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Tiffen 72mm Color Graduated Neutral Density 0.6 Filter
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Product Description

Often, you want to balance light intensity between two areas within a scene. This is important outdoors to allow more sky detail while properly exposing the foreground. Exposing for the foreground will produce a washed-out, over-exposed sky, exposing for the sky will leave the foreground dark, underexposed.Color-Grad Neutral Density filters are part clear, part neutral density, with a smoothly graded transition between. A Color-Grad ND.6-to-clear is often best for balancing sky to foreground. Neutral gray appearance drops exposure.

The perfect solution to transform a pallid sunrise or sunset into something spectacular. A neutral density 0.6-to-clear is often best for balancing sky to foreground.

  • Half color, half clear with a graduated density transition for a smooth blending of color
  • Also for use in black-and-white imaging
  • 72mm diameter
  • Neutral gray appearance drops exposure

Customer Reviews:

  • 3 filters for a small price
    This review is for: Tiffen 72mm Photo Essentials Filter Kit (3 filters). good filters to begin photography with. They were delivered with a protective case. ...more info
  • Great product for the price
    I have no problems with this product in the few times that I have used it so far. In hindsight I would have gotten a step up ring and gotten a 77mm filter as with a UV and the ND filter you get vignetting at wide angle.
    ...more info
  • Like the Product - Not a Fan of the Distributor
    I ordered this product for my new Nikon D200 camera. The product was at a fair price and arrrived quickly.

    This shipment is supposed to contain two components - a clear UV protection filter (mostly to protect the lens) and a circular polarizer filter (to help make the sky bluer and reduce reflected light).

    HOWEVER, the state it arrived in was shocking:
    1) Half the shipment was missing (the circular polarizing filter was not present)
    2) The UV filter wasn't in its original Tiffen protective packaging, but was instead floating around the box loose in a plastic bag.
    3) Product had clear scuffs and scratches.

    It would appear to me that the Tiffen product is good. However I cannot recommend J&R (and therefore Amazon) as a good source for buying this particular product. It arrived in a shocking state and is being returned....more info
  • Very disappointed.
    Had to send them back - VERY disappointed. The polarization of the circular polarizer was okay - but as you dialed the polarization down, a warm tone seeped into the image. So you either had cool (temp) polarized image, or a non-polarized, warm image. I could only handle it for about 30 mins before I went back inside and removed the filters and put it back in the box. Didn't even try the UV filter....more info
  • Good filters
    I have used the UV filter since it arrived. I attached it to the 18-200mm VR lens and it never comes off. I also use the polarizer lens during bright sunlight. It makes the colors really come alive. All around good filter set....more info
  • Not Great
    Bought these for my Nikon D200 about 3 months ago. Never having used Tiffen before I took a chance on a recommendation. Vignetting can be an issue for polarizing filters and the vignetting on this one is the worse I've seen. Build quality of all the filters is really not very good. Going to go back to Hoya's which are much better....more info
  • Good basic filter set
    I bought this for my Sony Alpha A100 camera with a Tokina lens. This is a great kit and more importantly, comes with the filters that you really need. The product was as expected (no defects or faults).

    For $60, this is a decent buy if you want to get started quickly....more info
  • Not sure about it !
    I feel that these filters are not required if you have digital camera the coze you you can do what ever you like by computer graphics programs only the UV protector is important....more info
  • Tiffen filter set
    This filter set, for being the remarkable price it is, has treated me excellently. My only complaint is that the filters are a little thick if you plan on stacking. But other than that, This is an excellent set. I also love the carrying case. Extremely handy...more info
  • Good basic set of filters.
    This is a good basic set of filters.
    Caution: these filters are NOT coated, so you may get quite a bit of lens flare-up when shooting in direct sun. It gets rather disappointing if you put it on some excellent lens, so I can't give it 5 stars. However, with a hood or hand blocking out the sun, you should be fine. The filters are definitely a great value for the price....more info
  • It's ok filter lens
    The Filter is not like what i expected. i'd rather try another filter like hoya...more info
  • Blue dye coming off Circular Polarizer

    Some blue stuff came off the glass when I try to clean it. What does this say about the quality?...more info
  • good basic set
    Good basic set of inexpensive filters. Nice case. Great for a beginner/starting set. If you're willing to spend more money on filters, getting B+W or Hoya will suit you better. ...more info
  • Great for 18-200mm VR
    I did not had problem like others like product being dirty or anything. If you stack them you'll get vignetting. UVP is just clear protection glass as it states. Already love 812. All 3 Fits perfect on 18-200mm VR.It comes with filter holder which is great to carry around. Adorama is great. I ordered it on 17th and received it on 20th via USPS. I received it on time but USPS did not provided any tracking info at all. ...more info
  • Good filter
    The filter provides the protection I intended for the lense. I remove it when I am shooting in "safe" situations and remount it when shooting in difficult, crowded or situations where protection is imperative...more info
  • Baby Age Does Not sell Tiffen Lens Filters
    Amazon and Baby age had a bad listing and I was a victim. I ordered the Tiffen 72HTHZE86 72MM Digital HT HAZE 86 Titanium Filter shown on Amazon as being sold by Baby Age and I received a pillow. I called Baby Age and they said they don't sell lens filters. They provided UPS return postage for the pillow. Baby Age will not credit the $36.36 payment to my VISA. They sent me an e-mail giving me a credit for purchase of another Baby Age product. I will pursue the VISA refund through Amazon. Meanwhile, I advise lens filter buyers to ignore any listing showing Baby Age as a seller of Tiffen lens filters.
    ...more info
  • good filter
    I bought this to combat differences in light and shadow and it does just that. Although it is not as strong as I thought .6 ND filter would be (I should have gotten a .9 ND) for a .6 it does exactly what it is supposed to and rotates very well. The seller got it to me in a timely fashion and without damage. Overall a great purchase for your camera arsenal....more info