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Spyro: Year of the Dragon
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Spyro is back for his third PlayStation adventure. Jump down the rabbithole to recover all the eggs stolen from Dragon World by the evil sorceressand her henchmen. The cartoonish look, the goofy sounds, and thescavenger-hunt gameplay will be familiar to anyone who has adventured withSpyro before. New to the series is the ability to play as Sheila, thekangaroo; Sergeant Byrd, the flying penguin; Bentley, the Yeti; and Agent 9,the space monkey. In Year of the Dragon, Spyro still has all of hissignature moves--as well as the special moves he learned in Spyro theDragon 2--and can control such vehicles as tanks, submarines, andspeedboats. There are over 30 levels in which to recover 150 eggs andseveral minigames that complement the standard gameplay, includingboxing and skateboarding.

  • All new playable critters
  • Huge mystical worlds
  • Challenging new game play
  • Scores of silly creatures

Customer Reviews:

  • One of the Best games on the Playstation Console! :)
    -7 Playable Characters
    -Veichle Driving
    -The music
    -Voice Acting

    -Ummmmm....Let's see here, OH YEAH! NOTHING!

    Sereousley this is one of the best games for the PS. Unless there is something wrong with you,you will have an awesome time enjoying this game. The Sparx rounds were pretty tough,but not impossible. The gameplay was so kick-butt in this game!! The music's pretty good,but not perfect,like the music in Spyro1. You are going to go through 40 fun levels to retrieve the dragon eggs!

    Category Rating:

    Gameplay: 10/10|VARIETY GALORE!
    Graphix: 9.0|Great graphix,for a PS1 game.
    Sound: 9.5/10|Pretty good music and SFX.
    Charachters: 9.5/10|Great and fitting personalitys.
    Replayability: 9.5|I swear,you're gonna cry when the games over,cause you'll want to play it again 10 times.
    Voices: 10/10|Awesome voices,man,awesome voices. :)
    Lastability: 9.5/10|My gosh,it took me a week to beat this game. Pretty long lasting!!!!!
    Error-Freeness: 9.5/10|Some glithces,but they won't bother you.
    Collecting: 9.5/10|It's super fun to collect things. :)
    Story: 10/10|Simple.but I loved it. The Sorceress steals all the dragon eggs,and it's up to Spyro,Sparx,Hunter,Sheila,Sgt.Byrd,Bentley, and Agent 9 to stop her!Did I mension they are ALL playable characters?

    Overall Score=96%-Incredible

    This is one of the best PS1 games.You won't regret buying it. (Make sur to get the Clollecter's Edition or Greatest Hits!!!)


    ...more info
  • perfect
    Spyro year of the dragon is amazing. It is great!! It is so much fun and you never get bored of it. I highley recomend it....more info
  • The best Spyro game; in my opinion
    I have played games 1-5, and this is by far the best! I only wish they would update the graphics so it wasn't so squareish. Oh well, it's still the best. I love the side games and the cast of characters, Sheila, a kick butt kangaroo, Sgt. Byrd, a military flying penguin, Bentley, a yeti(what more is there to say?), and Agent 9, a laser weilding space monkey! I also love the skateboarding (sooooo fun!) and all the portals and worlds. I sincerely wish that every Spyro game (other than Ripto's Rage, which I also loved) was like this. Sadly, the new PS2 games are horrible in comparison to the old standards. This is a must buy game to anyone who loves Spyro....more info
  • Spyro:Year of the Dragon
    GREAT game, just like the other ones! Great game,
    great graphics,great levels. very good bonus levels.Havent beat it yet but very close. All around EXCELLENT game....more info
  • awesome!
    spyro is sooooooooooooooo cool anyone anywhere should get it.i play it everyday and my brothers are obsessed with it.its all they ever talk about....more info
  • Its Okay
    So once I got the game I was stoked, but some of the graphics eh not so great. It was pretty fun to play though....more info
  • Spyro 3 ROCKS!
    Out of all the PS1 Spyro games, Spyro 3 is the best with a creative story plot, mini games, many collectables and more playable characters. The graphics are not the best, but the game is BRILLIANT!...more info
  • SPYRO ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love Spyro Year of the Dragon. Its real fun. The bosses are too scary for me to fight, so i usually have my dad fight them for me. Except the Sorceress. I like fighting her. My dad and I love playing this game. We completed it 117% You've got to have this game!!!!...more info
  • Really fun!
    This game is ideal for the younger gamer. Even though it is just "playstation one" and the graphics aren't as advanced as some new games, the clever dialogue and amusing storyline keeps me hooked. It is just hard enough not to be frustrating. I would definitely try other Spyro games based on this one. Also you can get it at a reasonable price......more info
  • Best one
    EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT. This is one of my favorite games made for play station. I think if you like adventure games, this is one you should concider. Great game....more info
  • The best one for PS1
    This one is so cute. Even though it is just a PS1 game, do not shy away from it. While the graphics and game play will not match PS2 games, the story is innovative and the voices amusing. The game levels range from pretty simple to quite difficult. But you can find lots of good online guides for "cheats" and help along the way. I think it is perfect for the younger child. Many Playstation games are too violent for young kids. But this one is mild. I let my four year old play and he enjoys it. I like this much, much better than the prior Spyro (Ripto). Sometimes the camera glitches up. That is my biggest gripe. Hey, if I can finish it you can, too....more info
  • great game for all ages
    this is an excellent members from 5 to 55 years old have played this game and it was enjoyed immensely by all. the graphics on this game are great...colourful, eyecatching...i enjoyed just watching the others play :-)

    the kids sat for hours playing this.

    anyone who has kids knows that silence can be :-)...we kept going down to the basement to check on the kids as they were so shouting, screaming, arguing :-S...but everytime we checked thinking they were probably up to some mischief or other we found them playing spyro...sitting quitely, sharing nicely, having fun wthout half killing eachother in the process!...spooky or what? ;-)

    this game is definitely a real winner :-)...more info

  • Possibly the greatest game of all time
    You'd have to look very hard to find someone who doesn't like Spyro games. this one is just as good as the first two, except it is bigger, better, and longer. I recommend you buy the collector's edition- it compiles all three games in one package....more info
  • Very fun
    This game is a riot! I think I have beaten this game about 5 times and still enjoy it. I will gladly stay up till the morning playing this game. My favorite level is the one towards the end with all of the ninjas. ...more info
    I am a die-hard Spyro fan who is really into role-playing games. This is probably the best and I mean the BEST game ever made for the Playstation 1! It has wonderful senery and neat new characters.But listen to me and listen to me well, If you want to buy this game, you must buy the GREATEST HITS version with a bright green bar where it says Playstation. If you don't there is a bug on a speedway level which prevents you from completing the game. I suggest that you get it at a retail store to be sure that you get the right one....more info
  • Someone who hasn't played much...
    I think this game is really fun and funny. the music is cool. the movies are sort of strange. there is lots of charecters too. there is fun challenges....more info
  • Nice!!!
    This is one of the greatest agmes created. Its fun and makes you feel good when your down. If you don't own tjis game you don't know what you are missing. It's a great Chistmas, birthday, and all around gift. Get it for your kids it's something they will hate to grow up without. If you have Playstation 2 then get Spyro Enter the Dragonfly. Thats also a good game. These games are so good that i own them all!!...more info
  • Great gameplay variety and tons of collectibles make up for some pretty dull levels later on
    + gameplay is still solid
    + controls are still excellent
    + tons of eggs to collect
    + speedway levels are great fun
    + extra characters are a smart addition

    - wait... haven't I seen some of those positives before?
    - some graphical issues are less forgivable the second time around
    - the levels get a little boring after the first area

    Spyro the Dragon was one of the defining characters of his genre back in the day. He had three great games: a great start, an even stronger sequel, and now the third one: Year of the Dragon. Does it live up to the expectations generated by its predecessors or does it fail to live up to the other two?

    When an evil Sorceress from another world sends in a bunch of goons to kidnap the eggs in the world of the dragons, you know who to send back to retrieve them. Hunter the cheetah! ...Oh, and Spyro of course! Basically you go on a journey to get back the eggs through four big worlds each with a lot of levels, and each of which has a lot of stuff to do for completionists.

    The core gameplay of YOTD is pretty much exactly the same as it was back in Ripto's Rage: you charge, you glide, you breath fire, and you get power ups through gates every once in a while. Thankfully all the abilities you learned in the previous game are available to you right off the bat. The downside to this is that you don't learn any new abilities as the game goes on, which makes the Spyro gameplay hardly vary at all.

    Fortunately, there are four other characters that come into play every once in a while to change things up a bit. Sheila the Kangaroo can jump really high and kick enemies to kingdom come, Sgt. Byrd can fly and shoot the crud out of baddies with his shoulder cannons, Bentley the Yeti can smash guys with his giant club (my personal favorite), and Agent 9's levels are kind of like third-person shooters. These guys each have their own level and also have a few areas throughout the game within other levels in which you can get eggs. All the characters are really fun to play as and offer some great diversity.

    The game has four huge home worlds, each of which has many levels. The first world is home to a handful of great, fun levels, and then you go to the second world and find that you're suddenly not having as much fun. Could it be that the levels are just... not so great? I can't put my finger on it, but there's something about the later levels that I just don't like. Maybe it's the slight lack of creativity, I don't know.

    Although many of the regular levels aren't much fun, there are four speedway levels in the game as well, and these are surprisingly entertaining. They each have a time attack mode where you have to fly through rings, torch cows, and the like within a time limit, but there is also a race on each of these levels as well as a Hunter challenge, usually involving you playing as the cheetah flying around in a plane shooting down sheep in flying saucers. Good times...

    Collecting eggs is the main goal of the game, but there are many ways that you get them. Of course there are some lying around on the ground every once in a while but there are also times when you have to do certain tasks to get them or play a minigame kind of thing. There are also a ton of gems, but these are more annoying to collect as they are all over the place and if you want them all you'll have to do a lot of backtracking. Still, the combination of eggs and gems makes for a great game to try to complete.

    The visuals of YOTD are exactly the same as they were in Ripto's Rage. Nothing has changed. Yes, Spyro's eyebrows still detach from his head every once in a while. Yes, everything still looks a little polygonal. They weren't so bad the first time, but when there is zero improvement in a game that came out a year later, polygonal and occasionally glitched graphics are a bit less forgivable. Not to say they look horrible for the time, but I definitely would have liked to see some kind of improvement in this area.

    The sound effects are no different than they were back in Ripto's Rage, but there wasn't really anything that needed changing. There are still nice, sometimes silly effects that fit well with the game. The music is great as usual and is, like the sound effects, fitting to the environments. Some of the tracks are reused a few times but it's really not a big deal.

    Overall, Spyro: Year of the Dragon is still a great game. It may be exactly the same as its predecessor except for a few fun variations in the gameplay, but that's not to say it's a bad game by any means. The Spyro formula had already proven itself twice, so why change it for the last game of the generation? Still, a few new abilities and graphical improvements would have been welcome and the levels could have been much more enjoyable. Despite these few flaws, though, YOTD is great for anyone who liked the other two games or someone looking for a game simply made to be completed, and I would also recommend it to just about anyone who likes 3-D platformers.

    Gameplay: 9
    Grahpics: 7
    Sound: 8
    Value: 9

    FINAL SCORE: 8.4/10...more info
  • awesome
    This game is awesome. Here are some cheat codes to help you along.
    Pause games and enter the following codes to get the desired effect.
    1. 2D spyro
    left, right, left, right, L1, R1, L1, R1,square. Enter code again to change back
    2. big head
    up, R1, up, R1, up, R1, circle(4x). Enter code again to change back.
    ...more info
  • Spyro ROCKS!!!!!!!
    Unlike the hard to figure out game, Spyro a Hero's Tail, this game is original and fun! You wil NOT be wasting your money!...more info
  • Spyro fans Come one Come all
    My sisster is 6. She has completly gone gaga for this game. When we couln`t play she goes "I need Spyro,I have to have my Spyro, I cant live without it." (cry for 40 minutes). There are neat worlds and fun mini games. You have to colect all the eggs and gems. Sometimes you have to pay mister moneybags, but dont wory in the last homeworld you get to charge him and get all your gems back.There are also mini games with sparx(Dragonfly). Parents whom are very much against violince this probrobaly isn't the game for you. There are various games with laser guns,cannons, rocket launchers. There are enemys with pick axes, Hammers,shovels,even ones shooting things. But in the end it`s a prety good game. The only probrlem is you need all the gems and 149/150 eggs to get into the last portal and finding all the gems and and 99 percent of the eggs....more info
  • Honestly, the best Spryro EVER.
    I've played all of the Spyros, and this one is still my favorite! I love how many worlds there are and how different they are. I also love the baby dragons! This game is seriously addicting in more ways than one....more info
  • Great kids' game
    We gave this game to my 5 year old son for Christmas, and he just loves it. The controls aren't too complicated, and the gameplay is lively and even comical at times. Highly recommended!...more info
  • spyro year of the drdagon
    This game was so cool!
    But i don't like the fact that it is so hard to beat.
    Hope you make a new one.
    But if you do at least try to make this one justice.
    piece of advice i would... [if i were you] would get it
    bfore items get sold out!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Gr8!
    I playd this game at a friends house and it is brill. Try it for yourself!...more info
  • Spyro 3 rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This game is the best of all!!! You can play as Spyro,Sparx,Hunter,Shiela,Sgt. Byrd,Bentley, and Agent 9!!! You can drive veichles and very few people in the world dislike this game. This is great for all ages especially kids who are not interested with violence. This game is also hilarious. I mean in Midday Gardens when you free James and he shoots Moneybags with his missles. Whoever hates this game should change thier mind emediatly!!...more info
  • Spyro 3 For The PlayStation
    You can't ask for a better closing to a classic trilogy. The last in the Spyro series (for the PlayStation) that's right up there with its predecessors. You can even take a break from using Spyro (though I'm sure some of us would'nt mind using Spyro all the way through again) and controll 5 other characters. You can even play as Sparx, you trusty dragonfly friend. It gets better but I don't wanna spoil it anymore for anyone who has'nt played it yet (don't feel bad, this is the first time I'm playing it myself). I got 3 more PS classics to go.... ...more info
  • Get this item before it blows
    Spyro: Year of the Dragon is great. It is fun. I like everything about this item. Some people say " Your a girl and Spyro is for boys." Spyro is for boys and girls because it is adventures and daring. I only put 3 stars for how durable this game is because if you put the disc in the wrong way, it will brake. All and all, Spyro is fun for EVERYONE....more info
  • Excellent game, but Spyro: Ripto's Rage is better.
    This game is excellent as I said. In this game you have to go and collect eggs that have been stolen from the Dragon Realms. Hunter and Zoe are back along with some new characters. There are also mini games too, but intead of winning orbs, you win dragon eggs. The best mini game in my opinion is the skateboarding (You'll see if you buy it!). Sum it all up and you get a great game with high replay value. My vote is BUY. (And if you're wondering, you can play as Sparx the Dragonfly now!!!)

    Sincerely, RedHawk48. GO DESPERADOS! GO WHITE SOX! GO COWBOYS!...more info
  • more cheat codes
    pause your game and enter the following codes to get the desired effect.
    3. black spyro
    up, left, down, right, up, square, R1, R2, L1, L2, up, right, down, left, up, down
    4. blue spyro
    up, left, down, right, up, square, R1, R2, L1, L2, up, right, down, left, up, x
    5. green spyro
    up, left, down, right, up, square, R1, R2, L1, L2, up, right, down left, up, triangle
    6. pink spyro
    up, left, down, right, up, square, R1, R2, L1, L2, up, right, down, left, up, square
    7. red spyro
    up, left, down, right, up, square, R1, R2, L1, L2, up, right, down, left, up, circle
    8. yellow spyro
    up, left, down, right, up, square, R1, R2, L1, L2, up, right, down, left, up, up
    9. original color spyro
    to change spyro back to his origional color,(purple) enter up, left, down, right, up,
    square, R1, R2, L1, L2, up, right, down, left, up, left
    10. credits
    left, right, left, right, left, right, square, circle, square, circle, square, circle
    11. crash bash demo
    enter this code at the title screen. once there, press L1+R1+square
    those are all known codes for spyro: year of the dragon for PS1...more info
  • best spyro game ever created

    SOUND:10/10 GREAT
    THIS IS A MUST BUY...more info

  • awesome game!
    This is a GEAT game! It is a great adventure game. Even though the graphics aren't as good as PS2, it is still a great game for all ages....more info
  • so much fun
    This game is so great, I love it.

    The only annoying thing is when the characters "teach" you how to do stuff. It kinda interrupts the flow of the game, but that can be easily over looked.

    Its great for people who dont like seeing a lot of violence, blood, and sex in their everyday life. When Spyro dies, he just looks like he faints so there isnt much gore to be found which i really appreciate. ...more info
  • Best of the best
    i Got every spryo game in playstation history but this is the best of them all so get tbuyin....more info
  • I'd love to give this game 6 stars
    My almost 5-year-old and I are addicted. He can play this whole game ALONE, simply because the tasks are relatively easy, the graphics are fun and colorful, and the programmers took the time to include all the instructions and on-screen hints as dialog, not just text on the screen. For a kid who can't read yet, this is heaven - he doesn't need to ask mom to read the screen every 2 minutes.

    There are also lots of hints and cheats available on the web, which allowed me to give my son 99 lives so he could just work on getting his hand-eye-coordination working, not worrying about accidently losing the whole game and having to start over.

    Although he does like to start over, just to re-do some of the earlier tasks. And I'm as addicted as him. Because I don't play all that many video games, I'm not an expert at these adventure games. But I can play this one, and play it well! This is by far my favorite game for the Playstation....more info

  • spyro lover!
    I love this game!!! Beating the Sorceress is SO much fun. I've already done it 3 times! I like the graphics because they're so realistic. If you're looking for a super-fun game, Spyro is AWESOME!!!! ...more info
  • Great but...........
    This is a great game, not to hard not to easy. It's fun has great plot and games but I have a problem with this game.

    Well me and my freind played this game nonstop..we loved it. We got pretty far in fact so far that we only needed about five more eggs (you have to collect 150 eggs in the game) . We saved it on his memory card and later I saved it on mine too. Then later (I don't know how long ago) ago I put in the game to play it and my memory was gone! I then went to the browser to look at the data on the memory card and it wasn't there. It said it wasn't formatted so I formatted it and started a new game. The next day I came back to play again and guess what? It wasn't there. Not to metion the day before my controller wouldn't let me push start when i tried to exit the game. Then a glitch happened so I had to turn my PS2 off, (by the way you have to use a PS1 memory card for this) and so I turned it back on loaded it all up and yes the game was there worked fine. I plug it in the next day, turn it on and then my memory isn't there. I loved this game yes but I'm so mad that this messed up. Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's not the game maybe it's the memory card....more info