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3M Precise Mousing Surface with 3M Gel Wrist Rest Blue Water Design 8.71 in x 9.21 in
List Price: $22.99

Our Price: $17.71

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Product Description

Go precisely where you point. Micro-groove polymer surface virtually eliminates slippage and improves grip and traction of mouse ball at fast speed. The wrist rest cushioning gel conforms to your wrist.

  • Ideal for the optical or standard computer mouse
  • Micro-groove technology helps prevent slipping
  • Helps achieve more accurate, synchronized movement between your mouse and cursor
  • Improves your performance in a smaller mousing area
  • Soft, non-irritating and non-chafing, leak-free, oil-free construction.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great product, Very satisfied customer
    I bought this mouse pad and I am very satisfied with it. The wrist support is very firm and really reduces the stress in my hand. The bottom surface is anti-slipping and the pad remains solidly in place. The mouse surface does a nice job with this logitech optical mouse (product 931643-0403); the mouse tracks without any glitch. The size also appears to be perfect; I use a 17 inch monitor and I do not run out of pad space. The only complaint that I have is that I just discovered that this pad comes in other colors than the blue displayed on this page when my product arrived and I looked at the enclosed cartoon. In case you did not like this blue one: MW311LE is black, MW311MX is black/gray and MW311BH has a beach theme on it (all available on Amazon). For aesthetic reasons, I would have preferred the black one, but I am not returning mine....more info
  • Surface Area
    The surface composition and wrist pad on the 3M Precise Mousing Surface are right on but the surface area that the mouse has to travel on is much too small. I find myself having to reposition the mouse all the time. To be fair I did buy a new computer and monitor when I purchased this mouse pad. I went from a 17" to a 22" monitor. I don't know if this makes a difference in how the mouse travels on the pad....more info
  • Got it for CTS and it really does help
    I initially got a wrist rest about 20 years ago when I was diagnosed with CTS in my right wrist. Since I'm a lefty, mousing seemed to be the biggest stress on my right hand. Having my wrist at the proper angle made a big difference almost immediately. Though I have moved on from the old trackball mouse to an optical mouse, I still use this mousepad with the wrist rest. The gel rest is very comfortable and easily positioned to give your wrist proper support. The surface is probably meant for a trackball style mouse, but it works better for me than my slick wood desktop at keeping the mouse under control. ...more info
  • One of the best
    This is the best mousepad I have ever used. At first I used this because my ball mouse tracked better on the 'precise mousing surface', but i still use it because even non-ball mouse glide across it, and the gel wristpad can't be matched.

    My one at home lasted nearly 5 years, and I just recently replaced it. The old one probably would have lasted longer, but I ate a lot at my desk, and skin oils took it's toll.

    The only con is that it's kind of expensive, but it's worth it....more info
  • Easy on the wrist
    This not so simple mouse pad may be just what the doctor ordered. I like the surface for both mechanical and optical mice. The gel pad is quite comfortable. The size and shape of the mousing surface means I rarely seem to run out of room or have to pick up my mouse and move it in order to continue (and I have dual monitors!)

    One drawback is that the surface is not smooth, but very slightly ribbed, like the old LP albums before CDs came along. A little dirt can can collect on the surface of the pad and it can be difficult to remove. Despite the above shortcoming, I would not hesitate to get another. In fact, I have two, one at home and one at work....more info
  • Would buy it again...
    I was hesitant to purchase this product based on the other reviews. The product arrived quickly and was as shown online. I would agree with the other reviewers that the ridges on the pad make it hard to clean and the surface scratches if you run your fingernail over it. With that being said, I really like everything else about it. The gel pad is high quality and doesn't seem to have any unsturdy seams where the gel would start to show. The precision of the mouse is noticable over using it on my desk. I use a wireless optical Microsoft mouse with it and it works like a charm. ...more info
  • Using this one for several years
    I have been using this very mouse pad for several years. Just this week I decided to replace my old one since it was too dirty and little torn because I needed one more. Now I have 2 brand new ones and I am as happy as have always been. I am using it with Microsoft Wireless Optical mouse and Microsoft Wireless Laser mouse and they both work very well. The mouse pas is big enough to allow border to border access on 1920x1200 resolution with my mouse. Could not be happier....more info