Lowepro Off Trail 1 Camera Bag (Black)
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Product Description

This compact beltpack is perfect for hiking, biking or traveling with OverLap Zipper, BatWing compression straps and customizable internal camera.

Internal camera slings let you customize the Off Trail 1 for your camera and lens. With the lens cases attached, the Off Trail 1 belt pack holds an SLR with attached lens plus two additional lenses, film, and accessories. It's just the right size for hiking or biking.

  • 2 attached lens cases
  • Holds an SLR and 3 lenses
  • Also carries film and accessories
  • Internal camera slings
  • SlipLock loops

Customer Reviews:

  • zero pockets
    good in all respects for a rebel - sized DSLR w/extra lens BUT (only one review mentions this) there are no pockets whatsoever.

    So SD/CF cards, lens tissue, whatever, must find a place elsewhere (eg, an outboard lens case). This is a shame as it would have been so easy to include a zippered top or front pocket. other than than, it's fine....more info
  • Great pack for base camera and lenses.
    I've used this pack for a couple of years now, and find it to be a great pack if I'm just carrying the base camera and a couple of small lenses.
    The camera will not fit in the pack with the optional extra battery pack, nor will anything larger than about a 300mm zoom lens fit in the lens cases.
    I find the pack to be very useful under normal circumstances....more info
  • OK bag
    This bag serves well for an SLR and a couple of lenses, or an SLR with an extra lens and the the other case for the spare battery/charger/cleaning kit, or whatever.
    It's sadly lacking in pockets though, and what the side cases don't have is enough space for a medium-sized lens with hood attached; e.g. a Nikkor 17-135mm won't fit in with the hood attachement, no the 55-200mm.
    Also the wrap-around zip makes it harder to get at teh camera when you need to whip it out for snapshots.
    Particularly good for hiking with a 25/30l rucksack (the kind without waist-straps)....more info
  • Great for Hiking!
    I looked all over for a compact case for my Nikon D80 and finally decided on this one. I normally carry a larger case, but I was taking this one on a hike to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. After a 20 mile hike and 14 hours later, I was definitely glad I had chosen this bag, it put the weight of the camera around my waist, NOT my neck, and kept it protected as we navigated some pretty treacherous terrain. I will definitely use it again and am already using it as a backup bag. The only con that I can think of is what some others have said about it, there are no compartments for lense caps, memory cards, etc. But it served my purpose beautifully....more info
  • Bag is ok for the price.
    I just bought a Nikon D40x and needed a bag for it, bought this one after reading all the great reviews. After receiving the bag, I really wasn't too impressed with it. First, there isn't any small pockets for your other gears, I knew this when I bought it, not too big of a problem, I'll be using one of the two lense case for those. The more serious problem with this bag is how it is made. I'm not sure if I have a defective bag, but the lining inside my bag's main compartment is uneven, as if when they were making the bag, they forgot to cut off the extra material, the result is an uneven inside. I'm still contemplating on whether I will keep this bag, who knows...

    ...more info
  • Excellent day bag
    Excellent day bag for my Nikon D70 w/ 70mm lens. I use the side lens carriers for extra batteries and CF cards. The bag is comfortable to wear and not very bulky....more info
  • great little bag
    I bought this waistpack to carry my rebel xti, extra lense and JVC everio camcorder around at Disneyworld. It was perfect! I didn't need a ton of lenses or extra gear, but I needed to equipment to be handy (to not miss those precious spur of the moment pics of the kids). This was the smallest yet functional pack I found. the main compartment fit the camera body and lense. Since the camcorder is so small, it fit neatly into one of the side (lens) cases. The quality of this case is great, I felt my gear was safe and secure....more info
  • Only just big enough.
    This just fits my canon 30D with the 17-85 lens attached. Its comfortable in use and is great for hiking....more info
  • Lowepro Off Trail 1
    Purchased for carrying my D80 w/ 18-200mm during hiking of the Grand Canyon. Don't think the side lens holders are of any real value -- don't intend to use them. Wide waist belt seems comfortable and sturdy buckle. Purchased only for hiking to keep my hands free. Otherwise, not a preferred everyday camera bag....more info
  • Take Your Gear Off Road
    I have been using the Off Trail for a couple of years and have truly found it to be an essential piece of equipment for short hikes and extended travel. It doubles as an excellent padded case when put into a large pack without the need of traveling with an additional camera case. The only down side is that the lens cases on the side do not accomodate a large lens. The plus is that they make excellent weather proof film holders....more info
  • perfect fit for Nikon D40 with 18-200 zoom lens
    This is a perfect minimalist camera bag for a small SLR kit. My Nikon D40 with 18-200 zoom lens fits perfectly in the main bag. I put my 55mm macro lens in one of the pouches and Speedlite flash and filters in the other pouch. The pouches are removable if you don't need them or you can buy bigger pouches for bigger lenses. If I want to carry more gear in a backpack, I can still carry my SLR on my hip with this bag and have instant access to my camera. The waist belt with compression straps holds the bag very securely and comfortably when I'm out hiking. For the cheap price of this bag, I really can't ask for anything more....more info
  • Great case for Olympus
    A lot has been said by the other reviewers about this bag so I won't go over the same stuff again, several have complained about it being a bit small, I will just say that I use mine for an Olympus E-510, lenses for the E-510 like all 4/3 format cameras are more compact than the lenses for other cameras, so if you are looking for this type of case for a 4/3 camera this one is perfect...more info
  • Does what it's supposed to do.
    After spending countless hours searching through countless shops and online stores, I found the perfect bag for what I needed. I needed a bag that could carry my Canon S5 IS + a lens while I was on my bike. I use one of the lens cases to carry my wide angle lens and the other case to carry either my bike tools, a can of beer, or a bottle of water (you can order a water bottle holder for this bag separately to replace one of the lens cases). The bag doesn't sway from side to side when I'm climbing hills and it stays put once you adjust the waist band correctly.

    The only thing I'd change about it is the way the excess waist band belt's held back against the main belt. It's a bit of a flimsy design on that part and the excess strap always comes undone

    Besides that little flaw, it's a good bag and I'll be keeping it for the years to come....more info
  • Off Trail 1
    Excellent product: functional, durable, and fashionable. My only complaint is that the side pockets are a bit shorter than my preference; one of my lenses (200mm) doesn't fit in it....more info
  • fine for a small camera
    this would be great for entry level slr with shorter lenses - doesnt fit my canon 40d with any of the zoom lenses - must return it....more info