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Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
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In Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, superspy Solid Snake infiltrates the GameCube for one of the most games ever! Twin Snakes is a complete remake of the legendary Metal Gear Solid, with updated graphics for better, smoother gaming. Prepare to save the world, in the game that launched a classic series and started the spy gaming genre!

  • A retired spy code-named Solid Snake has been called back into action. His old unit, Fox Hound, has gone rogue. They've taken over a military base & intend to unleash a secret weapon known as Metal Gear on the world. Snake is sent in to investigate, and stop their plans if he can.
  • Incredible 3rd-person action in amazing game environments, as you sneak across a military base -- stealth is more important than shooting skills here
  • Collect multiple weapons and use your strategic skills to keep from being seen
  • Fight off snipers, invisible ninjas, psychic warriors, and even an M-1 tank
  • Linear, story-driven progress and cinematic cutscenes bring the story of Solid Snake to life

Customer Reviews:

  • Worth buying and playing
    This game is good, but first off this is basically the exact same game as the psx version. I thought buying it, it wasn't but I had sold the PSX version of it so it worked out good. The two main differences between the games is graphics and the ability to go into first person view. Many people will complain about this game vs the original for two or more reasons. The main being the game was set pretty simple and short, then you give players the ability to go into first person that just makes it easier. Another big complaint is the controls I like the gamecube controls myself so no problem. I would kind of assume if you own a WII or gamecube you don't mind that. So basically the biggest complaint is the ability to go first person only made it easier. I agree but the graphics and all else make up for to the casual gamer. Lastly if you are person who doesn't like Playstation or only has Nintendo hardware you'd probably like this innterptation of it better anyway. Over all a classic made even better and funnier....more info
  • Overall a very good stealth game for the CGN.
    When Metal Gear Solid was released for the Sony Playstation back in 1998, it was like nothing that had been seen before in video gaming with movie style cinema graphics and a deep tale about terrorism and genetic manipulation. In this new version, the lead character Snake has some new moves and the ability to shoot in first person mode. The graphics have been greatly revamped from the PS1 but the textures are a bit muddy and lack an overall sharpness to them. A nice looking game, but are not as good as the GameCube can display. The ambient sound and sound effects are well done and the voice acting is top-notch.

    I hadn't played the original so I found this game to be very enjoyable to play and much better than Splinter Cell's method of trial and error style of play. There are a lot cut scenes, which you easily skip, but then you may loose most of the story and greatly shorten the game. If you've played the original on the PS1 from years ago you won't find much new here except for Snake's new moves and the upgraded graphics. Replay value is in going back in to collect all of the dog tags from fallen enemies and upping the difficulty settings....more info

  • Best game ever. Hideo Kojima Rules
    This is simply the best game ever, looks at the background of the developers (Nintendo, Konami, Silicon Knights)...more info
  • ill representation

    First let me address all you guys (and girls) who feel like you need to write a freakin' novella in order to rate a video game. There are people who GET PAID to write more than a paragraph for a game rating. We usually defer to these people, seeing as it is their JOB to play and rate. Besides, this is for crying out loud, not GamePro. Moving on...

    Simply put, this game disappointed me. I really enjoyed the original for PS1, and the graphics were done well for this one. But I purchased this game by what I read about it. Specifically, that it was a combination of MGS and Sons of Liberty (it says that on the back of the game, too). What they mean by this statement is that it's the original MGS with SoL graphics, gameplay, and platform interaction. It's the same old MGS. If I had known that, I would have saved my money and plugged in my old PS1. I thought I was getting two games in one.
    Live, learn, rent first....more info
  • Plays like the orignal, but doesn't hold true.
    If you are a fan of the original you may be shocked to see what the cutscenes are like in this game. Snake finds himself jumping off of live missiles and doing cartwheels down hallways. You feel like you're watching Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon instead of an MGS cutscene. Snake is no longer a cool-headed soldier, but an overly aggressive maniac who points his gun at injured old men. That's aside from the slapstick humor that's been injected into every other cutscene.

    The gameplay is largely unchanged. You can now go into FPV and a few other features from MGS2 make it in. Other than that nothing has really changed. A few very minor level changes. If you are an old fan and can get over the cutscene and voice changes than you'll find the gameplay is fun like you remembered, if a bit too easy. Newcomers will have fun playing the remake of a masterpiece, but might find themselve confused by the story if/when they move onto other parts of the series....more info
  • Not perfect, but c'mon!
    Those of us who own the Cube and not a PS or PS2 shall rejoice in this game for what it is! Personally, I had a blast playing through this game, and still replay it if only to unlock all the special items and demos. Now, maybe my view is a bit skewered here as I have never played the original MGS, and I've only been able to catch glimpses as people I knew hyped over and played Snake Eater. But I truly enjoy this game, and respect it as a flawed, but well done remake.

    Now, first and foremost, let's cover gameplay, the basis of any videogame. The controls are messy to start with, which I'm assuming is due to the transition from the PS version to the Gamecube version. However, they do not make the game unplayable. After asking myself, 'why must I press 2 buttons to pause the game/use my codec' and 'how is Y suddenly the action button' I adjusted to these controls, and they became as second nature as the controls to any other game I've played. The levels. Now, bear in mind that when this game claims to be a merge of MSG and MSG2, it really means this game is MSG with MSG2 graphics and features. So no, there is no Raiden or any aspects from the 'Sons of Liberty' storyline. This is purely the first MGS game polished and shined for a more pristine look and newer age. Of course, some of the added features prove unnecessary for gameplay. I never really ended up having to hang over railings or hide in lockers to escape danger, although it was nice having tranquilizing guns... Still, the features offer more up for experimentation and replay value. Wanna go a little crazy and mess with guards? There are plenty of options, none of them really crucial. Just play around with them for fun! The camera can be a pain, but that's why I found myself relying on the radar more than my own eyes, and to be honest I haven't even attempted playing the game without the radar... As some may know, the camera is fixed above or to the side of Snake, giving you a good view of yourself and immediate surroundings, but little else. To get first person view, you have to push and hold Z, which is a pain because... well... you're limited only to being able to side step and shoot in this view. Being a game based on stealth, I do wish they offered more on the lines of being able to assess your surroundings in first person.

    Now, for the 'other stuff.' As many know, MGS is infamous for its lengthy and plot ridden cutscenes. The ones here are particularly lengthy, due to being completely redone. Can we say, 'Matrix?' Now, let me say the graphics and correography of the cutscenes are AMAZING. Even beautiful at times! Sometimes, however, it's just too much. Some of the cutscenes are incredibly engaging, and others are just... there. The voice acting, as many also noted, has been redone with a few changes. Let me set the record straight. Most of the actors are indeed the same from the PS version. But in some cases, the delivery has changed for better or worse. (E.I. Ninja's new voice over, Mei Ling's loss of accent...) The acting quality ranges from excellent to sub-par, but sometimes it's just the sheer amount over dramatization in the scenes that make some of it laughable, I'm afraid. The music... well, I loved it... but having never heard the original OST, I can't very well make a comparison, now can I? Still, everything seemed in place there. Overall, great graphics, spiffy new cutscenes, (albeit, over-dramatic, long winded...) and a fine soundtrack. The Codec bits are the same animations from the old PS version, I believe... a little hokey looking for such a newly polished game, but no drawbacks outside of some of the conversations once again being longwinded...

    Honestly, in order to enjoy this game, you must be willing to get thoroughly engaged in the characters and plot. Hideo Kojima really created a world for these characters to exist in, and a time frame to match. The games act almost like interactive movies, where you're the one that in part determines the outcome. There's a lot you can take and enjoy from this game if you're into it. If not, then go for something else. Also, don't let appearances confuse you. You may be the guy with the gun, but more often than not, shooting everything in sight will only lead to disaster. Be prepared to run, duck, crawl, and hide to be successful in this game; but don't forget to have a little fun with the new features the Gamecube version exclusively offers to this classic title!...more info
  • MGS the twin snakes review
    the game was good. to be honost though, the original MGS for the ps1 is still better. this game isn't as dramatic as the original and there are a couple of scenes that will make u say "was that really necassary?" but there are a few fetures in this game that make this version of the first MGS better, u can find a trankalizer gun just like in MGS2, it has FP view mode where u can shoot from and a few other things that makes this a more enhanced expiereince then the original MGS. 5 stars!...more info
  • No excuse for stupidity
    Sorry if you thought this was a new game, please obtain a permanent marker and looking in the mirror clearly write "IDIOT" accross your forhead, that way people will not have to waste their time asking you why your so dumb....more info
  • Why dont they make this whole game into a movie
    okay this game was awsome evan thoght its just grapchis from MGS2 i dont see why Konmai wood not want to make this a movie. i mean cmon Peter Jaskson Is Dircting the Halo Movie. and Metal Gear has been around since The NES. i mean this would be awsome a movie just find the right actors it would be awsome just take everything from the game and make it 2 movies long the only reason i rate this a 4 becasue the choking was diffcult in this ...more info
  • it didnt work
    disk one had a nasty scratch soo it never worked for us, hence we never got to play it..very disapointed w/ service ;(((((...more info
  • if u like metal gear then you'll love this one
    The TWIN SNAKES is pretty much mgs1 but way awsomer its got better graphics thanks to gamecube and they made the story line mini movies a hell of alot better you should defanently by twin snake its awsome....more info
  • A Failure...!
    Being a long time fan and admirer of the MGS-series I was more than happy to hold the remake of the best PS1-Game in my hands. After the superb MGS2 I could not wait for the next one and even bought a GameCube just to play it. Among my friends I am known to be a total MGS-crack, since I am convinced that it is more than just a game, and I love it in the true sense of the word.
    This is the reason why that which is about to follow is so hard for me.
    Except for it's story, the remake "MGS-The Twin Snakes" is a failure. With the good original game as source I am shocked about how it turned out to be. First of all, no matter what the commercials say, Hideo Kojima did NOT supervise this game. It was developed by an entirely different crew, namely by "Silicon Knights" in Canada, and was directed by Ryuhei Kitamura, a japanese movie director. So far it may sound decent, but the final product is quite disappointing. Most of all, the style of MGS1&2 is totally gone. The graphics seem dull and boring, to say the least. The gameplay ineffectively tries to emulate that of MGS2, but fails. The new moves are useless, since the locations throughout the game were originally designed to be mastered without them. The incorporation of the M9 is questionable too, since it changes much of the gameplay and is no longer true to the original. But that are not even the real problems, at least not in my opinion. The worst about it are the new demo-sequences, in which, of course, the story is told. They took away all the coolness and originality of MGS1 and replaced it with a ridiculous pseudo-matrix style, which is rather like some comic or caricature than a MGS-game based on some kind of realism. I for one do not buy it at all. It reminds me of those stupid japanese B-movies with suspend laws of physics. This can be cool, like in some scenes of "Matrix", but it can also become very embarrasing and awkward, like in this case. They compulsively tried to enhance every scene up to a degree where it becomes totally stupid and loses every believability whatsoever, just as the typical MGS-flair, too. And, after all, it doesn't even look particularly good graphically, since its very monotone and also slows down on several occasions (within the sequences!!!), because the CPU can not manage it. Imagine that in a MGS-game! I am serious, my GameCube is OK, it is the game that slows down within the sequences, which are the heart and soul of the entire game, after all!
    Another sad point is the soundtrack. Since I am very sensitive to soundtracks and a total fan of the sound on MGS1&2, I can not begin to express how disappointed I am. The game is loaded with stupid, completely disharmonic and amelodic techno-garbage ALL THE TIME! I do not understand this at all! At scenes that scream for music, there is none, in others that had a classical tone in MGS1, it is packed with real bad electronica. Please do not get me wrong: I really like techno-style soundtracks, but in the right quality and in the right place. None of it is the case here. The soundeffects are sad, too. Even compared to MGS1, they seam not to fit in any way and just sound ridiculous. From knocking on the wall to strangulating someone, it sounds just cheesy and dumb. Also, the effects seem to be of minor sound quality, too, since they sound hollow like many games did back in the Sega Saturn-era (if you know what I mean), which is not a compliment! The voiceovers seem uninspired even by the veteran voice actors, who have suddenly lost their accent (Nastasha, Mei Ling!), and several actors were replaced by others, which is a bit distracting at times.
    To sum it up, it could have been a superb game, but it finally fails to deliver any goods compared to the original MGS1. I had never expected to say this, but stay with the original MGS1, keep playing MGS2 and keep waiting for MGS3!
    Now I can break into tears......more info
  • mgs for gc???
    I was quite suprised at first to see hideo kojima and the boys try and make it happen on another system. I don't doubt their abilities for a second, but I thought they were keeping it a strictly sony project throughout the whole series, but being that we have a gamecube laying around and I had caught wind of this little side project, I had to give it a try.
    I am a MGS fanatic of sorts, played them all through and through, but there was always that question in the back of my mind....if they were to do one of them over, this would be it because the gameplay is obviously not quite up to par with 2, 3, or 4. Being that they carried over the controls and everything from SOL, I got used to this game within minutes, and all the memories of going through the shadow moses incident started to come back.
    The voiceovers are on par for the most part, but honestly I think they did a better job in the ps version, otherwise the rest of it received a well needed update. Cutscenes are longer, faces are now recogizable, visuals blend well, quite impressive for the gamecube really. All in all a very impressive remake.
    ...more info
  • Cinematic Masterpiece
    The cut scenes in this game are amazing. If you like incredible story lines, exciting game play, or thrilling mysteries, or if you just like to kick some butt, then this is a must have. I will play this game over and over until the buttons on my controller no longer work. Thank you Koonami for giving us such an amazing game....more info
  • A truly inspirational remake of an already excellent classic
    Before I begin, let me just say that if you've played or own the original version of Metal Gear Solid, you most likely won't want to buy this. I would, however, highly recommend that you at least rent it and try it out, even if you've played MGS already. Twin Snakes, as you probably already know, is simply a remake of the original MGS. It bascially incorporates all of the features from MGS2:Sons of Liberty into MGS1.

    Now onto the actual content of the game. If you're going to play a version of Metal Gear Solid for the first time, then this is undoubtedly the one. It includes many extra features that were not in the original version for PS1. For example, there are added weapons and items that were taken from MGS2, you can now hide guards' bodies after disposing of them, and all of the game's cutscenes have been completely redone for Twin Snakes.

    The graphics for this game are top notch, even slightly surpassing that of MGS3:Snake Eater, in my opinion. The game's voice acting, however, is not as good as it was in the original MGS, though. Then again, the original MGS was great, so it only follows that The Twin Snakes would be at least as good. Overall, I would recommend at least trying this game out even if you've played the original version, because Twin Snakes stands as a great revival of a true classic....more info
  • Ludicrously overhyped garbage
    Please don't be taken in by tha rampant nostalgia, or whatever it is that prevents people from recognizing what a laughably bad "game" this is. Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes, despite the graphics, seems extremely dated in terms of gameplay, which ranges from tedious to quite tedious. People claim it is challenging, and it is, but only because of the astonishingly bad design features, such as over-the-head (WTF?) camera angles, and the awful controls (don't be surprised if you find yourself s-l-o-w-l-y crawling on your belly instead of dive rolling, for example, or shoulder-throwing guards you wanted to choke).

    The cutscences, while interesting in a (very) few cases, only emphasize how stupidly underpowered Solid Snake actually is. Imagine, a genetically engineered super solider who can't walk and shoot a gun at the same time (in first person, which is your only way to enjoy field of view that extends more than 6 feet in all directions.

    But, wait, the best thing about the game is the realism, right? Sure, when a guard spots you, and unlimited number of guards are teleported in to hunt you down. You can stuff sleeping bodies in lockers! Great, but why not shoot them while there are down, and watch them flicker and disappear, instead?

    Well, aren't the boss battles cool? If by "cool" you mean laughably easy, for the most part, with some challenge provided by the aforementioned terrible controls, and crappy camera angles. The only difficult ones involve hand to hand fighting - though that phrase is not entirely accurate since you can hit or be hit from 6 (apparent) feet away. Well, sometimes you can, since the collision detection is also a misery.

    I purchased this game because Silicon Knights made Eternal Darkness, my favorite game. Why the team that made a game where you could not swing a long sword in a narrow hallway without hitting the wall couldn't master proper collision detection in MGS:TS I cannot fathom. Why the team that mastered cinematic but servicable third person perspective in ED:SR replaced it with the useless myopic disaster that is MGS:TW is also a mystery.

    If you enjoying endless cheesy blathering about "the battlefield" and whether or not love can bloom on it, by all means, buy this game. If you want a challenging game involving infiltration, clever tactics, and rock-solid controls, get Metal Arms: Glitch in the System or Timeslitters 2 instead.

    Metal Gear Solid is a travesty, and I can't imaginge what people found to like about it. Your emperor, Solid Snake, has no clothes....more info

  • Major Disappointment
    I got this game as a gift, so that eases the frustration, and I started playing it, unfortunately after finishing the original Splinter Cell, so I was expecting something similar, and also I was expecting something else due to the fact I have read great reviews abut this game.
    The most frustrating thing us that you get a fixed camera angle, sometimes you get lost in what you are supposed to do, in boss fights if you don't read game guides there is no clue of what to do.
    What I have enjoyed are the cutscenes and the audio, but the gameplay I guess you can only like it if you are a fan of the series and hadn't played before Splinter Cell. ...more info
  • Great development, and kick @ss graphics
    This is a pretty good and challenging game.. cinemas and graphics are awesome. The mouth of the people move while talking, something it did not do on the versions of play 1. I have not played it myself, but I have seen the gameplay.. I will play it as soon as I finish Hitman 2....more info
  • A fantastic remake
    The original Metal Gear Solid on the PS1 was a great game, but it hasn't aged well. I am so glad this released. The graphics are very nice, with great weather effects, detailed textures, and a smooth framerate that almost never lets up. The newly recorded dialogue and a fantastic new musical score by Harry Gregson-Williams also helps this remake get a high rating.

    The story is the same as MGS1, and the gameplay is still based around stealth. However, there are many improvements to the gameplay. Enemies aren't quite so dumb anymore, and you're not limited by where you're allowed to shoot. MGS2's gameplay features (a first person view, smarter AI, the M9 tranquilizer, etc.) are here, therefore making this game far more enjoyable than the original.

    This remake, like the original MGS, can be beaten in a short amount of time, and there is an overabundance of cinematics and dialogue, but this is still a highly replayable and highly recommended masterpiece.

    (Some Advice: When you're done with this, grab MGS2: Substance on the PS2 or the Xbox!)...more info
  • MGS: Twin Snakes
    I reserved this game about 1 week before it came out around April 2004, i said finally a good release for the GC, because i'm a huge fan of MGS, and found out it was only coming out for the GC. I knew it was the the first 2 MGS games kinda combined, but i didnt care once i heard it was 1st person and heard the graphics were gonna be amazing, not only that the game was only 40$ because its a JAP import, which saved me 10$. I just has to have it, the same day it came out. The game is reletivley short even though its 2disc i beat this game about 2 days after i got it on Very Easy, then beat it again in about 3 days on Easy, about 6 days on Normal, 1 week on Hard, still yet to beat on very hard but plan to do it eventually. The graphics in this game are probably the best i've seen for GC, better than MGS was for the PS2. I didnt know GC was that powerful, because all my friends are all PS Fanboys, and say GC sucks and blah blah blah, and eventually you start to think that at least until i bought a GC, in some games I think GC has better graphics than PS2 and Xbox. This is a Solid Game i would have gave it 5 stars but do to short length i give it 4, maybe 4 1/2. I would only buy this game if your a big fan or your new to the series, either way a good time, but then again the price dropped over a year and a half so just buy it, the cutscenes are beautiful the first time you go through the game but get annoying after youve played it 3times and the story starts to get boring too. But great game. I am glad I purchased this title....more info
  • A Classic story ruined by crude voice acting and cutscenes
    The original Metal Gear Solid has been widely considered to be one of the greatest games of all time. It created a genre and for its time, gave us the best voice acting we'd ever seen! The story was well defined with its incredible plot twists, and well developed characters. Now, with the help of Silicon Knights, Metal Gear Solid is being presented to us the way it should be. The gameplay and graphics have been updated to perfection. Unfortunately, with these upgrades came other problems. Metal Gear Solid was a game that was obviously made to suit the Playstation. Bringing it to the Gamecube wasn't such a bad decision, but a lot of the mechanics added to the game just feel out of place.

    Terrorists have taken over a base in Alaska known as Shadow Moses Island. These terrorists are demanding that the government hand over the remains of the legendary Big Boss, and that if their demands aren't meant, they'll launch a nuclear warhead. Snake, called out of retirement, is the only man capable of taking on these terrorists and stopping their nuclear weapon known as Metal Gear. For anyone who has played the original, the story is unchanged. Every plot twist, every original guard, every original boss is still there.

    The gameplay this time around has been very much improved from the original game. Snake can now perform more tasks than he could in the original game. Anyone who has played Metal Gear Solid 2 knows exactly what to expect. Snake can now hang over ledges, hold up guards and shake them down for items. Likewise, Snake now has to hide bodies when he kills someone. The guards are also smarter in this version and do things such as make status reports, and will hear more too.

    You'd think all this would add much more challenge to the game, but since they also threw in the M9 and PSG1-T (both weapons put guards to sleep) the game is much easier. Since you can now hide in lockers and hang over ledges, the challenge presented from the original game has been taken out. Also, your life guage now starts out full. In the original you had to defeat bosses for your gauge to extend. This alone, makes the game several times easier. Not only that, but you take a lot less damage than the original game. A lot of the gameplay additions and changes make what was already an easy game even easier, and that's rather sad.

    Not all the changes are fantastic, however. The voice acting here is far worse than the original game. The original Metal Gear Solid had some of the best voice acting ever in a video game. They've brought back the original voice cast, but they're not full of as much energy and emotion and some of them just sound different. Any character that originally had an accent doesn't have one anymore.

    Then there are the cutscenes. All of the cutscenes have, like the voices, been redone. Not all are for the better, however. They look good and sound good, for the most part, but they lack the emotion of other Metal Gear Solid games. Metal Gear Solid has usually been a game series grounded in reality, but here even for a video game, the cutscenes are just all out unbelievable. In other words, fantastic storytelling is sacrificed for the premise of making cutscenes that look "cool". This includes putting in things like bullet time pauses and making Snake do things that he would otherwise be incapable of doing because of what the story has set up such as being able to jump off a missile and hurling it back to his enemy. Some of the dialog has also been changed, but for the most part it doesn't hurt the game. Though some of the more memorable scenes have been tampered with.

    The music has also been changed. For the most part most of the new tunes sound really good. Some of the music is remixed, but it sounds better than it did before. Each boss also has his or her own boss fight music. While most of the new stuff is forgettable, it's not bad by any means. Some will definitely miss the classic tunes like the boss fight theme, but there is a lot of good music here.

    Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes is a good game, but messes too much with something good to try to make something better. It doesn't succeed because it tries too hard to do so.

    The Good
    +New and improved gameplay
    +Same classic story

    The Bad
    -Clunky controls
    -Far easier than the original
    -The cutscenes have lost their emotion
    -The voice acting is changed for the worst...more info
  • Metal gear Rules
    This game is awesome to watch and challenging to play. Take your time and do things right. Put yourself in a soldier's boots to beat this one fast....more info