Chamberlain Mini 3-Button Remote Control 956CB
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Product Description

Small enough to fit in a pocket or on a keychain. Over 100 billion codes. Opens 1, 2 or 3 garage doors and/or turns inside or outside house lights/appliances on and off. Opens door from 150 feet away. Signal is as powerful as standard size. Plastic housin g for long life. Works only with Security Plus garage door openers. Contains: Lithium battery and velcro strip.

  • 3 buttons to control up to three Chamberlain Security+ Garage Door Openers
  • All the power of the standard size remote control
  • Fits easily into a pocket or purse
  • Long life lithium battery included
  • Includes a one year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Couldn't be happier :=}
    On the afternoon of Aug. 25th I was thinking of going to Lowe's to find a replacement remote for my Lift Master Security+ garage door opener. Thought to check and am I glad I did. Came upon ASPDoors and found just what I needed. Was not sure which device to choose, so I called their Customer Service number and the person I spoke with was very knowledgeable & able to steer me to the unit that matched my opener perfectly. Thanks to ASPDoors, I saved just about half on what I would have spent at Lowe's or Home Depot. (Believe me, I checked.) Furthermore, the shipment arrived on Aug. 28th. How great was that??!!!...more info
  • Great compact remote
    Versatile, works like it is supposed to, small enough for a key chain. You can't beat that....more info
  • Exactly as described, delivered promptly
    This keychain garage door opener was a perfect replacement for the type you clip on your visor. We purchased it after my daughter's convertible top was slashed open and the visor-style garage door opener was stolen. (Fortunately she was visiting a friend so the criminal couldn't get into our house.) I would recommend everyone changing to this type of opener - especially if you park your car in front of your garage!! The opener was easily programmed and worked just fine. ...more info
  • Works like a charm
    It works perfectly as a replacement for my visor-mounted clicker. This way there's no clicker in my car .. because .. you never know what might happen...more info
  • Sears Replacement Garage Door Opener
    I looked up the door openers and Sears wanted $40 for their's. We had one, but it died just outside of warranty. After looking it up I found who makes the Sears unit and ordered 2 replacement units for the price Sears wanted for one. It's smaller than the Sears unit and works great!...more info
  • Compatible with Craftsman Security+ Openers
    No compatibility list that I could find on the web stated that this would work with my , but based on the customer review from H. Henneman on and what I was able to find in the owner's manual, I purchased it. As Henneman and the owners manual says, if you have the orange programming button and the yellow confirmation light, it should work. Press the organge button, the yellow light lights up. Press the button you want on the remote and the garage door light flashes (if your opener has a light) and you're DONE. Less than 5 seconds of your time (not counting getting yourself up to the opener, or finding a stick, to press the button).

    The range is excellent... further than the remote that came with the unit, even after I installed new batteries in the full size remote. It is about the size of the door lock remotes that come with most new cars. AWESOME for a motorcycle keychain, which is what I bought it for.

    Below is the address for the owners manual from the Chaimberland/Lifmaster website: info
  • Liftmaster 970LM - Excellent Garage Door Opener
    I purchased the 970LM keychain garage door opener to keep in my backpack with I go on bike rides, so I don't have to bring my larger opener that I usually keep in my car. The item arrived quickly, took about 4 seconds to program, and has worked flawlessly since. I can open my garage from 5 houses away and only push the button once.

    In terms of construction, the opener feels very sturdy and well-built, even more so than my regular device (971LM). The button is easy to push, but not easy enough to accidentally press while it's in my pocket (although I usually keep it in my backpack during my rides).

    I have yet to use the other two programmable buttons, but simply as an extra garage door opener, this is highly recommended!...more info
  • Not a happy camper
    First, AAAremotes was late with the shipping. In the meantime, their customer service was nonhelpful. When I received the opener, it work for a total of 3 hours before it quit on me. I would not order from them again....more info
  • Super service!
    When we ordered the incorrect model of mini-keychain remote for our garage door, the supplier immediately shipped the correct replacement. We would definitely recommend this product to anyone seeking great service at an affordable price....more info
  • Solved a problem for me
    My wife and daughter kept taking the garage door openers of our cars because they didn't want to unlock/lock the side garage door on our detached garage late at night. I was always getting into a car in the garage and being unable to close the door automatically. I get them each one of these key chain garage door openers and the problem was solved!...more info
  • Remote
    This remote is nice and small and works excellent. I bought it for use on my motorcycles. The other nice thing is the low price!...more info
  • It is what it is..................... a remote.
    Amazon Rocks as a seller!! It isn't exceptional (that would be a five). It works well, seems solid and therefore not a 3 but a 4....more info
  • Easy touch
    This is the easiest remote I've ever used. It can operate three
    different items even house lights. It has a revolving code so no one can ever bypass your system again....more info
  • works with old model motor unit
    Although it says it only works with a receiver that have a 'learn button', it actually works with older models that doesn't have a learn button. Thanks to the quick response from the seller, I was able to set it up and use it after getting assistance from the seller within half an hour in the evening. It turns out there is a 'smart button' inside the receiver. I actually needed to open the receiver up. But it works great and I would have to say: excellent customer service. Just make sure your receiver model is on the list described along with this product and you are good to go....more info
  • Bad deal
    Bought a replacement Transmitter and receiver system from AAA remotes, CA . Problem was the Liftmaste 9* serie transmitters is that they work on 390 MHz and that frequency is currently jammed by the military and the range of the transmitter gets very small that you have to touch the door before it recognizes the signal. AAA remotes is aware of this and keeps on advertising the 9* series as an good replacement system and does not put any disclaimers near the 9* serie products. AAA remotes did not want to replace/exchange for the 315 Mhz models. They really horrible at their customer service and this policy. I definetly recommend never buy from this organization....more info
  • great item
    This opener is smaller than I expected and works as well as the larger three button openers. I got it to use on a motorcycle and it was easy to program and works from 75+ feet away....more info
  • garage door opener
    not much to say other than it works. easy to program. got it for a good price. ...more info
  • Works with Orange Learn Button
    Here's a very important piece of information that's missing in Amazon's description:

    The Liftmaster 970LM is compatible only with garage door openers with an orange learn button and SECURITY+ logo. If you have purple learn button, then buy the Liftmaster 370LM instead, which operates at 315Mhz instead of 390Mhz.

    Mine works great. Comes with instruction, battery and velcro. Programming is easy, just press the orange learn button, release it quickly, then press the center button on the remote, release it quickly, see confirmation light flashes or hear click click sound near the learn button. That's it. (Don't hold the learn button for more than 6 seconds, as it will clear all codes and make your other remotes useless.)

    I have a detached garage. It used to be a hassle to carry the remote with me everywhere I go. Now I can just add this to my keychain and never have to think about it anymore. I didn't want to put the original remote (visor clip on type) inside my pocket, because it's large and a little pressure can push the button down accidentally which might close/open the garage door at unexpected time, causing injuries for my little baby running around. Now I have one hand free for holding my baby's hand or carring groceries.
    ...more info
  • Chamberlain Mini 3-Button Remote Control 956CB
    This remote is the greatest thing! It works way better than the remote that came with our garage door. From farther away, and you only have to push the button once, unlike the one that came with our garage door, which you have to push the button repeatedly to get it to work. I can press the button from anywhere inside my house, and Whah-la! the garage door opens each and every time. Quick shipping by ASPDOORS & A WHOLE LOT MORE. Oh, and I love that it fits on my keyring, and is not stuck in the car on the windshield visor....more info
  • worth it
    I bought this for use with my motorcycle and like the compact size. The range is short, but that's ok for me....more info
  • LiftMaster Mini remote
    This remote was easy to setup, easy to use. I wished it would be able to turn on and off the overhead lights, but that is a small inconvenience compared to how small this unit is...I keep it on my keyring for my motorcycle and it works great! ...more info
  • Bad range of the system
    Bought a replacement Transmitter and receiver system from AAA remotes, CA . Problem was the Liftmaste 9* serie transmitters is that they work on 390 MHz and that frequency is currently jammed by the military and the range of the transmitter gets very small that you have to touch the door before it recognizes the signal. AAA remotes is aware of this and keeps on advertising the 9* series as an good replacement system and does not put any disclaimers near the 9* serie products. AAA remotes did not want to replace/exchange for the 315 Mhz models. They really horrible at their customer service and this policy. I definetly recommend never buy from this organization....more info
  • Be sure you know how old your garage opener is.
    The item description did not mention which years were compatible with this opener. Only when I received it, and it didn't work, did I go into the reviews. At that point, I saw someone else had the same problem. Know before you buy....more info
  • Good Experience
    Timely shipping, good price made for a good experience. The remote works better than expected. I am very pleased....more info
  • Security in a little package
    This thing simply works. And the fact that it goes on my key chain means that I don't keep it in my car. Which means a break-in of my car doesn't end up providing easy access to my garage, and ultimately, my house....more info
    This is a great remote for the liftmaster and craftsman series garage door openers. Greater range at Half the price than the ones they sell in store at Sears and you dont have to worry about compatability.(you know whether or not the craftsman remotes are compatible by the color on the "learn" button on the door opener motor which I would never dreamed of checking.) If you go to sears like I did and buy one for 50$ and its not compatible, you can return it minus 15% restocking fee. Instead, buy it here from a great seller at ASPDoors and a whole lot more. I got mine 4 days after placing my order....more info
  • Simple Replacement Remote
    Purchased the #970LM to replace my Sears key fob remote. Can't find the original Sears/Craftsman replacements. However, after doing some research, I learned that Lift-Master (Chamberlain) produces the Craftsman openers, and that this fob works with the yellow(orange) button type opener. Set-up took all of 15 seconds. No problems. Enough said....more info
  • Better than original remote
    My husband lost his keychain remote. Replacement from Craftsman was $50.00, this remote was less than half the price and double the range of the original. This is weird, but we're happy he lost the remote!...more info
  • Great replacement for original equipment
    This little remote is a great replacement for the original equipment, in fact, it operates better than the original remotes.
    The vendor was awesome and communicated with me to make sure I was ordering the correct remote. I received the remote within a few days of my order and it literally took me about 20 seconds to get the opener to sync with my new remote.
    The only reason I gave it 4 stars was because it doesn't really have a way to secure it to my visor and I don't really want to add another remote to my keychain. It is really portable which is what it is really designed for. It would be nice though if they made a little sleeve that you could slip the remote in to secure to the visor and then remove it if needed to go. ...more info
  • Bought this for my scooter keychain
    I bought this because I was getting sick of using my van's remote control while riding my Yamaha scooter; sometimes forgetting to bring it along, or having put it in my scooter seat so I'd have to turn it off, get up, open the seat and retrieve the remote. Kinda defeated the concept of a remote control. I found this one online, read that it should be compatible with the make and model of our garage door opener, and when it arrived, it took almost an entire minute before it was programmed, including getting the ladder to the garage door opening hardware in the rafters of our garage. Extremely easy to use, lightweight so it doesn't weigh down my scooter keys, and big enough buttons so my gloves don't 'miss'. I'll probably be buying another one for my use with my van this winter. I like it better than the one that clips to my sunshield....more info
  • Garage Door Opener Fob 956CB
    This item is small and powerful and works perfectly. Careful it is designed for the older model Chamberlain series. Supplier was quick and helpful....more info