in the Chapter 6 : The Sacrifice. Let me tell you I jump every time a ghost walks by. The scene that really freaked me out was when you see Mayu posessed by i'm guessing Sae. (Sae and Yae are the twins to be used in the ritual clear back when it dissapeared.) Anyways I play it only in the daytime when everyone is home. But if you think it sounds to scary I reccomend playing All the Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts and Need for Speed Underground. Also some games to look forward to Final Fantasy XII, Star Ocean 3: Till the end of time, Silent Hill 4 and Resident Evil (i think it's 4)....more info
  • great fatal frame story
    I am a huge fatal frame fan just for the fact its the only game that has even came close to scareing me . this games atmosphere and sound makes you uneasy and on edge along with its great cinamatics .but besides all that it scared two grown men and this is how ......Me and my friend cody were playin the game figurein out puzzles and everythin like every game we play , and we came to a part where we didnt know what to do and so i have the controler running around when i noticed a blue curtin hangin in the corner . so i went behind the curtin and couldnt see anythin except the curtin in 3rd person so i quickly went to 1st to see what was there(me and cody were at ease ) and right as i did it a little boy ghost smacked right in the center of the screen with great sound making cody get up , knock over his chair , and run out of the room while i threw the controler and jerked away hitting my head on my dresser..........this game is by far worth the money...more info