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Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
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Product Description

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness takes you into the challenge of a lifetime -- the right to rule the Netherworld! More than 40 hours of intense gameplay, with multiple endings

  • The King of the Netherworld is dead and his son, Laharl, has awakened from a coma to find demons scheming for supremacy. Laharl must now defeat these pretenders and take his rightful place on the throne!
  • Develop an unholy army with over 150 different characters and monsters
  • Unleash 100 deadly spells that destroy all your enemies
  • Incredible new gameplay system lets you adjust your combat strategies on the fly, and use new Geo Panels to achieve all-new tactical advantages
  • Open a portal to the Item World to increase the power of your weapons

Customer Reviews:

  • Good, but not worth anything over 50 bucks
    This is a pretty sweet game, but it's not worth purchasing for over 50 bucks. That is a rip off....more info
  • My Review
    Im not really a huge fan of strategy but this one...changed my mind. Its not really boring and doesn't take a lot thought. It also has a good story, some humor and, some crazy combos and moves. If i was you i would buy this game now....more info
    This game is so much fun.

    It also has high replay value...more info
  • A tale of betrayal, lust, love, and exploding penguins!!!
    Ahh, the Netherworld... A lovely place full of hellfire, brimstone, angry demons, and Penguins... All this can mean only one thing. You've just stepped into the realm of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

    Here's the deal. It seams that King Krechevskoy, a god-like being and ruler of the Netherworld, died two years ago by choking on a pretzel. I kid you not. A pretzel. We'd try to figure that one out, but after all, we've watched Transformers. Anyway, the game begins with Laharl, the rightful heir to the throne, just now finding out that his dad's dead. Seems he's been sleeping the whole time... Talk about a heavy sleeper. Also, demons left and right have been vying for control of the Netherworld. Of course, he's not gonna let that happen, is he? So you go out on a quest to reestablish yourself and your family as the rightful rulers.

    That said, let's get into the gameplay. Anyone who's played a tactics RPG will be familiar with some of the basic features. You move your people around a tactical map and command them to attack enemies. Damage bonuses result from hitting enemies from behind, above, or with attacks they're weak against.

    That's where the similarities end. In Disgaea you can attack with up to FOUR characters simultaneously, or in waves with each following character getting an increasing bonus to damage. Some enemies can only be killed as such. Lining characters up will often trigger team attacks with up to 4 characters, which look really impressive when you pull them off. You can really pack on the damage if you do this often.

    Another element in battle is the often overlooked Geo-Panels. Using them, you can eliminate an entire army by destroying one single panel if they're positioned right. In addition, you can really improve your battle bonus by doing this. That determines how much money you get at the end of the fight and also what items you get for winning. As a matter of fact, there are certain weapons that you can only get in this manner.

    There are numerous other aspects that open up later in this game that can keep you hooked for years, if you're a dedicated RPG fan. There's the Item World, where you actually fight inside weapons and armor to make them stronger. Also there's a Dark Assembly, where you can propose bills ranging from upgrading the shops to the ever-coveted Prinny Day. That's not even mentioning that there's around 150 classes and monsters to create your characters from. Almost everything's custom here.

    With the type of music score that only Nippon Ichi and Atlus could bring you, you know you're in for an interesting and entertaining experience.

    However, there are a few downsides. The main game is a bit short, only lasting about 30 hours. And the enemies in the later areas, especially the sidequests get really powerful realy fast (we're talking the thousands for levels here). Also, the graphics might not appeal to the younger generation of video game fans - the type of people that look more at the game's eye candy rather than the quality of the game itself. However, those are minor in the long run.

    All in all, this is a fun game that you can get, beat, and go back to every once in awhile. With an entertaining story, great music, and a unique twist on the Tactics Engine of today, Dosgaea should appeal to RPG fans nationwide. SBaby gives Disgaea: Hour of Darkness for the PS2 a
    5 out of 5. Dooooooooooooooood!!!!!...more info
  • my new favorite PS2 game
    You are Laharl, a demon prince of the Netherworld who has been asleep for years. Laharl awakes to find that his father is dead and that he needs to claim his rightful place as Overlord of the Netherworld. Disgaea is Laharl solidifying his place and encountering new adversaries. The first thing that must be said about this game is that it is a very funny game. So much of the dialogue and character interaction is played for laughs while advancing the story.

    Disgaea is a strategy RPG. You have a home base (the castle) which you can wander around in. It is a smallish castle. But it is from this castle that everything in the game starts. The actual gameplay takes place on "maps" or "grids" where you set your characters and move them into the best position, turn by turn, to do the most damage to the enemies or also maneuver themselves to attack your characters. This is a turn based game and you can think of the grid as a chess board. It's a chess board with height and obstacles and environment and certain tiles have special properties (attack +50%, invincibility, etc), but that is the way the grid plays out. From the castle you can also purchase items and weapons, go to the "Item World" in which you can fight inside an item to increase the item's stats, or go to the Dark Assembly where you get proposals passed to open new maps or get better stuff at the stores, or create new characters.

    The name of the game here is fun. This is a fun game to play and I didn't notice how much time I spent playing until I checked the game clock. For those gamers who aren't sure if they would like a strategy RPG, this is probably the game to try because it is superior to the rest. For those who do like RPG and Strategy games, it doesn't get better than Disgaea. It's a game with lots to do. I spent nearly 80 hours on the game before finishing the story and there was plenty left to do. Good thing there is a "New Game +" mode to go back through the game and make different choices (for multiple endings) as well as working on unlocking those new maps and creating different character classes.

    -Joe Sherry...more info
  • Raw Japanese Insanity
    Disgaea is going to be a love-it-or-hate-it game for nearly everyone who picks it up, and it's not hard to see which side of the fence you'll fall on. Chances are, if this game is indeed going to be up your alley, you've already heard of it, and probably own it. If you're not sure, however, or maybe if you're a vanilla gamer who's out to try something new, then this might just be the next big thing.

    The plot of Disgaea looks relatively simple from a distance. Laharl, prince of the Underworld, awakens from a two-year nap to find that some things have gone wrong while he was dreaming. His father has died, and since he wasn't conscious to acceed the throne, the former vassals of the king are now scurrying to take the position that should rightfully be his. Laharl gears up and sets about to reclaim his place as ruler through any means necessary.

    And from here, the plot will quickly descend into what can only be described as Japanese Insanity. In Laharl's travels, he'll encounter Angels that want to be ninjas, soldiers that want to be The Power Rangers, demons with lost memories, zombies made ultra-powerful through a particularly unusual endowment, spirits of the dead that serve pennance dressed in penguin costumes, alternate dimensions hidden within items, and an Underworld Governmental Assembly where "physical persuasion" is often necessary to get laws passed.

    Seems relatively straightforeward, right?

    Ah, but therein lies the rub, and also where the game gets it's charm. All that plot insanity carries over to the game's actual play mechanics as well. Disgaea is not a game that takes itself seriously. In fact, it doesn't take anything seriously whatsoever, ESPECIALLY basic game mechanics. It isn't ten minutes before starting that the game is gleefully skewering nearly every convention of the Tactical RPG genre imaginable.

    For example, most Tactical RPGs keep statistics on the player's characters. Win battles with them and they become more powerful, typically indicated in the character's "level." A level 3 character at the beginning of the game will usually cap out at level 80 or so, with 99 being the absolute maximum. This holds true with Disgaea as well, and in a standard game, a level 90 character is indeed quite powerful and can stand up to some of the toughest battles in the main storyline...But why stop there? The maximum character level in Disgaea, should you feel like putting the time in to train them that high, is 9,999.


    It's completely pointless, as there is no way that even the most powerful enemies in the game's most secret hidden dungeons (of which there are several) could ever stand up to such a powerful character, nevermind how long it would take to level them to that point - we're talking well over 100 hours, and that's if you're doing it really fast. However, at the end of the day, it's POSSIBLE to do such a thing. Really, that's the most important statement here. After all, you may not NEED to get your characters to anywhere close to that level, but if you WANT to do it...Why not?

    Why not, indeed. One gets the feeling that the game's designers have long been fans of the genre, but when the time came to make decisions on things like level caps and attack ratings, the question "Why not?" came into play quite a bit. Ten controllable characters at a time? Well, why not? The ability for characters to pick each other up and toss them around the map, thereby getting around most movement restrictions per turn? Sure! Exploding penguins? Exploding penguins! The list goes on and on...

    This could be a problem in other games, but Disgaea manages to pull it all off because, at it's heart, the tried-and-true methods of the genre are all here, and they all work flawlessly. They're just completely unshackled, and the really mavelous thing is that it still works.

    And it's this key aspect that may very well kill the game for a lot of people. In order for Disgaea to be fun, you have to see all this as a good thing, which, to the uninitiated, is a difficult thing to do. The concept of going through a 100-floor randomly generated dungeon in order to level up a particular sword's base statistics will strike some people as brilliant, and some others as stupid. The fairly low (though very efficient) production values don't really give the game any added punch, and as a whole, it's really something that's aimed squarely at fans.

    The game knows it's audience, but doesn't try to extend beyond that. If the features mentioned in this review strike you as something you'd want to play, then buy this game; you won't regret it at all. If you're unsure, however, then chances are this game's brilliance will fall flat for you.

    It's a fans-only party, but those who "get it" will have an absolute blast....more info

  • disgaea: hour of darkness
    The first thing I'd like to say is that Disgaea: Hour of Darkness for the Playstation 2 is not for everyone. It's a single player strategy role-playing game (SRPG), a genre that many people find boring. The gameplay in Disgaea focuses on turn-based tactical decision making, and for this reason, the game can be slow-paced, difficult, and time consuming. I, myself, regretted purchasing the game at first, but after a couple of hours, the game grew on me and I learned to love it.

    When I bought this game and started playing, the most apparent feature I noticed was its style. Disgaea, unlike many new games out now, uses bitmaps instead of 3D character models, which gives it the appearance of being graphically outdated. This, however, is not a bad thing. Although the graphics of the game are not technically superior, Disgaea is still beautiful. The characters and artwork are top quality, the colors are vibrant, and the use of bitmaps complements the Anime style of the game. Also, Disgaea is separated into chapters or "episodes" much like an Anime series; at the end of each chapter, there is preview for the next episode. Because of its similarities in artwork and structure with Anime, avid Anime fans will love this game.

    Additionally, the Anime theme permeates into the story. Disgaea puts you in the shoes of a demon prince Laharl who is on a quest to conquer the Netherworld. With a girl demon who has on occasion tried to murder him, and a na?ve angel dubbed "love freak" by his side, the story can be humorous and quirky. Parodies of the Power Rangers make their appearance in this game and perhaps one of the funniest scenes I can recall involves a "horse wiener." Since there is rarely a moment of boredom, Disgaea is a game that is equally enjoyable to watch or play.

    In addition to being very stylish, Disgaea is fun to play. The gameplay involves controlling a bunch of units on a map, moving them onto squares, and taking turns attacking the enemy. This may sound boring and it sometimes is; however, the meat of the game is not in the actual combat, but is in the customizability of the characters and equipment. Disgaea gives you the ability to create characters from what seems to be an endless list of possibilities such as a ninja, a samurai, an archer, and a thief. You give them names, monitor their growth, and develop them into sword or staff or gun users. It's up to YOU. New classes of characters are unlocked as you progress through the game, and naturally, to get the better classes, you need to play a lot. This makes the game addictively time-consuming, but fun at the same time. With the maximum level for each character set at 9999, Disgaea offers a lot of replay value, and you never feel like you're finished. Even after beating the game, the "new game +" option allows you to restart with all your equipment and levels, so you can replay Disgaea in hopes of unlocking the secret map containing the level 4000 boss. Furthermore, unlike many games where items are static and fixed, every item in Disgaea is customizable. Items have "residents" living in them that give the items certain attributes. These residents in the items can be captured and transferred to another item making it stronger. There is game feature called "Item World" where you actually go inside an item. All items are composed of floors, each floor leading to the next with enemies inhabiting them. As you go deeper into the item, conquering more floors and enemies, your item gets stronger as well.

    In the end, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is a very fun game that is unique in its style and customizability. It is definitely a hidden gem only overlooked because of its rough appearance. I think that Anime and RPG fans will definitely love this game. For the other people who are new to SRPGs but who are interested in the genre, I think that this is a good game to start with.
    ...more info
  • Weird, but Clever
    I've played a lot of RPGs over the years, and this one really is unlike any of the others. You've got funny, quirkly dialogue between the different players in the storyline, a game cleanly structured into "Chapters" that take you to the end of the story, and then several different ways to tackle the gameplay. Getting from beginning to end is half the fun: you can "reincarnate" and go 'round again, making different choices on the next pass.

    Battle is turn-based, but again unlike anything else: push your character up to another like pieces on a chessboard. Is an ally next to them? They get to double-up and both attack. Instead of a Final Fantasy-style method of applying actions to the whole party...then everyone takes a turn, in Disgaea each character gets to make their move whenever you choose to...then the opponent gets a turn. Special moves might have certain rules as to when you can use them, such as the character needing a clear path behind them to get a running start.

    Disgaea then takes the action up a notch by coloring the squares on the battlefield...and allowing you to apply bonuses / penalties to squares of that color...or a character can pick up the bonus / penalty token and move it to another color. Can your player not get close enough to the enemy? Move them close, then have another party member pick them up and throw them the rest of the way. Unless they're penguins: penguins explode when you throw them. Handle pengiuns with care.

    Sound weird yet? How about this: you can go inside of items and "play levels" in things you find or buy. For example, I found a gun, took the party into the gun, and started going through battle maps, finding loot and unlocking goodies. I needed more people in my group, so I created some. If I wanted to, I could petition a kind of legislative panel to make new people, but that's harder: you should probably bribe them. And if they don't vote your way, threaten them. Just don't be too obvious about it, or they'll all jump out of their seats and come after you!

    Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is hilarious. It's bizarre, but it's still something you can learn fairly easily. And the gameplay is both fun and addictive. Creativity will be rewarded. The only real hindrance here is that sometimes the isometric 3D battle map is hard to see: despite being able to rotate the board, there will be spots that you can never quite put your eye on. That can makes it difficult to move characters to exactly the right spot without some effort.

    Higly recommended for the RPG gamer, novice or pro, who wants to do something different....more info
  • Bought the hour after the Afternoon! because this ROCKS!!!
    WOW! (was my reaction to the psp version and is to this as well)
    This was my first thought when I saw how High you can level up.
    9999 to max your character!! this game like it's psp brother has a nearly endless number of things for the "loot mongers" like me out there and soooo much customization it is insane
    top this with actual reasons (such as maxing out character stats) for leveling up into the 9999 range only then is your character's potential fully unlocked!
    you also level up your weapons and armor in a method similar to dark cloud where you go into Item world and defeat the bosses there and residents to make weapons ann armor stronger.
    truly the voice acting is top notch and the hilarity of some of it is really good. as another reviewer said usually there's pro's and con's to every game but at this time even after having beaten disgaea I can not think of ANY bad points about this game.
    IF you are a loot monger and into twinking out your character to the absolute maxium this game was MADE FOR YOU!
    if you prefer the intense action of titles such as W.O.W. or diablo this Might not be for you but for anyone that liked Final Fantasy Tactics well, this seems to do all of that FAR BETTER then tactics : war of the lions has done. plus an unlockable etna mode that let's you find out what would have happened if etna killed laharl. totally as good as the ps2 version with so many bonuses it's a must have game of the year!

    Graphics: 5 Stars! very cool anime graphics with a japanese flair (plus cool demons!)

    Sound: excellent voice acting and humorous dialogue 5 stars!

    Fun: A Blast! 5 Stars!

    Ease of play Vs FF Tactics: better learning curve and does not end just as you get addicted actually I could be item hunting till this time next year! 5 Stars!

    Overall: 5 stars! Simply the best tactical RPG out to date and this coming from me a huge FF Tactics fan is a Big Endorsement of how well this game was made and how much consideration for the players the creators put into this Gem. buy it now while it's retail or pay a few hundred later. I bought this and afternoon of darkness and I recommend you do the same or you might regret it later.

    Buy Hour of Darkness for PS2 Here
    Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

    Or Afternoon of Darkness for PSP Here!
    Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness

    And the Strategy Guide Might help!
    Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness - The Official Strategy Guide ***Strategy Guide Note*** this guide is intended for BOTH Games and states this fact in and on the new guide. enjoy!...more info
  • Great game
    I ordered this game for my son and it came in a timely manner and my son likes it a lot. He has really enjoyed playing this game....more info
  • Disgaea is by far THE BEST!!!
    This game (Disgaea: Hour of Darkness) is by far the greatest game I have ever played. The story line is superb, the graphics are a little odd (shaded cell type graphics) but still pretty awesome, and the overall gameplay is pretty darn good.
    Overall the fact that you create your own characters (except for story line characters), progress through the game when YOU want to, and the experience, make this the greatest game I have yet to play....more info
  • Good, but not for me
    I was excited about this game when I first realized it was very similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and Vandal Hearts. But after I had it for a short while, I discovered I wasn't really having much fun playing it. I think one of the contributing factors for this fact was the inclusion of a game mechanic called the Geo Panel system. It is very confusing. Of course, you can just ignore the Geo Panels and continue to play in the normal vein of turn-based RPG's. I do actually appreciate the game makers including something new to "shake things up" a bit. But the more I tried to learn this new game mechanic and incorporate using it into my campaign, the more I found myself becoming more and more disenchanted with the game.
    Oh sure, if I had wanted to truly invest the time in learning how to play with the Geo Panels, I would have gotten it eventually. But every time I thought I had the Geo Panel system figured out, it invariably would not work the way I thought it would - and I got very frustrated. In a nutshell, while others love the Geo Panel system, I did not.

    It is still a good, deep, and involved game. Just what you would expect from a quality Final Fantasy Tactics-like turn-based RPG.
    As far as the story goes, I think I would have preferred a more epic "rescue the princess" or "save the world" thread, instead of the intentionally half-ridiculous story that it is. But I did thouroughly enjoy the hand-drawn artwork; very high quality anime there.
    I returned my copy of Disgaea and bought a new American-made turn-based RPG called Gladius. I like it much better and am having a lot more fun playing it than I did with Disgaea.

    Disgaea is indeed a decent game, but, I myself, just don't have the wherewithal anymore to drag myself over the very steep learning curve that is required to get the very most out of this game....more info

  • Proof that graphics dont make the game
    This game is simply amazing. I was a big fan of FFT. And havent really found a game that matched the enjoyment I had until I played this game. The first reaction you'll have is "wow, the graphics suck." But give it some time and soon you'll soon fall in love with it. The game has a sort of quirky humor to it that will have you busting out laughing. Not to mention that combat and the item world are addictive as heck. You'll also be hard pressed to "complete" this game. You can easily put in 100++ hours into this game and still not be able to beat some of the secret bosses. Now thats what I call replay value. If you can find this game, pick it up immediately, trust me you wont be disappointed....more info
  • Liked Final Fantasy Tactics? You'll love Disgaea!
    Disgaea, what does it mean? Who knows but anyway Disgaea is a great game that you will instantly fall in love with as soon as you play it. The game is divided into 14 episodes and with each episode you can obtain more jobs. But heres a review for Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

    Concept- Take and arrogant prince and send him on a quest to obtain the throne of his father

    Graphics- Not impressed, but good

    Sound- Tsunami Bomb's the Invasion from Within is cool and so are the voice-overs, other than that the music's like a mixed tape.

    playability- easy to pick up

    Entertainment- a long lenthy Strategy RPG that will keep you busy for weeks

    Replay- High

    Alex-10/10...more info
  • Awesome title for strategy gamers and anime/manga fans!
    Disgaea what can I say? Well it is a great game with a variety of characters to choose and little by little raise his/her stats to achieve ultimate control. What I like is the characters design along with the original Japanese audio with the option of subtitles something very rare in today's games, but important for Japanese games' followers like me. The game's story is decent and the combination of combos and skills the characters use during a battle certainly makes you become more and more interested in exploring other areas as well. I spent hours and hours playing this game and never get tired of it. Think you have what it takes to get to the lowest level on a very rare item and defeat the boss? You are in for a big surprise. I certainly recommend this game given that it is very fun to play and the rarity of its kind due that is not longer in stores will make you feel you have a jewel in your hands and it really is....more info
  • Worth the money
    Personally, I didn't think was the best Nippon Ichi game. I liked Phantom Brave's story more, La Pucelle's character design is better, and Makai Kingdom's levelling system is better.

    That said, it's an awesome game. Out of all the Nippon Ichi games, you can play this one the longest. Your characters will be challenged way up to about level 5000 (more if you count resurrections). I finished La Pucelle at lvl 800, Phantom Brave at lvl 2000ish, and Makai Kingdom at lvl 1700ish. You can literally play this game for hundreds of hours filled with obsessive enjoyment.

    It made me laugh, and the anime parodies are awesome. Characters may be pretty lame (Gordon), but you can use all original chars if you want. The same music all the time in the Item Worlds drove me nuts for a while. Compared to the overall entertainment value, those complaints are small. You can turn the volume off and play your music, and you can skip story parts if you've already seen them. (Multiple endings.)

    If you are looking for a video game to play for an hour each day for a year. This is it! Fifty dollars might seem like a lot, but you'll be getting more playtime per penny than most ten dollar games.

    I can't give this one five stars because I've played other Nippon Ichi games where they do better in some areas. For play length though, Disgaea is the overlord. My recommendation is buy it! Buying is cheaper than renting it unless you have an insane amount of free time....more info
  • Anyone who Doesn't like this Game is Either...
    Anyone who doesn't like this game is either an idiot, senile, or dumb. Don't listen to the idiot who gave this game 3 out of 5 stars down there. The Geo Panel system is not hard to understand if you listen to the tutorials, ass! Besides, the Geo Panels are a miniscule part of this wonderful game!

    Wonderful graphics, an entertaining and often funny story, a great soundtrack, a whole schmorgasborg of side-quests, plus a brilliant fighting system make this work of art a definite platinum-class game!

    Probably the best thing about this game is the fighting system. It's basically the FF Tactics engine, but with everything fixed and then some. You get to execute individual commands without having to end your turn, you get an awesome combo system which adds an extra level of strategy that'll have you relishing your carefully planned attacks every time, you get awesome magic and special attacks for each character, and of course the Geo Panels add that little oomph that's a welcome change to this type of RPG.

    Another plus is the Master/Apprentice system where you can learn magic and special attacks from enemies you've beaten by making them your underling. You can either amass a huge-ass army of minions or power up a select few. There's so much you can do in this game it's unbelieveable. You can literally spend hundreds of hours leveling up your characters, your apprentices, and your items. But the leveling up is actually fun! I've played so many RPGs where I dreaded leveling up my characters just to fight the next boss, but in this game I WANT to level up my characters. It's so hard to stop sometimes because there's so much you can make your characters do in battle.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that you can level up any item you have by going inside it and defeating the monsters that live in it. There are a hundred levels in each item and each floor is just like a regular battle. The monsters get harder as you go further down, but the item gets stronger, too. And you can level up any item from simple health drinks to powerful weapons and armor. It's way cool.

    It really is remarkable that someone could actually make a game this fun and with so much to keep you entertained. Any Tactics fan or RPG fan or any gamer for that matter should definitely own this masterpiece....more info

  • Disgaea hour of darkness
    This game is really good for ps2 and one of good anime seris that is named that title and it has great gameplay and it has good story......more info
  • RPG Itch is the virus, Disgaea is the Cure
    I mentioned before, Atlus is known to always "wow" reviewers and gamers by their RPG's that offer incredible strategy and a beautiful story.

    Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is their latest creation, it has incredibly deep gameplay, top notch voice acting, cartoonish yet stylish graphics, a beautiful story, and over 40 hours of gameplay with multiple endings.

    The battle system is extremely sophisticated and strategic. You can control multiple characters on a huge battlefield while unleashing over 100+ special attacks and "spells" to lay waste to your enemies.

    The options of battle don't stop there either, you can also use your environment to your advantage. Because in some battlefields there are "geo panels" layed on the ground, each panel has different effects. For instance, some boost the attack power of your enemies if they are in the vecinity of the panel. But on the flipside, you can have geo panels that boost your attack power and so on. If you use the geo panels right, you can decimate a whole flock of enemies with one attack by destroying it. It sounds complicated, but once you play it, you will get used to it very quickly.

    Another battle feature is the "pick up" and "throw". They allow you to pick up enemies or allies and throw them closer to an object or person. In example, say you pick up an party member of yours, you can throw them closer to an enemy so they can attack them. Or if you pick up an enemy, you can throw them on one of their characters inflicting damage on both people.

    The story is about a Prince named Latharl. He has just awaken from a long sleep, only to find out thay his father, King Krichevskoy, has passed away. The kingdom is now in ruin since his father has died and it has been taken over by a mysterious force. Now, foul beings are causing chaos and destruction trying to gain supremacy over one another. Prince Latharl and his aid named, Etna, now have to battle to regain control over their kingdom and world.

    The graphics in this game are good, they are not what they could be, but they are not ugly. I just think they could have done better. On the other hand, the effects for spells and other animations are very good.

    The sound was superb, the voice acting was excellent, the music was great. Everything in the audio department was top notch quality.

    Atlus has certainly out done theirselves with the voice acting. Every line in the game that a character has is voice spoken, not just text. You can either have it on Japanese or you can have it in English. Both laungages were done perfectly, although I prefer the Japanese.

    All in all, this game was a great experience. I think you will definitely love it if you love a good RPG, especially if your a fan of games like Final Fantasy Tactics. I actually prefer this game over Final Fantasy Tactics.

    +Great visual effects
    +Great character designs
    +Great sound and voice acting
    +Deep gameplay that is very involving

    +Great story that drives the player to the end

    _Graphics could have been better...more info

  • oh man. say goodbye to friends.
    I judge books by their covers. Or, in this instance, Playstation 2 games by their cases. The cartoony art on the cover drew me in.

    I'm glad that I'm a sucker for cute art, because Disgaea has stolen my soul.

    The plot's wacky. Hardly, if at all, does it take itself seriously. Right down my alley.

    The art's great, like something fresh from an anime. Yes, this is a reason why I buy games.

    The gameplay, oh man. The gameplay makes me want to become a video game so that I can somehow defy logic/biology and become pregnant by this game.

    The voice acting isn't terrible.

    The music is lacking, but surely, anything, if heard for hours on end, would grate on one's nerves.

    Oh, this game will take away a lot of my boring time when I can find no friends around. It'll make me a hermit, and I am glad.

    Disgaea: Hour of Darkness was definitely the best $50 I have spent in a while.

    To elaborate on my ratings:
    FUN: I definitely think it deserves five stars as demonstrated by my review.
    EDUCATIONAL VALUE: Well, you never know when you will be in hell fighting a bunch of demons for the right to the throne, while you can somehow control the people on your side from a 3/4 perspective. In some people's lives, I guess this can be training for something.
    DURABLE: It's a CD. It has a case to protect it, but it's just as durable as any other single-sided game disc on its own. IF USED FOR ITS INTENDED PURPOSE AND TREATED WITH RESPECT AND CARE AS CDS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE, it has a nice durability! Kicking, biting, scratching, yelling at, covering in mud, and hitting with bats is not recommended for optimal durability....more info

  • One of the most addictive strategy/roleplaying games ever made.
    The graphics are nothing groundbreaking,the story is silly and the music forgetable so why should you get Disgaea?Because like Tetris it's all about the gameplay itself.Most of the fun comes from creating and leveling up new characters,fighting through stages with tricky handicaps like Ally Damage 20% and the horrible clone stages,leveling up items in the Item World and trying to get to secret areas.Unlike most strategy/roleplaying games you can actually lift and throw people to get them closer to where you want them to be.Adding to the variety are Promotion Exams(FIGHTS!)and a twisted political system.When you try to pass a bill in the Senate and it doesn't go through you actually have to fight all the senators!So much fun it took me 54 hours to complete it instead of what it should actually take,40 hours,because I kept going off into bonus areas like Prinnie Land and the Human World.Unlike normal RPGs this strategy based RPG doesn't have you walking aimlessly around in circles to level up and doesn't have annoying puzzles to solve that you have to buy a strategy guide to get through.Disgaea is pure strategy/roleplaying game bliss that you'll find yourself playing through more than once for the multiple endings....more info
  • Awesome and no more price gougers!
    This game was a mega sleeper hit for turn based strategy/RPG fans.WHile the graphics were nothing to right home about the depth to this game was unmacthed by any other in its genre.This game was in limited supply and sold out fast and price gougers here were fetching upwards of 200 dollars for a new sealed game.Unlike many gaming companies,Atlus took a big risk on behalf of its faithful and decided to rerelease this game to combat the gamers being price gouged to obtain a new copy.If they printed too many new copies they could have taken a heavy financial hit.If you have had interest in this series do get this game while its back at an affordable price.Atlus didn't have to rerelease it and could have left us stuck paying 200 dollars to gte it.I say we reward Atlus not just because of what they did but because this is one of the best turn base strategy games you can find on the marekt.While part 2 improves on game play it doesn't match the first in terms of its classic humor and cast of character.Get your copies before it sells out again and the leeches push the price back up.I wish more gaming companies would do this to crush the profiteers price gouging business....more info
  • WELL WORTH the fifty bucks
    I remember reading about this game in Gameinformer, and i hadnt even read the review; but i knew i HAD to get this game. I bought it on the first day it came out and was simply stunned. Many say the game has bad graphics, but you know, tactics games are hard to give extremely awesome super 3-D graphics. And besides, the graphics in this game are colorful, clean, and fit perfectly to the tone.
    This is the best tactics game since FFT and tactics ogre. No, wait, its BETTER!!! More classes, more levels, more secrets, and more endings! The new game plus feature is a great bonus too.
    One of the great things about this game is the plot. Its not serious and confusing, but it's hilarious and has GREAT character development. I saw the normal ending, and it was sort of sad, but i thorougly enjoyed the little bit after the credits. I'd have to say this is without a doubt the funniest game i've ever played. Its funnier than Earthbound, Leisure Suit Larry, and even Conker! You have to play it to believe it.
    If you've played a tactics game, then i dont really NEED to explain how you play it. There are many new things thought that if youre a beginner to these, i wouldnt select this one to play first. Instead, play FFT, THEN try this. It's not THAT confusing. In fact, it's really fun to figure out new tricks.(there are a bunch)
    The music and sound are great, and so is the voice acting! The game is full of spoofs, laughs, and even a (small) dash of drama! But they luckily ruin most of those moments with hilarious dialogue.
    The fifty bucks is well spent. You can level up to 9999, there are over 100 classes, TONS of items,(each with hilarious little descriptions) and there are (i think) 8 different endings! And being an Atlus game, you know it's gonna go out of print soon, so hurry up and get it!...more info
  • second to no RPG, strategy or not
    after feeling somewhat indifferent to FFT's slow gameplay and overly serious (and frankly, uninteresting) politic-based storyline, not to mention its downright broken methods of leveling which meant hours throwing rocks at your allies to get experience points, it's a massive breath of fresh air to see a game with this much spirit and style come out with everything i actually liked about FFT and none of the things i didn't. it improves on virtually every single aspect of FFT. its battles are lightning-quick, managing characters is extremely easy, the "portal" which lets you re-visit maps (random battles in a strategy RPG weren't my idea of fun in FFT's case), the use of entirely new elements such as item levels which you can modify, specialists which you can find and assign in the game to your weapon to increase its stats (this is thankfully not a matter of looking on a FAQ to find out where they are, as they are randomly put on the map and you must capture them), an extremely engaging storyline, top-notch voice acting (in dual languages!), the always tantalizing concept of infinite power (read: start from level one, get to level five thousand), a massive list of secrets including entire worlds, items, character classes, and side stories, the "Dark Assembly" political aspect of the game which revolves around your parties' tie-in with the government to gain an advantage in battle (it is possible to bribe or persuade by force the senators who can help you), the ability to capture monsters on the field and have them work for you, the extremely well executed idea of tactical team combat, the use of "geo panels" which modify the field and can be manipulated to your advantage, "transmigrating" characters, i could go on and on about the depth of this game. it's also fantastic that although it may seem intimidating during the in-game tutorial, you do not have to master every concept to get by in the game and still have fun with it. its graphics are stylish, its soundtrack not without several stand-out gorgeous tracks, its second-to-none gameplay, and an extremely high fun factor make this game an absolute classic. highly, highly recommended....more info
  • Good fun strategy action, just too demanding.....
    Disgaea is a good strategy game. The graphics are outdated, but they are still very decent. The soundtrack is good, and the gameplay is fun. The best things about the game are the voice acting and storyline which are both excellent, and the game takes pride in poking fun at the traditional genre with its own twist of humor. The only problem with the game is the immense amount of commitment required. This isn't the kind of game you can beat quickly. It requires massive amounts of leveling up which equals hours upon hours upon hours. To add to the misery, the level up system is designed so that only the character who strikes the finishing blow recieves the exp., while everyone else who helped is left out. It all equals massive frusturation. If you have no problem spending alot of time leveling up then go ahead and play this. But if you are like me, and aren't too keen upon it, just skip over disgaea and try something easier like final fantasy tactics advance or fire emblem. ...more info
  • Dood!
    I am no stranger to the games that Atlus produces. While many other companies will have hit-and-miss attempts at games I enjoy, Atlus has never disappointed. Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, is no exception.

    You play as Larharl, the demon prince of the netherworld, and next in line to become the Overlord. Joining you is Larharl's "loyal" vassal, Etna, who seems to be plotting behind her master's back, and the angel trainee assassin from Celestia, Flonne, sent to kill Laharl's father (already 2 years dead).

    In terms of graphics, I can honestly say while they could have done better, it would've ruined the overall feel of the game. Atlus employs a 2D anime style of art when dealing with the characters talking with one another, and a simple grid-based battle system. The simplicity of the setup is unheard of in most PS2 games, and that sets it apart from the rest. The music in the game has a wide range, from contemporary pop music to almost classical varieties.

    The leveling system, which allows units (and items too!) to reach up to level 9999 and then transmute back to level 1 with improved stats and start all over is an absolutely astonishing idea. It allows units to gain near god-like powers (necessary in order to fight some of the hidden bosses in the game). The units themselves range from dozens of choices of humanoid units, like typical mage and cleric units up to the rare and powerful Majin, and monster units, from the fierce Dragons to the hilarious penguin-like Prinnies who go around saying "Dood!" everywhere, all at varying levels of power. There are hundreds of units to choose from, offering many different play-styles.

    Disgaea: Hour of Darkness will never get old, especially if you enjoy powerleveling and micro-managing every little detail of your characters. Even if you don't, the game itself has multiple endings which allows for numerous playthroughs with different strategies every time. I highly recommend this game....more info
  • Not that great, actually
    I know some people love it, but I really don't.

    First off, any game with 9,999 levels has got to be some kind of joke. How can such a thing be possible without becoming a mind-numbing, repetitive grind? Answer: it cannot.

    Not that you have to get that high, but my point is, if you think that many levels is some kind of good thing, you and I have nothing in common, and you might as well stop reading right now.

    This is actually one of the very few games I've ever traded in. I just couldn't see myself ever inserting the disc again after the first few days. The gameplay is silly, the story is silly, the voice acting is ... well, it's actually decent. But I don't buy games for the voice acting alone.

    The "innovative" lift-and-throw feature is interesting the first couple of times, but once you learn how to exploit it all the time, it becomes more of a chore, like something you're being forced to do instead of something fun. Same with the ludicrous geo-color-nonsense. Yes, you CAN kill everything on the screen with it, but how is that engaging or immersive? To me, it just makes everything ridiculously simple, and it gets old fast.

    And the bit about leveling up items? Ugh. Seriously, I cannot be bothered. Not fun.

    If you like RPGs that have a good story punctuated with truly strategic battles that actually make you think, if you are looking for a challenge and accept that you might actually lose a tough battle, or if you care at all about rules that make some kind of realistic sense, do NOT buy this game.

    If, on the other hand, you like to powerlevel your dudes and easily pwn everything on the map in every fight with the same repetitive set of strategies, and if you think unsubtle sexual innuendo and jokes about bodily functions are the height of humor, this game is totally for you....more info
  • BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This game is the best I have ever seen or played. You can't get tired of it. There are so many diferent ways to play it with so many characters and items you can't get board....more info
  • Where do I start...
    This game is a great game. I found through-out the entire game no flaws. It is perfection at perfect. The story is endless...the characters are endless...the levels are endless...even charcter building where you can get to level 999 and believe me there are enemies at 999. This has to be the most creative game I've laid eyes upon. This gama is FLAWLESS. If you don't buy this one it will be a regretful decision you'll have to live with for the rest of your life. ...more info
  • A brief critical review
    I found this game good for story, not as good for game-play.

    The cut-scenes are classic, and they're the reason I kept playing. The repetitive battle format and constantly being in the same castle... not so much.

    The graphics reminded me of Final Fantasy Tactics, which would be great if the game was as fun as FFT, and wasn't on a superior system with much greater capabilities.

    Good game, but I'm not sure why it's getting 5-star reviews....more info
  • What a cool strategy RPG, dood!
    Disgaea is one of the PS2's leading cult hits for a good reason: It has some of the most impressive strategy RPG gameplay I've seen on the console. It's not quite as good as Final Fantasy: Tactics, but it definitely comes close.

    The game definitely deserves props for it's originality: Especially the lack of RPG cliches in it. There's almost no hint of FF-inspiration anywhere. The characters aren't some save the world quest, they're on a take over the world quest. There's no "universal conclusion" to the story, there are 8 different ones. Playing dirty, stealing, bribing, etc. is encouraged, and there is TON of edgy humor in the dialogue as well. Hell, the humor is one of the things that makes characters like Laharl, Flonne, Etna, Mid-Boss, and the Prinny Squad so amazingly cool. I could easily rank them alongside PS2 icons like Tidus, Snake, Dante, and Ratchet.

    The other original features that caught my eye were The Item World and the Dark Assembly. The Item World is used to level up items, but the way it works it intriguing. You fight through several levels of (often bizarre) terrain and the chosen item upgrades for each enemy you kill. And the Dark Assembly? Three words: Fun as hell. This is where you get to create new characters (The amount is absolutely huge, BTW), vote on new game options (and if you lose the vote? Take on the damn senators and if you win, the law is yours! Heh, maybe the U.S. government should take a few hints from this game ) and improve aspects like Counterattack, Movement, etc.

    Disgaea is stellar, both in visuals and sound. It uses old-school sprites and anime drawings to excellent use, and the, it is good! It contains a variety of catchy, demented, triumphant, scary, and weepingly sad tracks played out through the different levels (too bad the sound track is so hard to find)
    Can't say the same for the English voice acting though. Etna's is excellent, but Laharl's in particular gets on my nerves. Thankfully, that's why Japanese voice options are available, and as expected, they work perfectly.

    The gameplay is very high quality as well, with the large amount of moves, challenging maps, and Geo Panel options, but if you don't have a large amount of free time, don't even bother picking this up. This isn't your typical "load up a level, fight enemies, beaten in 10 hours" game. Progress comes much slower, and some maps take as much as 30-min. to beat, but the time it takes is still rewarding for those who have it.

    Despite a few flaws, Disgaea deserves to be experienced for it's humor, originality, and addictive gameplay. Don't miss it, or I'll have to throw a Prinny at you, Dood....more info
  • disgaea
    Well, it's definitely an interesting game concept: a teenage demon whose name I can't even begin to pronounce learns of his father's death (by choking on a pretzel [wait a minute... is his dad George W. Bush?]) and needs to protect his kingdom from being taken over my every other demon vying for control of the kingdom. Very interesting.

    Here's where the fun begins. There are a few interesting things that not all RPGs have. First is a new technique called GeoPlates. If you are facing an army and attack just the right GeoPlate, the entire army is destroyed. If only "LOTR: The Return of the King" had that... Next is the overall character design. "Now introducing..."-the Prinnies, penguin zombies (wow.. how original) and a plot line you can actually follow. Cool.

    Overall rating: If you like RPGs and laughing your ass off at some completely irreverent humor, you'll love this game....more info