Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd
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Street Release Date: 11/06/2001

Echoes is a double-CD collection of some of Pink Floyd's best songs. It's also a fascinating document of the band's history. They began life as Syd Barrett's phantasmagoric plaything before clasping the wings of Icarus and ascending toward the sun on an epic space-rock odyssey, eventually turning left once they reached the dark side of the moon and burning up on reentry, crash-landing on every earthlings' home hi-fi. And it's all here--30 years of the Floyd's awesome back catalog trimmed down to two handsome CDs. It's worth remembering that, despite a fondness for pyrotechnics, Pink Floyd were never a prog-rock band. Sure, some of their songs are a bit long, and they never released singles (at least not for 11 years), but the same could be said for Led Zeppelin. Clinically devoid of the faux-classical overtures and vainglorious musicianship of that era, Pink Floyd were a pole apart; Meddle's epic maritime tone poem "Echoes" remains the Floyd's apogee. But here, on this collection, "the albatross" which "hangs motionless upon the air" has had its wings clipped--seven full minutes are missing, but you'd never be able to tell. The sonar bleeps, the screeching seagulls, the howling winds are all retained, and whoever wielded the editorial axe, Eugene, did so carefully.

Interestingly, the album's nonchronological track listing works--the summery, childhood enchantment of "See Emily Play" is right next to the school discipline of "Happiest Days of Our Lives"--and at least this way no one will switch off when material from A Momentary Lapse of Reason comes around. Despite the curious omission of "Atom Heart Mother," this really is the very best of the Floyd--from the throbbing "One of These Days" to the pop operatic "Great Gig in the Sky" to the genius silvery fluidity of Dave Gilmour's guitar work. This is timeless, as many members of Sigur Rs, Radiohead, and the Beta Band will attest. --Kevin Maidment

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice Pink Floyd Compilation but...
    When I saw this release "Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd" actually had "Echoes" on it, I realized it was time to retire my worn-out LP of "Meddle" so I could have a digital version to play on my iPod. Unfortunately the title track has been severely edited during both the opening of the song and again near the end by roughly seven minutes! What an absolute sham to title a CD with an epic Pink Floyd song and then hack that song down by 30%. I'm not a big classical music fan but I would be very surprised if any Best of Beethoven or Mozart CD's had any edited versions of their symphonies. If any of the songs on this compilation should have been kept intact, it should have been the title track.

    Fortunately, there is a very nice rendition of "Echoes" on the David Gilmour DVD "Live at the Albert Hall" (also available at
    David Gilmour: Remember That Night - Live At The Royal Albert Hall...more info
  • Old...
    Ew, Pink Floyd is so old and creepy. I honestly can't listen to anything made before 1981 because the sounds simply offend me. What kind of sick, weird, old people find this music entertaining? I guess you would have to be stoned to enjoy it....more info
  • If you only could have ONE Pink Floyd Disc, this is the one.
    Most would think that would be DSOTM. It's a close call. But, since this set has most of the best cuts from DSOTM, and the best cuts from every other release, this would be my choice.

    Disc 2 of this set has been my bedtime CD for over a year now.

    Only two comments. I could do without "Bike". That song just creeps me out, especially the freaky noise at the very end.

    Secondly, I'm disappointed that they cut Gilmours Blues solo in SOYCD.

    I still give it 5 stars though.

    EDIT: BTW... If you are a guitar player, there is what is probably one of the best TAB books ever produced for this album. It covers every song, exactly, and has every Gilmour solo.

    Unfortunately, it is out of print so you will have to go with a listed used copy.

    I'd get it while you can....more info
  • About the best compilation they could do
    Contrary to previous reviews (and the latest ridiculous error-filled Rolling Stone Album Guide), this disc does NOT contain the full version of the song "Echoes", though they made a respectable edit. This disc also doesn't include "Brain Damage/Eclipse" which still gets a lot of airplay (and is on Dark Side Of The Moon). It does include for the first time on CD, a version of "When The Tigers Broke Free", though it's not the same version as in the film (which used two parts and are combined here), nor is it the superior version released as a single in the '80s. (Apparently this same version as on "Echoes" has now been added to remastered CD of The Final Cut, though I don't have the remaster.)

    Of course, since Pink Floyd are a progressive rock band (as most people will agree, despite another previous reviewer who is using a very limited definition), you should really get the full albums rather than a compilation. But this is about the best they could do in trimming down Floyd's career to two discs....more info
  • A Great Summary Of The Band's History But The Songs Could've Been Arranged A Little Better And A Few Could've Been Omitted
    For starters, this 2-disc greatest-hits compilation does justice by summarizing the best from Pink Floyd's long recording career. However, the way the songs are listed could've been thought out more meticulously and arranged differently. And there are a few songs that could've been omitted such as The Fletcher Memorial Home and When The Tigers Broke Free since these tunes focus more on Roger Waters's songwriting genius rather than the collaborative effort of the whole band. These could've been replaced with fine tunes such as Welcome To The Machine and Have A Cigar. Its a good thing they included the song Echoes, the namesake of this greatest-hits package, since that tune exemplifies the band at the peak of its creative ability. All in all, not a really bad track list only it could've been better arranged and some songs could've been left out. ...more info
  • A good intro for would-be-fans
    While Echoes or any kind of compilation would never represent Pink Floyd the way they should be reprsented, this compilation is a good intro for those who are curious about the brilliant and sophisticated pieces of Pink Floyd.

    Pink Floyd, the band, is the creation of Roger Waters who throughout the 70s was running a charity for 3 other musicians and gave them the honour to be a part of Pink Floyd. If you listen to the hilarious David Gilmour's On An Island, you will understand how good Roger Waters is in composion, and how bad David Gilmour is in everything. Only under Roger's guidance David used to be a talented musician....more info
  • Great Band
    I did not even look at the song selecting for this album. However, I believe one of the most amazing things about Pink Floyd was their abillity to put together an album. To buy a greatest hits CD is missing a very important side of the Pink Floyd spectrum of talent. Buy Dark Side, Wish You Were Here, and The Wall if you want to get some hits, then buy the rest of their albums. This is of course unless you are poor, in which case you should buy this....more info
  • The only compilation worth buying
    First of all excuse any mistakes in my english.
    This compilation is a great introduction to Pink Floyd music. Their music is beautiful and soothing, and most of it feel like waking up within a dream and being taken into a strange and wonderful world.
    Although it misses some great songs (Fat Old Sun, Brain Damage/Eclipse, Summer 68, Mother and maybe an edited version of Atom Heart Mother) and some songs should have not been here (Set The Controls, Marooned, Keep Talking, When The Tigers Broke Free) and my favorite Echoes was edited, overall this is a great compilation that I like to listen to when I'm working at my computer or when I just sit and sip a good glass of wine.
    I ordered the 4 vinyl box set and sounds great, I think even better than the cd, and the artwork is beautiful and sophisticated.
    Greetings from Mexico! ...more info
  • CD
    Very great disc for discover Pink Floyd, if you don't want to buy another expensive PF CDs.

    I received it very crashed and I had to change the CD box. I don't know how people can send CDs with no correct protecion boxes......more info
  • Hey Adam, you missed the point
    You don't listen to anything before 1981? So is it Kajagoogoo or the overrated Nirvanna and Green Day that you give your time and money to? I've been playing bass for 22 years and have been in dozens of bands, and never once took any kind of drug EVER, and have loved Pink Floyd's music that entire time. You don't have to be stoned to appreciate their music. It's unique, inspired and original songcraft, more than what you can say about today's bands (except Coldplay and The Killers, which are great). The misconception that one has to do drugs to "get" Pink Floyd's music continues to amuse me through the decades. It's not stoner music. It's GREAT music. Period.
    Peace!...more info
  • Greatest Hits???
    Ok the only way a true PF fan will ever accept anything as a greatest hits will be if they run every single album together without cutting a single track. This compilation album gives one a taste of all of PF's music from their beginning to their current status. One can only pray that there will be future additions and they will come back for the better hood of the music world. Then the kids of today can actually here what music is supposed to be like....more info
  • Fantastic, and Hopefully Only the Beginning
    This is an excellent collection of Pink Floyd's work, not only because it spans their entire career and features a heavy dose of pre-"Dark Side of the Moon" recordings, but also because it provides a fresh perspective on the material. For those of us who have listened to these songs in their original formats a thousand times, it's refreshing to hear "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" now roll into "Time" instead of "Welcome to the Machine," or hear "One of These Days" flow into "Us and Them." It's like hearing it all brand new, and only a couple of the new mixes sound at all forced. I wouldn't give up the original albums for all the tea in China, but this collection gives me an alternative way of experiencing Floyd's uniquely homogeneous style. The highlight for me is the string of "Echoes," "Hey You," "Marooned," "The Great Gig in the Sky" and "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" on disc 1. This would make half of a great concept album all by itself.

    That having been said, this clearly sets the stage for another collection, because a number of essential Floyd tracks--including "Run Like Hell," "Not Now John," "Young Lust," and "Have A Cigar"--are missing. Can you say Echoes II? Let's hope....more info
  • Echoes
    Pink Floyd remain and will remain for years to come, one of the best bands ever and one of the best experiences for music listeners everywhere. "Echoes" puts some of their biggest and best tracks together, but leaves some great gems out. I was wondering where "Careful with the axe, Eugene", "Have a Cigar", and "Breathe" were, but it doesn't matter. All of their great albums are well represented here, even their not so great ones. "Dark Side of the Moon", "The Wall", "Animals", "Meddle", "A Momentary Lapse of Reason", "The Division Bell", they're all here. Even the older albums with Syd Barrett, who sings in "Bike", "Jugband Blues", "See Emily Play" and "Astronomy Domine".
    The greatest songs they've ever released, with chilling harmonies and symphonies, awesome guitar, and amazing lyrics, like "Comfortably Numb", "Wish You Were Here", "Time", "Us and Them" and "Money", are all here, and also present are their brilliant very-long musical masterpieces, like "Echoes", "Sheep", and "Shine On You Crazy Diamond (pts. 1-7)".
    If you are a Pink Floyd fan, or a fan of newer music like Radiohead, get Echoes....more info
  • shine on
    If you're gonna side-step the actual albums and simply dip into a compilation of this seminal band, then this is a safe bet for a solid primer. This collection is substantive, richly entertaining and demonstrates the enduring appeal of one extraordinary band....more info
  • Greatest Hits Compilation--Pink Floyd style!
    Let's be honest here. Pink Floyd is one of the greatest bands of our time. Can you think of any other band (that retained majority of the same members) who went on to produce GREAT music in three distinctly different decades? There is the Syd Barret-era Floyd which is high on psychedelic appeal (pun intended? who knows?) There is the David Gilmour-era floyd which soars into another galaxy with the great album Darkside of the Moon (among many others of course.) Finally there was the Roger Waters-era floyd which was, if nothing else, great in its own unique way--but still Floydian in style. Now, how do you fit all of these "eras" onto just one "greatest hits" album? Well it would be easy, but just filling two discs full of PF's music wouldn't be fitting for this band. No, we needed something unique, something crazy, something greater than the sum of the music contained therein--well, let's not get too gimmicky here. It still has to be tasteful and elegant. In that vein, then, Echoes delivers. It delivers BIG. The songs mesh together into a cornucopia of ingenuity, originality and inspiration. Everything flows together and it's almost like listening to the music again for the first time. Floyd's music, although it spanned some 30 years, still remains uniquely Floyd. All songs work and flow together. That is why this album is so great. It's not just another "greatest hits" album, it is a completely "new" album for music fans the world over. ...more info
  • Great condition. Came on time. Pink Floyd At Its Best.
    The CDs came in perfect condition and ahead of schedule. The CDs are really great CDs and a must buy for the Pink Floyd fan....more info
  • This rating mainly is for the syd stuff
    I used to like this band alot i listen to dark side of the moon a million times it seems years ago. I also bought this, and the wall. The only good songs on this are the ones that classic rock radio plays a millon times and the syd barret stuff. The syd stuff especailly see emily play is cute and quite enjoyable. Pink floyds songs are way to long and take forever untill someone starts to sing. If i want to listen to instrmentals i would put on one of my bach cds. The other thing i do not like much about floyd is there lead singers waters and gilmor there voices are quite dull. People keep saying that Radiohead sounds alot like this band i agree some what but atleast they do not do long songs and there singer has the better singing voice. Pink floyd fans are so loyal they but all there cds even if they are crap. If floyd release a cd of themselves farting the cd's would be snatch up quickly. I think most of there fans are high when they listen to there music. ...more info
    This album isn't a true "best of" as Pink Floyd has too many good songs to fit onto only 2 CDs. What this is is a well thought out CONCEPT album. The concept is to have all of the songs segue into each other and create a continuous musical statement. This is why some songs, which are not big hits, are included at the expense of others - choices had to be made for the overall sound and FEEL of the collection. The sequencing is not chronological so the tunes could be arrange to merge as seamlessly as possible and to show them off in there best light. Some songs have been edited to keep things interesting. The song Echoes is only 16 minutes here, down from 23 on the Meddle album. Shine On You Crazy Diamond doesn't include Parts 8 & 9 (the end of Part 7 fits nicely with the opening alarm clocks of Time which is the next song on the disc). I'll listen to the original albums to hear the regular versions and original sequencing; I don't need it here.

    Song selection is from the Syd Barrett era (5 Syd vocals)and the classic 70's albums and beyond. The early albums More, Ummagumma, Atom Heart Mother, Obscured by Clouds do not have any tracks on this collection.

    One thing that I am really glad about is that the producers haven't used too many songs from any one album. They could have easily included the songs Welcome To The Machine and Have A Cigar but, that would have been the entire Wish You Were Here album (and what's the point of that?). I wouldn't even mind if the song Wish You Were Here hadn't been included, thereby making Shine On You Crazy Diamond the only song off of that album, and replace it with, say, Childhoods End from Obscured By Clouds. This compilation would still be great and I could listen to Wish You Were Here anytime I wanted to hear the 'missing' songs.

    It would have been cool if the producers included the rare version of Pigs On The Wing that features Snowy White playing the middle solo linking Parts 1 & 2 of the song (this is the only Floyd studio recording that White appears on).

    Echoes is produced by Pink Floyd and James Guthrie. The over all mastering is probably the best of all the recent floyd re-masters (kudos to Gutherie and Steve Sax, for the great work they've been done with their catalogue the past few years). This compilation shows how much work they put into producing this project. I give this 5 stars for what it is and don't subtract stars for what is missing or has been edited because the overall CONCEPT of the project works for me.

    If you are new to Pink Floyd this is a good place to start. After this (or before) you can pick up the staples of their catalogue: Meddle, Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals and The Wall.

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the live version of The Wall entitled IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE? The Wall Live 1980-81. I have never liked the studio version of The Wall and never bought it on CD after I upgraded my album collection. This live version, however, is brilliant (just re-released in 2005 with a new remaster by James Gutherie). This represents one of those rare times when a group of hand picked, well rehearsed, talanted musicians help the core band add that elusive 'something' to the music and give it the passion and power not found on the studio release. This show was so complex (and things had to be timed just right) that the band couldn't improvise much (lest they throw someone off and screw everything up), so the songs are very faithfull to the original recordings - only better.

    To digress further... Sometimes I find I don't like a groups best selling, most popular, chart topping album. I seem to prefer their more 'obscure' albums: Supertramp's Crisis, What Crisis? over Crime Of The Century, Santana's Caravanserai over Abraxas, Bowie's Hunky Dory over Ziggy Stardust, Wings Wild Life over....etc, etc.... In Pink Floyd's case Obscured by Clouds is the album I like over all the other 'must haves' - I like the unpolished sound to it. Wish You Were Here is a close second.

    ...more info
  • Great Introduction to Pink Floyd
    Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd, is a great introduction to this classic ahead of its time rock group. For those of you not born in the 50's or 60's that could have enjoyed the classic Dark Side of the Moon during its release, this is a tremendous way to find out what all of the fuss was/is about. I am certain that this great CD set will inspire people to purchase much of the Pink Floyd collection, especially some of the bigger hits like The Wall and Dark Side. Many of these songs are simply haunting, while others prove to show how versatile this super group has been over the years. An outstanding value. 5 Stars!
    ~ Pink Floyd
    ...more info
  • It's okay...
    I've always been divided over Pink Floyd--unlike many rock fans, I do not believe them to be the "Ultimate Definitive Rock Band". On the one hand, my image of Floyd is them as a pretentious bunch (Especially Dave Gilmour) and average musicians, with the exception of bassist Roger Waters. But on the other hand, this pretentious bunch came out with some of the best lyrics around.
    After being majorly disappointed by The Dark Side of the Moon, I found myself struggling to find much good about Floyd. A friend told me "pick up Echoes, it's good." So I did. The result is a decent, but long collection. My main problem is that half of this album could've been pulled to make a more powerful Echoes. Which tracks specifically are up for debate, but I think most of us can agree on one thing; Nothing from The Wall on belongs.
    So here's my ideal tracklist, in chronological order, followed by song ratings out of 10
    1. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun: 10/10
    2. Echoes: 10/10
    3. Money: 10/10
    4. Time: 10/10
    5. Us & Them: 10/10
    6. Shine On You Crazy Diamond: 10/10
    7. Wish You Were Here: 10/10
    8. Sheep: 10/10
    9. Comfortably Numb: 10/10
    10. Another Brick in the Wall: 10/10
    As you can see, the best material on this collection is truly amazing stuff. So pick this up I guess. Just be warned, the good moments are few and far between. It doesn't help that If, a personal favorite of mine, doesn't show up....more info
  • Came after Christmas, disappointing
    This was a gift for my son. It was sad that I didn't have it on Christmas. I did receive it in the shipping window, but I ordered it on Nov. 30. Almost a month getting it. Dealing with the seller was just okay, and I saw some other responses from him that were NOT nice. Would NOT buy from this seller again!!!...more info
  • Great Compilation
    They did a great job with this album which appears to blend seamlessly from song to song. No mean feat considering Pink Floyd's going through the Barret, Waters, Gilmour eras. There's the usual hits plus a few gems that one would have to buy the entire album just to get the one song.

    Just a note, I'm glad they included "When the Tigers broke free" which was only available on the video or film and not included in the Wall soundtrack....more info
  • It's an excellent cd
    Trying to make a greatest hits cd out of Pink Floyd's catalogue is a very hard task indeed, in fact, it just might be an impossible task.

    As we all know, most of what Pink Floyd does, if not all of what Pink Floyd does is a conceptual affair. All their albums flow seamless along and take the listener on a ride. So how do you put a hits package together that captures that vibe?, well the way the have here. From the first track, this incredible cd flows beautifully along and it's hard to imagine at time these tracks have come from different albums and time frames. It really is that well put together. The sound quality is excellent and it really does give the listener a very good background of what this band is all about.

    This cd is a must have for anyone who is into prog rock or just good rock in general. This cd is truly a great work of art. ...more info
  • Floyd Fever
    This two disc Floyd compilation is a great buy. It's an excellent overview of Floyd's hits, showcasing their weird but intriguing sounds and lyrics. This collection is particularly good for people who like Floyd, but aren't such hard-core fans as to have all of the individual albums. The obvious hits from the radio [Brick in the Wall, Hey You, Money, Learning to Fly] are here, as well as lesser-played but still great stuff, like Arnold Layne and Fletcher Memorial Home, and when the Tigers Broke Free, which is a heartfelt reflection on losing a father to war. ...more info
  • No Compilation Will Ever Capture The Best Of Floyd, But This CD Is A Great Appetizer
    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Pink Floyd is one of the greatest rock bands ever. Creating some of the finest albums ever made (including the greatest album ever, "Dark Side Of The Moon"), they have carved a pretty impressive niche in rock history. They are also one of the few bands who, in order to have all their best songs, buy all of their albums. However, there are actually some people in the world who only want one Floyd album in their collection.

    In 2001, those casual fans' prayers were answered with the two cd, 26 track collection "Echoes: The Very Best Of Pink Floyd". Featuring tracks compiled and sequenced by the band members, this cd does indeed top previous Floyd collections such as "A Collection Of Great Dance Songs". But how does it add up overall? Here are the positives and the negatives.

    -As I said, no compilation will ever truly capture all of Pink Floyd's best. But if you only want one Floyd cd iny our collection (though I can't imagine why one would), than you've come to the right place. "Echoes" contains all the Floyd classics casual fans will recognize, including "Another Brick In The Wall", "The Great Gig In The Sky", "Money", "Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1 - 7)", "Time", "Comfortably Numb", "Us And Them" and "Wish You Were Here".
    -All the tracks ound superb with the digital remastering job.
    -Though it is not in chronological order, the collection flows well.
    -They included "The Fletcher Memorial Home", just about the only listenable thing on "The Final Cut".
    -You get some Syd Barret numbers. This is great, since I have been interested in hearing the song "Arnold Layne", a song about a kleptomaniac transvestite.
    -The booklet is beautiful

    -"Money" sounds unnatural without seguing into "Us And Them".
    -The band's magnum opuses, "Echoes" and "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", are both edited. Both were over 20 minutes, but they are cut down to 16 minutes and 17 minutes, respectively.
    -There are many omissions, but one tops them all: where is "Speak To Me/Breathe"?! That song really should've been here.
    -While you're on the subject of omissions, where's "Careful With That Axe, Eugene", "Atom Heart Mother", "Eclipse", "Welcome To The Machine", "Have A Cigar", "Pigs On The Wing", "Run Like Hell"... the list goes on.
    -As well as this collection is sequenced, it should have been done chronologically.

    So, how does this collection hold up? Surprisingly well. If you're a casual fan, this collection will be perfect. And even if you have all their albums, the sound alone makes "Echoes" worth owning. An album that belongs in any record collection....more info
  • Fantastic Collection
    Wow - what a great "Best of..." collection indeed! Pink Floyd's albums are meant to be heard in their entirety, so a "Best of" collection may not seem like a good idea, but here it really does work well. Before I purchased this collection, my only Pink Floyd CD was "Dark Side of the Moon," probably like so many other people. Through this collection, I have moved on to discover the terrific albums from which these songs have been drawn.

    "Echoes" is named after Pink Floyd's magnificent song of the same name from the 1971 album "Meddle," although on this collection the song has been shortened from 23 minutes to 16 minutes. That is not a bad thing - the song is great in either length, and the shorter version gives you something to look forward to if you decide to move on to collect Pink Floyd's other albums.

    Here are my song-by-song ratings.

    Disc: 1
    1. Astronomy Domine ***1/2
    2. See Emily Play ***1/2
    3. The Happiest Day of Our Lives ***1/2
    4. Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) ***
    5. Echoes *****
    6. Hey You ****1/2
    7. Marooned *****
    8. The Great Gig in the Sky *****
    9. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun ****
    10. Money ****
    11. Keep Talking ****1/2
    12. Sheep *****
    13. Sorrow *****
    Disc: 2
    1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-7) *****
    2. Time *****
    3. The Fletcher Memorial Home ****
    4. Comfortably Numb *****
    5. When the Tigers Broke Free ***
    6. One of These Days *****
    7. Us And Them ****
    8. Learning to Fly ****1/2
    9. Arnold Layne ***1/2
    10. Wish You Were Here ****
    11. Jug Band Blues **1/2
    12. High Hopes *****
    13. Bike ***

    Make no mistake, Pink Floyd is a 5-star band all the way, and some of the songs in this collection work better in context on their original albums. But for the price, this collection is a great introduction to the works of a truly magnificent band. Set aside some time to listen to this collection - it is 2 ? hours long. As an interesting aside, the way the songs fade into each other and the sequence itself creates a kind of guided tour through Pink Floyd's catalog.
    ...more info
  • Doesn't Cover Whole Catalog Properly
    This is by far the best Pink Floyd hits album. But some of the songs included were a question mark.
    Such as:
    The Happiest Days of Our Lives- no one needs an intro to Another Brick part 2

    Marooned- decent song but why a shortened instrumental with the best parts taken out?

    The Great Gig in the Sky- arguably PF's most overrated song.

    The Fletcher Memorial Home- not a bad song, but The Final Cut, Gunner's Dream or even Two Suns in the Sunset would have been better.

    Songs that should have been included:
    Cymbaline, Childhood's End, Dogs, and even a few un-released and maybe unknown songs....more info
  • Pink Floyd will Live Forever
    Most "best of" collections for most groups seem to lack something. My expectations for "Echoes" were low; fortunately I was very, very wrong. I have many "greatest hits" and many "best of," and this one, for one of the greatest progressive rock groups, is an absolute gem.

    I am least familiar with Syd Barrett's work in early Pink Floyd. The songs "Astronomy Domine," "See Emily Play," "Arnold Layne," "Jugband Blues," and "Bike," all written and sang by Syd Barrett, urge me to obtain Pink Floyd's early albums "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" and "A Saucerful of Secrets." This music is psychedelic and imaginative, and now I know why there is a "Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-7)."

    I think it is a nearly bizarre truth that there is almost no such thing as bad Pink Floyd music. There is weak Pink Floyd music, and Pink Floyd music that is difficult to appreciate. However, Pink Floyd at their worst is still musically a force. When I listen to this music I remember the promise and potential of progressive rock through what many consider the glory years of progressive rock. Music from "Dark Side of the Moon," which set all sorts of longevity records on the charts, is of course represented. However, Pink Floyd in the post-Barrett years has always been more than one album. There was the wonderful "Wish You Were Here," the epic "The Wall," and the bizarre and complex "Animals." Then there is the sonically pleasing "The Division Bell," and the often derided "A Momentary Lapse of Reason." Then there are the albums "The Final Cut" and "Meddle." This album also includes one song from the movie "The Wall."

    Listening to these songs in the order chosen is almost surreal as the album cuts back and forth between decades and band lineups. As I listen to this music I remember all that I love about rock, particularly progressive rock, and what I love about life and Pink Floyd, and then I wonder how we got here, and why David Gilmour thought Pink Floyd had run its course when it really had not. There is still time, and we can only hope that one day the members of Pink Floyd realize that they were always greater than the sum of their parts. Until that time, cherish all the music from Pink Floyd you can get, because Pink Floyd is one of the few groups that managed to find the middle ground between art and entertainment. This music will always be diamonds in my collection, and it will carry me forward and backward in time, until there is no time left.
    ...more info
  • A great compilation, except...
    If you are interested in Pink Floyd, you should buy the albums, starting with Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, The Wall, and Meddle, then continue on from there. This has a 17 minute version of "Echoes". The actual song (which can be found on the "Meddle" album) is 23 minutes long. Also, it only contains the first 7 parts of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond". This compilation also contains several "jumps" and "edits", so that the songs synch with one another, due to the fact that most of the songs are from concept albums. Casual fans may want to pick this up, but die hard Floyd fans will want to stick with the albums....more info
  • Does Them Justice
    This album supports all Pink Floyd and really gives you there sound. Songs from all of their albums really makes this album show how incredible Pink Floyd is. However, this is definately all the Pink Floyd that you need! Each Pink Floyd Album is a very unique thing, and must be listened to, through and through, not skipping track sort of thing. That's just not how Pink Floyd works... So in conclusion, this is a great album that gives you there full sound and has some really killer stuff from other albums, but to really enjoy them, you are going to need to actually listen to the albums that these great tracks are from....more info
  • Very well worth it....
    What more can I say, it's Floyd, their best songs all collaborated into two albums. I still find it interesting how they bled Barrett contributions into this set, they did it beautifully. If you like Floyd, get this one....more info
  • A Saucerful of Floyd
    Things I like about it:
    The way the songs tie in with each other.
    How it starts and ends with Syd's songs.
    Great introduction to Pink Floyd
    Cover artwork.

    Things I don't like about it:
    Some favorites and well known cuts missing. Welcome to the Machine, Final Cut, Pigs or Dogs, Have a Cigar, Young Lust... Would it have been better for David to have cut out Momentary (which has Sorrow but no Dogs of War or On the Turning Away) and Division Bell cuts (no Take it Back) and just kept it to the 67-83 material?
    Echoes and Shine On You Crazy Diamond edited but if they're going to be on a collection, it's not that bad.

    It serves me well on roadtrips and I'm not skipping any cuts, so I do listen to it all the way through. ...more info
  • Not the very best of Floyd

    Even though this is supposed to be the "Best" of Pink Floyd I would beg to differ. Right now I have a list in front of me of Pink floyd songs that were unjustly omitted. On the other hand, there are a handful of songs here- mainly in Floyd's later years- that are mediocre at best and have no business being on this album. It's still a sure bet for die-hard Floyd fans, however. The best Floyd albums are The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon, and Wish you were Here.
    ...more info
  • the Omission of a Few Personal Favorites Aside....
    This is an outstanding Floyd primer. Truly for fans and newcomers alike as all the bases and eras are covered. It's nice to see some Barrett-era tunes included, as well as some from the latter-day Gilmour-led Floyd, cuts that are not necessarily classic rock radio favorites. I'm sure most will gripe about this song or that song, what was left off and what was included. And some I see are particular about the editing of the track "Echoes", but don't worry, only a few sections were very slightly trimmed for time, and chances are you'll be too stoned to even notice. The main draw for me is the inclusion of "When the Tigers Broke Free", which I only ever had on a 7" single years ago. The remainder I ( like most fans ) already own. But the continuous mix of the set is rather interesting, and I for one don't mind that the songs aren't presented chronologically. Sort of a fresh coat of paint, a good way to discover ( or rediscover ) some of the best rock music ever created - this one has a permanent place in my cd changer. Very Highly Recommended....more info