Kingston Technology KVR266X64C25/1G ValueRAM 1GB 266MHz DDR PC2100-DIMM CL2.5 Memory
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Product Description

Kingston is the world's largest independent memory manufacturer. In today's performance-driven environment, memory upgrades provide an easy, economical alternative to increase system performance. Every memory product Kingston offers is designed to help you get maximum performance at the best price to you.This memory is designed for ASUS A7V266 (KT266DDR), A7V333, CUV266-DLS-DDR; Gigabyte GA-7DXDDR, GA-7VRX/GA-7VRXP, GA-8IRXP, GA-8SRX; Intel D845EBG2, D845EPT2, D845GBV, D845GLAD, D845GRG; Iwill XP333-R; MSI 845 Ultra-AR/ARU (MS-6398), 845 Ultra-C (MS-6566), 845 Ultra-C (MS-6566E); Intel Brookdale Chipset MS-6526GL/MS-6526G; K7N420 Pro (MS-6373), KT3 Ultra (MS-6380E), MS-6507L, MS-6533GL; Supermicro P4SGA P4SGL.

  • Storage Capacity - 1GB
  • Supply Voltage - 2.5V
  • Bus Clock Rate - 266MHz
  • Pieces/Unit - 1.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great performance improvement over a small price
    I needed to double up the memory in my Fedora box. I chose this product mostly on the price. There was some others a little cheaper but the Kingston name (not obvious) behind this product offered some comfort for a few dollars more. Installation was a breeze: openned the box, plugged them in, closed the box, turned on the power. The performance has been much better, and so far, no problem. ...more info
  • Ddr Pc2100
    Device came on time as usual took it out of package opened my PC inserted memory reconnected my PC and done my PC it's running faster for just a little investment

    ...more info
  • Plug and Play
    Worked great, plugged it in and it worked. Easy to install, nothing to it. Would highly recommend have had no problems at all. ...more info
  • great for my old P4 PC
    I bought this to enhance an old P4 1.7Ghz intel system. I worked with this system using 512 Mb RAM, also with 1 Gb and now with 2Gb. At this point, this machine works real smooth on winxp and huge graphic design applications, on two monitors. Of course it's not really fast inside the programs, but you can work with several applications at the same time. Great for keep using old but still powerfull processors like P4.
    ...more info
  • Can't go wrong with Kingston
    Sure there are cheaper options out there, but Kingston has NEVER let me down. I (and my company) have installed literally thousands of Kingston memory upgrades with only a couple of failures. Kingston's great no hassle warranty sent replacements in a few days. Keep in mind my experienced failure rate is about one in 5,000!

    Regarding this Kingston PC2100 1GB DIMM: I popped the cover off of an eight-year-old server, pulled out the old RAM, popped in the new RAM, and turned the power on.

    As expected, it now has 2GB RAM (I bought two sticks.) And the machine has been running for several weeks without issue--and I don't expect any.

    I may sound like a Kingston sales rep, but I have been using their memory for over a decade.
    ...more info
  • Good deal.
    Great price, easy install, works smooth. Installed into an AMD Athlon 64 3800+, 2.4 Ghz computer. ...more info
  • Installation was a breeze! Works great!
    Title pretty much says it all. I selected this model of RAM because it was the cheapest I could find. I've been using it for 6 mos now and have had no issues with it at all. Installation could not have been easier. I would certainly buy again if I needed RAM....more info