Blitz 11010 5 Gallon Steel Gas Can
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Product Description

5 Gallon, Industrial Metal Gasoline Can, Corrosion Resistant 20 Gauge Steel, Interior Coating Prevents Rust, Complies With United Nations Regulations, National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 30 & Meets Military Specifications MiL-C-1283, Spill Proof, Not-CARB Compliant, Not For Sale In CA, CT, DC, DE, MD, ME, NJ, NY, PA, TX & 5 Northern Counties Of VA.

  • Rugged, corrosion-resistant heavy-gauge steel
  • Polyethylene screw-on cap
  • Dome top design for fuel expansion with vent
  • Perfect for automotive, recreational, marine, farm, and ranch usage
  • Made in USA

Customer Reviews:

  • Look for something else
    My girl got this and a 1 1/4 filler for me.. thing spills all over the place, unless I tip it to a certain angle. either way, look for something better. I'm going to look for something to seal this spout....more info
  • Got Gas?
    I had been plotting to get storage for two 5-gallon NATO cans for some time. The main reason for needing them was a trip I was to take into an area where I would run out of gas before coming to another gas station. I needed enough reserve to get back out without walking.

    These cans are classic - I have used mine several times when walking out of a remote location was the only alternative....more info
  • Blitz gas cans
    I have three of these cans that I bought during the Hurrican Katrina evacuation and they work flawlessly. For those who are commenting about leaks, it is probably due to your lack of using the rubber o-ring that comes with the can. Use the o-ring and nothing leaks. These are a keeper!

    Warren...more info
  • There are FAR better options for fuel cans
    I have used this "BLITZ" style can (with the screw on cap/nozzle) for many years with the same results -- leaks, fuel spills, seepage around the cap, etc...

    A few months ago, I purchased a NATO style Jerry Can made by Wedco from an Army Surplus store. These cans have a superior cam-over locking system on the fuel cap -- best of all THEY DON'T LEAK like the Blitz can. The cap and nozzle on the NATO style can make a positive seal. You can lay the can on its side, upside down, whatever -- and it won't leak. The only work of caution with the NATO style can is to make sure you get a filler nozzle that is vented -- there are some nozzles out there (galvanized steel with a flexible steel spout) that are not vented and take forever to empty with lots of "glug, glug, glug)". Wedco makes a vented spout designed for this style of can -- do youself a favor, spend a few extra bucks and get proper filler nozzle....more info
  • tough as nails and no leaks like its plastic cousin
    the only problem i have had is the finish comes off too easy they could improve that and make it just a little more dent proof...more info
  • Leaked from day one
    I have used several of these over the years, and they all leaked. They leak past the rubber seal at the top when they are over 3/4 full. They leak when you are pouring fuel. I replaced the rubber seals to no avail.

    The NATO cans I got from British Pacific, on the other hand, never leak....more info
  • blitz 11010, 5 gallon, steel gas can, northern tool
    I have 12 of these sitting in my garage for when that unexpected disaster strikes and wasn't planning to use them. Yeah well, I was forced to use a few 5 gal cans when the power didn't come back on as expected - filled up the generator. Easy to fill up and easier still to carry when emergency strikes. I used the fuel on my generator and filled up my car just in case. I've stored fuel in these cans for 3 years without a problem... and still going strong.......more info
  • Can't recommend this gas can
    I'm a Brit living in America and so I'm used to the NATO style jerry cans. I bought one of these things thinking it was the same. It's not, it's the same size and shape, but that's all. It leaked through the big plastic threaded area from the second it held gas EVEN WITH THE RUBBER 'O' RING SECURELY IN PLACE. No matter how tight you try and do it up, gas oozes out. That's just dangerous.
    Also its got a bottom that's got some kind of cheap folded seam. Blitz seem to make great plastic cans, but these metal ones are poor design.
    If you want a metal Jerry can, find a NATO issue one, they have a big welded seam running around the whole can, there are countless European made brands and they're gas-tight and almost indestructable....more info