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Clint Eastwood Collection: Where Eagles Dare
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Tense and suspenseful world war ii adventure in which two allies must rescue a captured american general being held in a fortified german castle before the nazis get secret info on him. Studio: Turner Hm Entertainm Release Date: 03/29/2005 Starring: Clint Eastwood Mary Ure Run time: 158 minutes Rating: Pg Director: Brian G Hutton

Scorned by reviewers when it came out, this concentrated dose of commando death-dealing to legions of Nazi machine-gun fodder has acquired a cult over the years. In 1968 Clint Eastwood was just getting used to the notion that he might be a world-class movie star; Richard Burton, whose image had been shaped equally by classical theater training and his headline-making romance with Elizabeth Taylor, was eager to try on the action ethos Eastwood was already nudging toward caricature. Alistair MacLean's novel The Guns of Navarone had inspired the film that started the '60s vogue for World War II military capers, so he was prevailed on to write the screenplay (his first). The central location, an impregnable Alpine stronghold locked in ice and snow, is surpassing cool, but the plot and action are ultra-mechanical, and the switcheroo gamesmanship of just who is the undercover double (triple?) agent on the mission becomes aggressively silly. --Richard T. Jameson

Customer Reviews:

  • "It's called the Castle of the Eagles, because only an eagle can get there."
    Clint Eastwood probably mowed down more of Adolf Hitler's German soldiers in Brian G. Hutton's "Where Eagles Dare" than he did western outlaws as either Sergio Leone's Man with No Name in the "Dollars" trilogy or criminals as "Dirty Harry" in his five Warner Brothers crime movies. Bestselling British author Alistair MacLean penned the splendid screenplay that he later converted into a much tamer novel about a team of elite British M.I. 6 secret agents that parachute into Germany to rescue one of the top-ranking officers with a mother lode of knowledge about the June 6th Normandy landings. This MGM blockbuster that runs 158 minutes is probably the greatest action-adventure movie with a World War II setting ever produced. We're talking wall-to-wall gunfire with more surprises and complications than most movies ever attempt. Richard Burton and Eastwood as in top form and they get considerable help and guidance from busty Ingrid Pitt and Mary Ure as undercover female agents. "Where Eagles Dare" is also notable for its percussive orchestral soundtrack by composer Rod Goodwin, who carved a niche for himself in World War II movie soundtracks with "633 Squadron," "Force 10 from Navarone," "Operation Crossbow," and "The Battle of Britain." Some war movies take an anti-war stance, but neither Hutton nor MacLean had higher ideals on their collective minds when they made this war-as-an-adventure epic. If you are a World War II movie buff and you haven't seen "Where Eagles Dare," then you need to get yourself a copy of this memorable massacre.

    Admiral Rolland (Michael Hordern of "Royal Flash") sends a group of British commandos on a suicidal mission to rescue U.S.A.F.F. General George Carnaby, (Robert Beatty of "2001: A Space Odyssey") one of the overall coordinators of planning for the second front who is imprisoned in an impregnable mountain fortress called the Schloss Adler, a.k.a 'the Castle of the Eagles.' As it turns out, the Schloss Adler is the headquarters for the German Secret Service in Southern Bavaria. Colonel Wyatt Turner, DSO MC (Patrick Wymark of "The League of Gentlemen") informs them that the castle is named appropriately "because only an eagle can get to it." Apparently, on a night flight to Crete, Carnaby's British Mosquito was shot down by a wandering Luftwaffe Messerschmitt and the Mosquito crashed in near the town of Werfen. Major Jonathan Smith (Richard Burton of "Raid on Rommel"), Lieutenant Morris Schaffer (Clint Eastwood of "Kelly's Heroes"), Captain James Christiansen (Donald Houston of "633 Squadron"), Sergeant Harrod (Brook Williams of "The Wild Geese"), Captain Philip Thomas (William Squire of "Alexander the Great"), Sergeant Jock MacPherson (Neil McCarthy of "Zulu"), and Edward Berkeley (Peter Barkworth of "Seven Keys") are to parachute into Germany, enter the castle and snatch Carnaby.

    One of the sergeants suggests at the briefing that the R.A.F. fill a bomb-laden plane and crash it into the mountain fortress. Rolland reminds him that killing an American general might anger General Eisenhower. No sooner have our heroes bailed out than one of them, the radio operator, is found dead in the snow with a broken neck. The Gestapo raids a tavern in Werfen and arrests the rest and takes them separately for questioning. Smith and Schaffer are hauled away together, but they manage to escape after their car crashes. Smith and Schaffer then climb atop the cable car that ascends to the Schloss Adler. Simultaneous, one of their undercover agents, Mary Ure, is being escorted by a suave but sadistic Gestapo officer in the cable car to work in the castle.

    Once our heroes have gotten into the castle, Smith interrupts a meeting between high ranking German officers and General Carnaby. Smith proves beyond a doubt to SS-Standartenf¨¹hrer Kramer (Anton Diffring of "Heroes of the Telemark") and Gen. Rosemeyer (Ferdy Mayne of "The Fearless Vampire Killers") that he is a double-agent working for the Nazis as well as the British with a night-time call to another high-ranking German general.

    Eventually, when it comes time to break out of the castle, Smith relies on Schaffer who plasters the place with trip-wire explosives. Once the Nazis realize what is going on, all hell breaks loose. "Where Eagles Dare" the movie surpasses MacLean's own novel; he wrote the screenplay and he provides Richard Burton with some of the greatest lines that you'll ever hear in the World War II movie. Indeed, "Where Eagles Dare" is the best World War II thriller that Burton and Eastwood ever made, with Burton making more W.W. II thrillers than Eastwood. The rest of the cast is first-rate and composer Rod Goodwin of "633 Squadron" provides a memorable score that ramps up the action and intrigue. At 158 minutes, "Where Eagles Dare" never lets up on either action or excitement. The surprises that crop up in the narrative match the sizzling action sequences. Clearly, this is Brian Hutton's most memorable film, far better than the sprawling World War II crime-behind-enemy-lines, action comedy romp that he went on to direct "Kelly's Heroes" with Clint Eastwood after "Where Eagles Dare" wrapped. For the record, the propeller driven plane that appears during the opening credits is vintage Nazi plane. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the fighter planes that Smith and Schaffer blow up in the last major shoot out sequence.

    Hollywood has yet to equal "Where Eagles Dare."...more info

    Brian Hutton - Director
    Alistair MacLean - Author - Scriptwriter
    Richard Burton - John Smith
    Clint Eastwood - Lt. Morris Schaffer
    Mary Ure - Mary Ellison
    Michael Hordern - Vice Adm. Rolland


    'Where Eagles Dare' is about an over-the-top rescue and even more over-the-top escape. Disguised as Nazi officers, special agent Major John Smith [Richard Burton], American Ranger Lt. Schaffer [Clint Eastwood] along with six other special force types parachute behind enemy lines upon a frozen wasteland. Their mission is to find and rescue an American general, held in custody within an impenetrable Alpine fortress. Unbeknown to everyone except Major Smith, two Allied undercover agents Mary (Mary Ure) and Heidi (Ingrid Pitt) are also on hand for special support. Like other Alistair MacLean plots, this one has a vile betrayal at the center of the action, much like the 'Guns of Navarone which MacLean also wrote.


    Throughout the action packed scenario there are a number of plot twists and they lead very nicely to a very fast paced and well told story. Although this story is not really plausible, it is so well and fluidly played, in quick violent action by Eastwood, and in fiery rhetoric by Burton, that its over-the-top tone from beginning to end is completely acceptible. More than that, this is an incredibly entertaining film that really has it in the action and dialogue departments where Eastwood and Burton compliment each other as friendly opposite types, in every way. In essence, Eastwood has never caused so much explosive carnage, and rather quietly and Burton has never spoken faster or more sharply.




    Okay, so Alistair MacLean liked how 'The Guns of Navarone' turned out so well that he wrote a direct to film book which led to a very similar film that featured more action, violence, wild dialogue though somewhat less character development. Brian Hutton, who also Directed 'GUNFIGHT AT THE O.K CORRAL' treated us to the same kind of intensity in this film, but in 'Where Eagles Dared' that intensity never flagged and the pace only increased as the film trucked along. Nevertheless, this is one 150 minute long film that you'll have no trouble watching straight through and staying awake for.

    ...more info
  • High Octane Adventure
    Based on the Alistair Mclean novel (author of the GUNS OF NAVARONE), this terrific mix and action and intrigue showcases Richard Burton as an undercover operative sent with a team to rescue from a Nazi fortress and American general before he can spill the plans for D-Day. Clint Eastwood plays an American Ranger on the team and Mary Ure as Burton's love interest. When making this movie Eastwood figuring that Burton would (acting-wise) steal the show, reportedly told director Brian Hutton, "Just give ME a gun and let me do my thing." ...more info
  • Where Eagles Dare 1968
    The mission is clear . Get in, Get the general , Get Out. Commandos charged with freeing a U.S. General from an Alpine fortress should also be told to trust nothing -including the search-and rescue orders just issued . Richard Burton (1925-1984) and Clint Eastwood (1930-) go WHERE EAGLES DARE and directed by Brian G. Hutton (1935- ) in this twisty World War II thriller written by Alistair MaClean (1922-1987). Film Music Composer Ron Goodwin (1925-2003) perform one of his best scores in this movie . Burton ventures into the realm of movie Pyrotechnics with Dynamic efficiency . And Eastwood cool-fire presence heightens one searing acrion sequence after another . The Film became Eastwoods then-largest hit and studio One moneymaker of the year . High Quality digital transfer . Recommended...more info
  • Snow, engaging plot twists and plenty of bang for the buck
    Take Alistair MaClean's "Guns of Navarone" and "Ice Station Zebra" then you have the recipe for "Where Eagles Dare."
    Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton are sent on an Alpine spy/sabotage mission behind enemy lines aimed at confusing and delaying the Germans.
    It's interesting to see Eastwood take seconds to Burton's acting in this picture. Eastwood was just coming off his major success with the Italian westerns and was an international star, but wasn't an American leading man. This film marks the last time he wasn't in the star/leading man part.
    Dotted throughout the movie are wonderful actors who turn in solid performances. Accomplished thespians Patrick Wymark, Donald Houston and Derrin Nesbitt, to name a few, are faces many will recognize from UK television roles.
    An interesting point made in the film is the ordinary German soldier's sometime disdain for the fanatic Nazi SS or Gestapo trooper. This is shown through one German officer's unwillingness to comply with the local Gestapo major. It's rare to see that kind of "layer" added to the German side of a plot in an American picture. Generally, they are always just treated as bad guys to be dispatched in hails of lead or burning explosions.
    The film holds up well over time, and there's little to date it to 1969, save for the youthful faces of many of the actors. Some 36 years after its release, "Where Eagles Dare" continues to be entertaining. It certianly beats the current crop of "big gasoline driven explosion" movies that have no plot. It is heavy on action and plot, but it has a running time of 155 minutes -- plenty of time to develop plot and action....more info
  • Blink and Youll Miss It
    From start to finish you will be on the edge of your seat in this WW2 thriller as Burton and Eastwood create havoc in one of the most nail biting WW2 flicks ever made.
    The location is breath taking, the plot suprising and the action plentiful.
    If you are going to make a fictional war movie this is the way you do it - Brilliant!...more info
  • Where Eagles Dare
    Master of adventure Alistair MacLean adapts his own novel to the screen with impressive results. The film is epic in scale and length, yet there are no lulls. Colorful and tense, "Eagles" will engage you straight through to its breathtaking conclusion. A huge box-office success, this helped solidify Eastwood's position as a bankable star....more info
  • My Favorite Movie Ever
    My Dad took me to see this at a theater when I was 8 years old. Probably not the best movie for an 8 year old girl, but I loved it. My Dad was a big Clint Eastwood fan, and my Mom loved Richard Burton, how cool is that.

    Hollywood doesn't make them like this anymore, that's for sure. The location, the story, the actors make this one of the greatest "war" movies ever.

    This is one of those movies when it's on TV, you've just got to sit there and watch it til the END, again.

    I'm buying my Mom & Sister copies for Christmas. ...more info
  • Brilliant WW II movie...a classic
    "Where Eagles Dare," is a brilliant film. We have watched it so much that our cassett finally gave up the ghost. We ordered our new version on DVD and it is so sharp. The story keeps one on the edge of the seat The acting is superb...they don't make films like this one anymore.
    Such talent...breathtaking scenery and some pretty scary stunts..won't say too much as you have to see it...yourself.. WW II film....don't miss it!!!!!
    A very happy custome of Amazon. com...more info
  • Where Eagles Dare
    A great and often forgotten about WW II movie from the 60's that stars Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. The plot involves a team of Allied special ops forces attempting to infiltrate a German fortress deep in the Alps to rescue a captured American general. Where Eagles Dare is full of plot twists, tense moments and some of the best action scenes of any war movie, including an epic hand-to-hand battle on a gondola hundreds of feet above a frozen Alpine river. The movie provided much of the inspiration for the acclaimed PC game Return to Castle Wolfenstein....more info
  • excellent movie, casting and acting. On top of all, great soundtrack
    The first thing I always remembered about this good movie was its superb soundtrack.
    Listen here:
    It's not just a war movie, it is also a puzzling thriller. This movie is where great stars collided: Clint Eastwood, Richard Burton... and they have done a good job. Except for a few silly errors like the helicopter scene (which in fact didnt exist at the time) this movie has no problem IMO. I wish Hollywood made movies like this these days. There are a lot of stories out there that can be made into movies. Love it!...more info
  • Men on a mission at its best
    It would have been hard for author Alistair MacLean to top his previous WWII commando movie, The Guns of Navarone, but he does it with Where Eagles Dare, another adventure thriller with a group of commandos on a suicide mission. It's winter of 1944 when an American general's plane is shot down and he is captured by the Germans. This isn't any general though, he knows all the plans for the second front, the D-Day invasion. A team of espionage experts are dropped in to the area to rescue him. The catch? He is being held in the Schloss Adler, the castle of the eagles, high up on a German mountaintop in a town that houses the SS and a battalion of crack troops. That's the most basic storyline, but the movie is built on a huge twist that is filtered out with clues early on. The first half of the movie deals with the team moving in and preparing for the rescue, the second half is one great action sequence after another that never slows down. Throw in a memorable score by Ron Goodwin, great Austrian locations, and you can't miss with Where Eagles Dare.

    One of the better actors of his time, Richard Burton shows off his chops as an action star playing the part of Major Smith, the leader of the commando team charged with rescuing a key American general. Burton is cool, calm and collected throughout, you're never quite sure if he's really who he is or what his motives are. Clint Eastwood stars as Lt. Morris Schaffer, the lone American in the team. Eastwood and Burton are perfect together, Burton as the smooth-talking leader and Eastwood the cold-blooded assassin always ready with a one-liner. Mary Ure plays Mary Ellison, an agent working with Smith behind the scenes. Patrick Wymark and Michael Horden have small but very important parts as the commanders monitoring the rescue attempt from London. Derren Nesbitt makes a memorable appearance as a suspicious Gestapo officer while Donald Houston, Peter Barkworth, and William Squire are three members of Smith's team. German actress Ingrid Pitt plays Heidi, an undercover agent also helping Smith's efforts.

    The DVD, part of the Clint Eastwood Collection, has the movie in its widescreen presentation that isn't a great print, but it's still above average. Special features include a 12-minute featurette, "On the Set: Where Eagles Dare," a very cool, very 60s making of mini-doc, a trailer, and some cast/crew info. Definitely one of the best WWII action/adventure movies, don't miss out on Where Eagles Dare!...more info
  • where eagles dare
    this is a war time movie, set during world war two.

    actually this film is very adventurous and dangerous and quite disgusting the way they kill people in many points throughout , but at least the people being killed are nazis, and they are the enemy, and shown to be brutal killers themselves which may make it worthy.

    Music rated five stars to destroy the opposition at the start of the film.

    Film designed for the ultimate military attack on the castle.

    an experience like no other. Guaranteed to fascinate from the first scene.

    ...more info
  • Broadsword Calling Danny Boy!
    Burton, Eastwood, some beautiful frauleins, great mountain scenery, some deliciously evil Nazis, what more could you ask for in a World War II thriller? The plotline may seem far fetched, but the action and adventure make up for it. The movie could have actually been entitled "MP40" because there is more German MP40 submachine gun ammo expended in this film than any other movie in the history of Hollywood. However, this is pure escapism and a real treat to watch. The movie keeps you guessing right down to the last scene and the musical score pounds and races just like your heartbeat. Dont miss this classic war film!!...more info
  • Where Eagles Dare
    When I order this product, I could not find a "Full Screen" one for this particular movie.
    I HATE WIDE SCREEN!! Wish you would have more Full Screen DVDs/Videos....more info
  • Pure Fantasy!
    These Dirty Dozen, Super Commando flicks were popular in the late 1960s. I don't know why really. Perhaps there was a James Bond influence as well. There is so much that is un-realistic and wrong about this movie that one almost does not know where to begin. Disregarding the whole premise of the operation to begin with which is just pure fantasy, the real reason was to make a super commando flick set in the exotic Bavarian Alps. The scenry, Ron Goodwin's good music score and Richard Burton's solid performance are probably the only things that make this movie worth watching. Burton was probably half-sober in most of these scenes as the hard drinking Welshman probably couldn't take the whole thing that seriously! Eastwood looks like he is lost not being in a Western!

    The problem with this movie is that it could have been much better and more realistic. Also, that German Helicopter has just got to go! Nobody had those things except on the drawing board. Just silly. On the other hand the JU 111 aircraft that they fly in and out on is quite authetnic. This was used by the Germans for paratroopers. In fact this is the only realistic thing in the whole film!

    I think the producers of this epic wanted to mix drama with suspense in some sort of quirky a la 1960s fantasy. The women, who seem to pop out of no where for Burton, all are dolled up in 1960s hair and make-up. All they need are the mini-skirts to go with the looks! Burton and Eastwood seem to have bags load of magical explosives and a complete wardrobe of German uniforms for any occasion! Equippment wise everyone sports those famous German sub-machine guns which are fired and never seem to run out of ammo! Of course every time Burton and Eastwood, or one of their blonde vixens fire dozens of Germans fall to the winds! The Wehrmacht are just keystone cops to be slaughered so we can all feel good about killing the bad guys! Such nonesense! Perhaps I am being harder on this movie than it deserves, but to hear some say here that this is the greatest war movie ever made makes me question some viewer's maturity levels and knowledge of history. This is pure Hollywood fantasy. Silly entertainment. This is for kids or very light viewing. All of these Super Commando films are not worth the time, except to see how bad they are, and maybe see some famous actors going through the motions in them. Recommended only if you want a laugh!...more info
  • Where Eagles Dare....action and fun is found!
    WHERE EAGLES DARE (1968) Starring Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood.

    This is a very entertaining movie. The plot is complex, yet enjoyable. Action packed, but full of suprises. Excellently paced. This movie clips along very nicely.

    The story involves a mission to infiltrate a castle in the Bavarian alps where a british general who has crucial knowledge of the upcoming Invasion of Normandy is being held hostage.

    Burton is leader of a team of british commandos and spymasters, including one american army ranger, played by the always enjoyable Clint Eastwood. None of the team members have ever met each other. The team parachutes in several miles away from the castle. But something is wrong.

    Upon landing Burton discovers one of his men has been killed upon parachuting in. But upon closer examination by turns out he wasnt killed on impact...but murdered after landing. As the story progresses, more of Burtons team turns up murdered.

    His ranks thinning out, Burton is still determined to carry on with the mission. He is joined by fellow commando and lover Mary (Mary Ure) as well as another beautiful undercover agent Heidi (Ingrid Pitt) who has been sweet talking a Nazi SS agent who is assigned to the castle fortress.

    Down to 4 men, Burton feels that Eastwood is the only person that Burton can trust. But Eastwood isnt a dummy. He's been watching the goings on and isn't convinced that he can trust anybody including Burton, as the mission becomes more deadly and more full of unwanted suprises and double crosses with each passing minute.

    The final confrontation in the castle fortress is very enjoyable and pays off big time. There are plenty of suprises and heaping helpings of great action throughout. The film is also beautifully shot. Eastwood and Burton are icy cool in their execution of their mission and that plays great against the icy, snow covered back drop of the Bavarian alps. Harsh weather and even harsher people. Burton delivers some wonderfully witty jabs throughout the film. Eastwood is at his no nonsense, squinty eyed best as he struggles to figure out just what the heck is going on while also trying to just stay alive.

    Lush wintery backrounds, beautifully shot. Great musical score by Ron Goodwin. Wonderfully choreographed action sequences. Apparently the movie came about when Burton...having done several more "serious" films, wanted to do a fun action movie for his kids. He approched Producer Elliot Kastner. Kastner then approached Alistair MacLean. MacLean told Kastner that all his finished novels had already been optioned by other studios, as well as several upcoming projects. Kastner suggested that MacLean write an original story/screenplay. It's a great story with great action. While not the equal of MacLeans GUNS OF NAVARONE, its certainly a close second in terms of great story and all around great action sequences.

    I highly recommend this movie. Very enjoyable film....more info
  • Where Eagles Dare
    This is one of Eastwoods best action movies. It does credit to Alister McClain's book....more info
  • Gift for a friend
    I gave Where Eagles Dare to a friend on DVD for Christmas. He had the VHS but was happy to know it was available on a DVD! Thanks- Paul T....more info
  • A favorite of my late father, now one of mine
    Where Eagles Dare is, judging from the cover and the blurb, an average run of the mill WWII film in the spirit of Guns..., or perhaps the Dirty Dozen.

    Instead, its a WWII movie crossed with a spy caper, as the movie quickly delves into confused loyalties, double agents, and a long chase to end the film.

    While Burton and Eastwood are the stars of the movie, what impressed me, as far as the story is concerned, is not they (although they are good), but the depiction of the Germans. In most movies of this type, the Germans are faceless enemies who are there to be killed.

    In Where Eagles Dare, they are far from a monolithc block, with loyalties, disputes and conflicts of their own. We learn a little bit about the Germans before they die, and the character development becomes important during the pivotal dining room scene.

    The alpine scenery of Bavaria in winter is gorgeous and provides a great backdrop to the action. And best of all, even with repeat viewings, the movie is still entertaining and holds up even when you know the twists are coming....more info
  • A Hidden Classic
    Avoiding the obvious filler that you can find in the next few reviews, it cannot be overstated that Burtons impressive performance coupled with the deliberate understated soft-spoken confusion Eastwood brings to the script, makes for a plot twisted, edge of your seat thriller. It should also be noted that MGM having just received honors for the ground breaking special effects invented during the making of 2001: A Space Odyssey, rushed to release the only other two movies utilizing those effects, Ice Station Zebra and Where Eagles Dare. It was an overwhelming success for the former but not so for the latter despite a stellar cast and the Alps as a backdrop. The effects went largely unappreciated, the plot was too confusing, the movie too long and the whole package too much like Ice Station Zebra for anyone to warm up to. In retrospect, restored to its full glory on DVD though, it is a classic not to be missed....more info
  • Clint E.
    A good war movie with Richard Burton and a younger Clint Eastwood. For those of you who haven't seen it before the ending is good....more info
  • eastwood and burton take on the nazi war machine and win
    this is one of my favorite "behind the lines raid" movies. burton and eastwood work surprisely well together and the action never lets up. the only thing that gets in the way is the plot witch gets into to many double and triple crosses to keep up with, but i do love it anyway....more info
  • Great DVD - and there WAS a helicopter in this movie!!
    The previous reviewer might want to watch the movie more closely - the helicopter on the DVD cover was the exact same one the German Komandant flew into the castle with.

    Anyway, here we have one of my favorite war movies as a kid - ok, not as much a war movie as an espionage thriller. This Alistair McLean based movie is second only to the original GUNS OF NAVARONNE from the same author. Whereas that film had a perfect cast, story, and level of action throughout, this film loses a few points in the story and action distribution department.

    The story is not as intense as GUNS because it is focused on the one mission, whereas in GUNS you had the added conflict between the two main characters who wanted to kill each other. The issue with the action distribution is that the movie seems pretty uneven, with the first 90 minutes being largely action-less with plot progression and intrigue filling the bill. But once the escape begins, it is almost ONLY action with no story progression until the last five minutes. That means an escape sequence that literally lasts 45 minutes of screen time. It is great action, don't get me wrong, but in the end it means you squirm during the first half waiting for something to happen, then squirm during the second half waiting for that long chase to end!

    At any rate, the main star to today's audience would of course seem to be Clint Eastwood - but this is really Burton's movie. Clint has few lines, and is mostly muscle for the final escape. In fact, the female lead has more dialogue than Clint! Burton handles the role as leader admirably - and the plot portion of the movie provides plenty of suspense and plot twists that one expects from a Mclean story.

    In short, Burton, Eastwood and seven others covertly infiltrate a German castle to free a British officer whom the Nazi's have captured, and whom the OSS wants back before he can reveal Top Secret intel about an upcoming military strike the Allies are planning. Along the way, it becomes clear that there are ulterior motives to the operation, and only Burton seems to know what they are.

    The action is pretty spectacular for its day - and I can guarantee that there are more explosions in this film than in any James Bond movie of its day!! The beautiful Alpine cinematography just adds to the flare of this film.

    Be sure to get the CLINT EASTWOOD COLLECTION version of this DVD, which is Digitally remastered and looks fantastic - and also features a revamped 5.1 surround audio track which sounds wonderful on your home stereo system.

    The only quibbles I have with this film are that 1) The blood is all pink - maybe that's from the age of the film, but it is just never convincing, and 2) the Germans all speak english in this movie, even to each other. To me, it just isn't a WWII movie without the Nazi's screaming in German!

    But, aside from minor details, this is about as good as the genre gets! Don't miss it!...more info
  • clint and burton team as allied commandos behind the lines
    this one of alister maclean's behind the line thrillers and other than far to many twist at the end,this is a great war movie thriller and both clint and burton are well matched as commandos who are tring to rescue an allied general being held in a snow toped mountian castle. lots of daring do,some great stunts,and great outdoor shots. one of the best!!!...more info
  • where eagles dare
    Produce recieved was sent promptly and arrived in excellent condition.A welcome addition to my collection.

    ...more info