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Cieli di Toscana
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Product Description

Not content with the simplistic "crossover" formula, superstar tenor Andrea Bocelli has been pursuing alternative paths since he emerged as a vocal phenomenon in the mid-1990s: operatic classics and contemporary popular song. The singer's last few albums have showcased his love for the former (including homages to his beloved Verdi: the Requiem and Verdi aria collection). But Cieli di Toscana ("Tuscan Skies") marks a triumphant return to the pop idiom last explored on Sogno, offering a highly varied series of the kind of beautifully crafted contemporary melodies that initially won Bocelli acclaim.

The familiar cast of songwriter-collaborators (including Francesco Sartori, responsible for the smash success "Time to Say Goodbye") mixes with new blood; Bocelli himself unveils his songwriting talents on "Il Diavolo e l'Angelo." It's a highly produced affair, but behind all the gloss, Bocelli sings with a newfound, relaxed, even mellow quality. There are intimately touching moments--"L'Incontro," a tribute to his first son featuring Bocelli's own poetry as read by U2's Bono--as well as soaring flights of lyricism (the duet "L'Abitudine" with Italian singer Helena). And on "Mascagni," with its quotes from that composer's operas, Bocelli makes another nod to his classical affinities. But whatever the style, Bocelli is a singer who knows how to go straight to his listeners' hearts. --Sarah Chin

Exclusive UK version of Bocelli's third pop release includes the exclusive bonus track 'Tornera La Neve' and CD-ROM. The album also features 'L'Incontro' a duet with Gerard Depardieu. David Foster co-composes some of the tracks on this album as well. 2001.

Customer Reviews:

  • Cieli di Toscana
    Cieli di Toscana is "The Bocelli's" CD I never grow tired of hearing.
    I play this one everyday. And alternate with another of his CD's each day.
    Knowing the word's in Italian is nice too. But not necessary.
    Andrea Bocelli has a great gift. A golden voice. I know he has suffered much in life.
    I just wonder if he knows' how great a voice he has?
    To You Andrea? I say Ciao Bella, Andrea...more info
  • Simply one of his best!
    Andrea Bocelli has a superb voice. You cannot go wrong with this CD. His voice is just so peaceful and is very relaxing and soothing. You cannot go wrong with Cielli di Toscana.
    This one is superb!...more info
  • Great Material to Study Science of Brainwashing
    I'm yet to meet a single college music professor, who would consider Bocelli even a mediocre opera singer. I'll bet I'll never meet one, even though I talk to a bunch of them every day. In this CD Bocelli is demonstrating the same old raw, unpolished voice with forced, rough, disgusting highs and totally amatorish, unsupported lows. Same total absence of any meaningful phrasing, same lack of understanding of the concept of legato...

    Andrea Bocelli is an example of how beautiful music and skillful promotion can make a superstar out of just anybody, no exceptions! Yes, you, my dear Reader, too! All you need is a couple of weeks or so of professional singing lessons, a dozen of the best songs ever written, a fine orchestra and a top-notch advertising agency. This is how superstars are manufactured in today's industry of music. Good enough, even great, fantastic for consumers of music looking for cheap entertainment (which they mistakenly think is a true enlightment and the bliss of Art). Totally unacceptable to those who are seeking anything more than that....more info

  • Mediocre Performance
    The only one song I liked was Melodramma. Andrea Bocelli's voice was ok, but a bit too thin on the high notes. I believe that Andrea Bocelli was very successfully marketed, but I prefer Josh Groban. Groban's had a deeper and richer voice....more info
    Of all the CDs by Bocelli, this is the most original, and I think his most passionate POP music so far. The orchestrations are beautiful, and his voice makes this CD, for me, a Five star production.
    ...more info
  • Beautiful music...
    This is the first Bocelli album I heard and I went right out and bought it. It is simply beautiful....more info
  • There isn't any Tenor to match the voice of Bocelli
    I definitely have a love for all types of music and being a musician myself my ear has a flare for good music. And this music is suberb. I have had this album for almost 2 years now. I am now listening to it because my soul was hungry for it a few weeks ago. Bocelli's voice and the depth of his emotions goes beyond anything that I have ever heard. I hear these new voices coming out that try to match to Bocelli and I am sorry there isn't any comparison. Bocelli is in a league all his own. I am not a fan of Opera. This album is Italian Pop music with a Romantic flare. It isn't Opera (or classical music). This album and Romanza are both Pop Italian Romance. Much like the songs of Celine Dion and Foreigner. Both Romanza and this album all the songs are well done and seat in your soul forever. I have learned Italian from these songs. Also, these are not manufactured songs as I read in a post. These are musicians playing real instruments playing real music. Not synthesizers (manufactured music) as someone said on the Romanza album. Some of these posts that comment on the negative side are not owners of the album and are ignorant of what music is all about. I have both the Romanza and Tuscan Skies album. They are both superb! And Bocelli when are you coming out with a new album!!!! It has been 2 years and I don't see anything new yet!!! I came here looking for a new album!...more info
  • Remarkable!
    As a die-hard Andrea Bocelli fan, I truly believe he is up there with a lot of the great classical AND crossover vocalists out there, as well as the many "adult contemporary" vocalists...domestic OR international.

    'Cieli di Toscana' is indeed a triumphant follow-up to the likes of 'Romanza' and 'Sogno.' Given that it peaked only at #11 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart whereas 'Sogno' hit practically pole position back in 1999, this is astonishing but not important. Bocelli knows how to move his listeners.

    The four single tracks - 'Melodramma,' 'Mille Lune, Mille Onde,' 'Il Mistero dell'Amore,' and 'L'abitudine' - all constitute tracks as inspirational and classic as those evident from his earlier releases, regardless of their genre. And the only disappointing song on the whole disc is 'Si Volt¨°,' on which Bocelli doesn't show much in the way of register.

    In case you almost didn't know, 'Il Diavolo e L'angelo' was originally written by Bocelli himself in 1991. It is newly recorded here, and is also a slamming piece of work. EXCLUDING classical pieces he did, it's no surprise that this is one of the very few UPTEMPO songs he ever did.

    But the most touching of all the things on this disc lies not only in 'E Mi Manchi Tu,' which won the 2000 Premio Bocelli, or in the moving 'E Sar¨¤ a Settembre (Someone Like You),' but - best of all - in the fact that the hottest tenor since Pavarotti literally moves you; that is, unless you hate him.

    On the whole, I would have to say 'Cieli di Toscana' is a true work of art (or was that melody?), because the very compelling vocal performances Bocelli gives over the lush set of the London Session and Prague Symphony Orchestras are more than just a reminder of what he did for 'Romanza' or 'Sogno.' They prove that he is one of those 'classic' voices who will live forever....more info
  • surprise
    I've heard Andrea sing on television several times. I always thought he sang nicely but I never purchased any of his music. I borrowed his CD from the local library just for fun. I was pleasantly surprised by this CD. It was different from seeing him on TV--somehow more powerful. I don't know much about opera but I know this is nice music. I also know I could never sing like Andrea does, it really is something to admire. Anyone who gives him less than 5 stars for this work better know how to out-sing Andrea! This CD would be a nice addition to any music collection....more info
  • Excellente
    It is out of this world. It lifts your spirit and takes you to a different world. I suggest it to all my friends....more info
  • Amazing voice
    I thought Romanza was one the best albums I have ever owned in my entire life until I got Cieli di Toscana. Difficult to believe but this one is even better. As always, Bocelli's voice brings tears to my eyes. This is probably how angels sing....more info
  • Cieli di Toscana
    The first time I listened to it I did not fully appreciate how lovely this CD is. Now, having played it many times, I do. The softness of his voice and the choice of music is excellent. A very romantic selection.

    ...more info
  • Great Music!
    The track 'Il Mistero dell'Amore (The Mystery of Love)' was the primary reason why I bought this CD. I wished this particular piece was longer. The other tracks are OK. I have had this CD in my car for several months and I find it very relaxing.

    I highly recommend 'Incanto' for reviewers who find Bocelli's voice rather bland or boring. ...more info
  • New to Bocelli? Start Here!
    Andrea Bocelli's voice is something like warm honey, just dripping into your ears! The fact that he sings in Italian only makes the music more magical. It doesn't detract from the enjoyment.

    If you speak Spanish or Portuguese, you'll be able to follow a lot of the words. If not, his voice is so expressive, you'll pick up a good bit of the meaning anyway.

    These songs are so lyrical, so romantic, so beautiful, that you'll enjoy them over and over. You may even find yourself singing along after a while.

    If you've wondered whether you'll like Bocelli, I recommend starting with this CD. His duets with other artists (especially Helena) are delightful.

    You may find yourself - like so many of us - turning into an admirer of this very talented singer....more info

  • Confident yet Vulnerable
    When he released 'Con te Partiro' in the U.S. in 1997, Andrea Bocelli became a household name for the soaring emotional piece that has become his best-known song. However, on 2001 album "Cieli di Toscana", the crossover artist treats listeners to 14 songs recorded with the voice that has captured the world.

    Unlike many of his previous hit records, "Cieli di Toscana" is a pop album, but unlike Madonna or Britney Spears, it is filled with the soul and delicate emotion you would find in more classical music. The album opens with the rich-sounding 'Melodramma' then chills to a more relaxed feel with 'Mille Lune Mille Onde'. From this point on, the record switches from lavish orchestration to tunes that, if they weren't in Italian, could have been hits on U.S. radio.

    As with his previous works, "Cieli di Toscana" shows Bocelli's progression and maturity as an artist. He sings with more confidence and emotion than before, but maintains the vulnerability that has made him so popular. This is perhaps best illustrated with 'L'Incontro', a song about the emotion a father feels upon the birth of his child. Opening with a reading of his poetry by Bono, the song is both tender and emotion-filled, yet very mature.

    There are no large aria-like pieces, no 'Con te Partiro' type songs on this record, but that does not detract from the high quality of music featured here. As someone who is not an opera fan, this is the type of music that I enjoy most from Andrea Bocelli, the type of music that makes him that much more special....more info
  • 5 star +
    This is an absolutely wonderful CD, a must have. I never get tired of hearing this CD, It is perfect for almost any situation. The music is very passionate and uplifitng. I highly advise anyone that has even the slightest taste in music to buy this CD, you will not be disappointed!!...more info
  • Cieli DeToscana
    This is a real good CD. To me it is romantic and I love how good Andrea Bocelli makes his interpretations. The instrumentation and all the music makes me feel relax and in a real good mood. It is real beautiful. I love Bocelli. ...more info