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Sharp OZ-290HII Pen Touch Wizard Organizer with Outlook Sync
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Product Description

Sharp organizers are recognized all over the world as the source for getting organized. You'll discover it was never easier to find time once you get your hands and your life on a Sharp organizer.OZ-290 stores thousands of personal entries, Syncs with Microsoft Outlook with included CD-ROM software and PC Link cable, features 14 x 5 line display with backlight. Word Translator Mode allows for approximately 20, 000 English/Spanish translations. 3 Phone Books allow for easy look up of thousands of addresses and phone numbers. Schedule Function with Alarm allows you to keep track of all your appointments. Protective Flip Cover helps protect your display from scratches and other damage.

  • Sychronize with Mircosoft Outlook
  • Diet and Pedometer Functions
  • 14 x 5 Display with Backlight
  • Enchanced English/Spanish Transulator and spell checker

Customer Reviews:

  • The OZ-290 Is A Good Deal For What You Pay!
    When I received this item, it was in the kind of packaging that
    stores use to display items (like batteries for instance). I was POSITIVE that this COULDN'T be what I ordered. But, since I had it in hand, and my AMEX card was billed, I decided to open it. I was amazed at the quality and features it has!
    PROS: It has Schedule/To Do List, Telephone/Address book, Anniversary AND other reminders, an Expense mode for people who have to turn in Expense Reports, and more.
    CONS: I ruined 2 pairs of scissors trying to get the thing outta the package! It comes with a 9-prong PC attachment cable, AND a CD-Rom, but when I opened mine, no CD. AND they don't tell you up front your PC "MUST BE IBM OR 100% COMPATABLE" AND you have to have "MICROSOFT OUTLOOK".
    COMMENTS: This is a great little PDA, it's a quality item (the
    cover opens on 2 hinges so the cover can lay flat behind the display, cool feature.) Overall, THIS IS A GREAT ITEM AT A GREAT PRICE....more info
  • average
    I've had the organizer for a couple of months now. It's okay. Not exactly what I expected. I can't set reoccurring appointments and that was one of the features I definitely needed in order to avoid having to place each event in the calendar's database....more info
  • This purchase made me cry...for joy!
    Sharp OZ-290HII Pen Touch Wizard Organizer with Outlook Sync This purchase was so quick, easy, and inexpensive, that I EXPECTED whole-heartedly that something WOULD just have to go wrong, be wrong, or just flat out be disasterous about it. Ever heard of the saying that starts out, "If it's too good to be true..."? This order gave me that feeling so strongly that when the package was delivered(ahead of schedule, mind you) I expected that I would immediately be on the phone to "bless" a customer service representative with my very pointed opinion of the product. After toying around with my electronic gizmo (I just LOVE IT!!!), I was so impressed with the organizer while at the same time feeling rather ashamed of my cynical attitude that I had nursed along while anticipating the worst, that I was overwhelmed with joy, elation, and a prevading sense that I should have been, at the least, expecting the cup to be "half full". Tears of joy ran down my face as I realized that not everything in the world that appears to good to be true actually winds up being truly just too good to be true. Oh yeah, if you fell for the part of my review that told of tears of joy running dowm my face, I would like to also inform you that I am taking major investment capital offers for a beachfront property project I am developing on a tract of land near a corn farm in Nebraska (smile). Honestly though, the whole experience was a very good one. I highly recommend the product, the vender, and the always awesome people of Be warned, all may need to attend a meeting or two before accessing the product link above. It would be wise to have the strength to not take out a large portion of your family nest-egg to satisfy your cravings while navigating through the sites of the vender and Amazon.

    FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE PRODUCT ITSELF: I was quite surprised by the ease of navigation through the various functions of the organizer. The sensitivity of the touch screen was just right for this was not too sensitive, yet not needing a heavy hand either. The memo, calander, reminder, task, and calculator functions are just a few of the great features this baby holds. Since I live in a heavily Latino region of the US with limited proficiency in Spanish, the English to Spanish (and vice versa) translator option will be duly abused. The backlight function is nearly bright enough to serve as a flashlight. The reason I have to say "nearly" is because I do not want to be responsible for somebody opting to kill two birds with one stone when they are in need of an electronic organizer and a flashlight. You could pull the organizer to help you find a shadowed keyhole or two, just don't trust it for camping applications, okay? The organizer's ease of use and functionality make this purchase the consummate "steal" type of bargain....more info
  • hard to use
    After hours of trying everything in the manual, online and customer support I am still unbale to link this device to my computer. Without Outlook one cannot view a schedule, you can only set an alarm. Not very useful to a busy mom. I was really looking for a way to keep up my calendar. It is nice looking and I am sure if I could link it it may even be a good electronic calendar. I guess the bottom line is - you get what you pay for...I will try to unload mine at a garage sale...more info
  • More than worth the money I spent on it
    I wanted (and got) an inexpensive electronic organizer, which would give me the functions of a calendar/schedule and an address book. This unit has both as well as a calculator, English/Spanish translation dictionary, several different type alarms, a memo function, a backlight feature, a couple of basic games, a conversion mode for metric measurements and currency (when you know the exchange rate), and the ability to sync with my Windows computer using Outlook. The unit has 1MB of memory, which is plenty for storing tons of addresses and memos for 150 years into the future. (The calendar goes from 1950-2150. It goes backward for what reason??)

    1. It has a backlight.
    2. The stylus tucks away in the unit and it works precisely. (So does the end of an unclicked pen, in case you lose the stylus.)
    3. Batteries *are* included! (2 Lithium batteries, model CR2032. One for unit operation and one for backlighting.)
    4. It has an auto power off after 7 minutes to save battery life.
    5. Data isn't lost while replacing batteries as long as you do it quickly and don't pull out both at the same time.
    6. The @ and dot (.) symbols are conveniently available so you don't have to search for them when you enter an e-mail address. You can enter other symbols by toggling through a list of 32 different ones.
    7. There is a 5-line display and the letters are a good size for reading.
    8. It has a protective cover that flips neatly to the back while you're using the unit.
    9. The search feature for names & addresses is nice-- it searches by last name.
    10. Address fields you can enter are: last name, first name, company, home#, office#, fax#, mobile#, e-mail, address, city, state, ZIP, country, and note.
    11. There are 3 kinds of address books: "Unfiled" "Personal" and "Business" for organizing your contacts.
    12. The memo feature is nice for storing all those account numbers you can never remember.
    13. It has a password lock feature for privacy.
    13. The accompanying operation manual is well organized and clear to understand. (It's also in Spanish.)

    1. The screen has a glare to it unless you hold it at a certain angle.
    2. The backlight isn't very bright- more like a "glow." Use a lamp when possible. It's probably good in pitch dark.
    3. Some of the screen words like "MENU" and "EDIT" are very small-- have your reading glasses on!
    4. I doubt I'll ever use the language translator, so to me it's a waste of space. (Hey, I can read the Spanish version of the manual!)
    5. The data entry is not as intuitive as I would like it to be. (I had to read the directions.) And there is no "ESCAPE" or "CANCEL" for navigation.
    6. The "ENTER" key on my unit is up-side-down.
    7. It has a slightly annoying habit of wrapping words and phone numbers to the next line unless you insert spaces to keep a word or number together.

    The following are requirements for synchronization with your computer:
    -IBM PC or 100% compatible
    -Windows 98/98SE/2000 Prof/Me/XP
    -Pentium 300MHz or higher
    -50 MB free disk space
    -64 MB RAM for Windows 98/98SE/2000 Prof/Me
    -128 MB RAM for Windows XP
    -Available 9-pin serial port
    -CD-ROM drive
    -Microsoft Outlook 97/98/2000/2002 must be installed to use the Synchronization Software between the Organizer and your PC.

    I don't have Outlook (only Express) and haven't tried this feature. Someone else will have to report on it. (Sorry)

    Overall, I think I got more than what I paid for. This is a nice organizer and is superior to its paper counterpart address book and appointment calendar....more info

  • SHARP OZ-290 Pen Touch Wizard Organizer
    This item was packaged well with fast shipping,gave it as a gift...besides the batteries includedand dying a few minutes into setting it up,everythin else worked out fine. ...more info
  • list-making impossible
    I used to have the original model of this PDA and used it primarily to set up categories in the Memo section for shopping, etc., then made lists that I could take to the stores to use. Very handy. No little hand-written notes swimming in my bag.... This new model lacks both backspace and return functions, which are very important in keyboarding! It is impossible to make lists in the Memo function of this PDA. Overall, I found the product to be clunky and unintuitive. Anyone want mine?? :)...more info
  • don't buy
    I purchased this PDA new and with in 1 week the time was off (new batteries also) the alarm only worked part of the time, so it was useless to me being that the reason for purchasing it was to remind me of meetings and appointments. I did like the case design but trying to figure out how to make everything work is somewhat difficult and I am usually good with electronics. I can't imagine someone with a limited skill with electronics trying to make this work without using the manual constantly. I have read where there is a problem linking it to your computer but I never tried it before sending it back and buying a Palm. I thought I could save some money and get by with this one but no chance. So my recommendation would be to spend the extra money and get one that's been proven to work well....more info
  • Pretty Good for the Money
    So it isn't marvelous, glamorous, or the easiest thing ever to use or figure out. But heck, it costs $30, and it keeps track of everything you REALLY need..... I would recommend it to all....more info
  • Good but missing key ingredient
    This is a good product for keeping track of your daily appointments. The one bad thing about it is that it is not compatible with outlook 2007. I am guessing that it is compatable with other versions of outlook. The seller was reluctant to answer my questions about compatibility. They did give me a return authorization to sent it back. I did keep the product because it is a good product. The upgrade is coming out in mid 2008 according to Sharp products....more info
  • Make sure you know your needs before buying
    This product performs as expected for the money, I guess, but it has some limitations that don't fulfill my needs.

    -The screen is hard to read in any light.

    -Takes too many steps to input data.

    -There is no way to input weekly/monthly repeating items on the calendar without putting them in one by one.

    -I wanted to keep track of a shopping list but was limited to 96 characters in the memo feature.

    -I have Outlook Express and presume that it will not be compatible.

    -The cover flips open nicely but would prefer one that locks shut.

    I was hoping to use this as a phone book/calendar/note pad that I take with me everywhere but will probably be back to my old wall calendar, post-it notes, and paper phone list in a month or so. I just bought this unit yesterday and am still learning about it so with time I may find other features to overcome my misgivings.
    Wish I had done better research before I bought this and then I would have bought one that better suits my needs....more info

  • Dark
    I purchased a Sharp Wizard Organizer, & found it to be very difficult to read. The writing is very dark & even when you use the very little lighted back area, it's still almost impossible to read at night.
    Dr. Marvin Handler...more info
  • Good PDA for the money
    I checked every PDA in this price range. That was my only waste of time. I asked for this as a gift, and I'm glad I did. Hey, if you have to compare every feature on all of these items, then you probably need something better. Get an m130. If you're buying this for a young student (9-13 yrs. old) get a Phusion. As long as you need a good organizer for it's reference, get an OZ-290. It won't sing, it won't dance nor will it take a lot of info on the fly. That's what paper is for. Beyond that the OZ-290 works very well, and it's easy to use. Believe me, I'm no rocket scientist. Hooking it up to my PC was so easy I thought it might set itself up. Whoever wrote the instructions deserves a medal for it's simplicity. The only major drawback that I see is that it only works with Outlook. NOT Outlook Express. (Note to Sharp: Think simplicity: Outlook Express) Minor gripes are that the cover does feel flimsy. Don't drop it. I'm no fan of the plastic screen cover. It may be tougher than it looks, but I have this terror that it'll tear. Overall, I am happy with this and I think I will be for some time....more info
  • Love It
    Easy to use, covers all the bases. A useful product at a reasonable price! Couldn't live without it now....more info
  • Stop Consider : Very Poor Quality
    I am very sorry to say that this light attractive electronic organizer looks good but stopped working after ONLY THREE(3)DAYS!!! The unit was in the "protective" carrycase when I accidentally dropped it from a height of TWO(2)feet. I thought nothing of it until the next time I needed the unit. Half the screen was blank and could not be restored. It is very inexpensive and it appears to LIVE DOWN to the price....more info
  • Works well, more features than expected
    For [this price], this is well worth it. More features than expected, even comparable to Palm Pilots, minus handwriting recognition. The features are good and the touch screen/stylus works very well. Not too difficult to use, even w/o manual. The protective lid seems solid enough and protects well. The stylus fits in the side like Palm Pilots and is useful. There isn't to many cons for the money. Little improvements could be a second caps key that doesn't act like caps lock, changing "mobile" to "cell" so the intial is not confused to "home" (M vs C, to not confuse with H), a cancel/esc key, ability to repeat schedules + repeat alarms, and have the next/previous key as on screen as well, like the enter button.

    This are all pretty minor, compared to the benefits of the pda, so I highly recommend this for someone who doesn't need a Palm Pilot and definitely doesn't need a Pocket PC. Good price, good features!...more info

  • Don't buy - doesn't work, period
    I purchased one organizer, not expecting much due to the price, but I only need a simple calendar/phone book. For some reason, two of them were shipped to me. I was getting ready to return one right away and my husband jokingly said "maybe they shipped you two because they know it's not going to work anyway."

    I inserted the batteries and pressed the reset button, just as the instructions state in the user's guide. Nothing happened -- no power. So, then I tried to install the desktop manager on my laptop and it wouldn't install; I kept getting an error message and it would immediately exit the install.

    So, I opened up shipment number two. Again, it wouldn't power up and I could not install the desktop manager. I know it's not a problem with my laptop -- I am able to install other programs. I went out and purchased two new batteries, thinking that the store in NJ sent dead batteries to me. Again, it would not power on even with new batteries installed.

    Even if I were to get this device working, this is a really bad indication of the reliability of the product. I didn't expect much, but I at least expected power. I am definitely returning both of them and will go to an actual electronics store to purchase a real organizer....more info
  • Unable to connect via USB cable
    The OZ-290HII works as a PDA but I tried several times on 2 different computers running Win98 to get the USB connection to work. And I can use a USB keyboard, a USB optical mouse, a USB cable for my digital camera, ect.

    The software installs okay, but it never seems to find a port to use on the USB cable. So IMHO basically this PDA is worthless to anyone who wants to share data with the desktop pc. Maybe it will work on XP or Vista but I definitely can NOT get a USB connection via Win98 2nd edition.

    Next time I'll get a PDA with wireless and USB connections, just so I have a better chance of bring data into my pc....more info
  • wack
    Waste of money broke when i got it because 500 pound cousin sat on it...more info
  • Sharp's OZ-290 personal organizer
    The Sharp OZ-290 has a sleek appearance and isn't too difficult to find and use all of it's functions even without the manual but the excitement ends there.

    With a 2 X 2.5 inch screen containing 5 lines of user data and 5 lines reserved for data input and function selection, the user needs good eyes and a steady hand to make data input; especially the ten fixed symbol options at screen bottom. I suppose data input is going to be tedious on any personal organizer that doesn't have an extensive keypad.

    The OZ-290 allows backlight adjustment and has a real button to illuminate the LCD. You can set the time allowed for this lighting from 10 to 30 seconds to conserve the life of the twin nitride batteries supplied with the unit. Contrast ranges from 1-8. I only found the highest setting to be useful and still struggled to see clearly at times in directional lighting from windows.

    Things like the date format and memory testing / usage are also part of the Menu configuration as well as the PC/LINK and key tone on/off toggles.

    Getting back to screen and symbol sizes, even with my magnifier enabling me to see the symbols adequately, I still poked the wrong onscreen selection frequently or failed to hit anything at all. Of particular difficulty was the bottom line with ten narrow selections. That's when the thought of a real paper pad rather than this virtual device might be a more logical solution to memory aid. The omission of the anemic (2) games option and the redundant enter button would give a wider and easier to see and useful area for the remaining functions.

    The left 15% of the data screen is wasted in my opinion with a blank space and then a solid block to show the user that s/he is viewing entered data. This adds to word wrap that for some reason seems to put one or two characters on a line all bit itself making for a messy display. I think this is probably characteristic with these devices though. Still, I wish I had that 15% available for real data.

    There is some provision to edit the field data names but for the most part you are obligated to at least pass over some n/a fields of data input. It is a little reminiscent of a US government 1040 tax form wasting the preparer's time with generic lines of questions which do not relate.

    The software that comes on a CD and RS-232 9 pin serial port connector cable are both outdated accessories. The OZ-290/ZQ-290II Desktop Utilities software assumes the user has MS Outlook (not Outlook Express) and is all but useless without it. What you are left with is the ability to back up and restore the six individual data features, one-at-a-time! Owners may be left with the question of why not have the ability to backup / restore all of the stored data at once.

    What's worse is after the PC software is installed and self-starts when you boot your PC's operating system, you are presented with the communication port selection query again. Something that should be remembered and tested without prompting. The really annoying thing though is the box that reminds me that Outlook could not be found -- each and every time.

    At about $30 the OZ-290 isn't a big waste of money and some may even find it a reasonable investment but cheaper less known brands have similar features and interface with your PC. My advice is to either go real cheap or search for a better unit with up-to-date software and perhaps a USB connection....more info

  • Very looking unit for the money
    I purchased this unit as Xmas gift for my baby sister. She was
    really impressed about the features this unit has and she thought
    that I spent a ton ;)...more info
  • After 4 years of usage...
    I used the OZ-290H, the precursor to 290HII. Used it for four years and now the screen has gone all flaky on me-- many of the numbers and digits wont appear at all on the entry pad. So I am now going for HII. Four years of regular usage is good enough for me. So my feedback is on the earlier 290H model which I think is mostly valid for this model too. Plan to modify this feedback once I get my 290HII. PS: Got the 290 HII model and it is the same as the 290H. No difference whatsoever as far as I can see.

    I use it for:
    1. Phone #s, addresses, etc.
    2. Memo: Take short notes, like some shop names, passwords, note of books to buy, etc.

    1. Cheap, light-weight, and easy to use. Never lost the stylus.
    2. Does all the basic organizer functions that I need.
    3. Many a times I use my fingers and not the stylus and it works ok.
    4. Battery life for my usage (about twice a day) is about 2 yrs.
    5. Computer backup is great. I backup once in 6 months or so.
    6. Nicely fits into my pocket without a bulge.
    7. Has a sturdy flip top to protect the screen.
    8. 1MB or so of memory is more than enough. I ended up using about 25% after 4 years of gathering all the information + adding from 3-yrs worth from my old YO Sharp organizer. But then, I never worked in 'Sales' or customer contact.

    1. Cannot backup to my Vista computer. So I use my XP laptop for this.
    2. The memo feature limits the character entry. I find this annoying being used to their earlier YO digital diaries. Not such a big deal.
    3. Information backup is not in an easy-to-use/modify excel/word file. I get a .bak file for backup that I cannot easily open. BUT, it allows me to 'export' in .csv format each of the sections.
    4. Kind of clunky-- especially with no backspace and 'enter' (new-line) button....more info
  • good bang for the buck
    I just bought this little item and as far as I've used it, it works great. The bells and whistles work as advertised, it's easy to learn the features and I'm glad I bought it. The only negative so far is the hook up to my P.C.. It requires a 9-pin port, which I have one of, and that is currently being used by my U.P.S. unit. Since most new PC's today have a multitude of U.S.B. ports, it would make sense to make the connection thru one of these. Still, if you don't need a "Palm" then this serves its purpose nicely....more info
  • Waste of Money
    This organizer is a waste of money. I bought it for my teenage daughter. We both found it so clunky to use that it just sits in the drawer. Each entry takes 3-5 steps, reviewing data is even more ridiculous. HUGE waste of money...spend the extra bucks on a low-end PALM....more info
  • Junk
    This is junk, really. It does not cost much but it's an waste of money anyway. The battery is almost dead. The functions are very primitive and not very convenient to input. I bought it because I wanted to learn how to use this kind of thing so I spent my money only because of that. But if you want a real thing, don't buy it....more info