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Manhunt highlights the sick and gruesome world of cold-blooded murderers. It's an intense, violent gaming experience, capturing the dark side of humanity more accurately than any game before. NOTE - This game has accurate & realistic depictions of violence and murder. It is not recommended for sensitive or younger game players.

  • You are James Earl Cash, a killer sentenced to death row. On the night of your execution, you are taken away by a mysterious director named Starkweather. You're now the star of a brutal TV show. Dropped off in a city of psychopaths, where everyone is after him, Cash has one night to fight his way out of the city. Kill or be killed.
  • Panic-inducing 3rd-person action rewards stealth over fighting. Use shadows to your advantage, find Safe Zones and hide out there - waiting & planning the perfect murder
  • Use whatever you can find to kill the men after you -- the bloodier & more gruesome, the better. Cameras are everywhere & Starkweather wants to see blood. lots of it.
  • The levels get tougher & tougher, and so should you -- use crowbars, bats, machetes, guns and lots of stealth to kill your way home
  • Study the enemy's movements and lure them into traps -- but be careful, they get smarter as you play. Eventually they'll start setting traps for you.

Customer Reviews:

  • shelf decoration
    played this game once two years ago, and it has been sitting on ym shelf collecting dust ever since. i found it very boring....more info
  • Somewhat Good For The First And Last Time...
    This game is another Rockstar North game that features blood, guts, machetes and all a blood war. This game ain't any crap like get a shotgun and blow someone away, but timing, patience and skill. Sometimes it CAN get very frustrating when there are a bunch of guys with cleavers chasing you for miles and all you have is a plastic bag.

    But now to the good stuff. This game got the hype from video game magazines and video game stuff BUT I never saw any warnings in the papers of this game like they do to Grand Theft Auto. Don't get me wrong, this game is violent in a fun way. Thats why fun is 5 stars, but it ain't as popular as Grand theft Auto, so nervous parents aren't calling the government to try to stop violent video games, even though it's the same company. Well, whatever...

    You are a guy named Cash and they have killed you. This director guy is taping you, and you are the next "target" in the brutal blood sport of Carcer City. So he puts you in the middle of nowhere with a paper bag and tells to go kill the people trying to kill you. Sounds like a useless, no plotted horror movie where people go around wasting each other, or is it???

    It is actually a somewhat stealth game, (This ain't no SOCOM), and you must hide from the killers trying to kill you. If you are stealthy enough to sneak up on the fool with an axe, you will get a more "bloody" kill then if you ran up to him screaming like a idiot. The better you sneak up, then you may do a "combo" with the axe instead of just chopping him. But as in all games, as the levels get harder, you ain't worried about that and more worried about running away and not getting brutally murdered.

    Now this game was kind of good, and it's not for little kids who throw up when they scrape their arm, but any age group from 14 UP can handle the gore. Just watch an old horror movie, this will look like nothing. But this game is good for ONCE and ONCE ONLY. If they make another game where you go around killing murderers for sport again, it will be horrible and even more stupid then they almost made this game....more info
  • addictive
    amazing game. warning: this is a game by adults for adults!!!

    its not the gore or violence. its the amazing gameplay that makes this one of the most underrated games on the ps2.

    buy it...more info
  • The Ultimate Experience in Carnage and Gore
    With the Grand Theft Auto series under your name, one would assume that Rockstar could not make a more violent or disturbing game then the before mentioned classic. I stand corrected. Manhunt is the ultimate experience in carnage and gore, from the first plastic bag you choke your victim with, till the final crushing blow delievered with a chainsaw blade. The game mixes stealth slayings and old west shootouts, scattered over 20 levels, with six or seven different types of gangs/persons to kill. While some may argue the game does get repetitive after awhile, the action in the game is nonstop, and has a wide variety of weapons and scenarios to accompany them. Manhunt is a must have for any Rockstar fan. In the style of the GTA and Max Payne series, this superb video gaming company just keeps getting better....more info
    I never expected this game to be this great. It's awsome! Your assigned missions, but like Hitman, you can do them anyway you see fit. THis game is definently not for kids, but anyone who can take the gore should go for it! Some people might say it has bad graphics, but it isnt true! the point of the somewhat grainy screen is to make you believe you are on camera, being filmed the whole time. This game deserves ten stars!...more info
  • Great game,Not for gore-sissies!
    (i am 13,not a "Kid")

    Manhunt is a game set in the GTA universe-of violence and sadistic gangs-It is set in Carcer City(that is mentioned in GTA games alot)-a serial killer has been condemned,and is listed to have a Lethal Injection,his name is James Earl cash-just call him Cash.
    However he "wakes" up hours later as a sasistic movie director wants to make a real murder movie-he paid the doctors to give him a Knock Out injection rather than a lethal one,however he has also paid numerous gangs to hunt him in this "movie",Cash`s payment is not a couple million dollars but his life,the movie will either a good ending or bad ending-the good ending will be Cash survives,the bad one will be the hunters will kill him-how he was supposed to be.
    A very dark storyline indeed,but the gameplay maybe gorey and "icky" but its fun-its like an "execution" game,Cash has to kill his way out-this game is litterally a "Kill or Be Killed" game.
    Its listed as a "Stealth" game,but its not only that-you could also call it a "Survival Horror" game too,although you are not up against green monsters,or half bull half human`s-you are up against sadistic loony and moral-Free human beings who have no sence of good and bad.
    Very good game,suprised it ain`t an AO rated game as its rated M-as it has strong language and "VERY Strong Violence".
    I don`t agree on rating agmes for ages-that so ageist.

    bye....more info
  • KILL KILL KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I first rented this game because it did look kind of korny.Well was I wrong.The first day I was addicted to it. 4 straight Hours of this game.I finished it about 2 months ago.Well I will just keep my mouth shut about the ending....more info
  • Sick, but fun.
    When I first got my PS2, I made a point for the first game I bought to be Manhunt. I had heard the hype, and have had friends tell me I should "at least see it". I was expecting gore and horror and thrill killing, but I wasn't expecting a game this well thought out.

    The plot: You are James Earl Cash, convicted murderer on death row. After you are taken for lethal injection and given a knock-out drug instead of the real thing, you wake up in slum part of town being watched by hidden cameras and directed from an ear-piece. You are the star of a snuff-film, your mission: kill, savagely!

    Sound: Sound is vital in this game. You are doing a lot of hiding and sneaking around, so even your footsteps can alert roaming killers looking for you. For that reason, there isn't a lot of music or walking around sound effects. The voice acting, most notably Brian Cox was fantastic! While playing it the first time, I was listening to the director's voice and thinking "this guy sounds a lot like the creepy pedophile from L.I.E.", sure enough! Perfect casting! Some of the lines he says are as chilling and funny as hell at the time, you want to laugh but you know it's really disturbing.

    Gameplay: Most of the game, you are sneaking around and whacking people from behind. There are modes for stealth, hiding in shadows, you can even misdirect enemies by throwing objects in a direction (again, where sound is so important). The first weapon you get is a plastic bag (for strangling) and you move up as you go along to knives, handguns, shotguns, automatic weapons and finally the chainsaw.

    Enemies: Street thugs, insane asylum inmates, neo-Nazis, cops, paramilitary, and Piggsy (which really disturbed me). Dispatch them all, because enemies do not relent and one good shot from a gun can end your game really quick (no "1-ups" in this game, you die, you stay dead).

    Overall: This game is meant for adults of stabile minds. No children, no teens, no one with psychological issues should play this game. If you are certain you are not going to go on a kill crazy rampage after finishing this game, then give it a chance. Plus, it's always fun to sneak up behind a white supremacist and send him straight to hell (in the game, of course).
    ...more info
  • Manhunt: go get em from behind you wussy!
    I recently purchased Manhunt for 18 dollars. I had heard some negative reviews about the game, but Im a big fan of rockstars other 3rd person mature rated games (such as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Revolver). I thought, for 18 dollars how bad can it be?

    Everything seemed really good at first. The movement controls seemed solid, the graphics were nice, and the enemy AI was pretty good too. When I got into my first fight, the game went downhill. The fight controls are not just limited, but also slow and frustrating. The only way to survive is to sneak up on enemies and kill them from behind... What? I have to sneak up behind them and kill them like some sort of wuss? I thought manhunt was about fighting face to face and bashing in skulls, not creeping up behind someone like a school girl and choking them with a shopping bag..

    Sound and music=3.5
    Fun Factor=2.5
    Replay value=2.5

    Total=3.1 Stars

    The game isn't worth 18 dollars. Wait till it hits 10 dollars...more info
  • Another Rockstar Classic!!
    This game is fantastic but only in the fact if you play it for the right reason. This game has been attacked several times for its influence on ignorant kids who renact its gameplay....Can you say stupid? This game is a great dipiction of a absent-minded director and a cold-hearted killer teaming up. In one night your character (Cash) goes through a maze of baddies and kills them in horific ways. The fantastic thing about the game is the graphics, gameplay and simply the AI. The game for the most part is taken as stealth (except for a couple missions which are just as fun) and the AI has to be advanced otherwise you would just be playing another Medal Gear Solid (Huh what was that noise!!). The fact is the AI in this game is beyond enhanced and sometimes is unbarable if put on difficult settings. The brilliant idea of stealth plays in with shadows which is perfectly displayed through this game. Hiding under dark and heavy shadows allows enemies not to see you and giving you the upper hand when killing them. If you cry easily don't come anywhere near this game just go running to your mom. Otherwise pick up the controller now...Your playing MANHUNT!!:)...more info
  • blood,guts,gore i luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this game is absolutley awesome its got tons of weapons
    baseball bat,crowbar,automatic weapons,chainsaws,glass shards,plastic bags everythin u would need for a killer night and thats wot it iz a night of slicing and dicing through fresh meat as in fresh gangs who are luckin 2 hunt u down like the hoods,the skinz,the innocentz,the smileys these 2 the smileys and the innocentz gotta be da most scariest gang on the roster the hoods the least there the 1st gang u encounter there pussys really lol the 1st bout 3 or 4 missions ar preety boarin it only really gets goin for me wen u meet the innocentz which is about mission 7 sommat like dat 1s before are preety easy and sum are boarin but still this game is a must have its like a mix of splinter cell and gta so for all the ppl who are fans of gore get this game NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • The Bastard Child of GTA, Splinter Cell and insanity is beautiful
    The hunting game, where you don't know if you're the predator or the prey. What starts out as a extremely ( putting it lightly ) snuff film and into a revenge plot. The Innocentz alone were enough to disturb most people, but the Smilies put it over the top. I can see with the stealth kills and how the killing of corrupt cops, is momentously provocative. Piggsy, Piggsy, Piggsy, you were the most horrific part, seeing half - eaten corpses, a man wearing pig skin and weilding a chainsaw ( an obvious homage to Leatherface ) and the atmosphere itself is... terrifying for most. Manhunt is a must see for any stealth fan or GTA fan if you're up to it ( that was not a challenge, but a warning for the weak constitution). ...more info
  • Manhunt - Don't Be Caught Without It
    Stealth games usually turn me off. They're too slow and you end up having to replay a whole mission over and over again. Thankfully, Rockstar knows how to produce the best video games and rids gamers of this frustration.

    This game has a save anywhere feature which should be a requirement of all games. More importantly, there's enough gore to make even the sickest of sick people smile with joy. I thought I would get tired of sneaking behind bad guys and choosing how to kill them, but not so, especially after they've killed me several times. You just gotta love their screams of agony as you're separating their head from the rest of their body.

    Anyway, I give this game 5 stars and has made my top 10 Must Have Video Game List.

    As always, stay away from No One Lives Forever unless you really want a craptacular game. ...more info
  • Manhunt -- Most violent game ever made on the planet!!
    Ha!! And you thought the Grand Theft Auto series was violent. This is by far the most violent game ever made. I personally thought the blood wasn't all that as it was sorta cartoony but it defintely beats GTA's blood splatters by 110%. Since I won't waste my or your time with any plot details, let's just say this is more of a slower Metal Gear Solid type of game, although instead of trying to avoid the enemy and not be caught, you're trying to kill the enemy and not be caught!! It has excellent graphics, better than the cartoony GTA games, very cool horror music (sorta like Silent Hill series) plus the voice acting is top notch, although Cash's voice seemed a little dull to my likings but Starkweather was a true sick puppy. The gangs range from local street thugs to looney bins that look like they came out of a Conan O' Brian show. It is said that this game is extremely nasty at times since you will be plunging crowbars through the back of the enemies' heads plus slicing it off with a machete or meat cleaver, suffocating with plastic bags, stabbing glass shards into the eyeballs, and worst: blowing the head to pieces with a metal baseball bat!! But the violence is really the best here than any game period, the blood seems a little "smokey" like in it's looks. You don't see blood on your weapons and blood doesn't run down characters' clothes when they're being executed, plus there isn't any "damage skins" like on Soldier of Fortune (another very violent game, has better looking blood). But than again, this isn't no GTA title so if little johnny's a freak you might not want him to have this. No offense but you don't want kids like that playing this sort of video game!! For those who are stuck (like I was, I beat it now) than you should get the BradyGames strategy guide by Tim Bogenn which is VERY helpful. The manual that comes with the game is absolute crap but it's bad humor so it's really funny to read just not helpful material if you wanted to win the game overnight. Some said it got too boring after fighting the Hoods and Skinz and Wardogs... But when the Skinz arrived, the game really speeds up!! Revolvers, Sawed-off Shotguns and lots of mayhem (sounds great with headphones on). And eventually you'll kill that Starkweather dude so don't let him keep you down once you reach "Kill The Rabbit" Scene 13. As there is a MAJOR plot twist there!! I hope this review helped, btw I'm 15 but who cares, I know what violence is and this game is very educational, because it shows you:

    1: There is some SICK twisted people in this world.
    2: Snuff exists, it is a sad and horrible thing.
    3: Violence is a feeling that many have lust for, it is not something you'll want to have in your life, unless you're born to be a sicko like some Skinz member.
    4: There is racist people in this world, the Skinz gang showed this excellently.
    5: Language exists people, and people can have such motors on their mouths. Doesn't mean you have to swear too though!! If you wish to see how bad our world is, play this game to see how humans act when they're about to lose it.

    IF YOU'RE UNDER THE AGE OF 13 GET OUTTA THE WAY, kids will find this game both disgusting and offending to them.

    This game gets difficult toward Scene 16: Wrongside of the Tracks. You might wanna keep the crowbar from the last scene if you want to execute the S.W.A.T guy behind the door when those other three chase you down via the tunnels. You'll see what I mean when you get very far. And during the Scene 5: Fuelled By Hate. On the Second Crane battle, JUST DON'T TRY TO CRUSH THE HUNTERS, GET OUT OF THE CRANE AND GO BEHIND IT IN THE SMALL SHADOW IT CASTS, SHOOT THEM IN THE HEAD AS THEY GET CLOSER TO YOU!! I hope those hints help you. They made me win the game!! I hope Rockstar makes a sequel to this, and maybe show us the Clowns gang......more info
  • challenging, but tedious game
    This game got really tedious because of the gameplay is very similar the whole game, but it is a bit hard though 2. i think this game is a bit overrated....more info
  • Good game...I was surprized
    I thought this game was going to be kind of dull due to having to sneak up on enemies 99% of the game. I gave it a shot anyway, good thing I did. I liked this game very much. I like how theres soooooooo many ways to slaughter unsuspected dumb enemies...funny sometimes. I personaly like the crowbar the most...whoever has played this game knows why. If your expecting to play a game where you fight a good amount of enemies face-to-face at once...this game ain't for you!!! The most enemies you'll be able to fight at once will be one. I tried to fight at least two enemies at once...They kicked the crap out of me. But a one-on-one fight is fair I guess and is still you will find yourself fighting an enemy for more than a minute if you choose to call him out. If you stealth his a@#, you'll kill him in 3 seconds and in a very brutal way. Sometimes I even found myself laughing out loud of how brutal I killed some guy with a simple "plastic bag"!!!. I deducted a star because of controlling and repetitive killings. Anyway, great game and tons of fun....more info
  • Great stress relief
    If you really want to be amused read some of the reviews of this game, lowest rating first. (: Very funny. Anyway, this game is repetitive, rather tough, sort of pattern oriented, and gory as Hell. I rented ( never buy first ) and played it all weekend, basically you have to figure out how to kill everyone on the screen without getting caught. How you get there is up to you. If you can creep up on an unaware thug you hold down a button and wait, the amount of time you wait determines what horrible fate awaits the thug in question. If you wait until the icon turns red you get the gorriest kill, and loads of congrats from the sick bugger that has put you in the situation in the first place, plus the screen goes into snuff film mode, grainy film shows you performing unspeakable acts of carnage on the evil thugs. I liked the glass shard. My second favorite was the machete, they must have researched how chopping a head off looks because I broke into evil giggles the first time I waited the 3 seconds it took for the counter to turn red and lopped off some dudes bean amid spurting blood and a solid 'twack' sound effect. This game is not for everyone, but it is solid stealth action, with a twist. You can use anything to draw the attention of the various thugs in the game, from knocking on a wall, to throwing some poor suckers head into a lighted area, use your imagination. This is worrh a rent, and if you really have to have it, buy it used....more info
  • You'll need a shower after this bloodbath is over.
    As always, Rockstar delivers a game that breaks into territory other developers have not dared to tread, possibly to their credit. Do you like slasher films? Ever fantasized about being that psychotic menace hiding in the shadows, waiting to spring on an unsuspecting victim? Manhunt is just the drug for your depraved, sick mind.

    You are a dead man walking, a killer put to death by lethal injection. You've been granted a second chance by a snuff film director who pulled some strings to switch your needle with a sedative. Your character or "Cash" as he is called wears an ear piece broadcasting "The Director's" chilling instructions to you. His instructions? To murder and mutilate thugs on the street while his surveillance cameras catch every moment. Players can opt to employ a USB headset to hear The Director's chilling whispers in their own ear.

    You are the star of his newest bloodiest film yet. You traverse the streets and condemned buildings of an abandoned part of town murdering gang members who have been employed to hunt you down. Why does your character go along with such a plan? You have no choice. You are closed in carefully by your surroundings, exit is not an option, it's either kill or be killed.

    But this is not a street fighting game. Cash is not gifted with being able to slug it out with these goons. To survive you must hide, distract, and surprise your enemies from behind. You employ weapons such as glass, wire, blades, plastic bags, and later on, guns. Employ the shadows to hide from your victims. Use objects such as bricks, bottles, bodies, and heads to draw enemies to areas where they are blinded to your approach. Bang on walls to draw enemies closer. Wait for their awareness to die down then once their back is turned, spring! The longer you follow them with your weapon raised, the more grisly your technique will be, and the more risky it is that you'll be spotted.

    As the story develops you will find that The Director is not to be trusted. You must eventually escape his twisted film and the watchful eye of his surveillance cameras. Once you see how far The Director's influence extends in the town of Carcer City, you will see that escape is not an easy task. As the The Director destroys the last remaining shreds of what is precious to you, you move to exact revenge upon him.

    The 3-d environment is just as decadent as the game's theme. You may need to take a break every so often and get some daylight. I know I did. After seeing building after crumbling building, and dark hallway after blood spattered hallway I was begging for a lighter atmosphere after a time. This is not the game's fault, to lighten it at any point would betray the theme. Despite the fact that you're taking out good for nothing's, this game is not for the faint of heart. I would not recommend playing it while the kids are awake. Definitely deserves it's mature rating. There is also plenty of foul language.

    Play control is executed well, though I found that rotating Cash sometimes was too sensitive, or not sensitive enough. Positioning can be so crucial in this game too. Once you get the hang though, it becomes easy in places.

    "The Director" is voiced magnificently by Brian Cox, known for his acting work in such films as "X2: X-men United", and "The Bourne Identity" series. He deserves an award for his performance here oozing with sleaziness yet showing a great deal of subtlety as well.

    Ultimately, if you can stomach darker bloodshed than that of the Grand Theft Auto series, then I recommend the game. If not, then move along....more info
  • Great, but very violent.
    I find that Rockstar Games has been the only game company that seems to take their games a little farther than other game designers. I'm talking about games like Grand Theft Auto, State of Emergency, etc... but none have ever crossed the line more than Manhunt. This game is one of the most violent, yet one of the funnest, I have ever laid my hands on.

    The game starts of in Carcer City, and there are gangs everywhere that want you dead. You are James Earl Cash, an inmate at the state penitentiary. You are executed, only to be brought back to life by the director (voiced by Brian Cox, who does a good job at it) and he has sent gangs and thugs on you to kill you again. It's your job to escape Carcer City. Since he wants you dead, what he says in Cash's earpiece won't help much. So you should ignore him most of the time.

    There are some pretty good things to like about Manhunt (notice the huge paragraph that you're reading right now). The graphics, for example, are even better than Grand Theft Auto and the animation looks almost realistic. The music and sounds are dreary to kinda add that urban-horror feel (they aren't bad, they're actually pretty good). Not only that, but the controls handle like butter, they are really smooth. The USB headset can be pretty fun to use because you can hear the director's comments in the earpiece and you can shout and cuss in the mouthpiece to call enemies toward you (there is no voice recognition, though). There is also a good selection of weapons to pick up from a simple garbage bag to a big chainsaw (I haven't beat the game yet so I don't know for a fact if you can get Piggsy's chainsaw). There are guns, too. Once you get one, the game gets more interesting. Rockstar also did a good job at the stealth part of Manhunt; you hold R1 to run and you can walk silently without the pressure of accidentally making a noise by running. Don't forget to use shadows for cover and hiding. Also, Stealth kills take place in a snuff film camera, where you horrifically kill a thug and blood gets on the lens (not that it's a good thing, I just wanted to point it out). Manhunt also has a good variety of missions to play and four bonus levels to unlock.

    While all of this may be good, there are also some downs that might or might not bother people. The enemy A.I. is not smart, nor are they dumb. They fall for the stealth kill thing every time, even though they just saw their friend get nailed by you. Not only that, but the difficulty level is a little high, even on Fetish mode (the easiest difficulty in the game), it's mainly trial and error until you get it right but in the end, it's worth it. But still, I can only imagine the frustration I'll have to put up with in Hardcore mode (the hardest difficulty). Repeating a level over and over gets so annoying so quickly. The game's pretty sadistic, too. It might drive some audiences away.

    Aside from these flaws, which are very few, Manhunt proves to be a very good game. It won't be a classic, but it sure as heck does NOT suck. This game is definitely worth your time if the sadism and the gruesome violence doesn't get to you. For those who get bothered by strong violence but want to play this anyway, don't say I didn't warn you.
    ...more info
    I expected a game that was challenging,gory,perverted,sick and with a very dark atmosphere that instantly draws your attention and keeps it for more than 30 minutes. Instead I got the most repetitive and boring video game ever made. And what about the gore?Well it is OK, but it is far from being the most violent or gory video game ever created. That is simply nonsense. Do not waste your money or time unless your intelligence is comparable to that of a chimp. Sorry, even a chimp would get bored....more info
  • Great game, but wtf is up with the price gouging?
    This game is one of my most-loved, all time favorite games released on the PS2. Now that I see it on here, as a GREATEST HITS TITLE THAT IS SUPPOSED TO RETAIL FOR 20 BUCKS, BRAND NEW, why is it selling for near 35 new? Completely ridiculous.

    All price complaints aside, if you haven't picked this game up, you really need to give it a shot. One of the coolest aspects of the game is how it really draws the player in using multiple aspects of sensory envelopment; the mysterious guide who verbally progresses you through the game can be heard outside of the game if you have a USB headset. The graphics, while not the best, definitely help draw the player into the gritty, dystopian atmosphere. Difficulty level can be relatively tough at times, especially if you are trying to gain the highest rating you can for a stage to unlock all the hidden features.

    Overall, this game comes recommended. Just be warned that this game focuses on brutal killing of your enemies and psychotic adversaries; this game is DEFINITELY not for kids....more info
  • The Best Game Ever
    It makes me laugh how all the people who hate this game played it for all of 5 minutes. It's the most fantastic game I've ever played.
    I just turned 16 on March 6th. I bought the game the day it came out, and I've been playing it ever since. I've beaten the game several times, approximately 9, and it hasn't gotten boring yet.
    Although I shouldn't be playing this game, I'm not 'desensitized' and I don't feel like going out and killing someone either.
    The Game has a lot more to it than once thought. A lot of people think that the game has little or no story, and that it's extremely linear. So what? There is actually a deeper story to this game, and a point. You ask yourself: Why is Cash on death row? Why isn't he close to his family? etc etc...and it's really fun to imagine other things. It's also pretty emotional to play. I don't feel uncomfortable with anything that goes on in the game, yet I still find myself yelling at the television when Cash is getting beat up or tazered or insulted. I feel sad when horrible things happen to Cash...and you can feel his anger from it.
    The graphics in this game aren't bad, you don't really notice their quality. And even though the graphics aren't perfect (they're actually really good, don't start thinking bad things about it now) everything in the game is extremely detailed, right down to the gore. (The skull breaks in all different ways when you shoot someone in the head, it depends where)
    The sound is definitly the best aspect of the game. It's different in every level, and it changes depending on whats going on. If nobody sees you, its quiet. If someone is actively searching for you, it gets pumped up a little more, and if they know where you are, it goes full blast intense. Even then, it still changes. It could be full blast, and get even more intense than that once you get closer to the enemy.
    The sounds of the weapons and blood gushing and stabbing and other stuff is also very well done.
    Overall, this game in my books would get a 9.6 out of ten. Some things could be changed a little, but it's the best game I've ever played. ...more info
  • One word.....Sick
    Manhunt is another gitty game from the creators of Grand Theft Auto. Rock* have pushed the bars with this game as it consists of nothing but brutalized killing and scary stealth. The games story is pretty weak not to mention dull. But that doesn't stop the excitement of what this game has. You play as James Earl Cash who is sentenced to death..Reasons unknown. But soon you find out everthing is a hoax and you'll have to you use your instinct and wits to survive as what I like to call "one of the worst nightmares a man can have". The game consists of nothing But stealth, well atleast most of the time. What makes Manhunt a really unique kind of game is the fact that you can do 3 different types of kills on your enemy depending on what type of weapon you have wether it's a hammer, baseball bat, or a crowbar. Either way there all prettty violent. And later on in the game you'll have the ability to use weapons such as pistols, uzi's, and my pal...The Shotgun.

    The graphics are one of Rock* better games besides Max payne 2. The graphics are really well done and some of the levels and envirment are really really creepy. The gangs are also creepy such as a boss you face near the end of the game called "Piggsy". The graphics do stand out.

    The gameplay is the best part of the game especially when you get weapons but the stealth never got boring for me eventhough it was overused a lil' to much if you as me. But soon once you get the revolvers the games picks up pace. The gameplay is also the reason why this game is so violent...duuhh..

    The sound is just plain earie.. The sound of the foggy distraction going through your ear. The sound of those sick sick gangmembers taunting at you trying to get you to come out of the shadows so they can kill you...It really is creepy.

    The game is pretty long since its a stealth's pretty average length. It would atleast take 15 hours if you play it on hard. The game is pretty average I guess.

    Before I say anything els I must say this is one of the most Violent and out of control games ever. It has extreame graphic violence(blow your foes face off with a shotgun and you tell me) and lots and lots of profanity such as a part were there is a gang member right infront of you and a something on the wall tells you to kill him(it says "kill the dumb $&^&k")It's a pretty graphic game and does deserve it's Mature rating.

    Over all with all the violence and mayhem and poor fighting controls not to mention the dull storyline and "kina gets old" killing after killing I give Manhunt a


    I acctually had a blast playing this game but still R* should have dont better with this game...more info
  • choppin off heads
    ok this has got to be the most violent game ever made its really bad starting with your first kill using a shopping bag and beating people with a bat while they ocaisionaly beg you to stop, and eventualy you get worse weapons including a wire which allows you to cut off your enemes head but be advised that later in the game you do kill cops using those weapons so if your a weak minded idiot who thinks they should try everything they see in a video game should not play this

    overall this is a really fun game and i would give the replay value a 4 out of 5...more info