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Restaurant Empire
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Product Description

Restaurant Empire takes you on a journey from junior chef to major player in the restaurant business! Create the restaurant chain you've always dreamed of with this fun simulation!

  • Armand is a young chef who has stumbled onto the chance of a lifetime -- take over his uncle's restaurant and try to turn it around! From there he'll see if he can take his success to other parts of the city, and start a Restaurant Empire.
  • Every aspect of the restaurant is under your control -- decorate the place to attract your clientele, then design the kitchen and dining rooms for maximum speed and efficiency
  • Acquire different recipes and experiment with them to see which are popular and profitable
  • While you're doing this, you'll get the opportunity to expand your business -- but be careful, because the massive OmniFood Corporation doesn't like competition
  • Enter cooking contests and win, to raise the prestige of your chefs and the popularity of your restaurants

Customer Reviews:

  • Restaurant Empire Cd-Rom
    I got this game for my birthday and it was really fun. It lasted hurs and I got to be a cook, but after a while, the 3D started giving me a headache. It is also sometimes hard to remember all of the keys and buttons....more info
  • A Bunch of Glitches....
    My husband gave me this game because I cater and thought I would find it fun. This game has a bunch of glitches. I've played many games in the past, Sims, etc., but this one loses saved games again and again. You can spend forty hours building your restaurant, save it, go back to it, save it again and the game acts as though it never existed. Then, the company's website is not yet up, so I can't even write them! This game is crap. Stay far, far, away!...more info
  • A good game, but....
    I really did enjoy playing this game when I had it (my disk broke when *someone* stepped on it), and I definately want to buy it again, but...
    There are only two modes of play - a single scenario and sandbox mode. You can only compete in the cooking competitions (irritating mini-games, but still...) in the scenario. In sandbox, you have infinite money, can build restaurants in all 3 cities in the game, and all the recipes are unlocked. Now, I was enjoying the scenario very much, thank you, but occasionally I want to start up the game and actually have to build up a restaurant without being a multi-millionaire and without having to go through the tutorial part of the scenario. I think maybe I've been spoiled by games like Sim City and the like, where there are many scenarios, a separate tutorial, sandbox mode, and free play where you still have to unlock things. But, as I know of no better restaurant simulator, this is the game I will be buying again. Eventually....more info
  • EXCELLENT for reality game lovers and foodies!!
    If you love SimCity and The Sims, you will LOVE this even more!! It's like all the good things of those two games rolled into one, with one added benefit: SPECIFIC goals and challenges.
    Pros: Excellent challenges, including Iron-Chef type battles, difficult management challenges, endless game-play, great graphics and easy, crash-free operation.
    Cons: Challenges are REALLY hard the further you get!!...more info
  • Pretty good
    This is a pretty good game. If your expecting another roller coaster tycoon, you'll get a surprise. This game is much different. It's more realistic than stuff like that. For instance, you are paying your employees more like a thousand bucks a month instead of 200 like in other "tycoon" games. It's good training for business management. You won't find it much fun unless you like managing a business. It also got a lot of mafia and Godfather references. You are sponsored by Don Corleone, who often refers to the *family*. One of your chefs is his nephew, Mario Corleone. He gives you an "old family restaurant" called La Cosa Nostra. Overall, this is a pretty good game. All the customers have the same weird expression, but the gameplay is very realistic....more info
  • Very Solid Game - Hours of fun and addictive gameplay
    Enlight Software did a fine job with this title. The game is very fun and rather addictive at first. It's also a game that you will be able to finish within a period of time that is acceptable to an adult that might not have all that much free time. I vasilated on purchasing the game at first, but now it ranks right up there. Enjoy....more info
  • A winner of a business sim
    Being a long ago fan of Enlight's Capitalism Plus from several years back and of Iron Chef, it didn't take much for this game to get my attention. Thankfully, it met the potential the concept and the company suggested.
    Restaurant Empire starts you out with a single restaurant and gives you the chance to create a business empire from there. Overall, it's a business sim, but you get to focus on more than the core of the business sim -- prices, costs and profits. You are in charge of laying out your restaurants, something that affects the performance of your restaurant greatly. You also need to watch your restaurant(s) and keep and eye for where problems are appearing.
    RE strikes a good balance in that at the beginning of the game there's a lot of micromanagement but that lessens as you get more to do. This works well as rarely do you have too little or too much to do.
    The story mode includes easy to follow (too easy at times)turtorials that progress slowly, making learning the game a snap.
    Restaurant Empire is another strong business sim from Enlight....more info
  • xmas gift that keeps giving!
    I got it for my sister-in-law who loves to cook for xmas. She can not stop playing..and my brother stays up till 3am playing after she finally goes to bed. They love it. You get to make all the decisions from top to bottom. From when you open to what you serve. It is totally amazing especially for the price. They are big on computer games so they know what is out there and they rate it up there!...more info
  • Very good sim -- but not perfect.
    Maybe not perfect, but I'd still buy it again.

    Here are the pros:

    * Campaign mode is not impossible to complete. With some other games like almost all the versions of SimCity, I find it almost impossible to successfully complete their demands, but with Restaurant Empire, it's much easier. In fact, it may be a little too easy. See "cons" below.

    * Graphics are great. Not stunning, but great.

    * Graphics *control* is fabulous. Best in any game I've ever played. You can rotate the game in a smooth, continuous motion. You can tilt your view from about 15 degrees above horizontal to straight overhead. You can zoom in and out effortlessly. I've never had so much control over my view in a game. Wonderful!

    * Plot is cute. You're going to be the wonderboy of the culinary world, out to save the world from the evil OmniFood corporation, known for cheating in the food contests and genetically modifying their food.


    * Campaign may be a little too easy. In the beginning of the game, it sets goals that are very challenging. Having your fledgling restaurant make $40,000 in a month, for example, is incredibly difficult with the resources you have at that point. However, once you get past step 5 or 6 (in an 18-scenario campaign), it gets much easier. In fact, I started losing on purpose to build up cash for the next step - and on one or two occasions, I won anyway, without even meaning to. A little frustrating.

    * There are a few annoying stereotypes to deal with. The mobster from Italy... well, he speaks-a in-a very annoying-a way-a, if you get my drift. But that's nothing compared to the black chef who is supposed to be from Louisiana, but speaks likes he's from South Central, "homey". And there's only one woman in the game, and she's demure and waffle-y, letting your character tell her to do whatever you want. She's only too happy to do what you tell her, but only if you promise you think she's capable. Not a huge con, but annoying enough to get me to save my game and quit every once in a while.

    * There's not as much control as some people would like. I, for one, would have liked a recipe interface where I could add ingredients to certain recipes (or even create my own), or similarly tinker. As it stands, you can only change the quality of ingredients or decide whether or not to use optional ingredients. I understand there would be a lot more programming involved if one were able to create recipes, but I'm one who likes micromanagement. I also missed the ability to tailor my training program - the only thing you can do at this point is put a specific amount of money towards training in general. You can't target specific staff members (i.e., newly hired personnel).

    * Lastly, there's only one campaign! Sure, it's long. Sure, you can change the way you play and either draw it out (and make loads of cash) or see how fast you can complete it. But in the long run, it's still the same things you have to acheive to finish, and that could get boring really fast.

    All in all, this is a very good game. Much better than my previous restaurant sim, Fast Food Tycoon 2. And here are two gameplay hints for those of you who decide to purchase it:

    1. There's a website for the game...Go there and download a patch for the game - it'll fix some of the minor problems and improve some aspects that needed tweaking. However, you have to follow this order: Install game from cd. Input cd code from back of jewel case. *Then* install the patch. Otherwise, your cd code won't work, and you'll have to start over.

    2. Close any programs you may have running in the background, such as AIM or another messenger program. I had a few problems with the game freezing up on me, and only if I had all my background programs stopped was I guaranteed a problem-free game.

    Enjoy!...more info

  • restaurant empire computer game
    I got this game as I love the tycoon games like zoo tycoon, roller coaster tycoon, etc. also diner dash and that type. It loaded quickly but even after watching the tutorial I couldnt figure out how to play it.
    I got to the first place you added stuff to the restaurant wall, and was stuck. I seen no way to figure it out, so I ended up unloading it. The graphics were okay. They werent cartoonlike they were more realistic and you could watch the restaurant from different angles and inside and outside. Supposedly you can build other restaurants but since I couldnt get past the first one, I guess I never will. Definitely would not recommend it for kids....more info
  • Restaurant Empire
    Ok, First of all When I bought this game I thought I was going to cook and Everything....But all you can do it pan the menu and resturaunt whichs takes about 30 minutes.So everytime you want to play its just the same thing. There is probully a lot more to it but I don't know how to do....more info
  • GR8
    Restaurant Empire is the best sim RPG game I have played in my life.
    This game has a pretty good graphic system but the music is borring. I would recomend it to other sim game fans. The game its self has a few down siders for example the menu that you have to have takes so much time to do if there were an AUTO-MENU button it would be great. The other down sider is that people are always complaining about how your staff is rude! I haven't been able to fix this because it's impossible to fix even if I hire the best staff & still send them to training the customers keep complaining. Overall it deserves a 4.7/5.0 on amazon but I had to round it to 5...more info
  • Completely addictive!!!
    I am a student at the Culinary Institute of America and I LOVE this game. It is a little challenging at times but lots of fun!!...more info
  • Definatly a keeper....(Go buy it!!)
    Well, what can I say about Restraunt Empire? Bored one day, I picked it up after looking at pictures from the game. The pictures were definatly stunning, and the idea was awsome, original, and just sweet. Controls are easy to manuver with nice looking windows to navagate. Once you work through the tutorials on the story line, things are great. I especially love the "cook offs". Finally an Iron Chief type deal!! Great fun!! Two modes of play, Story or Sandbox (sandbox starts you from scratch to make your own restruant) it has potential for hours and hours of enjoyment. If you like Sim games, Please, pick this up, it is WELL worth it. Are your skills good enough to cook?? :)...more info
  • Ok game i've had better
    Playing the game is at first fun and interesting. However after an hour it can get a bit boring you just watch the people eat and get served. You can see how the costumers are feeling by monitoring them. The complaints range from the server was rude and the let down was you can't do much with the servers but lower the pay or give them training that is boring you kno what would be more intresting if you could talk to the server and give the warning and stuff . Besides that the game is ok game but I've played better...more info
  • GREAT restaurant Sim!
    I LOVE all the tycoon and Sim games, I play every single one that comes out! This one is one of the most fun out there!! The graphics are not so great, but that doesn't bother me so much.

    I played quite a bit in both the sandbox mode and in the campaign mode - both are great fun. Sandbox mode is basically building up your restaurant, then buying more restaurants and building them up (and so on). During the campaign mode, you are following a storyline of an up and coming chef who wants to take over a relative's restaurant. It's a cheesy storyline, but it's fun.

    Management of the actual restaurant is fun as well. There are tons of items to choose from to decorate restaurant - my favorite is the rock n'roll themed items. One feature I liked in another tycoon game, which I wish this one had, is to have an "auto-decorate" option. What I mean is, you click on a certain theme (rock n'roll) and it will automatically decorate the restaurant for a set price. While I like decorating them, sometimes I just don't feel like it and want to get down to playing. It's a minor thing, something I just wish they had!

    The cooks and the menu options are one of the highlights of the game! There are SO many recipes to choose from! The last restaurant sim I played only had pizzas! Also, the more your cook makes a certain recipe, the better he gets at it!

    My one complaint is the way the game gives you new recipes and ingredients. I think it's really silly that the only way to get new recipes is to pay customers for them! Basically how it works is a customer comes in and offers to sell you his recipe (usually quite expensive too!). That part to me was completely unrealistic and I would have preferred a different way of getting recipes. That is also a minor complaint though, because overall I had a blast playing this game. It's well worth the price and I highly recommend it to Sim/Tycoon fans!...more info

  • Pretty good...
    This game was pretty fun in general, but not awesome. I started with the campaign mode and had a hard time playing for any real length of time because of the detail that went into each step of the campaign. It would be much better if you could "auto" decorate, but you can't, you have to place every chair and every light fixture, and you don't really know if you did a good job until after you're done. I do like the competition aspect of the game. It's fun that they brought a little Iron Chef into the game play. ...more info
  • Great Tycoon Game
    My very favorite game of all time is the original Zoo Tycoon, and I found Restaurant Tycoon to be along the same lines, really fun and challenging. The campaign mode has a very cute storyline. You eventually have to manage several restaurants at once, which is no easy task when you're training employees, entering chef competitions, and making sure your chairs are comfy for your customers. The free play mode is great for the detail-oriented Sim player who likes to build things from the ground up. A lot of fun!...more info
  • I've Played Better & I've Played Worse
    Being a huge fan of the tycoon game genre, I was thrilled when I saw a game that wasn't another theme park sim! The concept behind Restaurant Empire is somewhat original but I'm inclined to throw this one into the category of low-budget software titles just the same.

    The graphics aren't as sharp as Roller Coaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon, or The Sims but I can't say that I haven't seen worse. It was a facet of the game that I could overlook if only the rest of the game made up for it.

    When you get down to it, the game replay value just isn't there for me. While the first few scenarios were interesting, after a couple of hours, it just got pretty boring. Here I thought I would be in control of so much more than what I actually got from the game and whether or not you play with scenarios or in sandbox mode, it all looks the same after a while....more info

  • OK game (then again, I'm 12.)
    I think that this game isn't too bad. The graphics aren't too good, but that never really bugged me much. But I'm not even 13 yet, so it would make sense to say that I'm just not as interested in food as older people. My advice is to buy this if you like culinary arts....more info
  • Don't waste your time or money
    I bought this game from The graphics were good. But it got really boring really fast plus it started freezing. If you have XP it won't work that good....more info
  • I like it....
    I have really enjoyed this game. I agree with some of the other reviews that it is a little too easy but it is definitely worth playing. If you like building business kind of games this is one you'll really like.
    ...more info
  • Bad
    It looks like it was made for an older people, however older people usualy don't play these kinds of games. I think it should be designed for teens or kids because those are the people who will buy this game....more info
  • Worth Checking Out...
    Well, what can I say about Restraunt Empire? Bored one day, I picked it up after looking at pictures from the game. The pictures were definatly stunning, and the idea was awsome, original, and just sweet. Controls are easy to manuver with nice looking windows to navagate. Once you work through the tutorials on the story line, things are great. I especially love the "cook offs". Finally an Iron Chief type deal!! Great fun!! Two modes of play, Story or Sandbox (sandbox starts you from scratch to make your own restruant) it has potential for hours and hours of enjoyment. If you like Sim games, Please, pick this up, it is WELL worth it. Are your skills good enough to cook?? :)...more info
  • FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!
    ever since i first saw this game on shop shelves, i knew right away that i wanted it. trust me, this game is really fun! i mean of course, i didnt have everything i expected but i still love it. it wasnt very hard to download ( and i have a very SLOW computer) so that was good. when i got it, i was like up till midnight playing it!! i started playing it everyday and i never got tired of it.
    So here's the just of it. u can do a sanbox game or challenge mode. sandbox lets u pretty much to anything u want. u have a choice of 3 or 4 cuisenes( i forgot if it was 3 or 4), American, Italian, and French. u have a decent amount a cities to build ur resturants in. i mean, its very realistic. the costumers love and hate ur food. they ask u for the recepi (& pay u) or give u a better one for a price. u also get to choose the buildings, designs, furniture, and location. the graphics are pretty good and the sound is ok.
    in my opinion, this is one of the best tycoon games i've played and trust me, i have a HUGE COLLECTION of tycoon games so i no wat im sayin. but after a while, i stopped playing it cuz everytime i get a new tycoon-type game, i usually get bored of it after a while (but thats me). anyways, the is a MUST HAVE game. enjoy!...more info
  • Never able to install
    I was never able to install this software. I have a new computer, running WinXP. I contacted their tech support and went to their online message boards. No one was able to help me install this software. What a waste of money!!!...more info
  • In dept and clever!
    - Very well thought out game. Covers all aspects of running a restaurant, at least as much as a video game possibly could.

    - Little bit of micromanagement here and there, but it's relatively easy to pick up as long as you have common sense.

    - Again, very clever game. Definitely for people who enjoy a bit of planning and micromanagement, mostly people with strategic minds. Not for those who only enjoy mindless shoot'em up kind of game and pretty graphics. And even though I too enjoy FPS games, I really enjoyed Restaurant Empire and play it almost on daily basis.

    - If I was a video game magazine editor I would give it 4 stars out of 5. But with personal preference I give it 5 out of 5.

    Overall, one of my all time favorite games....more info
  • You wanted a challenge....
    You got a challenge. I had so much fun with this game that I almost didn't want to beat it. It was so realistic right down to the placement of the tables and lamps! If ever you wanted to know how to really run a restaurant, this game is as close as you get without running a credit check for the loan. Some really tough challenges but also super fun to create a game that really shows your personality. If you love a detail oriented game that doesn't bore you with details then this game is for you. I totally recommend it to anyone that loves to cook or pretend to cook....more info
  • Trouble with XP
    Great fun!
    That said, check out the creator's home page. It isn't actually compatible with XP.
    But I loved it! I could have spent hours a day on it but my kids made me get off the computer.
    It's easy enough for kids also....more info
  • Quite entertaining
    This is one fun game! Though it doesn't cover every aspect of owning/running a restaurant, it hits enough points to make this a detailed, entertaining, and somewhat difficult game. Very addictive. The graphics, while dated, do a fine job--though nothing spectacular. The audio isn't loaded with tons of variety, but again does the job just fine. What makes this game worth owning is that it's sort of like "reality-light." I've always wanted to own a restaurant, but know the huge financial/time pressures involved. This is much cheaper than the real thing--and very fun!...more info
  • Addicting, Staisfying, DELICIOUS!
    Restaurant Empire is a FANTASTIC Game. I wish they would make a a sequel!

    The Scenario Mode has a bunch of scenarios for you to complete as you try to put together your uncle's old business. You meet new merchants, find a little crush, and try to battle it out and beat the ultimate opponent.

    You get to design 5-6 restauratns by the end of the game themed by Seafood, American, French, Italian, and one more I don't remember. You can choose decorations and what food you want to sell there.

    Plus, you get to compete in Cooking Competitions which are probably the best part. You basically cook 1-3 different dishes depending on the specific competition's guidelines and then play fun little minigames to improve your chef's concentration, organization, etc.

    This is a GREAT game, especially for peopele who like managment or 'create-your-own' games and like the idea of being a chef or restaurant manager. The Scenario Mode is great, so if a 'story mode' type thing is what you like, it's perfect, but there's also a sandbox mode for those who just like to build away!...more info
  • Did not work on my PC
    I was so excited when i got this game b.c. i own every other tycoon game that exists. Although I have a pretty new computer with tons of space and great audio .. I did not have the required video card that is needed for this game to work :(

    I ended up installing this game in a neighbors house just to try it out. The gameplay was quick and all, but the game got quite old after a while. There are not a ton of furniture and menu choices. Also, you cannot customize your own entrees -- you have to pick from selected choices;rather than buying this game, I would recommend Fast Food Tycoon (the first version, not the second!)...more info

  • A better-than-average management simulation
    While some software companies seem to be generating cheap, poorly designed management simulations with little lasting appeal, Enlight Interactive has done a good job creating Restaurant Empire. The game has two modes: a sandbox mode for freeform play, and a campaign mode that consists of a set of scenarios with predefined goals. In both modes, the goal is to design and run a profitable restaurant or series of restaurants while satisfying the customers. Users can lay out rooms and furniture, hire staff, and design menus. While the game's graphics are not aestheitically appealing, the gameplay is fairly good. The user interface is straightforward for the most part, although it can be troublesome when moving furniture and rooms. New options become available as progress is made through the campaign, so the user is presented with stimulating new challenges and creative opportunities in every scenario. The goals for the campaign mode may be a little too easy, but only a little. The storyline for the campaign mode, however, is very entertaining; this was the first computer game I had played that featured a character with a prostate condition. The major drawbacks, aside from the blander-than-average graphics, are that the menu requires too much micromanagement and the staff cannot be managed well to imrpove efficiency, even with a patch that introduces some new options. Nonetheless, the game's positive values outweigh the game's drawbacks, making this a good game for people interested in nonviolent games and management simulations....more info
  • Game is okay
    Game is okay, received it in a timely fashion. Got bored with it pretty quickly, though, not a lot of replay value....more info