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La Revancha del Tango
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Released in Europe in 2001, La Revancha Del Tango's sexy combination of chillout programming and authentic tango music became a lounge favorite and led to massive sales. Lightning struck twice when it was released two years later in the States--the domestic debut attracted the attention of electronic music hipsters, tango freaks, and world music geeks. And rightfully so. The Gotan trio of Philippe Cohen Solal, Christoph H. M¨¹ller, and Eduardo Makaroff write the album's strongest material themselves, but their imaginative incorporation of Frank Zappa's "Chunga's Revenge," Gato Barbieri's theme from the movie Last Tango In Paris and, not surprisingly, Astor Piazzolla's "Vuelvo Al Sur" into the Gotan world shows just how broad and inclusive their tastes really are. Naysayers may complain that this album can be heard in every hip restaurant and clothing boutique from Paris to Los Angeles, but sometimes the cream does rise to the top and gain mass acceptance, as it has here. Also includes a bonus disc of four remixes. --Tad Hendrickson

The debut by this Paris based trio is a relaxed blend of tango dance rhythms and Argentinean instrumentation. The group was brought together by their passion to combine sound with image and to marry electronic and acoustic music. They built on their house, dub, and hip-hop influenced productions by adding two of Argentina's finest tango musicians, the musical result being supremely distinctive, incorporating bandonion (a form of accordion), violin, and vocals. This release includes 2000's most memorable jazz-house hit, "Triptico", which has already sold over 400,000 copies worldwide. The US version features the original ten tracks from the European release, along with a special bonus disc of the "Santa Maria" video plus four audio tracks.

The debut by this Paris based trio is a relaxed blend of tango dance rhythms & Argentinean instrumentation. The group was brought together by their passion to combine sound with image & to marry electronic & acoustic music. They built on their house, dub, & hip-hop influenced productions by adding two of Argentina's finest tango musicians, the musical result being supremely distinctive, incorporating bandonion (a form of accordion), violin, & vocals. This release includes 2000's most memorable jazz-house hit, 'Triptico'. The U.S. special edition includes a second disc with five bonus tracks, 'Triptico' (Peter Kruder Mix), 'Santa Maria' (Tom Middleton's Cosmos Mix), 'El Capitalismo Foraneo' (Antipop Consortium Mix), & 'Santa Maria' (Pepe Braddock Mix & Video). Digipak. XL. 2003.

Customer Reviews:

  • Not what I expected
    After listening to the previous album "Lunatico," I thought this album would have the same talented composure. A bit of a dissapointment. ...more info
  • An Argentinan Review from an Argentinian Boy
    Im not used to listen Tango, even that Im from Argentina. You may think that Im an Alien, having one of the most beatiful music in my own country I dont listen to it. Well there is a one good reason for it; listen to much Tango makes me bored. But with this Album I Kinda like it the sound of the Tango. From the beginning till the end its an lovely mix with tango an electric music, even if you are not used to it, you will love it. I say YOU MUST HAVE THIS CD!
    Now I want to listen more Tango, the real one, this album kinda make u feel that you are a modern tango, so. LISTEN TO IT!!

    any big mistake with the orthography, make your pardon! :) forgive.. Im only a human....more info

  • Great!
    This is a great CD- I highly recommend it... if you love Latin music and especially the tango, then this CD is a must have!...more info
  • A new approach to tango
    I traveld to Argentina a month ago. One day before my arrival to Lima I entered a music store to get some tango albums. And I exit the store with three new CDs for my collection. This album was a arecommendation of the guy in the store. What a recommendation!

    La revancha del tango consist basically in a mix of tango and milongas with electronic music. The first track is good enough to give you an idea of what is coming. You know, it can fit perfectly in any collection, doesn't matter if you like jazz or metal. Maybe the tango purist will find this album depectable but I think you must try to be "open" and listen it without the inevtable question on mind: Is this tango or not?

    The tracks I like the most: "Queremos paz", "La del ruso", and "Una musica brutal" ...more info
  • Caf¨¦, Factura y Gotan
    Memorable. Desde el momento en que se abre el disco y hasta el final -un tanto gaucho-, sabes que el sonido (instant¨¢neamente cl¨¢sico) de Gotan Project no lo olvidar¨¢s. Bases r¨ªtmicas sobrias acompa?an al bandone¨®n, cuerdas y piano en un viaje por las cashesitas de BsAs y Par¨ªs. Samples muy bien escogidos, adornan tracks, sin perder el norte de la m¨²sica. Es mucho m¨¢s m¨²sica que "el festival de los efectos", como lamentablemente sucede con frecuencia en la m¨²sica electr¨®nica.

    "Queremos Paz", "M¨²sica Brutal", "Tr¨ªptico" y una notable versi¨®n del "Ultimo Tango en Paris" de Gato Barbieri, hacen de La Revancha del Tango un disco para viajar, incluso si no quieres moverte del lugar en donde est¨¢s.

    Aguante, Astor Piazzola :)...more info

  • Great!
    The best album I heard in 2001, great to dance (although difficult) and great to listen to. The fact that a huge number of commercials used samples from this album says it all. Catchy mellodies and a lounge atmosphere suitable for all time of the day. Not only for tango lovers, in fact it will appeal even to those that "detest" tango!! A must have!...more info
  • Sonia Was Right
    Sonia E. Garcia wrote an accurate review below. These guys are fluff, pretenders-to-the-throne. Instead, check out "I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)" on Grace Jones's "Nightclubbing" album. It predates this album by over twenty years and runs circles around this half-hearted stuff. Grace Jones singing Piazzolla!! Wonderful! Or check out Piazzollas own albums. The real deal.

    These guys? Not so good. No fire, no soul, no breathng, no nothing....more info
  • Order
    I had placed an order for this cd and it arrived quickily and in perfect condition. Thanks....more info
  • Sleek tango-ish Trip hop style
    This is a hard one to explain, I fell in love with this album right away, it's culture behind it, the classic tango sound, blended with a electronica/trip hop-ish style kicked into classic rhythmic move your hips flow.

    I personally love this album and know that if you have a taste for tango, or even trip hop/electronica, this will probably please the hard to please.

    just good music.
    =S=...more info
  • Profiting under the name of Tango
    Gotan Project is electronic music based on a variety of influences, this is not Argentine Tango; do not allow to be fooled by the uneducated like Lung Yam in the essence of Argentine Tango. The two remaining greats of argentine tango Mariano Mores and Horacio Salgan still alive today both semi-retired are the last two great exponents of what tango represents, as an art form. After the passing of the great Astor Piazzolla it has been no indication that a new generation of Argentinean tango composers will carry on with the legacy of the fathers of what is considered the classical music of the twenty century known as the Argentine Tango.
    There are few groups today that claim to be Tango Groups among them "Gotan Project and Bajofondo Tango Club led by Gustavo Santaolalla" they intend to profit under the denomination of Tango by doing so they mislead the consumer with false claims, this groups are just Pop Bands.
    Gotan Project and Bajofondo Tango Club had at least made that courageous attempt to profit under the name of Tango....more info
  • Great album for listening to or as background music.
    This album has been enjoyed by people in their twenties through middle age with different musical tastes. Definitely a great purchase!...more info
  • Rebirth of the Tango
    After listening to this album today, I heard Astor Piazzolla&Narcotango on the radio. Astor would be proud--Gotan Project deftly mixes French savoir faire with the sensuality of the Argentine tango.One can easily imagine this music being played in a club on the Champs Elysees, or in a Buenos Aires cafe.It's stylish,sexy,and most importantly,FUN.

    I first heard Gotan Project's "Santa Maria" on Putumayo's compilation "World Lounge"&enjoyed it, wondering how I could find more of their music.(I later found this particular track was in the awful J.Lo/Richard Gere "Shall We Dance?")

    The standouts on this album is the opening "Queremos Paz" (I want peace),the tango version of Frank Zappa's "Chunga's Revenge",as well as the covers of the "Last Tango in Paris" theme and Astor Piazolla's "Vuelvo Al Sur." The Frank Zappa cover is amazing--considering it has been transformed into something very Latin. Hard to imagine it came from the mind of Zappa&the Mothers of Invention!The "Last Tango in Paris" theme is turned into chill-out music,not all evoking the controversial movie."El Capitalismo Foraneo" is a marvelous instrumental.

    "Revancha del Tango" is perfect if you're looking for European lounge music--with a difference! As the French DJs behind this would say "Vive la difference!"...more info
  • Unique idea, light execution
    2 1/2 stars

    Fun, accessible electronic hybrid of tango and techno yields less then it's promise. This music can serve as some interesting background to any pseudo-cultured affair one would want to hold, although when brought under a microscope the tunes here sadly coast through like clockwork. Pity, seeing the huge promise this unique sound the band has crafted hardly begin to express it's inner logic, let us hope for some further articulated sound on future releases....more info
  • Todo Bien!
    Gotan Project's come back is definitely having its strong sweet revenge. The album is a collaboration of sexy tango modern classic beats. I love it and I know you would too!...more info
  • Very Good
    I was looking for the music track of Shall we Dance with Jenifer Lopes and Richard Gere, and I found out this Gotan Projec. Excellent.
    See also LUNATICO, It's worth while!...more info
  • Buenisimo!
    What a wonderful surprise! I love this CD. I listen to it over and over and never get tired. It's not just great argentinian music, it's great music....more info
  • Delicious blend of electro + latin american tango
    This delicious debut courtesy of the french band (perhaps known for their leftfield jazz-dance hit "triptico") combines accordion-based flourishes with shades of cool urban parisian jazz and deep bass driven downbeat rhythms that seem inspired by latin american tango sounds.

    The resulting album is an intoxicating, inspired and thoroughly unique masterpiece, mixing contemporary european dance-culture with a romantic gypsy-like whimsical nostalgia. Some numbers like "Una Musica Brutal" are incredibly upbeat yet truly rustic. Very original compilation, and without hesitation 5-star material!...more info

  • great blend of old and new
    this ablum was fantastic i bought it for my wife who is from argintina because i heard it had nice tango songs on it. its a wonderful mix of old tango and and electronica. i recomend it for everyone....more info