Kensington Expert Mouse Optical USB Trackball for PC or Mac 64325
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Product Description

Designed for PCs and Mac's, the new Expert Mouse employs Kensington's Diamond Eye optical technology for smooth, precise cursor movement. Surrounding the ball, Kensington has a brand new implementation of its award winning Scroll Ring that puts scrolling right at your fingertips. More comfortable than ever, the Expert Mouse even comes with a soft new wrist rest-right in the box! You get all of these great new features along with the same, large ball, exceptional control, and ease-of-use that has set the industry standard for more than 15 years.

  • Award-winning Scroll Ring around the trackball makes scrolling quick and easy.
  • A user says - One of the most eloquent designs of any input device on the market.
  • Largest ball of any of the mainstream, consumer devices
  • Great momentum and virtually frictionless rotation
  • Detachable wrist rest cradles your hand in comfort, Windows or Mac compatible

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfection
    Anyone that needs a track ball mouse should definitely take this one into consideration. It is easy to use, easy to customize, and carries the Kensington brand name, one you trust. I give it a thumbs up!...more info
  • Software out of Date
    Kensington states that Mouseworks software (the driver for this trackball) does not work with Intel based MacIntoshes. Elsewhere you will find critiques that say it doesn't work with Vista as well. Look at the dates on the other reviews here. One star is generous.
    ...more info
  • Watch out for out-dated reviews
    I work constantly on the computer and find that a trackball is much better and less stressful than a mouse. For my style of working, the Expert Mouse Trackball is the best I've discovered.

    A number of the reviews here relate to older versions of the "Expert Mouse" Trackball, and are not completely applicable to the current (7.0) version.

    When my Microsoft Trackball Explorer finally died I first tried a Logitech Cordless Optical TrackMan, which looks a bit like the Trackball Explorer. But my hand tended to slip back on its rounded housing and I could not adapt it very well to my style of working. So I decided to try the Expert Mouse Trackball, even though I had found an earlier version unsatisfactory. The new one is not perfect, but much better and is now my standard device.

    There are many different ways to use a trackball and it is important to know whether a review is relevant to your style. I still use the style I was taught in connection with military systems decades ago (which was based on human factors research) and has never caused me any repetitive stress problems (as mouses do). My elbow is on the arm of my chair, at trackball height, and the heel of my hand is on the rest that comes with the Expert Mouse, with my index and middle fingers moving the ball and my thumb and ring and pinkie fingers pushing buttons. I use my ring finger to move the scroll ring, switching off with my thumb sometimes when doing lots of scrolling.

    This is clearly the most ambidextrous pointing device of all -- it doesn't make any difference whether you use it right or left handed. That means that the button placement is not optimal for either hand, however. The lower (proximal) button on the pinkie (lateral) side takes more effort than the others. Thus you should assign your least-needed function to it. Fortunately, the Kinsington MouseWorks software allows complete flexibility in button assignment. It also allows a great deal of control over all of the functions of the device, so you can tune it to your working style and specific needs. Among other things, you can tell it to change its functions when operating under specific applications.

    The trackball itself is excellent, the only consumer ball I've encountered that is up to the standards of the precision trackballs on high-end military systems -- big and smooth. The scroll ring is very nice, much better than any scroll wheel. Like a scroll wheel it is slightly notchy, but it has a much more solid feel and natural motion.

    Installation is quite straightforward. Simply download the MouseWorks software from the Kensington site (the version on the CD with the ball is outdated), self-extract it to a temporary directory, install it from the temporary directory, re-start, and plug in the ball to a USB (or PS2) port. My Windows XP recognized it automatically and brought up MouseWorks so I could tailor the functions....more info
  • Does NOT work with Microsoft VISTA O/S
    I have been using Kensington trackballs going back to the early 90's. The quality and workmanship has always been outstanding. I just received the USB trackball and it does NOT and is NOT made to run on MS Vista. The web site has some song and dance that it does and shame on their management for posting that it does. The shipping box and appliction CD does not have the MS Vista compatiblity LOGO. The application program that maps the buttons and allows full functionally was written for Windows 2000/XP. When loaded it is not reconized as a Kensington Trackball and only partial use of the feature set are usable....more info
  • Excellent
    This is my third one purchased, excellent product. This is the only large trackball out there available in this price range. I've used mice, trackpads, pointers, etc. nothing works better for me. I just wish someone would come out with something similar or better......more info
  • The bomb diggity Trackball
    I used to use these many years ago when I was a Macintosh repairman. Now that I usually do servers and system administration I had not used one in a long time. I ordered this for my PC at home for gaming after I remembered the precision it supplies in gaming. I was not disappointed. I love this mouse. Smooth and precise, and no rolling around on the table, no mouse pad, etc. You move your fingers a bit, and it's off and running.
    Watch out when I'm on your Call of Duty server people. This weapon is deadly....more info
  • Expert Mouse excellent
    This Expert Mouse is the update to the Kensington Turbo Mouse. While the scroll ring takes some getting used to, it is a nice addition. If you've used it's popular predecessor, you will have no problems with the update. If not, you may find you don't use all the buttons. The wrist pad is useful as well if you have the desk space but is cumbersome in a confined area. All in all a great product for general day-to-day use but not as precise for fine detailed work. Also one of the few options for left handers in a trackball model....more info
  • A Great Mouse
    Despite the reviews of others who say "this doesn't work with Vista," that is not the case. I have two of these devices, one attached to a Windows XP desktop and the other attached to a Vista desktop. The trackball provides excellent control, and I use it to navigate easily across 3 monitors on one of my PCs. All the buttons are programmable, but the device works great right out of the box too; just plug and play. Sensitivity to certain motions can be programmed as well. As for ergonomics, this trackball comes with a wrist pad which elevates your wrist slightly, making you less prone to hand strain that comes with other such devices. I can't speak for gaming play, but for the everyday stuff that most people use a mouse/trackball for, I recommend this mouse....more info
  • Safe From Pain
    I was well on my way to having severe carpal tunnel and repetitive stress issues when I purchased my first Kensington Expert Mouse many years ago. This new version is turning out to be an excellent take on a terrific design. I am very happy that this new design will be no trouble to keep hair/dust free (which was a problem with earlier versions).

    The ability to program the four buttons to any key strokes or mouse clicks I want makes my life so much easier and pain free. I have one button set to type the Enter key for me so I have to remove my hand from the mouse less often.

    Some people may need to use it for a few hours to get used to it but once you do you will never go back to a regular mouse again. I have introduced several people to the Kensington Expert Mouse over the years and they all love it too.

    ...more info
  • Continuing a Tradition of Greatness
    Kensingtion long ago established itself as the premier supplier of flexible, high performance, ergonomic pointing devices for personal computers. The current Expert Mouse Optical Trackball raises the bar for the followers, again.

    Although I've not yet had mine long enough to be sure, I suspect that the new optical system will eliminate the need to clean dust, lint, and pet hairs out of the little wheels inside the base every few years. The MouseWorks driver retains its unassailed position as the Lexus of pointing device software. You want lots of ways to "click" with special, customizable meanings for each way? MouseWorks in combination with any pointing device will charm you. Combine MouseWorks with this four-button trackball, and you'll wonder why you ever considered any other pointing device.

    One caveat: If you install on a MacBook (and perhaps other Apple laptops), MouseWorks seems unable to distinguish the high performance trackball from an ordinary two-button mouse on the WinDoze side if you run both MacOS and WinDoze XP on your MacBook. The regular Kensingtion "read the script" tech support folks won't even understand the problem (e.g., they'll tell you to "disconnect the track pad built into your lap top as though it were an external device you can unplug.) Possibly, if you get your concern escalated often enough, you'll eventually reach a point where a person who's empowered to think can offer useful help. Since I do not use the WinDoze side of my computer very often, this minor disappointment is not a high priority for me.

    If using the trackball with full capability on both sides of a dual-OS MacBook matters to you, knock a star off this review. This product is outstanding enough to justify the extra effort to get help with proper installation on BOTH sides of your MacBook. I'll get it done some day (especially, if I ever REALLY need the WinDoze side of my MacBook)....more info
  • Easy Does It
    After years of mousing a co-worker placed an older version of this mouse on my desk. Didn't like it at first, but when I got accustomed to it I really began to like it. Then when I found this great deal on this unit here, I had to have one. I love it. My hand feels so much better! And this is a great deal $$ wise!...more info
  • Expert Mouse: Smooth Rollin' Rodent!
    This is my 3rd Kensington trackball in 20 years, and the Expert Mouse is the best of the bunch. I was surprised they improved it over my last one, but the optical technology, scroll ring and ultra smooth ball push it over the top. After reading a few reviews stating the ball was "stiff" I almost didn't buy it. However when I plugged in the little rodent I found the ball rolled easily and silky smooth. It took a few minutes of practice but it's much better than the prior mechanical Expert Mouse. Tracing complicated masks in PS are no problem!

    I use the Expert Mouse with a gel wrist rest and find the angle comfy and the ball and buttons fall naturally under my left hand fingers. The ergonomics are kickin' and I can use it all day.

    My only minor beef is the driver software. The "Mouseworks" software was version 2.0, copyright 2002! Sheesh, talk about old stock. Of course it wouldn't even install in my MacPro and is incompatible with Intel processors! Luckily I found Mouseworks 3.0, circa 2006, on Kensington's website and it worked like a charm....more info
  • Love the functional capability, but...
    Love the funcitional capability of this mouse, but the angle of the mouse puts my wrist lower than my knockles and this hand position causes irritation to my wrist. The wrist support that ships with the device cuts into my thumb and does not provide the needed support for extended use of the mouse. As a result, I am still in need of an ergonomically designed mouse that is high function and friendly to the wrist, and am currently searching for one. ...more info
  • Disappointed
    Just a reminder of what has been said here before... This product does not fully support the iMacs with Intel chips. It cannot be programmed via the included software, so you're stuck with the capabilities of the pre-programmed keys....more info
  • Kensington Expert Mouse Trackball
    My colleague suggested that I try this product based on her experience with it. She was right! Great product and I've used a lot of "mice". As usual, Amazon is an excellent vendor.
    Professional opinion....more info
  • Worth the extra money
    This mouse is worth the extra money. I use it with a 24" iMac without a problem, and it's comfortable and effective. I am not a graphic designer, so I don't have to use it for any precision work, nor for particularly long periods, but it works for me. I also bought the cheaper Logitech Marble Mouse and one of them lasted a week, the other one routinely loses control and I have to remove the mouse ball and reset it to get control of my cursor back....more info
  • Great Pruduct
    I've been using this trackball for about a month, and love it. I bought it to alleviate RSI and so far, it's working. I've tried it with WindowsXP and Ubuntu Linux 8.10 and it works very well in both. I was a little afraid that it would take a while to adapt form a mouse, but it took no time at all. In fact, after using it for a few hours, I didn't want to use another mouse ever again. The only complaint I have is that the scroll ring (which is a REALLY useful and intuitive feature) feels...well... cheap. That being said, the ring is still quite functional....more info
  • The best. Cured my wrist pain.
    I'm a programmer and switching to the Expert Mouse cured my wrist pains completely. Previously I was using regular mice which killed my wrists, then a Microsoft Trackball Optical but that just shifted all the stress to my thumb. At this point I swear by the Expert Mouse and wouldn't use anything else. The MouseWorks software does everything I need and the new scroll wheel is brilliant. I just replaced my older Expert Mouse Pro at home so I have one of these at work and at home. Can't recommend this product highly enough....more info
  • Great Product, No Vista Software
    This is a great track ball. The optical lasts forever without problems. I just bought another for my son. I hope Kensington never discontinues this product.

    The only drawback is that the Kensington Mouseworks software hasn't been developed for Vista (stuck with Vista drivers). This limits the custom programming of buttons, etc. compared to XP for example....more info
  • Safe From Pain
    I was well on my way to having severe carpal tunnel and repetitive stress issues when I purchased my first Kensington Expert Mouse many years ago. This new version is turning out to be an excellent take on a terrific design. I am very happy that this new design will be no trouble to keep hair/dust free (which was a problem with earlier versions).

    The ability to program the four buttons to any key strokes or mouse clicks I want makes my life so much easier and pain free. I have one button set to type the Enter key for me so I have to remove my hand from the mouse less often.

    Some people may need to use it for a few hours to get used to it but once you do you will never go back to a regular mouse again. I have introduced several people to the Kensington Expert Mouse over the years and they all love it too.

    ...more info
  • EM 7.0 is great
    I purchased my 1st EM 5.? in 2001 on the advise of my friend who is a tax accountant and used it until about 3 months ago when I purchsed a new computer with scroll mouse. I did not like the mouse and went looking for a new EM and I love it. It is easy to us and setup and faster than the scroll mouse with out lifting and moving. Also,I never had any problems with my EM 5.0 and the new wristpad is great.

    Jim V.H....more info
  • Works fine, just like previous models
    Just like the Kensington Trackballs sold for the last 15 years, this new model works just fine, albeit, using a new and different technology. Time will tell if it is durable as the 12 year old unit that the new unit has replaced.

    The new unit has a scrolling ring. I will need to practice to get used to using it, as one can still scroll using the old method....more info
  • Awesome!
    I love this mouse! It is very easy to use and I have no more pain in my hand like I did from using a regular mouse....more info
  • Does not play well with Leopard
    Having owned and enjoyed a prior incarnation of a Kensington trackball when running OS9 on an older computer and in spite of some reviews on the Amazon site warning of problems using a Kensington device with OSX, I eagerly anticipated the arrival of my Kensington Expert trackball only to be bitterly disappointed. Even after downloading updated software, it is still "clunky", ergonomically clumsy and much less sensitive than the plain old Apple Supermouse which came with my computer and which can also scroll laterally. The buttons do not fall easily under hand and it does not respond well to OSX type commands. My only regret is that I was so sure that this was going to be a success, I did not save the packaging so that I cannot return it to Amazon. Save your money....more info
  • Not so much...
    I had high hopes for this trackball (Kensington Expert Mouse) but alas, I was very unimpressed. Not being compatable with Vista is honestly, unacceptable. Even NewEgg is quick to inform computer folks that Vista will end XP's life - regardless, and makers of products such as this ought to get onboard. Since there are no Vista drivers available for this and Kensington says, "Oh! Base Vista drivers will work fine!" which is in itself, is at best, a partial truth, you can only use this trackball in half capacity. The top two buttons can not be macro'ed to perform other functions; or at least not from a novices standpoint. For some reason Vista reverts back to default pointer speed settings with the Expert plugged in but not any other of my mouse/trackball devices do it. At first, the device fits strangly in your hand but you get used to it. But I have to be honest, my Logitech marble mouse is much more universal and comfortable. A key point to remember is Bill wasn't and isn't a huge fan of trackballs so chances are PC users won't find Window's OS's to be very understanding of them. Therefore trackball makers need to offer some drivers/software...i.e. logitech does....hint, hint Kensington. Thier customer service was great however and responded with in 3 hours to tell me, "Nope! No drivers. Sorry about that." So recap: Not impressed at all with the device. Window's never has been trackball freindly and never will. Therefore, 'ZERO' research on Kensington's part. Save your cash and either get a Logitech (of which is what a reverted to) or try another one of Kensington's trackball products. PS. I've seen other comments out there that claim Kensington does not plan to make any Vista drivers for thier products (new/old). I don't belive this to be true because I thought I remembered seeing one of thier items have Vista drivers for it. But if this is true, expect Kensington stock or [private] business to either have a sudden change of heart, stop making trackballs all together, or fade away like a TRS80. Oh yea, and the scroll ring is actually pretty cool...except the smoothness is horrible....more info
  • Very Good Mouse
    This mouse is really worked well for me even though it is very expensive compared to other mouses in the market. I have been trying different mouses because of my wrist/finger problem. This is not a pain medication or remove pain from my wrist/fingers. The main point is when compared to other mouses, it impacts less on my wrist/fingers that makes bit comfortable while typing and clicking. As a programmer, I have to work on computer for long hours.

    It may or may not work for you but if you have spent hundreds/thousands of dollars while visiting doctors so what makes a different if you spent $66 more dollars on it. By the way, I have been using the same mouse on my regular day work, this is the second one for my optional computer. I also would like to see cost (of this mouse) around $35-40 so that more people can afford it.
    ...more info
  • This is a great for your wrist, arm when you get use to it!
    This trackball is one of the best I ever used. The smaller trackball type are not as accurate as this huge one. I always feel like I'm going to play missile command with this thing.

    I use the Trackman at work and the Orbit back then, they collect dirt easier and make it hard to maneuver and get precise when the inside of the device gets dirty. What I found, the Expert mouse doesn't collect as much dirt as the others, and if it does, it doesn't affect the smoothness of the roll. I guess because the ball is larger and doesn't rotate as much the smaller ones. Or the trackball is heavier. I dunno.

    I prefer the trackball mouse cause it makes me move less of my arm unlike the conventional mouse. I have RSI and after using any type of trackball, it makes me have no pain in my wrist or arm. I like the Expert Mouse cause it helps me maneuver my cursor where ever I want with less effort.

    I would encourage you to try it out if you have any wrist or arm problems. But first, you should really look and see if you have bad posture/ergonomic problems. Then change your bad habits and try a trackball can help you. ...more info
  • Great Mouse
    Works great on my system, makes things alot easier for me and is; in my opinion, better than the everyday run of the mill mouse. ...more info
  • Do Not Buy Kensington Mice - Kensington Refuses to Update Software
    Kensington refuses to update thier software and drivers to work with newer operating systems. The products/mice will not work with any VISTA OS, Nor will it work with any 64 bit operating system. They will tell you the software is built into the OS but it's not. The software they talk about has No 4 button support, No fine pointer speed adjustments, no cording, No snap to default, and more. Also it loads a generic driver which makes the pointer move very slow - even on fastest setting you need to turn the trackball 2.5 times to get from one side of the screen to another, usually it takes less the half a turn......more info
  • Kensington Expert Mouse Trackball Review
    The Kensington Expert Mouse Optical USB Trackball is an excellent product. It has relieved the carpal tunnel problems I experience in my right arm. Thank you....more info
  • You're not paying for durability.
    I want to and should be able to love this trackball: right size, right feel (though the scroll ring feels coarse and cheap), right usability, excellent tactility, great software.

    But the deal-breaker on this trackball is its utterly lacking durability. I am on my 4th replacement from Kensington in a year now. In all cases, clockwise scroll ring rotation and primary button clicks became erratic. Kensington dutifully sent a replacement unit every time while under warranty, but now that warranty period is over and I again have a barely-usable device. Note that I'm not a gamer, nor have I subjected this device to any other "hard" usage.

    Kensington charges too much for something that is clearly not meant to last. I am now looking to Logitech and lesser-known "ergonomic specialist" brands for my trackball needs.
    ...more info
  • Takes a while to break in. Long-term high quality
    When I first got this trackball I was really annoyed by how stiff and cheap it felt. But after using it for a while it got smoother and smoother and now feels absolutely top- top quality.

    I use it in my left hand and completely rely on it now.
    I use ControllerMate on the Mac to make is much more powerful and featureful....more info
  • not fully supported in Vista
    Thank you for contacting Kensington Technical Support.

    We regret to inform you that, our Kensington mice are compatible with vista as a normal mouse but it will not give the capability of programming the buttons.

    There will be no Kensington Mouse Work's software support on windows Vista and there is no way to program the extra buttons of the mouse or trackball in Windows Vista.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to you.

    If you need further assistance, please feel free to reply to this message or call to our technical support toll-free number (1-800-535-4242) from Monday through Friday anytime, between 7:30am and 4:30pm Pacific Time, and we will happily assist you with your problem.


    Rinki Kumari
    Kensington Technical Support...more info
  • Could have been better
    The trackball itself has good action after it breaks in a little bit. The scroll wheel has below average to poor action, with a gritty feel and awkward bumping (and correlative jumping of the scroll function) as it rotates on one side of the wheel. This may not seem like a big deal, but for an $85 device (before taxes) I would like better action. Kensington support said that this had something to do with giving sensation feedback to people with diminished fingertip sensation, presumably from repetitive muscle strain, but I am not sure that I believe them. Another issue is that, despite the drivers integrating with Vista and there being a dedicated section for specific trackball features, the specifications do not always work and, right after setting and closing the menu, the prior settings return. I may return this item for either the low-end Kensington or a Logitech. As much as I like the large size of this trackball, the irritating feedback from the scroll wheel is a significant negative against the product. For the price that Kensington charges for this product, the action ought to be smooth and the overall feel of the unit should be higher quality....more info
  • Kensington Expert Mouse Trackball
    This is the best of its kind, mainly because it has a large ball that can accomodate small movements along with software to customize the movements. For those that like this type it is great to always have the mouse control at the same place on the desk and it does not need any manuevering room....more info
  • A great place to start
    Using this trackball has decreased my wrist and elbow pain greatly. However, in setting it up and using it I discovered that I need to have my wrist and lower arm supported in order to avoid pain altogether. ...more info
  • Excellent product
    I had quite bad pain in my wrist from a "standard" mouse. It went within 48 hours of using Kensington Expert Mouse. Because of the roller ball and the wrist pad support there is no strain now on my wrist. Highly recommended....more info
  • kensington usb expert mouse optical
    I purchased this to use with a new 2009 Apple IMAC 24. The apple mouse is more than adequate however, having used kensington trackballs with my previous PC's., I prefer that style and touch. I also used trackball functions in my workplace. This product works very well and mated easily with the IMAC via USB. The scroll ring at the ball base was new to me but I have adapted easily. This is a very fine product and I highly recommend it to anyone who prefers trackball type mice or wishes to change to that method....more info
  • Kensington Expert Mouse Optical USB Trackball for Mac 64325
    Quality merchandise at a very attractive price. Item showed backordered at first, but then arrived only about 3 days past its original expected date. Communication from seller was also excellent; I received both e-mail and phone-mail messages confirming order specifics....more info
  • Feels cheap
    The product feels cheap. There is a plastic on plastic grinding noise to using the trackwheel. There is less grinding noise when using the trackball. Definitely not what I expected for a mouse of this price. I'll try using the trackball some more, but I will probably see if I can return it....more info