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Pajama Sam: Life Is Rough When You Lose Your Stuff
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Product Description

Help Sam find his comic book. You will have to listen carefully for clues from the friends you meet - the adventure changes each time you play.

  • Unique cartoon-style learning adventuresfor kids ages 5 and up
  • 27 fun and interesting locations to explore
  • Story elements change each time kids play the game
  • Adventure encourages critical thinking and creative problem-solving
  • For 1 player

Customer Reviews:

  • Don't Buy This One!
    I bought this game for my 5 year old twin granddaughters, who have loved all the Freddi Fish adventures, and who enjoy playing Pajama Sam Games to Play on Any Day. They hate the Life is Rough When You Lose Your Stuff adventure. It is very slow moving from screen to screen. It freezes the computer repeatedly. It is a major disappointment. I expected far better from the folks who have provided untold hours of fun with Freddi Fish. I know they are capable of better quality than this game provides....more info
  • A terrible follow up
    I ordered this for my five year old against the advice of other reviewers. We have all of the other Fredddi Fish, Pajama Sam, Putt Putt and Spy Fox games and my son loves them all. I felt that I should keep his collection up to date, so ordered the new PJ Sam. It's awful. Sam's mouth doesn't match the words, it takes far to long to get from location to location, and it took forever to load into the computer! My nephew, who is eight, attempted to play this with my son because he loves to play my son's games. Both got tired of it very quickly. Instead, we all played a game I had found in a store for $4.00 (Hokus Pokus Pink - a Pink Panther game) It was similar to the Humongous games and a lot of fun. I hope Atari makes some improvements and continues producing these games the way they were made before....more info
  • It's slow but...
    my son really likes it. That was my biggest complaint...the gaps between scenes. My son gets impatient too, but he still likes it. All of the other complaints to me were not a big deal It's a pretty long game though and a bit tricky but it's entertaining. Because it's so slow and long, we don't bother clicking on all of the trading cards that are found all over.
    I found Pajama Sam You Are What You Eat From Head to Feet for $7.99 but then I found a 2-disc set of that same game with this one for the same price. I'm really glad we bought that 2 disc set. It's a deal, since it's like we got this game for free. ...more info
  • Technically poor
    I, too, wish I had read the Amazon reviews before I purchased this for my son. The game is so-o-o-o slow, when Sam moves from scene to scene. The dialog is out of sync with the pictures. And the biggest drawback is that there is really only one game. The Shoe, Shirt and Socks are always in the same place and need the same things in order for Sam to retrieve them. The other games had variations to challenge our 4 year olds. I wish that I had never bought it....more info
  • It's Rough Cause I Lost My Money!
    I'm disappointed with this fourth Pajama Sam. My six year old son and I loved the first three titles of Pajama Sam. So when he wanted the "It's Rough When You Lose Your Stuff" one, I said, "sure". There were no arguements from me, the previously satisfied customer.

    He wanted me to hurry up with my shopping, so he could get home and start playing the CD. I helped him install the game, and we sat back to enjoy our favorite animated character.

    The first thing I noticed was that Sam's voice sounded different. Also, his mouth did not match with the dialogue. It looked like a Japanese karate movie that had been redubbed with English words. How could the producers have missed that?

    Secondly, the ESC keep did not work to help you zoom through the scenes on your way around the map to find the missing objects. (It does on the first three versions. Call me spoiled? But why do away with a great feature? Sam does a lot of running around). So, we waited as he walked from this path to that path...waited...waited and waited....

    Thirdly, the game lags! I thought my new computer (purchased this year, mind you) was messing up. How could it lag? This is not a multiplayer game on the internet for crying out loud. It's as if the professional people turned this product over for elementary school children to produce. It's that far down quality wise from the first three.

    I'm disappointed and disgusted. I wish I had read the earlier Amazon reviews, but I TRUSTED the quality of Humongous Entertainment and didn't dream of reading the feedback. I learned my lesson. No more buying of any software without listening to those who've already been suckered or thrilled.

    Listen--if you want to buy quality fun games for your kids, go with Pajama Sam 1-3. Leave number 4 in the store. Believe me, it's Rough When You Lose Your Money.


    PS. I did like one thing, the sock song. That's it...:(...more info

  • Pajama Sam 4
    This is a very good game! It only works if you have the right computer. I liked the other games and this one I liked as well. I liked the sponge character the best. Anyway, don't listen to the one star reviews! If you have the right computer, this is very fun. On the right computer, it only takes 5 seconds to get from one place to another. I was expecting, from the other bad reviews, that it would be longer. One thing I don't like is his new voice. Also, the game is a pretty challenging one. Also, you can't stop the episode things you saw by pressing the escape button (like you can with other Pajama Sam games). So, if you like the other Pajama Sam games here are the Good and Bad:
    Good: Fun,challenging, creative, good characters, makes you think, on right computer works great. Bad: new voice, cannot skip scenes, slow by 5 seconds, mouths move strangely, slow on wrong computer....more info
  • Excellent Game
    Pajama Sam is an excellent game to teaches kids about problem solving, in a fun and entertaining way. I read some of the other reviews about the game being slow. The graphics are very good in Pajama Sam, so you need a decent computer with a decent graphics card for this game to run smoothly. Using an AMD 950mghz, with a GeForce2 graphics card, and a full install to the hard drive this game will run fine. This game is also made to challenge kids with their thinking skills. If you need help to complete this game the Atari web site under support has a Hints, Tips, and Cheats section that is a free to access....more info
  • Extremely Disappointed
    My 4-year-old son and I both love the "old" PJ Sam games. So needless to say I was very excited to see the new software in store. I picked one up and gave to my son for Christmas and much to my dismay, it just wasn't the same. Moving from scene to scene is so slow. It seems like the new game is less sophisticated than the older ones. Very disappointing for me and my son....more info
  • What was Atari THINKING!?!
    I loved the other Pajama Sam games, so when I purchased this one, I was disappointed.
    There is only ONE path. The storyline doesn't involve Sam learning anything like the previous games.
    It seems that, after successfully expanding the Backyard Sports line, they decided to take a chance with the Junior Adventures. The thing is, so many original people from Humongous left by the time the company was sold to Atari, that they had no guidance whatsoever, except for a few copies of the other Pajama Sams. Being 'busy executives', however, they had NO time to thoroughly play through the game, and immediately assumed it had only one path.
    The result was a game that is COMPLETELY devoid of all the charm of the other Junior Adventures. The graphics were good, but the one path and other things put me off. However, I must commend them for at least attempting to mimic the greatness of Humongous Entertainment.

    Nice try, Atari. Better stick to the Backyard Sports from now on....more info
  • challenging
    The kids are having a little tougher time getting through this Pajama Sam game than others. They can not find the helps to get them through. ...more info
  • Pajama Sam: Life is Rough When you Lose Your Stuff
    Pajama Sam: Life is Rough When you Lose Your Stuff. This game, like many have said, will run "rough" You will lose your "stuff" (money and time) to buy this game. However many people have been as the Rappers say "Hatin' on Dis." For those who dont like the new age hip hop and rap, Being Inconsiderate Rude, and not Giving this Game a shot. While it does run slowly, his voice is different, and the lip sync is off, this game has a great premise. This game had great preceders. However, the company who made and produced this game Humongous, sold to Atari. Many of the workers at Humongous left before they sold to Atari. Atari had very little, if any, guidance, supervision, or overall any help. They played the old ones through, maybe once or twice. They probably wanted to get this out in time for Christmas. I have loved Pajama Sam, ever since I was young, I still did enjoy this game. The puzzles are incredibly hard though, and if your stuck, there is no helpfull hints like the previous games had. If you are a fan of Pajama Sam, and have loved him since There's No Need to Hide When it's Dark Outside, then you may want to leave this game alone if you don't want dissapointment. However if you give it a shot, and ignore the many little errors in this game, you may enjoy it. Atari may leave Pajama Sam alone after this, they may make a Patch for this game, which is a CD that you install to work out the bugs in your game, and they may make more Pajama Sam games that will improve, and be the Pajama Sam games we know and love. All we can do for now, is wait and see what Pajama Sam has in store for us next......more info
  • Simply not as good
    It is tough when your 5 year old observes that "they don't make games like they used to." Atari has slowed Pajama Sam down to the point of tedium. The gameplay is very slow and no longer features the ability to skip scenes already played through by use of the ESC key. This leads to a lot of staring at the screen waiting for something to happen or rote repetition that is no fun for anyone. Shame....more info
  • Pajama Sam: LIfe Is Rough When You Lose Your Stuff
    Every year my children and I await for the new Freddi Fish or Pajama Sam game to be released. Usually, it's a few years wait. I have to say that I am utterly disappointed in the latest release of Pajama Sam. Humongous has such a great following with their line of children's software. How did this product ever get passed the testing group? Perhaps a big company like Atari doesn't have one??? Hard to believe. (...) I hate to see this series end. I wished I had read the reviews before I bought this. It's so bad, Atari should have a recall....more info
  • If you haven't played them, PJ Sam 1-3 are better
    The other pajama sam games are lots of fun for kids, but you might as well skip this one...

    The lip-sync is so bad...It doesn't even look close. You might think you could ignore that but there's more...

    The transitions from area to area are slow (about 5 seconds, sometimes more) as well, for us it always crashes at a certain point near the end.

    The sound is kind of slow, and P.J.'s voice doesn't really sound genuine, unlike the previous games (for instance, he pronounces "book" with a diminutive k, which makes him sound very un-kidlike).

    Plus, I think the puzzles and overall feel from the previous games is far superior as well. Trust me, the old ones, if you can get your hands on them, are a lot better....more info
  • Very disappointed in this game. Not as good
    As other reviews mentioned, the game is choppy, the sound quality is terrible and it takes forever for the character to move from place to place. In addition, neither my child or I could find half the objects! For instance, we found the jar to put the fireflies in but it said that there needed to be holes in the top first. But, there is nothing that is sharp that you can find to make the holes! And, you can't get into the cave without the jar of fireflies. Very few places to visit in this game and hardly anything to do in most of the places. No hints about where to look for things or what parts are even needed! Disappointed as the other Pajama Sam games were so easy. This is a child's game? I as an adult couldn't find half the items, how is a child supposed to?
    Nancy Farkas...more info
  • Happy with Pajama Sam
    I have all of the Pajama Sam games for my grandchildren to play. I purchased this one for them but played it myself as well, and enjoyed it very much. I believe these games help children with problem solving and with perseverance....more info
  • Pajama Sam 4 (Russian Blue Witch)
    I DO NOT LIKE THIS GAME! Anyways, when we got this (From the library) I thought I would like it, but, although I never came across his mouth moving at the wrong time, him freezing in the air, things like that, I HATE IT! The carrot has become a silly poster in Sam's room, breaking the tradtion of always haveing him there. It never changes, unlike the other games. I liked the sock musical, but it's not a musical, just music. I also cried about it and yet insisted in hearing it five times, and now I'm trying to make a musical out of it (That thorws on a star)! I like the plot, but it ruins it when I remember it's all just for a silly COMIC BOOK!!!!! I like Grandma whatever but I don't like going to her place because of the mutant clothes. And I don't like how the guy who runs the buldozer lets Sam run it WITH NO SUPERVISION! (Sorry if I wrote it like, "SUPER VISION" like super heros use) I also didn't like the "Debis Removele Game", because I couldn't find any matches, so I just turned off the screen and the volume and waited, and when I turned them back on the pond was clear, even though I didn't do any thing! I hate how his voice has changed too. Signed, RBW...more info