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Barbie of Swan Lake
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Barbie magically comes to life in her third animated movie Barbie: Of Swan Lake. Barbie stars as Odette the baker's daughter who follows a unicorn into an enchanted forest. While there she is transformed into a swan by an evil wizard. Through courage honesty and intelligence she will save herself as well as the Enchanted Forest.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: CHILDREN/FAMILY Rating: NR UPC: 012236144762 Manufacturer No: 14476

Barbie shines in her third animated movie, an adaptation of the classic ballet Swan Lake. A young girl named Odette (played by Barbie) follows a beautiful unicorn into the enchanted forest and picks up a magic crystal that proclaims her destiny as savior of the enchanted forest. Odette, hampered by an overwhelming sense of insecurity, proclaims herself unfit for the job and sets out to leave the forest when the evil wizard Rothbart (voiced by Kelsey Grammer) turns her into a swan. Bolstered by the powers of the magic crystal, Odette vows to defeat Rothbart. Meanwhile, love blossoms between Odette and the town's Prince Daniel and, eventually, Odette finds a courage within herself that, combined with her intelligence and the true love between her and the Prince, proves powerful enough to defeat Rothbart. The computer-generated animation in this 83-minute presentation is vivid and lifelike, the London Symphony gives a wonderful performance of Tchaikovsky's original music, and the choreography and dancing is nicely done thanks to Peter Martins and the New York City Ballet. (Ages 3-8) --Tami Horiuchi

Customer Reviews:

  • Special video
    My 6 y/o niece LOVED this video...asked for it by name for her
    birthday because people are transformed into animals magically.
    We watched it together and she was rivoted. I would highly recommend this video....more info
  • I was disapointed with this movie!
    Barbie in the Nutcracker is Barbie`s first movie.
    Barbie as Rapunzel is Barbie`s second movie.
    These Barbie movies are realy great.On May 2003,I saw a wondeful Barbie doll named:Barbie of Swan Lake.There was something at the back of the box says:Comming soon to video.I love the doll and I have it and I have the fairy queen.When the movie came out in September,I was so excited to get the movie.I did my homework first and then I watched the movie with my mom.When the movie begin,the intro is so beautiful, and after that came Barbie with a nice blue dress and she was dancing.She was so beautiful,but when Rohtbart catches the troll from there the movie begins to be boring to it is finished.Not even from this part,the whole movie was boring.But kelly and her friends was cute.Barbie in the Nutcracker and Barbie as Rapunzel are way better.The other Barbie movies like the Princess and the Pauper and Fairytopia are the way to go.Nutcracker,Rapunzel,the Princess and the Pauper and Fairytopia are the best Barbie movies.But this Barbie of Swan Lake is not.My mom and dad and some of my friends likes this movie,except me....more info
  • Gave it 2 stars, cuz my 2 y/o daughter LOVES this movie
    Ok, it's 2003 when this movie was released, & it actually seems like we're watching a movie dated 1990...the computer graphics are THAT TERRIBLE, I mean come on, in 2003, Toy Story was made in 1995, & this is 8 years later, you'd think that the producers of this movie would have used at least CGI 2.0 rather than CGI 0.01...SERIOUSLY THE GRAPHICS ARE THAT HORRIFIC! The producers of this movie splurged on getting Kelsy Grammer, & the LSO to preform, they only had enough budget to use some JR High school kids as a side project, in some thrid world country, to animate this picture, using Comodore 64's, Amigas or hell, maybe even Tandy's!

    But besided that, the music, is just splendid, after all, it's the London Symphony Orchestra that's playing the score from P.I. Tchaikosvsky...

    Given that the music was good, the GCI bad, the voice acting was go hand in hand with the GCI, BAD, BAD, BAD...

    But as I said, my 2 y/o duaghter LOVES this movie & I am tortured by seeing this movie OVER & OVER & OVER AGAIN...They need to add this as an illegal torture device, just so that any POW won't suffer what I have...or maybe we just need to use PSYOP campaigns, & infiltrate this type of DVD in terrorist home countries, & they'd be BEGGING to come to the US to be brought to Justice...

    And I am absolutly surprised that Disney & Harry Potter are getting all the scrutiny about satanic influences, & yet Here's Barbie, the biggest name in 12" dolls, & NOT A PEEP from religious RW nutjobs bemoaning the satanic influence contained within this movie...maybe it's because this was released Direct to Video & not nationwide, & the RRWNJ wouldn't get any recognition for trying to boycott DTOV movies...HMMMMM, makes you wonder......more info
  • I dont want to see this movie again.
    This movie was boring.I know that many people loves it,but I dont like to say dont watch this movie or something.The music was terrible.The story was horrible.Barbies hair was like a junk plastic.What a joke.This movie was the moooooooooost dissapointment ever.Mattel did a bad job on this one.





  • Movies
    I bought quite a few movies from Amazon .. never got most of themm.. Barbie of Swan Lake was just one of them.... ...more info
  • Lovely music, lovely dancing, and an approachable classic for girls
    Next to the Princess and the Pauper this is the favourite movie in our house for my under 5 yr old girls. It is beautifully animated, generally quite gentle and pastle in colours (so different from Fairytopia and even RApunzel), it has lovely clear messages and great music.

    This is the story of Swan Lake retold for Barbie. Here she plays the role of Odette who is the daughter of a baker in a small town. Her sister is a tom-boy who loves riding horses - this sister seems quite superflouous to the story, I have never figured out why she was put in here at all.

    Anyway, Odette follows a Unicorn back through a secret entrance to a magic forest. There she saves her but cutting a rope with a jewel which she has found. This turns out to be a magic jewel which only a special chosen one can pick up. It seems it is Odette who is chosen, but before she can do anything she is turned into a Swan by Rothgar who has been terrorising the forest. The Fairy Queen makes a crown out of the jewel to protect her - and changes the spell as best she can so Odette is a swan during the day and girl by night.

    Odette is saved by love when a Prince, drawn into the forest by Rothgar to kill the swan, falls in love with her beauty - first as a bird, and then as a girl.

    The film departs from the standard Swan lake at this point - there are lots of animals enchanted by Rothgar - but in the end it is love, and friendship which overcome all. A really nice message.

    The dance scene where Rothgar puts an enchantment over his daughter Odile so that everyone thinks she is Odette is quite confusing for my littlies but does not distract from their enjoyment. The dancing is very beautifully done, lovely animation here.

    I also loved the colours in this, they tended towards rich pastels rather than the glaring brightness of Rapunzel and Fairytopia

    Finally, the music. I loved it - it is of course from the Ballet itself, and it is lovely. I think this is such a nice way for children to be introduced to ballet and to classical music.

    A great movie, good messages and fun to watch as a family....more info
  • How can you people like this movie..........................
    How can you like this movie.
    I agree with the one who said:I hate it.....this movie stinks...!
    Thats right.
    And she`s right,That some of the music who realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy stinks.
    The worst music I have never heared about.
    1.When Odette must rescue the troll from Rothbarts house.
    2.When The fairy queen comes and rescues Odette from the prince`s castle.The same music and faster.
    And NOW comes the wooooooooooooooooooorts music in the movie.Be careful............Please be careful.
    3.When Rothbart casts a spell on Odette and Daniel and they dies.
    This one...........Is ass dances from this music..........It`s very very very very very very very very very very very very very bad too.The viollin tones is up first,and after that it begins to be lower.It was veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery termolo.It`s fast and scary.
    How can you people love this movie.It`s not beautiful at all.
    You say that your girls get scared.They gets scared from the Villian.....The music............and so on..........
    I can`t understand how people loved this movie.
    Barbie could make a better movie then this one like:Sleeping beauty,Cinderella,and more classical stories.
    To get a GOOD movie and NO MUSIC who totaly scares,get:
    Barbie in the Nutcracker.
    Barbie as Rapunzel.
    Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper.
    Barbie Fairytopia.
    I have to say.....
    Fairytopia is good,but it has also music who stinks.

    ...more info
  • Beautiful!
    My three and a half year old liked this one very much.
    Some scenes are a little scary for younger children. ...more info
  • Um.. it's a LITTLE GIRL's movie, not an epic
    I'll admit it. I was skeptical. I rolled my eyes and wondered how a Barbie movie could possibly be entertaining in any way.

    But I was wrong. Sure, they're not epic, moving tales of love and excitement, meant to blow away your mind and change your views on life itself. They're little girl movies meant to entertain little girls. In fact, they entertained me, at 18, my mother and to some extent my brothers, as well as my 8-year-old sister. The animation is pure eye-candy; colorful, bright and lush. The acting isn't top notch, but it's pleasant and enjoyable. The characters are mostly adorable. They weren't meant to be anything more than cutesie girl movies. And as a cutesie girl movie, it more than suceeds.

    This take of the Swan Lake introduces Odette as, not a princess, but a baker's daughter for which I give them points. Instead of the typical tomboy character who rebels against her parents, Odette is a quiet, shy girl, who loves her father and enjoys working (and dancing) in the bakery. More points for overcoming the new stereotype. She is a reluctant heroine, who thinks herself not up to the task of saving the world, but who prooves herself to have grace under fire. Finally, a girly girl is presented as something ok and not as undesirable. More points awarded.

    The villian, wonderfully voiced by Kelsey Gramner, was amusing in his being completely and totally wrapped around his whiny daughter, Odile's finger. The irony was not lost on me; Rothbart perfectly in control of himself and everything at his command.. except his young girl.

    The dancing scenes won me over. I was shocked when I heard actual Swan Lake music and actual ballet being performed in front of me. It was beautifully done and fit seemlessly into the movie. A wonderfu way to expose little girls to classical music and dance as an artform. In a world where this sort of thing is considered 'uncool' this was a wonderful surprise.

    The hate reviews for this movie are pretty interesting. Apparantly a bunch of young teens didn't like the movie and decided to do a group bashfest. About five hate reviews are nearly identical; they love Bratz, hate this movie, and thought Bratz was 1673819x better than Barbie. Furthermore, the music was called 'not classical' and 'not beautiful', and while they are entitled to their opinion about how good the music was, the movie contained THE Swan Lake score as originally composed.

    Barbie of Swan Lake was a wonderful princess tale, pretty and girlish in every way, but by no means soppy or insipid. In a way it shows how you can be a shy girl and yet still be strong and attractive. Like most Barbies the prince is more of a love-interest than a real character, but is well done nonetheless. It is a wonderful movie that girls will love, watch over and over and has only good messages to it. I was stunned by how good these movies were....more info
  • Beautiful????Classical?????NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It`s stupid.........
    I got this movie on my birthday and guess what???I was very excited to see it.I can`t belive how dissapointed it was.How did you people loved this movie anyway???
    Read here.It was......:
    4.Bad music(agree with the girl who wrote"how can you love this movie")
    5.Not beautiful
    6.Not classical
    7.Barbie as Rapunzel(better in 8236482734682%times)
    8.Why you people loved it???
    9.You must never get it
    10.Bad and scary and has very bad music.
    To get a good DVD,get:
    -Barbie in the Nutcracker
    -Barbie as Rapunzel
    -Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper
    -Barbie Fairytopia
    I hope the next movie Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus looks good.
    I hope the next movie Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia after Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus looks good too.
    Sorry people........
    Barbie of Swan Lake belongs to the trash.It reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy stinks.



    IT`S BAD.









    P.S.Barbie could make a better story than this stupid one who belongs to the trash.
    Trust me........

    *******MAGIC PRINCESS*******
    ...more info
  • Dissapointing
    I was angry after the movie was finished.
    I was scared from the villian.He has red scary eyes.The music was beautiful when the barbie or her friends have a special dance,but when Barbie is in truble at last and she dies in few minuttes,the music was scary.I think barbie as Rapunzel is 100000000%better.My heart starts to bomb fast when Odette(Barbie)and Daniel(Ken)dies,there....the villian casts a spell on them and the music was scary.

    So get Barbie as Rapunzel insted

    ...more info
  • Very good
    This is a very good adaptation of the superb Tchaikovsky ballet, with an entertaining story and vivid characters. The gorgeous music and ballet theme make this movie a MUST for all aspiring ballerinas. The graphics are beautiful, though the animation in all Barbie movies is fairly primitive. Also, don't miss our favorite Barbie movies: Princess and the Pauper and Rapunzel....more info
  • Little girls will love this movie
    My husband and I gave this movie, along with several other Barbie movies, to our daughter for Christmas. Since then she has watched it at least 20 times and she loves it!

    This is a great gift for any little girl and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

    Liz Calamusa
    Director of Marketing
    Pointing you in the Write direction.
    ...more info
  • A dumb lil' animal Killed Ivan.
    What a dumb movie,that stupid little skunk killed Ivan.I said to Johannah''Ivan got killed."And she says..."No he did'nt."But Carlita just did that.I really hated this movie! This movie is sooooooo BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm to mean bout' this.I H8 this junk....more info
  • TOPS!!!!!!
    This is one of my favorite Barbie movies ever. It's certainly at the top of my list. I LOVE IT!
    The animation is so beautiful, not anything like what you see normally. It's soft and pretty realistic. No bright, flashy colors that blind you or make the people and scenery look plasticlike. The story is beautiful. There's suspense and times at which you think all hope is lost. In the end, true love (not la-la, lovey dovey love, but true love where the boy and girl love each other MORE than they love themselves.) The music is lovely. The dancing's spectacular. I love this movie and I HIGHLY reccomend it! If you're expecting a gushy, over-sugary movie where girls in frilly dresses skip merrily through fields picking flowers and singing, you're in for a WONDERFUL surprise! This movie is TOTALLY worth every penny you pay....more info
  • This movie sucks.All Barbie movies sucks.This movie is the worst ever.
    I went shopping with my friend yesterday,and we saw this movie at stores.My friend has all the Barbie movies,except this one.I watched all the Barbie movies at her home,and I didn`t like them.She didn`t liked them either.But she said that maybe this one will be the best.I said:If you are sure you want to buy,so ok.If you are not sure,so don`t.She said ok.And she buyed it.We liked the picture of the DVD.We went home with my friend(to her home).And we were watching the movie.It was booooooooring and the music was veeeeeery bad.This was the worst Barbie movie ever.My friend was very dissapointed and began to cry.She said I will never want to buy a Barbie DVD LONGER.And she thinks that the Bratz Rock Angelz was 23956874358365306510083453658763503456187345863580435314%times better.And we love Bratz and we hate Barbie.But we don`t like my scene that much.And we think their movie was very very very very very very very stupid.But this Barbie movie is the most stupid ever.

    ******Kendra and May lin******

    We are not going to buy any Barbie movies longer.Even their is an upcomming one....more info
  • Just Fabulous!!!
    Geez, what's up with all these hate reviews? Barbie of Swan Lake was AWESOME!!! It's the best Barbie movie (and Princess and the Pauper is right up there too). The animation isn't the most awesome kind there is, but it's quite tolerable, and it's definatley not junky. The score is beautiful and very true to the original Tchaikovsky (same with the Barbie Nutcracker, which, I should say, is MUCH more enjoyable than the original Nutcracker ballet). Perhaps if you are frightened by such "scary" music you should watch something else, like Barney ;). My five year old sister loved it, and so did I. It's a timeless, romantic tale for every age. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

    ...more info