Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
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Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault puts you behind enemy lines in France, as you battle to end the Nazi invasion!

EA has finally brought its Medal of Honor series (already wildly popular on the PlayStation) to the PC. Set during World War II, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault chronicles the fictional exploits of Lt. Mike Powell as he battles his way from the shores of Africa to the shores of France to the heart of Nazi Germany. On the PSX, the Medal of Honor games were hailed as revolutionary, and though Allied Assault never quite merits that level of praise, it's still a great game.

At first glance, Allied Assault seems to have a lot in common with the World War II-themed Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but the similarities are strictly superficial. Allied Assault takes a more realistic approach to the action, both in the enemies that you face (there are no zombies or mutants) and in the mission structure. The game unfolds across six real-life theaters of war, and the 30 playable missions vary a lot in how they play out. Just like a character in a good army movie, you'll be sabotaging tanks, destroying submarines, and sending false communications. Nearly all your missions are very well designed, especially the mission where you land on Omaha Beach.

The D-day mission has received a lot of attention, and for good reason--once the door on your Higgins boat drops, all hell breaks loose. The men in front of you drop in a hail of bullets, a Higgins boat to your left is blown to bits, and machine gun fire rakes the water everywhere. Getting from the boat to the relative safety of the shingles is a truly harrowing experience, although parts of it borrow a little too much from Saving Private Ryan.

Since the game is set during WWII, you'll face a wide range of enemies, including tanks, machine gun nests, and even planes. The enemy AI is better than in Wolfenstein--enemies will duck for cover, lay down suppressing fire, and throw back grenades--but too often it's obvious that enemy actions are scripted. At times you can actually tell when you've triggered the next wave of enemy attacks: stay still and nothing happens; silently creep a foot forward and they all come rushing out. This kind of heavy-handed scripting is a throwback to the days of Doom, and more than a little bit of a disappointment.

Graphically, Allied Assault looks quite sharp. It uses the Quake III graphics engine and the character models, vehicles, and textures are well done, especially if you have a high-end video card. Unfortunately, there are some glitches, such as clipping and collision detection problems. It's not uncommon to see enemies walking halfway through a door or a wall. Also, in a (successful) effort to get a "T" rating, there is absolutely no blood or gore. When you a shoot a Nazi infantryman with your captured MG-42 machine gun, he simply falls down.

The weakest part of Allied Assault is its multiplayer component. There are four game types, all of which are exceptionally average, and none of them is as compelling as Wolfenstein's multiplayer. Still, it is undeniably fun to wage war in bombed-out French villages and other World War II battlefields. Allied Assault offers a fun single-player game and its D-day mission will go down as a classic gaming experience. --William Harms


  • D-day mission is incredible
  • Lots of mission variety
  • Nice graphics
  • There are a few graphical glitches
  • Heavily scripted AI
  • Multiplayer is very average

In Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, you play as Lieutenant Mike Powell, member of the famed 1st Ranger Battalion. Following your recruitment by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), you'll battle through more than 20 challenging levels based on historical military campaigns of World War II. Set during the most trying years of the war--1942 to 1945--Medal of Honor: Allied Assault imparts a sense of the courage it took to survive the landings at Normandy, the assault at Arzew, a rendezvous with the resistance outside the village of St. Lo, and the push through the heavily defended border of Germany to take the bridge at Remagen.

Staying true to the gameplay features that made Medal of Honor one of the most acclaimed bestselling games of 1999, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault builds on that success, adding new player weapons, interactive Allied vehicles such as Sherman tanks and M3 Half Tracks, smarter enemy AI, and artillery strike calls. Fully realized 3-D worlds utilize the powerful Quake III engine. The game also features an original orchestral score by Medal of Honor composer Michael Giacchino and sound effects from the award-winning Medal of Honor sound design team at EALA.

In Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, get access to more than 21 historically accurate World War II-era weapons, including Thompson submachine guns, Mark II frag grenades, .50-caliber mounted machine guns, flamethrowers, and "sticky bombs." Battle more than 18 enemy vehicles, including the Tiger Mark I heavy tank, Stuka dive-bombers, and V2 rockets, and encounter 22 different enemies, including Wehrmacht snipers, Kradsch¨ątzen motorcycle troops, and Gestapo officers. Assault enemy units alone and as part of a crack military squad. Multiple online options including team combat and traditional last-man-standing modes.

  • Battle in over 20 missions as you accomplish yor mission objectives and turn back the Nazi tide
  • Over 21 different historically-accurate weapons -- from mounted machine guns to flame-throwers to stick grenades
  • Fully interactive environments allow you to use terrain as an advantage and destroy whatever is in your way
  • Special disguise mode lets you wear enemy uniforms and sneak around
  • Realistic battle action in the days of World War II!

Customer Reviews:

  • Best FPS Ever Made!
    Medal of Honor: Allied Assault may be the most exciting game I have ever played. The gameplay is quick and fun, and the graphics are great!
    It is imperitave that you buy this if you are into PC games. You will NOT regret it!...more info
  • A historically accurate game
    Worth every, dollar. Whatever. But this game is indeed a good one. It is very violent, because you have to kill the enemy to accomplish your mission. And there are plenty of enemies.

    Historically accurate, intense, and fun....more info

  • Long time fan, Longtim satisfaction...
    I have been playing medal of honor for years, ever since it came out on Playstation. It was great then, but these new games are much better. First off, it runs fantastic and looks stunning. My computer has a AthlonXP 2800+,512mb ddr pc2700 333mhz ram, nVidia nForce2 chipset mobo, and a BFG Asylum 5600 Ultra 128mb ddr AGP 8x video card. And with everything on the utmost highest at 1280x1024 it runs fantastically. Absolutely perfect. And the graphics are quite realistic when everything is turned up really high on the models. Gameplay is classic MOH in which you can't go wrong. Story is of course sorta shallow, but you know, its a war, you arent going to be making friends like in some certain other first person shooters. I would recommend this game absolutely possitively right now go and get it! You will love yourself for it. Well, unless you have a slow computer, then, you will probably hate yourself for tempting yourself with so much candy, and yet not being able to play it....more info
  • A mediocre WW2 game
    Sure, its more realistic than many of its FPS competitors, but that doesn't make is a great game. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault takes much of its story from Spielberg's "Saving Private Ryan", and yet it fails to make a lasting impression or truly engage the player. There are a few flaws that really hinder MOH's gameplay, first of which, movement is much too slow. I realize that your character is supposedly carrying a plethora of supplies (which isn't very realistic anyway), but even so, running is cumbersome and frustrating, especially when trying to escape sniper fire. Also, the game is heavily scripted, which is sometimes lame, such as when droves and droves of enemies appear out of nowhere. This makes much of the gameplay somewhat repetitive, especially without any cool gore effects. Also, in several maps, there are snipers in every open window and rooftop, and some times they are even hidden behind trees--in a position in which they can see (and fire at) you, but you cannot see them. On several occasions, I found myself frustrated enough by the gameplay to actually shut the game off in the middle of combat and not come back for several days. Also, despite EA's use of the wonderful Quake 3 engine, the player models and textures are much worse than similar titles (namely Return to Caslte Wolfenstein). Humans look very cartoonish, and movement effects are also somewhat robotic, and strange. All in all, MOHAA is a decent game, and it does have its share of good sequences, namely Omaha Beach and any sequence when you're gunning from a moving vehicle, but these good times don't outweigh the repetitive and frustrating parts. I'd recommend investing your money in a more entertaining, better looking, and more fantastical Return to Castle Wolfenstein, or for multiplayer, Battlefield 1942....more info
    This game is great! One of the best games I have ever played, and I've played a lot of computer games. Will be purchasing MOH: BREAKTHROUGH tomorrow 09/23/03.. and PACIFIC ASSAULT in January. If you like this game, I would also recommend you picking up CALL OF DUTY (from the makers of Medal of Honor) in November 2003. Don't miss any of these games. Medal of Honor is a pure thoroughbred winner!

    Go download the demo of CALL OF DUTY at info

  • OK, but just...
    This game is OK. I had fun playing it, but I was not really impressed.

    I was not impressed with the realism:

    -There is no choice of weapons at the beginning of each stage. In the event that you don't like the weapon(s) you have, tough. You cannot drop one and pick up another. On D-Day for instance, you get the Thompson SMG where the Garand rifle would have been more useful. Soliders are getting killed all around, yet there are no dropped weapons to pick up.

    -Ammunition that does not interchange in real life interchanges in the game. The MP40 (a 9mm) and the Thompson (a .45ACP) use the same ammunition in the game. The Garand and Springfield (.30-06) and the German Mauser K98 (8x57mm) use the same ammunition in the game. All three pistols, which are all different calibers in real life use the same ammunition. In addition all the fixed point machineguns have unlimited ammo and don't feed from a belt as they should.

    -There is a stage where you drive a German King Tiger Tank. You have to fire the main gun at single German soliders and their rifles, submachineguns, and machineguns cause damage to the tank.

    -The game was way too short, I was surprised when I finished it so soon

    There were some good points to the game, and I enjoyed it, but there are much better games out there....more info

  • glaring
    more emphasis was given on graphics.rather than action and adventure of the game....more info
  • Mike's review
    Undoubtly one of the best action games I have ever played. Lot's of action, good choice of weapons, and many scenarios to conquer. Only complaint was that for me, it was a little too easy to beat. I like them hard....more info
  • Neat WW2 Game
    World War 2 is finally made better than it must have seemed! This earns only 4 and a half stars because of how complicated things get. That's the beauty of this game! It has great graphics, realistic, life-like battle scenes, and violence. Just like that movie Black Hawk Down, but it is different. How, you may ask? Because, this was in Germany. That was only in Africa. The beginning of "Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault" is almost like you're in Africa. *Shrugs*. I don't know. It's Germany anyway, but you won't find Hitler anywhere soon. Maybe he shot his eye out with his Red Ryder 200-shot Range Model Air Rifle, so you don't have to kill him. Oh well.

    Apparently, I had already played another awesome Medal Of Honor game before, when I thought it was this game.....I was right. It doesn't need blood to be a good army game. It just is. The graphics are cool, the battle is cool, the weapons are cool, the projection room you go into to review a mission after you've completed it is cool....

    THE WHOLE GAME IS COOL! ...more info
  • Great game, tons of fun
    This game is really good! There's a lot of competition between WWII shooters out there, but I have to say this one is somewhere in the top 3. D-Day is a great mission, the best one. And there are other fun ones that can really challenge you. I have a lot of fun playing this game, I dont really know what all the complaints are all about. People say "The enemy seems to spawn out of nowhere", do you really care where the enemy runs at you that much? Kinda sad, but anyway, just have fun mowing them down, dont pay attention to where they come from, jeez. The last level is really a good one, I wont give out too many details, but it really puts what you've learned from the other missions to the test. Good game, good buy, not as bad as some people say it is....more info
  • allied assualt
    Medal of Honor Allied Assault is the first shooter game I played and I really enjoyed it.

    Great graphics for 2002
    Really good sound

    The gameplay is not quite as open ended as newer games
    The graphics are getting outdated
    You can not aim down your sights
    Overall a must have for fans of wwII shooters....more info
  • Raging Combat Action
    Allied assault delivers! First person action, causing one to think on his or her toes! As an Army Sergeant, I highly recommend this action game! I enjoy the realism of the period weapons and the fact that your team can and often does get injured or killed off. Often, the missions are no easy task. You learn as you go along. You must think tactically to achieve the goals. You will realize this when at first you see how difficult it is to get of that damned beach! Once you do make it, you know you have acheived something. This is in no way as difficult as actual combat, but it feels pretty genuine once the bullets start to fly in your direction. You have received your orders! Defeat the Germans at all costs!...more info
  • metal of honor: allied assault
    This is a very good game, a lot of fun and easy to play and learn. ...more info
  • Amazing.
    MOHAA is an amazing game. Great graphics, sound, gameplay, maps, everything you can think of! You can go on the internet and download mods to make it even more fun, like adding impressive amounts of blood with each kill. And the mods are easy to take off for younger players. The only thing is one of the levels, Sniper's Last Stand, is the hardest. There are snipers everywhere and you have to kill them before they kill your team and if they kill like 3 players, you have to start over so I wish you could control your players like on MOHEA (European Assault) for PS2. That way I could tell them to move back or get down. And there are no cheats so they become invincible either....more info
  • Purely and simply FA-SCI-NATING
    This is wonderful, EA strikes it rich here! Allied assault is indubitably THE BEST shooting GAME that takes place in WW2.
    Graphical art is sharp, sounds and soundtracks are superb, scenario is full of unexpected events...The whole thing is breathtaking. Now, you just gotta find a computer that is powerful enough, because this game takes a lot of room...And save a block the add-ons, cause you'll surely want, one day, to have more characters and a few more hours of pure joy. Buy it, you'll also spend a nice time online !!...more info
  • Ending a major dissapointment
    The game has some interesting missions nad features, but the final mission is nearly impossible to beat. I have read several walkthroughs and reviews and they all say the same. It is only by sheer luck that the final mission can be finished. It consists of planting bombs in a building and escaping before it blows up. Unfortunately, by the time you make it to the door, too many enemies are there to kill you. If you stop to shoot them ,you die in the building explosions, if you run outside, the enemies simmply shoot you full of holes before you can board the train. ther were also several problems with freezeups and installation, overall a major disappointment in gaming...more info
  • Great Game
    This is a Great Game. The graphics and gameplay are good, too. The only drawback is that there isn't a lot of missions....more info
  • Seems designed by some kid
    If you're supposed to be some kind of secret agent why do you need to anihilate an enetire German army per level? Maybe it's just me, but my idea of a WWII James Bond isn't a guy that bursts into a heavily fortified German military base with a big bad ass machine gun massacrating everything in his path. This doesn't make sense and it seems like some random kid designed the game.

    Avoid...more info
  • Disappointed.
    The game is set during WW2, the bloodiest war in the history of mankind, yet in MOHAA you wont see a drop. Its seems like the enemy drops to the floor and plays dead when you shoot them. Not very realistic. Im not saying I need to see gallons and gallons of blood and body parts but come on, its WW2. Does EA really believe that "sanitized" violence is somehow less violent. There are no civilians caught in the crossfire. No friendly fire, you dont need to practice ammo discipline because the battlefield is littered with it, you cant lean left and right in the singleplayer campaign, and overall the enemy AI is not very sharp. There are no cut-scenes either. That said, MOHAA does have some very enjoyable sections, beginning with the Omaha landing, but again, it didn't seem realistic. It was almost arcade. Keep in mind enemies are spawned as you progress through each map. For example, a guard tower may seem empty, however move forward enough, and the game will instantly spawn an enemy into it, effectively barring your ability to use stealth. You cant sneak up on something if its not there. Worst of all was the conclusion. The last map was pathetic. I felt like the game just fizzled out. Maybe I was expecting the game to end in Berin somewhere, not some ho hum chemical weapons plant. The game starts out weak builds to some very good levels, but in the end it disappoints you, it did me. Its OK but it didn't make me want to buy any of the sequels, and I probably wont. ...more info
  • Allied Assault
    Excellent, true, shootem up game. I wish that the expansion packs were just as fast as the real game though. Spearhead addition is a little slow. Probably because of my computer though. Definitely recommend for anyone who likes a little history with real life shooting....more info
  • A non-fanboi review...
    I had heard a lot of great things about this game before buying it so I was pretty excited to get to it. However, I quickly became disillusioned with the game. First, lets talk about the pros:

    1) Decent graphics but nothing great.
    2) Good sound.
    3) Well written mission briefings and clear mission objectives.
    4) Good variety in the missions. (This is the main reason I didn't quit before finishing)
    5) Mostly bug free.

    Ok, now the cons:

    1) Mediocre AI. The fact that the AI was lacking caused the designers to use cheating to provide an effective challenge.

    2) The Nazi's cheat. Personally, I think cheating is just a clutch so I will never give a game good marks when they use it. Here's an example: AI opponents sticking guns over crates or around corners and shooting. This, in and of itself, is not cheating but the fact that they are just as accurate when using this cheese is. They should have significant penalties when doing this. Mobs can also see you through tree foliage and bushes and will hit you when you can't see them at all.

    3) Most of the missions except in the beginning are impossible to complete without dying UNLESS you already know the maps and what's coming. I don't mind this kind of thing on occassion but it's very annoying when it's like this almost every mission. I want to live or die based on my skills not based on whether I played through the game before.

    In short, this game doesn't offer anything new to the genre. of MoH....more info

  • Medal of Honor: A must have!!!
    medal of honor allied assault is a must have. sadly i dont have this game but i play it at my friends house. anyway, in Medal of Honor, you play Leiutenant Powell of the US Army. You get to use authentic WWII weapons such as Thompson SMG, Brown Automatic Rifle (BAR) and some others like M1 Garand, MP40, Colt .45, and Mauser Kar98k sniper rifle. There are about 10 missions, each having four to five different parts to them. The missions take about 20- perhaps 60 minutes long depending on which mission it is. The enemy AI is very intelligent, like they run away from grenades and dodge your bullets realisticly. Its very fun and very challenging and i really reccomend it. BUT, there is one problem with it!!! the ending stinks!!!! i wont tell u what it is youll just have to find out. i think they ended it the way they did so they could make way for the Spearhead expansion pack, which i have never played. good luck playing MOH:AA -patrick...more info
  • PLEASE read this if are thinking about buying it
    If you want a World War II game where you are part of an army in an attack with tanks and vehicles to an enemy occupied village, or to be in the middle of a battlefield where two large armies meet, buy "Call of Duty", not this game. This game is a terrible mix of Rambo with James Bond.

    If you have decided to buy Call of Duty, you don't need to read the following. If you still have doubts, keep reading please, I'll explain why I think this game is a bad mix of Rambo with 007.

    In every mission and level, except one, you are sent to infiltrate German forts, laboratories, headquarters and places of the like. You go ALONE, except for a couple of levels where a soldier goes with you. That'd be fine, you may think, but it's not. Only in 2 levels you wear a German uniform and pass unnoticed. In the rest, you have to enter shooting like Rambo, plant bombs and steal documents, then run away with all the Germans chasing you, and when you exit the place, the bombs blow up and you can see the explosion behind you just like in a James Bond movie.

    That may sound fun, but it's not. All these German forts/places have alarms, and if someone sees you the alarm will sound and hordes of Germans will appear 2 feet away from you. It's frustrating, not fun. Instead of appreciating the environement, you will be sweating, and when you get killed or spotted, expect lots of hair pulling.

    It gets worse. In some of these missions a soldier/agent will go with you and you have to protect him. If he dies, you will fail the mission. It'd be ok, but this agent always run into the Germans, doesn't take cover, and doesn't run away from gernades.

    You can't choose how to approach the target you're given, or select what strategy to use; Instead, you go from point A to point B (like going trough a tunnel, even in the so called "Open spaces") all the way.

    You can't choose what weapon to use; For example, if you have an american sub-machine gun and want to switch it for a German sub-machine gun (Which is a lot better) you can't.

    You get to ride in a jeep and in a tank. However, these rides are so staged that you'll think you're in a disney ride instead of WWII. Also, when you're in the jeep, you can't duck to take cover, so you get killed every 2 minutes even on the "Easy difficulty".

    Your allies are so stupid and weak that you can have 1 or 20 of them and it won't make a difference. They don't use bazookas, throw grenades, or work cordinated. They just shoot to the nearest German, and if the Germans are far away, they'll try to reach them, exposing themselves to enemy fire, and frustrating your attempts of saving them.

    This game is so UNREALISTIC. You can't go stealth and you can't sneak into the enemy forts/places. Thus, you have to enter shooting like Rambo and you end up killing 80+ germans per level ALONE. In this game you use the guns and not your head.

    You never, NEVER, enter Germany. What the game box says is a lie. All you do in the last mission is destroy a target in the border between France and Germany, not in the "heart of nazi germany".

    If you're reading this, thank you for reading my entire review. Again, if you want a good WWII first person shooter, buy Call of Duty. What you'll say after finishing Allied Assault is not "WOW! look at that", is "Mmm... this is it?"....more info
  • Not what these people have reviewed,
    I'd like to play the game that all these people rate as a 5 start game, because obviously it's not Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. I'll list the reasons for why I don't like it, so you potential customers can take a look at both sides of the story (Instead of reading reviews made by 9 year olds who rate as 5 stars all games where they can shoot something).

    First, the title. Why is it called "Medal of Honor: Allied Assault" when instead of historical WWII battles all you do is James Bond missions, blowing up secret bases, stealing devices "that could change the fate of the war" and etc? It should be called "Medal of Secrecy: One man Assault". Obviously, the title was made to fool people like me (Maybe you too) who wanted war games, not espionage games. That's just a title, and may not bother you, so I'll move on.

    Only once, during the entire game, I felt I was in a war (During the D-Day level). During the rest of the game, I was running around secret bunkers and factories following some pesky Coronel's secret missions, killing ridiculous amounts of Germans (About 80+ per scenario), destroying artifacts that were suposed to give superpowers to the Nazis, alone, with no troops helping you. You probably read the thing about using a german uniform to sneak in unnoticed, but the problem is that you only do that in 2 levels during about 20-30 seconds (Then the game is set to automatically discover you).

    Wait, it gets worse. Espionage would be ok, even with all these uncountable errors, but the problem is that during all the game, you have to go from point A to point B (Like going trough a tunnel) to complete your mission. That means that you don't have to think about strategy or what weapon to use in a specific situation; The whole game, and I'm not liying, is going trough a hallway/narrow street/Narrow path, with no alrternative routes, shooting at the nearest thing that moves. It's not fun; You use the guns instead of your head.

    Maybe you're now saying "Ok, ok, but I still get to ride a tank and a jeep". Sorry but you don't ride the jeep; You just sit in the back, without being able to move, shooting to the nearest germans, while the driver takes you from point A to point B (Like a Disney ride, but with shooting). The tank is more or less the same thing, except that you control the turret and you can fire at other tanks (And destroy about 20-30, which redefines the word "Unrealism"). You can only go from point A to point B, across a very narrow path in the so called "open spaces". I've never been to France, but I highly doubt that the French put think brick walls to the sides of every road in their country.

    It still gets worse; During the game, you can't switch weapons. Let's say you have a american sniper rifle but want a german sniper rifle (Which is the best). You can be stading on top of it but you can't pick it up and throw your original rifle away. The same happens with grenades unless you deplete them.

    The medals are very eye-candy, but for the first 5-6 minutes. You won't stand there watching a medal all day long, won't you? Also, the game is called "Medal of Honor" but you can't win the Medal of Honor. That's rather disppointing, you know.

    Is this the reason for why toushands of americans died for in Europe? To be remembered as super spies that killed hundreds of germans single handedly, that changed the fate of the war just in a couple of secret missions? If I was a WWII veteran, I'd be offended by this game.

    If you want a first person shooter game, buy "Operation Flashpoint: Game of the Year Edition." The fact that it was Game of the Year and the fact that it works even on the most terrible computers leaves it quite clear....more info
  • Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
    This game rules! The graphics are pretty good, but sometimes, at close quarters, you can see inside your CO's skull. In addition, sometimes dead bodies protrude through walls, and you can put your hand through a door and still shoot at somebody on the other side. However, the weapons are pretty well balanced, and the multiplayer is good. It is easy to learn how to play a good FPS from playing this game.
    Most importantly, this game is fun, and you can spend hours playing it.
    I strongly recommend buying this game....more info
  • Save your $$$
    Boy,what a letdown.I don't like this game at all.ince when should you need to dump a 30 round clip into an enemy before he drops?Buy call of duty,much better game.Graphics are better too!...more info
  • Overrated.
    While this game isn't exactly worthless (it has very good graphics and a nice atmosphere), it is WAY overrated. I had heard that this was a great game, so I was really excited when one of my friends let me borrow it. Once I started playing it, however, I quickly went from unimpressed to simply disappointed.

    This game is really just a run-of-the-mill first person shooter that happens to take place during WWII. You never actually feel like you're in the middle of a war. Rather, you are running around on secret missions, blowing stuff up and fighting ridiculous numbers of enemies all by yourself, just like 007 in "Nightfire" (hey, another crummy title from EA games!) There's nothing really wrong with that, it's just that the game is called "Allied Assault" not "One-man Assault" so you'd think it would be more of a war game. You do get allies on occaision, but they are incredibly pathetic and stupid and always get themselves shot as soon as they can.

    Apart from allies that don't help you, this game is filled with guns that don't fire when you need them to. That gets kind of annoying, since it seems that you have to empty an entire clip into a bad guy to kill him. And yet another really annoying thing about this game: there is absolutely no blood of any kind! I don't understand this. There have been many games that include blood and have have still recieved a "T" rating. The reason that the lack of blood is so irritating is that when you shoot at the bad guys, you can't tell if you hit them or not! I can fire several rounds at a Nazi and he'll just be standing there like nothing happened. When you actually do hit the bad guys, they simply fall over... and if you havn't hit them enough times, they get right back up! Again, this reminds me of "Nightfire," that 007 game in which there is no blood and you end up wasting a whole machine gun clip on one guy because you can't tell if you hit him or not ("Nightfire," I must say again, is a terrible game, much worse than "Allied Assault." Ian Fleming was probably turning over in his grave when they realeased it.)

    What else can I say? Oh yeah, the controls suck! And you can forget about using stealth. The game tries to make you think that you can be sneaky and use your brain when you play, but in reality, since there is no way to use stealth, you have to just run and gun your way through the levels while getting shot time after time by your enemies. There is really no way to avoid getting shot. The pattern that you have to use is this: shoot, get shot, and then find the health packs that are conveniently lying around everywhere you go.

    But what annoyed me MOST OF ALL was that for multiplayer, you have to use Gamespy. Now, tell me: why should anyone have to pay extra money to subscribe to Gamespy when they've already coughed up 30 to 50 bucks for "Medal of Honor"? That brings me to my next point. I am glad that my friend let me borrow this game and that I didn't cough up ANY money to play it!...more info
  • Good overall
    Graphics texture quality is a bit bland (especially when compared to other games such as Return to Castle Wolfenstein). The animation, especially the people, isn't that smooth. RtCW, again, does this better. You can only go melee with your pistol while the German troops can go melee with their rifles. (This is resolved in Spearhead). The lack of bloodshed is easily dealt with by getting an add on file that can be found through a web search.

    Some missions could've been better done. For example, in the COVERT mission to rescue the pilot, you start off with a Colt .45 ACP and the Garand. You eventually get the silenced pistol and the Karbiner 98 sniper rifle. But you START OFF WITH the silenced pistol and the Springfield sniper rifle in the Norway mission. Who the hell missed that obvious inconsistency?

    My least favorite part of MOHAA had to be the last part of the King Tiger tank mission. Why couldn't I simply use that tank to blast out enemy troops in the buildings instead of running by them and getting shot at? If I absolutely had to run out of the tank to get to that spotting position, why didn't I have a partner? Aside from from helping me with the shootouts, he would've been most useful while I'm spotting and giving firing coordinates. He would guard against the enemy troops that somehow know where you are and come in PAIRS to kill you. This became so ridiculous that I came close to using the invincibility cheat code! And why is that King Tiger tank sitting on the bridge you prevent from being blown up? Tanks are already at a disadvantage when inside a city; staying on a bridge (where you have almost no maneuvrability) is stupid and suicidal.

    Don't get me started on the uncannily accurate marksmanship of the enemies whose AI is lacking. An example of bad AI is in the last part of the last mission; who runs into a building that's exploding? As exciting as the missions were, it became somewhat annoying to have enemies pop out of spawn points. If you play a mission enough times, you'll soon find where the spawn points are. I was also amazed that I could pick up ammo of the wrong caliber and find that it works. If you actually try to make 9mm bullets work in a .45 gun, I'll laugh my [rear] off.

    Looks like Dale Dye wasn't consulted enough.

    These shortcomings are compensated by a very good story line with different missions. Accurate weapon sounds (although I'm not so sure about the StG 44). The scripted speeches coming from the characters within each mission are well done. High quality music. The game is a challenge and not a pushover. D-Day was well done to the point where it was somewhat close to feeling like you were there....more info

  • Wow. Simply Wow.
    First and foremost: God bless our troops. I really admire the courage of these guys, and am truly grateful for all they do. That aside, this game is wow.

    The previous Medal of Honor games were fun. They had their problems, sure, but overall they were a great playing experience. Allied Assault was an impulse buy for me. I installed it, opened it up, and played it for five straight hours.

    The graphics are absolutely solid. They're gritty, as World War II should be. The sounds are wonderful. The controls are easy to get, the gameplay is great. It's difficult enough that you won't feel cheated, yet easy enough to not get frustrated. I especially like the new guiding arrow on your compass, alieiviating the problem of level negotiation. The storyline is pretty good, taking you through pivotal moments in the Great Campaign Against Tyranny.

    Now, the most important part of Allied Assault: it portrays the sacrifice, courage, and valor of the brave men who fought and died in World War II. This game portrays the horror of war, the heroism of men, and the importance of freedom, all the while maintaining a Teen rating. There's no blood in this game, no gore, and yet I still cringed to see my men go down. The D-Day level is the best I've ever seen. I found myself ducking whenever a shell exploded near my character. You hear men weeping with fear. You see men hugging their knees, scared out of their minds. You see other men encouraging them to move forward. You see medics running through machine gun fire to help the wounded, with no regard for their own safety. All these are sights and sounds one would have experienced had you actually been there. I must give EA a standing ovation for their accurate portrayal of the horror of war and the valor of the men who fight in it. Here here.

    If you buy one FPS this year, make it Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. While you're at it, get the Spearhead expansion. It may be better than the base set, showing you the valor of the 101st Airborne. I swear you won't regret it....more info

  • One of the best FPS ever
    Bought this to replace CD 1 which got screwed up over the years of owning this game. I always loved this game and playing online has always been a blast. Not as many servers for this game as there used to be is the only downside....more info
  • absoloutely amazing
    this game is amazing there is a huge variety of chalanging missions you will go on...the best part is D-Day I have played d-day alone 5 times in two days, it is so amazingly realistic,the best FPS game ive ever played!!!!!...more info
    Here's What I think of this game:

    Graphics 10/10:

    Wow, if you have a PC that alows you to play MOH:AA on all the high settings, then you'll be blown away with the detail in every level. Weather it's the scared look on a fellow rangers face or the smoke from a recently fired Kar 98 Sniper Rifle, everything looks real. There are very few things that ever look amiss in the game.

    Sound 8/10:

    Don't get me wrong, the sounds is really good. You can here soldiers wispering, wimpering, rain falling, defining explosions, far off gun fire, taunts, and pretty much all sounds that you'd expect in a WW2 game. But, and yes there is a but, the game tends to have a few sound gliches. For instance, in parts of the game, you'll fire a weapon and there will be no sound. You'll here the bullet hit what ever it is you shot at, but there wont be a "BANG" when you press the fire button. There are other similare problems, weather its a bug in the game or what, im not sure. But what i really like is how the weather effects, muffle rifle shots. So when hidding, knowing there are enemy snipers around you, you're left wondering if it was a gun shot you hear or distant clap thunder. At points in the game, it gets really intense.

    Single Player Mission Structure 11/10:

    Perfect. Simply perfect. The missions are very well done. From North Aferica to Norway to France to Germany, you'll be leading ranger squads, sabotaging German equipment, infiltrating German HQ, and you even get to drive a KING TIGER TANK. The D-DAY mission is by far the best level I've every played in a FPS, followed up by the mission where you're a sniper and are sneaking around a bombed out French village, taking out opposing snipers. What I also enjoyed was how you'd be awarded medals for doing secret objectives (e.g. destroying a group of Tanks)

    Weapons 10/10:

    In this game you're givin a wide range of different guns and granades, all look and sound really good. You can use the Colt. 45, OSS Hi-Standard Silenced Pistol, M1 Garand (best rifle in the game) Springfeild '03 Sniper Rifle, Thompson SMG, the BAR, Mark 2 Frag Granades, Bazooka, Winchester Shotgun, .30 CAL Mounted Machine Gun, Walther P38, Mauser KAR 98K, MP40, KAR 98 Sniper Rifle, STG44 STURMGEWHR, MG42 Mounted Machine Gun, Stielhandgrenate and the Panzershreck.

    Muliplayer 7/10:

    It isnt bad, but nothing new. You have your free for all, team death match, round based match and objective based match. The maps are good and are very detailed; giving you a real sense of fighting on the WW2 front.

    Realism 9/10:

    This games about as real as your going to get. The soldiers on both sides where the appropriate uniforms, say and do the logical thing when attacked and suprised, your team mates arnt completely useless (unlike other FPS like all Delta Force games) and theres depth in what the characters say. Soldiers will cry out with emotion and bark orders with rage, non sound as if there being read from a script. However, your team mates aiming isnt that accurate. For and example, there points in the game where a German soldier will be right infront of fellow ranger. Both will shoot at each other and both will miss, even if there face to face. Also, on the D-Day level, theres a Medic on the beach who has a Colt pistol strapped onto his side. In any armed force, now and then, Medics werent aloud to carry wapons. These things are small and dont really effect the game much, unless your a realism freak or a history buff.

    Overall 10/10:

    Worth its weight in gold. BUY IT!...more info

  • A great FPS game
    This game is an exellent first person shooter that is sure to impress and entertain you. MOHAA is very realistic and features missions in both Norway and North Africa, two theaters not commenly focused on in American schools. while it is disapointing that the game did not featur any American, Italian or Solviet troops. Overall the graphics and gameplay was exelent and can be run on an old computer(mine is 3 years old!). The one down side to this game was that it wasn't very open. They basicly led you to where you need to go, Theres not much to figure out. However a great game all in all. :)...more info
  • Three years old and still the best
    The first Medal of Honor game I played was MOH Frontline for the XBOX. I liked it a lot at first, but there were a ton of things in it that didn't make me want to play through it again. The AI was horribly stupid in terms of cover and weapon accuracy. Sometimes I would just sit there and stare at the enemy soldier standing about 15 feet away from me, shooting all around me with his rifle. Another dissapointment in Frontline was the D-Day mission, which was way too easy. You get blown out of your landing craft, swim to shore and run around on the beach with two MG42s blindly fireing short bursts in your general direction, along with your allies charging at the trenches. At Omaha, most of the troops were pinned down at the shoreline behind the obsticals because of the machine gun and mortar fire. Because Medal of Honor Allied Assault came out before Frontline, I was sceptical as to whether Allied Assault would be any better. I gave in to the great price it's selling at right now and bought it. The first mission doesn't really fit the amazing opening level profile that the Medal of Honor series has kept with most of their games, but it's a lot more fun than any opening missions that I have played in any other Medal of Honor games. You and a small group of soldiers riding in the back of a truck go to a small village where a british special forces soldier is being held at an enemy prison. When the guard at the checkpoint outside the town doesn't buy the ID, the stealthy rescue mission turns into intense, close-quarters battle through the town. I was amazed by the amount of little details in the game and wondered why they couldn't do it in the later Medal of Honor Frontline. Then I realized that a computer is far more powerful than a game system such as the XBOX, something I overlooked when I was worrying about the quality of the game. The little details that I am referring to are things like the shell casings flying from my allies gun when he fires, each one bouncing off of walls and rolling across the floor, and shrapnel, dirt and peices of wood flying from a grenade explosion. The graphics are a little rough around the edges, but they are far from bad. I was never once dissapointed by them. The character models are good and the explosions are detaled. Now, I'm just saying that they could be better for those of you who can't enjoy a game unless the graphics are top notch. In my view, the graphics are still great. I have a 32MB graphics card and the game still looks great with the texture detail set for medium (the framerate never drops on this setting no matter how crazy the fighting gets). The sound is excellent, from the weapons to the great orcastral score that always fits the level perfectly. The games 30 levels are very well layed out and very challanging. I am playing with the difficulty level set for medium and I often find myself repeating the same level over and over again putting myself on the verge of crushing the mouse. However, no matter how frustrated this game will make you, you'll always find yourself starting the game back up and having another shot at it. The controls are great and easy to get the hang of. There is no way to zoom in and look down the sights (aside from sniper rifles) which can be a problem at times, but little things like that aren't enough to bring this game down. I noticed many reviewers complaining about the levels not providing enough ammo for you to complete the mission. I guess the people who are complaining about this must spend time between fights shooting pictures on the walls or something, because I have not once run out of ammo for all my weapons, and I can only recall one occasion where I run out for everything but my pistol, and even then I just took out a few more enemys and I was loaded back up and on the move. The AI isn't the best, but far better than the AI in it's console brothers. They don't do much in terms of trying to find cover, but this makes the battles more intense in a way. There is more action if everyone is standing in the middle of the street blasting away at each other rather than running around trying to find a good place to hide whenever they see an enemy. The AI is also very good with grenades. As for the accuracy issue that the AI in Frontline has... it's a little too good in Allied Assault. The fact that an enemy soldier can nail me with a MP40 submachine gun from 400 feet away gets on my nerves and the snipers will drop you before you even know what happened. The D-Day mission in Allied Assault is very action packed and extreamly hard at first. It took me a while to figure out how many MG42s where on the cliffs and in the bunkers because I was too busy trying to get behind something. When your landing craft reaches shore, the ramp drops and the four soldiers in front of you are immediately cut down by machine gun fire coming right into the ship. You have to jump out and wade ashore with MG42 fire landing all around you. It took me almost ten trys before I finally made it out of the water and got behind a shingle without being cut down in four feet of water. However, with my health already very low after being hit so many times while trying to get to cover, I was promptly shot to pieces the second I poked my head out when I tryed to run to another shingle about eight feet away. When you eventually make it to the barbed wire fence farther up on the beach, you have to destroy the barrier so your forces can reach the bunkers. The invironments are very good and nicely accessable. You can go into many buildings, take cover behind debris and man machine guns. MOHAA isn't the most realistic game, though. The fact that you are either on your own or with very small groups of soldiers much of the time makes you wonder how you can take on a whole army of enemy troops. The unit damage is very unrealistic as well (I was under the impression that a person is supposed to die when he takes two M1 garand rounds to the spine and one to the back of the head). There is also the matter of your character being able to carry a pistol, a submachine gun, a heavy automatic rifle, a sniper rifle, at least four hand grenades, a radio, demo charges and an anti-tank weapon all at the same time. Medal of Honor Allied Assault also has a great if somewhat difficult to figure out online multiplayer. I prefer playing games online at places that have everything already set up allowing you to just boot it up and play. Gamespy is more of an "I'll let you play in my sandbox, but you have to provide your own toys" kind of thing. Sure, you can just join a public server match, but I don't really like to get involved in too much of that stuff. If you're looking for a realistic and historicly accurate WWII game, you should try Call of Duty (unless your computer can't handle Call of Duty's system requirements). However, if you are looking for a fun FPS, or just a good game set in WWII with great multiplayer, this is the game that you want. ...more info