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Gina Prince-Bythewood, a former college athlete, puts a spin on this one-on-one tale of Love and Basketball. Sanaa Lathan (The Best Man) is the fiercely driven, hot-tempered Monica, a tomboy who gives her all for basketball. Omar Epps (The Mod Squad) is Quincy, an NBA player's son who has pro dreams of his own. Next-door neighbors since first grade, they start as rivals (she flabbergasts the boy by outplaying him in a game of driveway pickup) and age into best friends and lovers. The romantic complications follow a familiar game plan, but the film throws a fascinating spotlight onto the contrast between men's and women's basketball. While Quincy plays college ball on huge courts to cheering, sold-out crowds, we see Monica's sweat, tears, and sheer physical dedication in front of tiny audiences in small gyms and second-rate auditoriums.

The story is pointedly set in the late 1980s, years before the establishment of the WNBA, so Monica's prospects for pro ball lie exclusively in Europe, while Quincy steps into the pros at home. It's a pleasure to see a character as passionate and fully developed as Monica, and Lathan gives a fiery portrayal (she had never played ball before the film, but you'd never tell from her performance). Prince-Bythewood favors her struggle over Quincy's and opens our eyes to her unique challenges with a sharp, savvy contrast. Alfre Woodard costars as Monica's harping mom (always trying to get her to be more ladylike) and Dennis Haysbert is Quincy's philandering father. Hoops fan Spike Lee produced. --Sean Axmaker

Customer Reviews:

  • Good family movie
    My eight year old grandchild and I enjoyed this movie. He's into football and basketball, so it held his interest most of the time. Great basketball shots and a good plot. Mary Kleiss...more info
  • Love And Basketball (dvd)
    Easy to figure out - boy / girl , crush on each other in 'just' young , grade school kids. Both love basketball . Girl probably more proficient than boy, or seems to think so. All good ingredients for love story. Works for me,

    "mustyCeltic joe "...more info
  • Love and Basketball
    by Bea Atkinson.

    The movie Love and Basketball is a major inspiration in my life. I base my actions in life on the decisions made in this movie. Since Monica and Quincy were young adults, they set a goal in their lives. That goal was to make it as basketball stars. After working through their trials and tribulations, Monica and Quincy made their footsteps for success out of enemies and mistakes. A scene that inspired me was when Monica, who is my role model in the movie, made it to the WNBA....more info
  • Love and Basketball
    This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It really brings out the soft heart for someone who enjoys romantic movies. Everyone should see this movie....more info
  • Love and Basketball
    If you are like me and LUV basketball then this is a movie for you. If you are me and LUV Omar Epps, then this is a movie for you. If you don't know who Danaa Lathan (The Best Man, The Wood and Blade)is yet, then this is a movie for you.

    Basically, Love and Basketball is a great movie. A little teeny-bopper and predictable and all that jazz, but who cares? It is cute, sweet and it has girls playing some awesome ball, which is always a good thing.

    This is a romance wrapped around basketball. Or basketball wrapped around a romance. Either way, it has all the makings of a chick flick but it isgood anyway. Girl likes boy. Boy likes girl. They go steady. For about fiveminutes. They are friends. They get too cool for each other. They grow up.They get hormones. I am guessing you are seeing where this is going by now....more info
  • Amazing!!!
    If you're a romantic who just loves basketball then this is the ideal movie for you. The acting is scincere and real. You can feel the passion between the lovers both for themselves and basketball. This isn't jsut a chick flick, a guy can relate as well. ...more info
  • Love and Basketball
    This item arrived earlier than promised and in excellent condition. I would highly recommend this seller to anyone making a purchase on info
  • The Best African-American Romance of the last 25 years!!!!!!
    'Love and Basketball' is a low-budget African-American romance film that delivers and in a big way! Quincy (Omar Epps) and Monica (Sanaa Lathan) develop a friendship that transcends from adolescence to college and adulthood. Remarkably, they never seem to appreciate how much they love each other until situations present itself that threatens to tear them apart. I am only going to give two examples, so I will not spoil the film (if you haven't seen it yet):

    Well as the title suggests they both have a great love for basketball and you are taken on a journey down a very real road of what it is like to become a male and a female basketball star. I think as a male, it is more obvious in sports with the tokens and advantages but for females you might have to choose between playing in Europe or working at Sears. Remember this film is supposedly right before the WNBA. Quincy almost loses Monica, after expressing his great love for her during his final years as a Senior in high school. Surprisingly, she ends up going to the same college as him via basketball scholarship -- just barely. Monica's temper almost ruins everything!

    Then Quincy moves on with his life playing professional basketball with the Lakers, and Monica decides after being in the European Women's Basketball Leagues she is ready to come back to Los Angeles, her home. She comes at a time when Quincy is fighting a basketball injury, and just when you think she may have won his heart --- noda!

    I love the twists in this movie. Please rewind or skip back playing the last few minutes of the film or you might come to the wrong conclusion which would ruin the whole film. Please notice what Monica is wearing. And what Quincy mumbles out of his mouth.

    You have to watch the entire film to get it. Or else you will be stumped which makes you have to watch the film. No cheating here! I love this romance story. It could have had less language or profanity. That was totally unnessary in this movie. But beyond all this, it is the very best African-American Romance Drama of the past 25 years. Don't let the simplicity of it being a low-budget film fool you into believing it can't hang!

    ...more info
  • Finally- a movie my fiance and I agree on!
    It's not often my sports nut fiance and I agree on not only which movie to select, but whether or not it's actually good! Love and Basketball is one that we both really enjoyed. The film heats up both on and off the court- satisfying his need for slick b-ball moves and my quench for romance. Perfect flick for date night! The soundtrack is a great bonus. ...more info
  • DVD + Soundtrack????
    I LOVE this movie. Romantic, but not too sappy (guys will totally like it too). How cool that this one comes with the soundtrack!!...more info
  • It's Got Game
    I was forced to watch this movie as a concession to the girlfriend, but I actually really liked it. It's got great acting and the basketball scenes don't have a staged feel. The soundtrack was good and the story's romantic but not cheesy. I recommend it for guys and girls who want to watch something together they'll both enjoy....more info
  • A great date movie
    This movie is the perfect date movie - basketball for the boys and romance for the girls. Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan have great onscreen chemistry. Not to mention, the soundtrack is fantastic! ...more info
  • Great Movie!!
    This is a great DVD.
    Give this to anyone who loves Basketball. I watched it with my boyfriend at home and we both thought the movie was well written and acting was perfection. A+...more info
  • I Love This Movie
    I hadn't seen this movie for a while, but once I saw it on Amazon I had to get it. It's one of those movies that you have to own on DVD just because it's an old favorite. I love Sanaa Lathan in this movie, and how the love between Monica and Q was always there, from the moment he pushed her on her face. :D...more info
  • One of my favs
    I loved this movie when it first came out. (so does my boyfriend) And the soundtrack is really good. I highly recommend....more info
  • a great film that will touch all viewers (athletes or otherwise)
    Sometimes a great film comes along, that transcends barriers, and just emerges as a wonderful, solid body of work. "Love & Basketball" is one of those films. It is successful because it is not only a great basketball story, but it is also a great love story. What's more, the acting is compelling, completely believeable and natural. The film stars the beautiful Sanaa Lathan, as Monica, a passionate basketball player, who has known Quincy (Omar Epps), since she was six years old. They both share a passion for basketball, and the films opens with a young Monica challenging Quincy to a game of one-on-one. This is only the beginning of their relationship, as they go through their teen years together, as nextdoor neighbors, both aspiring to be the greatest baskbetball players they can be (in men's and women's divisions, respectively). Their friendship blossoms into something more, but can it be sustained through their trials and tribulations, on and off the baskbetball court??

    I reccomend this to people of all ages, sports and non-sports fans, and those who just want to see a great movie. It will touch your heart and soul, and leave you smiling....more info
  • Love & Basketball
    Great love movie to watch with your lady. Sanaa Lathan stole the show....more info
  • Best Movie Ever!!
    I first watched this movie ten years ago and i loved it!
    It is a movie that is for the boys and girls. Basketball and love!
    I love this movie because it is different from te other romantic comedies. it took me so long to find this movie on DVD but it was worth the wait!...more info
  • Amazing
    It's a really great love story between the girl next door and a guy who has been with a lot of women. Great twists in the story and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone!...more info
  • Lifetime TV comes to the movies
    I purchased this movie based on all the positive reviews, and it was served up to me as a recommendation.
    I must say, I was mistaken in pulling the trigger on this purchase. This movie is so sappy, and so far from possibly happening, it may as well be called "Cinderella & Prince Charming of Basketball". It's a modern day fairy tale, and frankly, that was not what I was expecting, when I had noticed it was produced by Spike Lee.
    After watching Spike Lee's "He Got Game", I thought this might be at least just as good. "He Got Game" had it's own problems, but this movie is simply not a quality piece of film making. Some of the acting is very good, but the "trials & tribulations" overcome by our stars, doesn't create enough of a sympathetic environment from the viewers stand point. (like say a Hossier's movie) This movie might be a good, "meet me in the middle" flick for a Saturday night, but should not be categorized as "sports" movie. I urge anyone considering this movie to do a little bit more in depth research, about the plot, plausibility, and ultimate "happy ending" of this movie....more info
  • loved it
    This movie was a really pleasant surprise. I hesitated seeing this movie because I thought it would be another guy sports movie but it came recommended by a friend. I rented it then ended up buying it. The storyline is great, the love story really sweet and the music even better than I thought as well. Highly recommend it!...more info
  • Great Movie with a GREAT Soundtrack- perfect for V-day!
    This is a classic movie. It's entertaining for both guys and girls and would be a cute to give as part of a Valentine's Day gift. My husband loves sports and enjoys watching the DVD, but I kept the soundtrack for me! Win/win! ...more info
  • Boy, what did I tell you about using that word?
    If there was a Sunday evening match-up between Love and Basketball, which would win? Which would you put your hard-earned savings on? What would be the odds? These are all some tough questions that I had hoped would be answered while watching the drama Love & Basketball. At first I thought this was going to be a "versus" film, but instead it turned out to be a comparison piece. Love & Basketball did something that most sports films only dream of accomplishing, creating a strong connection between the emotion on the court and the emotions of life. Sadly, this is the only element that it successfully accomplished, as most of it was more a dribble of cliches coupled by some poorly performed "dunks". The acting was decent, perhaps a bit too accentuated for the surroundings, but it was the characters that just seemed oddly mismatched. I felt as if I was watching and trying to get excited for a High School Junior Varsity game, when I honestly should have been focusing on a stronger, more defined team. There was some meat to this film, but you had to eat around the gristle to get there, and that wasn't enjoyable in the least. Love & Basketball was fun to watch, but didn't quite create that spark that was needed to electrify the court.

    Let's begin with Spike Lee. Now, I don't like to name drop in these reviews, but I am a big fan of Lee's work. I believe his films are some of the most underrated films in Hollywood. He is hard hitting, in your face, and extremely rough, but for me it works. I have not been disappointed with any of his work. I am however, disappointed with his involvement in this film. With Lee involved as a producer, I was expecting a much grittier portrayal of this basketball love. I wanted to see a better-defined connection between the two themes, but instead what I was handed was a chaotic bowl of spaghetti, with moments interweaving with other, non-connective moments. It was devastating to watch. Needless to say, Lee should have put his chops more into this film. It could have been dark, it could have been honest, but instead we were left with a sea of fouls, bad dribbles, and tons of air balls.

    The acting could have been stronger. I will agree that Omar Epps is a very talented player in Hollywood, but I do not think that he had a full understanding of this character. There were moments in Love & Basketball where I could see greatness emerging from Epps, sadly there were more scenes that just felt like they should be flushed with the rest of the garbage. Monica, aka Sanaa Lathan, could have been a stronger feminine voice. It was encouraging to see someone strive for their dreams, to see the counter-balance of how the world of basketball treats males and females differently, but she just wasn't strong enough. She balanced too much on Quincy (Epps) and ultimately it created a shallow character. Secondly, both of these characters came from wealthy homes. I don't know if you noticed, but both houses were beautiful and very upper class ... so where did that "gangsta" attitude come from? I didn't feel like it matched their characters well at all. I felt that it was used because director Gina Prince-Bythewood was trying to reach out towards a different audience than what should have been attempted. It was these types of inconsistencies that hurt this film. It wasn't just in the characters, but also in the story.

    There are huge scenes that were supposed to be very emotional and very triumphant that just floundered in this film because they were either 1) rushed or 2) never developed. This hurt, because by the time this film is nearing its completion, no matter how bad you think it is so far, you do feel a connection with these characters. You do want to see some resolution, and for that I can only applaud everyone's work. Unlike in some Hollywood films, you do feel connection to these two hearts. You feel compassion and devotion to their dreams and downfalls, but intermixed are these massive scenes of confusion. For example, near the end of the film, Monica and her mother have a very emotional talk. If this entire scene didn't arrive right out of mid air, than perhaps I would have been more excited about the tender moment, but it just seemed like Alfre Woodard needed a moment to demonstrate her acting chops. There wasn't enough development between Monica and her father, a key element that I believe should have been explored deeper. He understood her dreams, yet did nothing to support them. It seemed like it was a walking double negative that desperately needed more filling. Finally, where did the sister go midway through the film? We took all this time to develop the family, yet just as quickly as they go to college, we ignore them. Gina Prince-Bythewood had too much happening and didn't know how to handle the pressures.

    Overall, I will float down the center of the court for this film. Love & Basketball tried hard to develop this beautiful love relationship derived from the sport of basketball, but sadly, there were too many unneeded players on the court. The father side-story was worthless, as was all scenes dealing with Monica's family. The overall story was decent, but using the power of Spike Lee, there should have been more grit, more dirt, less plastic Hollywood. Was the director worried about going to far with this film? In my opinion, she should have reached for the sky and transformed this film into this emotional powerhouse. Instead, for some strange reason, I felt as if I was watching a sappy version of Bring It On. Is that bad of me?

    Grade: ** out of *****...more info
  • Not Just Another Romance Movie
    It took me a few years after the movie was released before I actually watched it. Sometimes I'm a little pessimistic when it comes to romance movies because the plot always seems to be the same. And though this movie uses the same interrelated sequences in most love stories, (girl meets boy, girl hates boy, girls loves boy, girl loses boy, girl and boy are together again) it does in a fresh way by using basketball as the backdrop. Monica and Quincy share a passion in basketball and in each other. But after they lose one another there passion for the game dwindles. Quincy (now engaged to another woman) injures himself after going pro but decides he should go back to school. While Monica returns home after playing women's professional basketball in Spain, because in her words "It's just no the same." Being without Quincy her first love and the man she was passionate about caused her to lose her passion for the game. It took a heated conversation with her mother to reignite the fiesty flames that Monica had always posessed. Monica was still in love with Quincy and decided to win him back through a game of basketball. Quincy had once told Monica that the only reason she ever beat him was because he let her. Monica believed that if Quincy let her win it was because he still loved her. Quincy appeared unenthused at the beginning of the game; which was puzzling for Monica. But at the end he won. Monica lost and the look in her face said that she felt as if she had also lost her first love, the one who put the passion in the game. As Monica turned away defeated Quincy voice said from behind, "double or nothing." Quincy was playing tough but he still loved her the two embraced and the moment that the viewer had been waiting for happens.

    This DVD also comes with full movie lenght commentary....more info
  • "All's fair in love and basketball..."
    Love and Basketball is simply an outstanding movie. Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan are terrific as Quincy McCall and Monica Wright, and the film documents their progression from teenage ballers to college sweethearts and basketball players at USC. The acting is top-notch, from both the two featured stars and the remainder of the cast. The plot is very engaging and maintains your interest throughout - you do not want to stop watching this movie!

    Quincy and Monica each have two big passions in their life: their love of hoops and their love for each other. Their romance evolves from adolescent puppy love in middle school to full-blown true love in college. Meanwhile, each has a different experience with basketball at the college level. Quincy steamrolls through his freshman year and has garnered interest in several NBA teams, while Monica finds herself the weakest link on the Lady Trojans' squad and must earn her keep and the respect of her teammates and no-nonsense coach.

    If it was just a love story, Love and Basketball would be an average film. But what pushes this movie over the edge is its insightful look at difficult struggles confronting college athletes as they strive to balance their sports, academic, and personal committments. Director Gina Price-Blythewood depicts numerous important social issues, including the dangers of groupies, the potential devastation of injuries brining about an abrupt end to athletic careers, and sexism confronting women in the domestic and professional spheres.

    This movie gave me a greater insight and empathy towards women confronting the glass ceiling in present-day society. The movie contains a strong message that challenges traditional sexist notions of "women's work" and a "woman's place" in the home and advocates females to strive to achieve their dreams.

    The DVD edition contains quite a bit of nice bonus features, including two short documentaries on challenging sexism. There are also segments on deleted scenes, bloopers and miscues during filming, and director's commentary.

    This is an overall great movie that you should not miss. ...more info