20' Aluminum Flag Pole with 3'X5' Nylon flag with sewn stripes & embroidered stars
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Product Description

Lightweight 100-percent Perma-Nyl nylon flag flies in the slightest breeze, retains color, dries quickly, and maintains durability with #2 solid brass grommets in white canvas heading, embroidered stars, double-stitched sewn stripes, and 4-stitching reinf orced fly hem. Satin-anodized, 16 gauge x 2"OD aluminum pole topped with decorative gold-anodized ball. Set includes 3' x 5' flag, aluminum pole, 3" aluminum ball, 6" die-cast aluminum cleat, strong halyard rope, 3/8" nylon snap hooks, PVC ground sleeve, and 2" cast aluminum truck with nylon pulley.

Set firmly into the ground, this 3-by-5-foot U.S. flag will wave in tricolor triumph through many holidays. It's made of heavy nylon with double-stitched red and white stripes and embroidered white stars on the familiar blue background. It dries quickly after rain, resists fading in sunlight, and remains durable in wind--yet is light enough to flap in the slightest breeze. The flag attaches with simple snap hooks to a thick nylon halyard that hauls the flag up a sturdy, 2-inch diameter, 20-foot (above-ground) satin-finish aluminum pole. The halyard runs through a nylon pulley in a cast-aluminum "truck" at the pole's top and ties to a 6-inch cast-aluminum cleat. Above the truck, a 3-inch diameter gold ball, anodized like the pole for hardness, screws into the pole, and a setscrew keeps the ball securely in place.

The pole comes in five sections that slip into one another. To keep it upright, there's an 18-inch section of PVC pipe that serves as a ground sleeve. Instructions on the box explain how to set the ground sleeve in concrete. Installation is not complicated, and, once installed, Old Glory will fly permanently in any outdoor setting. --Fred Brack

  • 3' by 5' Nylon flag with embroidered stars, and sewn strips
  • 20 Foot pole (above ground)
  • Embroidered stars and double stitched sewn strips
  • 3" Gold anodized aluminum ball
  • PVC ground sleeve included

Customer Reviews:

  • Pretty nice Flag Pole
    I had my flag pole set up (in cement) and flying the flag without much trouble. The flag is nice and of good quality. The pole seems slightly cheap to me. When I put all the pole sections together they don't make a perfectly straight pole...so the pole leans slightly. I notice things like this but I would guess the average person would just see a nice flag pole. The pole also moves around in the wind more than I thought it would, even without the flag. Overall I would buy it again, but I think if I move and want another flag pole I would go with one that is 1 solid pole without sections.

    The week after I put the pole in Hurricane Wilma came through Florida. I easily took the pole apart and left only the bottom section. It was nice being able to take it down and put it back up with little effort....more info
  • Very happy with the flag and flag pole
    I was very happy to receive this product and love it. So far there are no problems....more info
  • Love It.
    Perfect. Arrived quickly. Installed easily (once I bought a small bag of cement mix and used a level to ensure that it is straight). Looks great. Anchor for rope is loose, but I think I can fix that fairly easily. Love seeing it ever morning I leave for work and arriving home each evening....more info
  • Satisfied
    Very satisfied with this purchase. Did not want all 20 feet. Left out one section to meet my desired height. Price is right. Very easy assembly and installation....more info
  • Best Value for the Dollar and can't be Blown Down
    We bought it to see if the kit could stand up to the elements of the Colorado River Valley winds, sun and other desert elements. Before recommending the kit to friends. We have had one of the Valley Forge, U.S. residential flagpole kits installed in our front year for over 18 months. We installed a spot light next to the ground sleeve, so we could fly it 24 hours a day. We are happy to say that "you can not beat the value received for the money put out" The pole it still up, the plastic clips for the brass grommets on the flag have held up, the halyard rope is still in tack. The flags have had to be changed 3 times over the 18 month period, which is longer than anticipated. Overall quality is a grade of A-. Glad to see it was "Made in the USA". Bruce and Londa MacElrath - Fort Mohave, AZ...more info
  • 20' Aluminum Flag Pole
    Delivery as promised; instructions clear; can leave out one or more five foot sections if aesthetically appropriate. Completely satisfied....more info
  • Excellant addition to any property
    It looks elegant, enhances my property, and makes me feel proud. I never leave it up at night and never when it either rains or snows, however it can withstand strong winds. Setup was relatively easy. I moved the cleat to a spot where I could more easily reach it. The digging and the mixing of the cement took an effort that the average homeowner should not find too difficult. Look for the installation instructions on the box.

    ...more info
  • 20' Sectional Flag pole
    I was very disappointed in the stability of this flag pole. It wobbles and shakes at the joints and is not strong enough to hold a 4' x 6' foot flag nor is it strong enough to hold two flags. I am actually going to have to replace the pole because when I added my USMC flag it bent the pole. The metal actually bent, not the joints so now I have a curved pole. I am going to contact the manufacture as well....more info
  • Great Kit
    The flag pole "kit" arrived on a Friday. I had the well made flag flying high on Sunday. Real eazy to install and looks great. If you are looking to install a flag pole of your own don't pass this one up....more info
  • Another great purchase.
    This is the 2nd flag pole I have ordered. My Daddy like his so good that I ordered one for my Grandpa. He loves it. Great product for the price!!...more info
  • The US Flag & Flag Pole
    This flag & pole has been worth what little money you put out. I would buy this item again in a heart beat.Rhonda Morrison,Oxford Alabama...more info
  • Great But With Minor Flaw
    First off, the flag is made in the USA, but the pole, rope, etc. is made in China. Secondly, the main problem I noticed, like another reviewer, is that the rope bracket was on the wrong end of the next to bottom pole piece. I decided to remove the bracket piece and drill the holes in the correct location and remount it. A bit sloppy that they didn't check the poles to make sure they were correct before distributing them, but I guess if they did this, the price would be much higher possibly. Either way, it's great once it's mounted in the ground.

    ...more info
  • Fully MADE IN USA?......NOT! Caveat Emptor
    Quoting VFF web site
    "It is both Valley Forge Flag's philosophy and practice that U.S. flags be sourced, woven, dyed, finished, sewn, and distributed in the U.S.A. in domestically owned facilities with American labor."

    That being said, "LET THE BUYER BEWARE" The fine print that you only see on the box once you order it is "FLAG MADE IN USA" other parts made in China. I purchased this because VF doesn't mention the fact that the pole and it's parts are imported. I was pretty confident that I was getting an all American product. I sent an email to them complaining about this via their web site and apparently they don't care what people think. I never got a response. The Flag and pole are very nice, but I wanted to purchase American made and not an import. I researched this for a week or two before deciding to make this purchase. BEWARE - It's not false advertising, just not being completely truthful. CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!

    ...more info
  • Great product
    My husband loves his flag pole. We put about 10' of pvc pipe into the center to keep it from breaking! It works! Flag flying high!...more info
  • flag pole
    product was of good quality and fit together well only problem was that the bracket that tyed down the rope was not on right end of pole section...more info