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Whitney Houston - The Greatest Hits
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For an artist who only released four proper albums in a 15-year career, it's astounding to recall how many hits Whitney Houston was able to achieve. The two CDs on The Greatest Hits track Houston's rise from mid-'80s Top 40 balladeer to standard-setting diva. Disc 1, Cool Down, runs chronologically through Houston's down-tempo love songs, from "The Greatest Love of All" and "I Will Always Love You" to the cleverly conceived new duet with Deborah Cox, "Same Script, Different Cast." She's also showcased as the remixee of choice for DJs on the second disc, Throw Down, which serves as the antidote to the lovesick first disc. Calling in marquee mixmasters, Houston's old-shoe tunes get a new millennium polish. "My Love Is Your Love," reinterpreted by Jonathan Peters, captures the versatility of Houston's songs by making the downbeats danceable without going totally Euro-cheese. In contrast, Junior Vasquez's remix of 1985's "How Will I Know" pokes fun at the song's '80s fluffiness by layering in bells, lasers effects, and echoes on top of Whitney's enthusiastic vocals. --Heidi Sherman

UK edition of the tabloid queen/gifted vocalist's career retrospective. Featuring a different tracklisting than the domestic, this version features four tracks not available on the US version, 'RunTo You', 'Count On Me' (duet with CeCe Winans), 'Greatest Love Of All' (Club 69 Mix) and 'I'm Your Baby Tonight' (Dronez Mix) but only has 35 tracks where the US has 36. 2000 release. Standard double jewel case.

with Gr. Love of all (Club 69 Mix), and Regular Versions of Run to You, Count on Me, It's Not Right..., Step by STEP, I'm Every Woman, Love Will Save the Day, So Emotional, I Wanna Dance..., How Will I Know, Two of I'm Your Baby and Unrel. Transom Wheel.

Customer Reviews:

  • Buy the UK version
    The UK version also has crap, but much less than the US version. I'd suggest you buy the UK, then create your own custom CD on your PC. All of the good stuff neatly fits on 1 CD. Imagine that, just 1 CD....more info
    I have loved playing this album non-stop. I am surprised it is not scratched. Great album with cool down and throw down....more info
  • Ballads and Parties
    This collection is a tale of two personalities. There are the romantic, soaring ballads, and then there are the dance club parties. That's why there are two CDs in this collection.

    Personally, I wanted the first CD, with all of the classic hits. The remixes and party standards will appeal to some, but I don't need them....more info
  • Excellent! Almost...
    I am a huge fan of house music, so when I saw the number of remixed hits on disc two, I bought it right away. I took it home and listened to the CD's and noticed that just a few things were throwing me off:

    1. On the "Cool Down" disc, the following songs are missing: "Count On Me", and "If You Believe". It is debatable whether or not the original "It's Not Right But It's Okay" should have been on that disc, but that's a different story.

    2. On the "Throw Down" disc, "If I Told You That" did not need to be there. I would have preferred the Club 69 Remix of "It's Not Right But It's Okay" because the Thunderpuss Remix had been severely overplayed at that point.

    3. The following songs did NOT need to be remixed: "Step By Step", "I Will Always Love You", "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", and "How Will I Know". Junior Vasquez actually did a good job with "The Greatest Love Of All".

    4. The C+C Remix of "I'm Every Woman" sounded just like the original except with horns thrown in.

    Other than that, it was a great album. My favorite remixes are "I Learned From The Best", "Queen Of The Night", and "So Emotional"....more info
  • Disappointing due to remixes
    I love Whitney but wanted a true greatest hits CD and this has a whole CD of remixes so you miss out on the beloved originals. And some of the songs just didn't need to be changed - they were perfect as they were originally released. I would advise buying the other greatest hits released in the UK but available on Amazon....more info
  • Still waiting
    I am still waiting on my CD............have emailed several times reply was.........had recently moved, computers were down and "Wow thought that it had been mailed". Well will give them until April 1st. Just starting on Amazon would think they would "try" to make your first purchase a good one. I think 5 weeks is ample time to deliver product....more info
  • whitney houston greatest hits

    It's good seller. The cd is very good condition. I'm happy to buy this item from this seller because it's a good price and quality...more info
  • Whitney's Greatest Hits
    You should buy this Greatest Hits set only if you don't mind Whitney's up-tempo tracks being disguised in new forms of remixes. I'm definitely not a fan of remixed versions so I never pop disc 2 into my stereo. Disc 1 on the other hand is a bulky collection of top 40 hits that actually saves this release. It's a shame Whitney doesn't put out songs like these anymore; I have a feeling this will be the only Greatest Hits that she'll release during her career. With her current state I'm not sure there will be need for another one. Maybe I'm wrong. Nonetheless, no one can deny the pure charm of classics such as "Saving All My Love For You", "I Will Always Love You", "I Hav Nothing" and my personal favorite, "The Greatest Love Of All". Whitney's voice soars through every note so effortlessly that you wish for more. I'm hearing she has a new album coming out sometime this year so let's hope for a sleeper hit, she will sure need one. Good luck Whitney. ...more info
  • Excellent collection of Whitney's hits!
    Almost five years since it came out, I still like Whitney Houston's greatest hits album! They packed a lot here on 2 CDs. The first disc smartly puts all the ballads together such as You Give Good Love, Saving, I Will Always Love You, Where Do Broken Hearts Go, I Have Nothing, Heartbreak Hotel, and the breezy Could I Have This Kiss Forever with Enrique Iglesias. I liked that she went with Mark Taylor and Brian Rawling to produce this Metro remix. The second disc is quite good, at least for 45 minutes of it. Sometimes, it seemed unnecessary to tackle all of those remixes on Disc 2. After the 45th minute, the dance sounds kind of drag, especially the Junior Vasquez,David Morales, HQ2, and Hex Hector remixes combined together. It would have been better to put some of the original versions from her albums on here. The patriotic song of Star Spangled Banner and the Olympics song One Moment of Time show her more stronger singing at the 2nd disc's end. Throughout the album, I noticed Whitney's growth as an artist, and the many hits she had,even though she did four albums and a series of hits from soundtrack albums. This compilation shows Whitney as a true diva in music and always willing to take chances! ...more info
  • Wonderful Songs!!!
    This album has the very best of Whitney Houston...including all of her classic songs....songs that when heard will take you back to a special time. Her voice is timeless...just as her music! This is an album you must have in your collection!...more info
  • Excellent
    It's an excellent CD. It gathers all the best Whitney Houston songs in a double CD. I had one and lost mine, that's why I bouth another one....more info
  • Whitney Houston is a DIVA!
    She's a superlative singer whose version of a country song even won over country-song lovers. When comparing the original version of a popular country song to Whitney's version, the country radio station showed a vote count in favor of Whitney Houston. They'll probably never admit it, but I heard it -- all God's truth. She's up there with top-rated world-known superstars like Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin and Barbara Streisand, because in addition to having a beautiful voice, she can act. The movies she's been involved with make good film and her acting shows natural skill. I'm proud to own this CD....more info
  • Half 'n Half
    I'm a huge fan of greatest hit's album, when they are done right. I'm also a big fan of classic Whitney Houston. So I was *really* excited when I found this. Except I should have read the reviews and the CD more carefully. Next time I'll know better.

    The First Set:

    I absolutely love. It has such favorites as Saving All My Love For You, Greatest Love Of All, Didn't We Have It All, Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Run To You, I Have Nothing, I Will Always Love You, Exhale, & Why Does It Hurt So Bad, plus more! I find myself listening to the first side more then disc two.

    The Second Set:

    This has some great classics as well such as: I'm Every Woman, Queen Of The Night, I Will Always Love You, I'm Your Baby Tonight, So Emotional, & my personal favorite I Wanna Dance With Somebody. So this side with the exception of ballad type (remix) songs is more dance where as the first one is just ballads. However, this is dance *remixes* which is the key word. It's fine to have them on a CD, but usually you expect them at the very end. There are no really original versions of the dance song's on disc 2.

    That was the most disappointing part. I mean disc 2 isn't terrible, but you expect out of a Greatest Hit's album to have the 'original versions.' So now I have to go back and find the original songs on her other CD's. Or I'll have to wait till another Greatest Hit's album comes out. So if you don't mind dance remixes in general you will love this album. If I had to give it a grade though it would be a C+. ...more info
  • Cool Down and Throw Down!
    I bought this 2-CD release when it came about in 2000 because Whitney's one of the 80's artists I grew up listening to. I enjoyed it very well! It has ALL THE HITS BY THE GREATEST VOICE OF ALL TIME!!! If you are a collector or a superfan of hers, please don't let this one pass you by. This diva's voice is creamy and passionate and classy and all 32 flavors!!! The only disappointment I felt was that her dance hits did not come in their original form, they were remixed and I did not feel good when the remix version of "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" came on because the techno beat erased Whitney's feel-good laugh in that song. Plus, this greatest hits package did not contain her "Miracle", a song that makes me nostalgic for the good ol' days.
    BUT!!!! Don't let that discourage you from adding WHITNEY HOUSTON to your CD collection. Bonus tracks: "One Moment In Time" and "The Star Spangled Banner." Enjoy......more info
  • Crack is Not Whack 4 Whitney
    Why does Whitney have almost as many compilation CD's as original studio recordings? ...She has another compilation coming out this month. Whitney has a beautiful voice and has made some of the greatest pop music of my generation. I really hope she cleans up her act and reclaims her prior standing. ...more info
  • Whitney's Entry in "Declaration of Independence" Songbook
    TOP TEN "Declaration of Independence" no particular Order.
    1. I'm Outta Love - Anastacia
    2. Mr. Lonely - Deborah Cox
    3. Sacrificial Lamb - Amber (Found on her Brand New "My Kind of World" CD, this track is the latest and one of the Best additions to the "Declaration of Independence" Songbook ( Amber's previous #1s includes "Sexual", "If You Could Read My Mind" and "This is Your Night")
    4. It's Not Right, But It's OK - Whitney Houston
    5. Strong Enough - CHER
    6. No More Tears (Enough is Enough) - Donna Summer
    7. I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
    8. You Make Me Sick - Pink
    9. Survivor - Destiny's Child
    10. Hit the Freeway - Toni Braxton ...more info
  • Whitney - Epic!
    This greatest Hits C.D is definitely one for the collection. All of Whitney's best and most famous songs all rolled into one. From 80's to Naughties. Including some remix's I have never heard...I'm your baby tonight mixed with a house style. (so very impressed, and I dont really like House music). Double C.D with 32 songs all together... However, it does not include "When you Believe" The duet with Mariah Carey, which would be the only way to make this C.D 5 Stars. All in all, great purchase. x p.s... If the worst comes to worst and you hate the C.D, at least you will have the cover, photographed by the incredible David LaChapelle. ...more info
  • The Golden Diva
    Another classic collect of some of the best songs in history from one of the best and most successful artist in history. The only complaint I have is that there are too many remixes on this album and not all of her greatest hits are present but other than that, this is an excellent album. I read one review that gave this album a 1 star and said her songs are shallow and meaningless. Well, I don't know if there was something in that person's ears that prevented them from listening to the lyrics or if that person is too young to understand this material, but this woman is true to the heart and very few people can sing with as much emotion as she can. Every single song on disc one is excellent from the more pop influenced songs like "Saving All My Love for You" and "Where Do Broken Hearts Go", to the more R&B influenced songs like "Exhale (Shoop, Shoop)" and "I Believe In You And Me". Some people say she can't sing anymore but I think they're just not use to the new Whitney, this girl still has it and on her most recent studio album Just Whitney, she proves she can still hit those high notes. She may not be able to hold the notes as long as she use to, like in "I Will Always Love You", but she can out sing Mariah Carey any day. My point is that Whitney can still sing and I recommend this fantastic album to every single person on this planet....more info
  • Disc 1 is great, but overall a mixed bag
    Even though she is now considered a punchline, Whitney Houston is one of the most popular singers ever, and has an amazing voice. In her heyday, she had an unparalled streak of hits, appealing to audiences in pop, r&b, and AC. No need to go into her marriage or drug problems, as there's been enough ink spilled on them already. A Whitney compilation by defintion would be difficult, but not impossible, due to the sheer number of hits she has amassed. Disc 1 is the stronger of the two, featuring most of her ballad hits in near chronological order. These songs are legendary: "Greatest Love of All", "Saving All My Love For You", and the monolith "I Will Always Love You". There are two songs slapped on up front, "All at Once" and "If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful", that are enjoyable but don't belong here (my opinion). Notably absent are "Miracle" and "Count on Me" with CeCe Winans, two underrated ballads from the 90s. As on most hits packages, many of the songs are shortened, but it's barely noticable. There are also two new duets with Deborah Cox and Enrique Iglesias. Both are good and are welcome additions. Unfortunately, disc 2 is not as strong. Sme remixes, such as "I'm Every Woman", "It's Not Right..." and "My Love.." make sense (altough "My Love.." is the Jonathan Peters mix, it has more music at the beginning and fades out too early!?!). Some remixes, however, are misguided. "I Will Always Love You" was a mistake, as were dreadful mixes of "I'm Your Baby Tonight", "How Will I Know", and my favorite Whitney song "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)". In this form, many of her biggest hits are unavailable in their original versions. The remixes won't kill you, but whoever decided "Greatest Love of All" needed to be reworked should have a psychiatric exam. The new songs, "Fine" and "If I Told You That" are tacked onto the beginning and are both just okay. What's even weirder is that tacked onto the end are two slow songs, "One Moment in Time" and her superb live version of "The Star Spangled Banner". The collection would have made more sense in chronological order, with the remixes that made the singles from "My Love is Your Love" famous in the place of album versions. But the album feels like a combination of product and retrospective. And the cover is silly. The packaging is well done, but could have been better, as it seems to focus on Whitney the dance diva, as opposed to Whitney the gifted vocalist and pop powerhouse. There are definitely other (both legal & illegal) ways to get the missing songs, but it's still somewhat irritating to know a two-disc, 36 song compilation is not definitive. Of course, I bought it anyway, so my advice is biased. In spite of its flaws, I still recommend this album to Whitney fans, whether luckwarm or fanatical. And if Clive Davis can engineer Whitney's comeback, then bring on volume 2....more info
  • Techno Dancehall Disc 2 Ruins The Whole Thing!
    I wanted to hear all the original mixes of the songs that I remember hearing on the radio in the 1980's. Unfortunately, many of those songs I recall fondly have been remixed to sound like dancehall numbers, like you might find at a gay nightclub. The techno transformation of the mid '80s to early '90s popular R&B hits does not turn out well. All the wonderful Whitney Houston songs of that period are given the same embellishments and treatment on the second disc. Whitney's amazing voice is overwhelmed by these techno musings, and I'm looking forward to a future "greatest hits" collection that simply remasters the old songs of Whitney Houston that I loved so much growing up. The selection of songs is great on this 2-disc set. It's the remixes on the second disc that ruin the whole thing. ...more info
  • All The Good Stuff!
    This is a greatest hits collection on 2 discs and the good news is that everything you love from Whitney is here. The only downside is that particularly on disc #2 there are a lot of non-hits and the whole thing could probably have been fit on one disc. the price, you eveything you hoped for with beautiful sound quality and the memory of what a beautiful and talented singer Whitney once was. ...more info
  • Too many remixes!!!!
    The first part of this collection is great! Whitney's best is laid on the table. Just when you are excited to hear the second disk...they are mostly remixes...which sucks! When you buy a best hits album it is because you like the way the artist sings their original songs...not remixes!!!Overall Whitney kicks butt!!!!...more info
  • Looking for a Greatest Hits collection, save your money
    I enjoy Whitney but I am not a huge fan so I was looking for a collection of greatest hits. Well most of the collection consists of songs I have never heard and don't really care much for and the ones that I would call hits are all, in my opinion, very bad remixes rather than original releases. If you are like me and just looking for a nice collection representative of a great artist's work, this is not the collection for you....more info
    Even though Whitney has been in the news in recent years about her several downfalls, including drugs, and her biggest downfall to date, "Bobby Brown", you have to give credit where credit is due, the woman has a God given gift. The cd begins with her biggest hits, "SAVING ALL MY LOVE FOR YOU" to later jams "HEART BREAK HOTEL". Disc 2 is bascially "the remix" some better than others, and some you wish she would have just kept the same; "I'M YOUR BABY TONIGHT!". Overall, the cd is great, its a whole lot better than most of today's music. I have always admire Whitney. She will forever remain one of the best in my book....more info
  • I love this cd!!!
    I love this cd!!! I play it over and over again. For those of us who want to hear a greatest hits package! I have news for all of YOU!! Get this album now!...more info
  • Buy the U.K. version...
    I'm not sure who came up with the track-listing for this collection (it could've been Whitney, Clive or anyone else at Arista) but this is a huge disservice to Whitney's fans in North America. The decision to not even include the original versions of her biggest up-tempo hits, and to instead to put remixes is just ridiculous and nothing more than an attempt to get people to go and buy her studio albums in addition to this collection.

    The following hits are NOT in there regular form and instead, are remixed:

    -It's Not Right But It's Okay
    -I Learned From the Best
    -Step by Step
    -I'm Every Woman
    -Queen of the Night
    -Love Will Save the Day
    -I'm Your Baby Tonight
    -I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)
    -How Will I Know
    -So Emotional

    How could they call this a greatest hits collection when the hit versions of these songs are not even on here? "It's Not Right but It's Okay" is an exception because the Thunderpuss remix did eclipse the original version. And the mix of "Love Will Save The Day" isn't dramatically different from the album version and it's actually better. It would be great if they had a third disc that was dedicated to the remixes (which don't get me wrong, are for the most part decent) and then still had the second disc keeping the songs in their original form.

    I recommend getting the European version of this collection (Whitney Houston: The Greatest Hits). It's a little pricey but it contains all of the original versions of the aforementioned hits (sans `Queen of the night" - which is still in remix mode) and also contains 4 of the remixes ("It's Not Right, But It's Okay", "I Will Always Love You", "Greatest Love Of All" and "I'm Your Baby Tonight"). That is how it should've been in every continent.

    I gave this CD 2 stars because besides the MASSIVE omissions, it still showcases Whitney, who in my opinion is the greatest singer in pop history. Her voice is breathtaking and certainly in a league of it's own. She really can sing anything and tailor her amazing voice to basically any genre. She may have endured a lot of personal struggles but we shouldn't forget all of the great work she has done over the years.
    ...more info
  • Its' ok
    It's an OK set of songs. there are songs that are sang by someone else too, didnt like that. A lot of remixes, which i did not like....more info