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Deus Ex
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Product Description

A globe-hopping, epic adventure. Travel the world from New York to Paris to Hong Kong exploring locations recreated from detailed maps, blueprints and photographs. The choices are yours and so are the consequences!

Deus Ex combines so many of the elements found in other action-adventure titles that it's almost like getting several games for the price of one. You slip into the trench coat of J.C. Denton, an operative with the top secret UNATCO antiterrorist organization. Denton's body and mind have been augmented with nanotech implants that help him fight, think, and sneak his way through a completely interactive world filled with intrigue, conspiracies, and encounters with other characters. The plot is ripped straight out of a bad X-Files episode, but the decent cutscenes and complex mission environments kept us coming back for more.

Deus Ex's real achievement is that players are free to complete missions as they see fit. As the game progresses you can upgrade your character with a variety of bioenhancements that dramatically impact gameplay. Focus on your combat skills and you'll be the Terminator by the end of the game. Upgrade your computer know-how and you'll be the equivalent of Data from Star Trek: TNG, busting into computer and security networks with ease. We were expecting a game that let us role-play a little, opting for a brute-force approach or one that required a little more stealth, but we had no idea the designers would do such a fine job of pulling it off. The experiences of both methods are unusual enough that we found ourselves revisiting level to try different tactics.

The individual components of Deus Ex--like the targeting system, inventory controls, and enemy viewing radiuses--are a little clunky when viewed individually, but they converge into an overall game that is much greater than the sum of its parts. It's easy to compare the game to titles that obviously influenced it (Thief, System Shock, and Rainbow Six immediately come to mind), but Deus Ex really stands on its own as a unique title that should appeal equally to action games, adventure lovers, and role-playing fanatics. It's just too bad players without a Voodoo card will have a hard time getting playable frame rates, since the game uses the Direct3D-unfriendly Unreal engine. --T. Byrl Baker


  • Several ways to complete each mission, and all are equally fun
  • Game world is highly interactive, and exploration is rewarded
  • Ability to tailor a character to match your gameplay style is a huge plus
  • Doesn't run well on non-Voodoo video cards since the game is optimized for Glide 3-D rendering
  • Most of the voice acting is bad
  • Enemies aren't very smart

The year is 2052 and the world is a dangerous and chaotic place. Terrorists operate openly, killing thousands; drugs, disease, and pollution kill even more. The world's economics are close to collapse, and the gap between the insanely wealthy and the desperately poor has grown to the size of the Grand Canyon. Worst of all, an ages-old conspiracy bent on world domination has decided that the time is right to emerge from the shadows and take control. No one believes the conspiracy exists--no one but you.

In this thrilling role-playing adventure, you play the part of J.C. Denton, a powerful, nanotechnologically augmented antiterrorist agent. It's up to you to stop the conspirators from achieving their goals. But this world is full of lies and betrayal, a world where nothing is as it seems and entire nations can seemingly be turned against you at the push of a button. To succeed, you must travel the globe in a quest for knowledge, develop your character's nanotech augmentations and strengths as you see fit, build a network of allies to assist you, and determine when stealth and strategy are more important than action. And each time you think you've got the mystery solved, the game figured out, there's another, deeper mystery to be unraveled. You will never know whom to trust, who your friends are, who's in the conspiracy, and who's innocent. Maybe no one is.

  • A richly simulated world of unparalleled interactivity, engineered to react to your every action.
  • A globe-hopping, epic adventure. Span the world from New York to Paris to Hong Kong exploring locations recreated from actual maps, blueprints and photographs.
  • Recreated from actual maps, blueprints and photographs.
  • Total character interaction. Your relationship with scores of other characters affects the outcome of the game.
  • The ability to create a compelling alter ego. Select and develop your own unique set of skills and nanotech augmentations, determine which weapons and objects you need to survive and solve problems.

Customer Reviews:

  • depth gauge overload
    this is a a beautiful game i am only 8 of age but i still play it even though it says 15+ enough of me about the game

    sometimes this game can really be fustrateing like when u are getting quite far and the you try and use ur scope on a soldier and 12345 ur gone shot u up whith his assult rifle [...] i got to the south dock and before u know it i am killed by a thug and a nsf soldier i killed em the second time foud in to the statue and was killed immediately either i am rubbish at the game altogether or i just can't do it so i had alot of fun whit dis game but i need more practice but if u like rpg's you'll llllluuuuuuvvvv this so this is a must buy...more info

  • Four years on...and STILL at the top of it's game!
    Combining aspects of both FPS and RPG (First Person Shooter and Role Playing Games), Deus Ex promises a genuine gaming experience like no other, but let's face it; the game is now outdated in practically ever technological aspect. The graphics are showing their age, the sounds don't have the quality compared to newer titles, and the engine is almost redundant. Now you might say, "Yeah, without a doubt!" - But there is something in the game that to masses changed their perspective of gaming when it was released. Some spark, some hint of ecstasy that brought the game out into the open, and inspired a generation.

    No doubt many of you have played the latest and greatest of gaming technology. Titles that made you drool over the astonishing graphics, map design, physics systems...but as you sat down and glued yourself to the monitor, you began to realise that it lacked the ability to immerse you into its environment, storyline and overall game play. Very soon it became `just another game' that promised everything, but delivered nothing but poor results, and frankly, was just another mediocre game packaged into impressive visuals.

    However what Deus Ex now lacks in visual `eye-candy' it more than makes up in game play. It has the undeniable ability to draw the player into its chaotic world and immerse them deep within the corruption. The fact that your actions reflected the outcome of a situation or even the entire, game allowed us to think long and hard about what we really desired to achieve; and also questioned our very own morals - AND for four years it has continuously captivated me personally.
    Few games have ever had the capacity to bring about such empathy and judgment in casual and hardcore gamers alike - and is becoming clear that it's something we are lacking in the gaming industry; INSPIRATION. What Ion Storm created was nothing other than a masterpiece, pure and simple. Regretfully the studio has now collapsed, and so their work has become but cherished memories of a company striving to become something more than just `average'. They yearned for remarkable results, and hence in my opinion they have triumphed!

    Deus Ex will forever be the landmark of gaming brilliance, and I so I only hope that the reader of this review not blindly take my word for it, but download the demos - experience the game for yourself! There are copies of both the original and GOTY Edition (Game Of The Year) still lingering about; I should know - I only just purchased a NEW copy the other day. So do yourself a favour; if you haven't yet experienced the genius that is Deus Ex, or are looking to rekindle the old flame, DO IT! You won't regret the decision!...more info
  • best game ever .
    take all the GTA's times it by both Halo and Halo 2 add all the jak & daxter games and Ratchet & clank games multipled by mortalcombats put them on steriods and they won't even put a scrach on this that good. if you like shooters and stealth games this game has it. if you like adventure and RPG's with great story this is a MUSTHAVE. when doom 3 came out people bought computers just to play it.i'd buy a movie theater just to play this game to the best extent.the sequel didn't mach up to this games superior.if you r a gamer you have to have atleast heard of this.if not im asshamed to call you a human being...more info
  • Great First Person Shooter! The pros and cons.
    Deus Ex is a great game. I don't know if I can describe it well enough but this game is great! On to the review:


    --If you are really into plot, this is your game. This game has an Amazing INGENIOUS plot! It's hard to say anything without ruining it for you.
    --This game uses the ORIGINAL Unreal engine. (Pretty pathetic) But what they've done with it is what astounds me. The Unreal engine isn't too good for today's standards. But they've buffed it up real well. It looks great.
    --The basic interface is great! You can pick locks, reprogram turrets, and hack into computers. (You're a good guy by the way) In most FPSs weapons are assigned to a specific category or number. In Deus Ex, you can change that! From 1-0 you can assign any item/weapon you pick up to any of those numbers. You also have a set amount of Health Points (HP) in each area of the body. (Head, Torso, Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg, Index Finger, Thumb, Mr. Birdie...ok that's going a little too far.) If you lose all the Health Points in your head/torso you die, one leg you walk slower, 2 legs you have to crawl. You get the idea.
    --This isn't your normal FPS. If you haven't played System Shock 2 I suggest you pick it up. Deus Ex has MANY RPG elements. You talk to people, the HP, and skill points. You have a few skills that you can invest in. You start trained in Pistols and then there are rifles, artillery, throwing, swimming, computers, lock picking, and many more.
    --Different difficulty levels.
    --Alternate endings. (I won't spoil how many.)
    --It has voice-overs!


    --Voice acting isn't too good. J.C Denton has one of those low raspy voices; I'm not saying all of them are bad though. Paul's pretty cool.
    --Blocky characters. The characters have blocky heads. It kind of looks like there made out of a cardboard box!
    --Not enough side quests. You pretty much follow the basic story. I don't think there are any side quests except for 2 actually.
    --Enemies take to long to kill. If your not trained in the pistol, melee, or rifle class (I'm talking about the shotgun its under this class.) you have to shoot them multiple times in the head to kill the enemies.
    --Just for the fun of it, you can't kill any guy that follows thought he story, unless the let you. For example you can't go ahead and kill your brother, (Paul Denton) because he's a major character. It would be really cool if you could and the story changed. (That's never going to happen though.)

    I think that's about it. There are probably a few faults that I haven't mentioned but they don't severely hurt the game. Now if you fully trust in my review don't. Play a demo and try out the game for yourself. The game gets much better as your progress though. And when you get this game, don't get frustrated. You WILL get lost, you WILL get stuck. Just keep looking and find that last key!

    (Basic Story) You are an Agent that belongs to an Anti-terrorist organization called U.N.A.T.C.O. There is a plague that is going around called the gray death, and the terrorist's have the cure. You have to fight them and get the cure so it can be distributed fairly.

    (You can approach this game two ways. Stealth {BORING} or Full Force Front Side Attack! {WHOOHOO!!!}) It doesn't force you to be stealthy. Thank you for reading. Buy this game. And don't fall for the sleazy Game of the Year edition. All the extras can be downloaded. Get it for the PC and not the PS2. PC has much better controls.

    bre00...more info

    During this ongoing Dark Age for PC gaming, when corporate Greed has coupled with pseudo-DRM schemes to stifle any original idea or creative process, I found myself, again and again, reaching for the classics. And DEUS EX is definitely a classic masterpiece.

    Set in the near future, infused with equal doses of cyberpunk mentality and noir atmosphere, playing like an FPS with strong RPG elements (inventory, character development, modifiable equipment, secondary quests) - and yet one is better off avoiding shooting more often than not!. Whoever played DEUS EX can attest that this game will stay with you. Forever. And rightly so.

    This is a game infused with life. The characters act natural. The script is brilliantly paranoid. And the whole setting will immerse you into this twisted world of technological possibilities and power.
    In a perfect world, David Lynch would have realized William Gibson's Neuromancer. Short of that, we have been offered DEUS EX.

    Sure the graphics may look dated. But I promise you that you will find no lip-synced modern game more appealing than DEUS EX. Even 5+ years old PCs will be able to render its full potential (although the game's strengths are hardly limited to its appearance) - and it is DRM-free.

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! ...more info
    During this ongoing Dark Age for PC gaming, when corporate Greed has coupled with pseudo-DRM schemes to stifle any original idea or creative process, I found myself, again and again, reaching for the classics. And DEUS EX is definitely a classic masterpiece.

    Set in the near future, infused with equal doses of cyberpunk mentality and noir atmosphere, playing like an FPS with strong RPG elements (inventory, character development, modifiable equipment, secondary quests) - and yet one is better off avoiding shooting more often than not! Whoever played DEUS EX can attest that this game will stay with you. Forever. And rightly so.

    This is a game infused with life. The characters act natural. The script is brilliantly paranoid. And the whole setting will immerse you into this twisted world of technological possibilities and power.
    In a perfect world, David Lynch would have realized William Gibson's Neuromancer. Short of that, we have been offered DEUS EX.

    Sure the graphics may look dated. But I promise you that you will find no lip-synced modern game more appealing than DEUS EX. Even 5+ years old PCs will be able to render its full potential (although the game's strengths are hardly limited to its appearance) - and it is DRM-free.

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! ...more info
  • This really deserves 5 stars
    I do not have much to say about the game itself that has not been said in previous reviews, except, if you have not played this game and like FPS or RPG games at all - Stop what you are doing and obtain it somehow. This is truly a masterpiece in the realm of video games and anyone should have the privilege of enjoying this classic. It should average 5 stars here in Amazon, really. =)...more info
  • Well deserving of praise and promise
    Let me start with the bad news - very demanding on resources; the save games are HUGE, and the older systems crawl. Crashed very rarely though. Graphics intensive too.
    But other than these minor details, an excellent game that redefines the first-person / role playing / strategy hybrid genre.
    I had a blast - the scenery was immersive. I could appreciate the sharp echoes of drops of water in underground Paris catacombs, the brisk buffeting wind atop Hong Kong high rises, etc. A genuine globe-trotting techno-adventure.
    Deus Ex presented many tight spots to me that needed strategy and even trickery to get past; I had to use quick save / load a lot! Definitely challenged my trigger happy Quake-derived methods of getting out of jams, simply cos you don't have that much fire power lying around.
    But I really wish I had more rockets and grenades. Sigh. Those damn droids and robots really gave me a run for the money, and shotguns, etc were like pea shooters.
    Anyway what really got me was the absolutely brilliant plot that runs through the whole game like a rich, diverse tapestry of ideas. The concept of world-domination, multinational conglomerates, new-world order, etc was fascinating. A very deserving treatment of modern mythologies with ancient origins, that reveals itself in digestible doses as you go from stage to stage.
    I felt like a modern day knight-in-arms fighting against a dark hidden empire, bent upon global domination with an agenda stretching back hundreds of years, much greater than my pitiful abilities and ambitions.
    Deus Ex let me exit with a grand finale that was truely to my liking; the game anticipated my intentions, and gave me the moral and ethical choice I would have preferred anyway. I wonder what you will choose? At that final point in the game, the fate of the world would be in the palm of your hand....more info
  • It rivals half-life for best single player experience
    I was genuinely sad when I beat this game. I didn't want it to end: that's how good it is. It has an amazing plot, characters, the graphics can be troublesome if you don't have glide, but are still great, and wonderful sound also. Any fan of action/rpg games should defenitely buy this game....more info
  • Not bad but... not great.
    I'm kinda stumped as to why everyone went so nuts over this game.
    I found it kinda boring and repetitious, of course I was playing Max Payne at the same time which in my opinion blows this game away.
    The first thing that bothered me was the system requirements just to get this game to look good, I'm running a PIII 933 with 256MB of DDR and a 64DDR Nvidia Geforce 2, and it still choked up in some areas unless I turned the graphic settings down.
    Fortunately the game had some interesting concepts that kept me playing for a while but I eventually became bored and never finished the game....more info
  • Best game I have ever played!
    When I bought this game I was not sure exactly what to expect.
    Wow, I still cannot stop playing this game. Why? Well for one
    thing, you can do just about anything that you want to.
    Second it seems vary realistic for a future type game. Third
    this game is fun fun fun! It is not just a 3D shooter or a
    problem solver only. Yes there are puzzles to figure out but
    common sense will work ok. Like I said, this is the best game I
    have ever played and I play a lot of them. Buy It!...more info
  • One of the best ever
    An immersive Sci-Fi roleplaying game from Eidos and Warren Spector, Deus Ex is one of my all-time favorites. Combining roleplaying elements with FPS action and a great story to follow, of which you can influence the outcome of, Deus Ex has few rivals to date.

    Political conspiracies, familiar turf, moral choices to make, gun battles to win, far away locales to visit...Deus Ex grabbed me and didn't let go until I finished it.

    The game now has a multiplayer mode as well now and may be of interest to some....more info

  • The best of all genres!
    This game combines RPG's, first-person shooters, action, adventure and puzzle genres into one amazing game. At the beginning the various augmentations and specializations can seem confusing, but play through the first mission (another interesting component - unlike other games, the first mission is neither easy or low-risk), and you'll find yourself upgrading like the pros. For those of you like me who like to explore every corner of their virtual world , then rejoice! What in the past yielded fruitless results will now get you extra exploration points, that go towards your specialization upgrades. As the specializations go, you can become a bad... napalm-throwing killing machine, or an elite hacker few systems can withstand. Or, you could decide to focus on your lockpicking skills, for when you really want to see what's behind that door. For the smokers out there, rejoice! Specialize in environmental and you'll be able to withstand nearly every possible toxin, poison and gas. (You'll also find many cigarettes during the course of your game)
    I think though, what makes this game so compelling is how real the environment seems, and how free you are to do as you please. Along the way, you'll meet people who want to sell you items (some you want, others are junk). Want to buy some napalm, but don't have enough credits? (1 credit = 1 dollar) If you specialized in computers, just hack into an ATM and withdraw all the money. Or, if you specialized in melee weapons, pull a knife on the seller and raid his corpse. See a building you want to enter? You could take the front door, but is there a back door? Maybe a sewer pipe leads in. There are so many ways to complete your objectives that this game quickly becomes all-engrossing.
    Finally, what this game has in spades is a brilliant, ever-twisting plotline, influenced by your events during the game. UNATCO is the righteous organization, dedicated to giving out the much-needed ambrosia vaccine to victims of the "Gray Death" - or is it? MJ-12 is completely separate of UNATCO, right? Is it? Just a suggestion for those who buy this game (buy it now!), during the course of the game read the stray newspapers and books lying around. They piece together a vibrant history of America, up until 2052. You'll learn how President Mead took power. You'll learn about the Order of Cincinnatus, formed in 1785 by George Washington to take over the government by force in case the flegdling democracy fell, and still a super-secretive group. (Is it even a gruop? Type "Order of Cincinnatus" into a search engine and find out!) Kudos to all the writers. Actually no, double kudos.

    For gosh sakes, you've been reading this review for long enough. Go out and buy Deus Ex already!...more info

  • Warren Spector is a God!
    Simply amazing. Warren Spector has made a masterpiece of a game. It sets new standards in the Action Roleplaying Genre. I cannot recommend this game more. It is and still remains my favourite computer game of all time. The levels are varies, ranging from secret Area 51 labs to the markets of a future Hong Kong. The things that immediately hits you is the sheer depth of the game. I remember at one time hearing two random people on a street holding a long philisophical conversation for about 10 minutes. The action is clever and consistently gives a choice in a play style. You can charge into a situatation but there is always an alternative. The plot is what however really drives this game. If you like a good plot on the same level as that of Baulder's Gate then this is your game. A beautiful conspiracy is slowly crafted around you as you become more and more immersed in the games world. I could write forever about this game.

    Just buy it. It has redefined what gaming should be about....more info

  • Hacking codes, FOR GAME!
    Well sorry to say i dont own this game but then i was a bit younger my grandfather's brother's realtives (cousins, duh!) came over with a laptop and they had a game i couldnt pronouce. I called it DAYS X, then i dicovered that thats exactly how you say it. Anyhow thats also when i was introduced (all government agents or what are you, i am not a hacker) to the valuable skill of hacking. so when i saw him go up to a comp it asked for a code. It was a terrorist comp i belive, but the hacking code was Crush the world or, crush the world, crushtheworld. but try altering it a bit, im not sure what it was exactly....more info
  • Best FPS Ever
    This is one of the most fantastic games i have ever played! One of the biggest pluses is how well you can interact with the environment. Like Counter-Strike, ther are crates you can hide behind, but you can also break them opened and find items. Overall, the only rel flaw I can find, is that the voice acting, and mouth movements are less than perfect. Buy this game....more info
  • Yes it will run on XP
    Download the demo on and give it a try first.
    I tried the demo with a bit of skepticism but I was pleasantly suprised. Though I have been out of the gaming scene for about five years, I was sad to not be able to have a joystick in my hands -- too much fumbling around the keyboard during critical moments.

    Anyway, I bought the game on ebay for under two bucks....more info

  • All time great
    Mark my words, Deus Ex will go down as one of the best video games in history! Whoever owns the rights to this game should update it for 2007 - It would sell millions. I have played this game at least a dozen times, and every time there is a surprise. On the right system it's sequel is 4 and half stars. This game should be used as a model for any company making games - the games of today are an insult to anyone who is a serious gamer.

    ...more info
  • Most engrossing PC game ever.
    This is the best PC game I have ever played. The level of interactivity and the "go anywhere, do anything" design make it extremely fun; you will find yourself just messing around with the game just to see what it can do.

    Get this game and enjoy it. You will play it at least twice....more info

  • Deus Ex - need I say more
    This is the first game in first person play that the story line is easily understood that I have played.
    Go with the flow, read everything. Best of all sneak up on people and easdrop, there is a wealth of info. to learn from this advantage. First time through I think I killed everything that moved but the best time was going through in stealth. It is not easy so you need to save your game often. As you go through the game you will learn the different moods that JC goes through and it will help you to choose witch of the three ending you will go for. I have found that the choice you make during the game also gives you a differante aspect of the game. All in all I can't wait for Deus Ex 2 to come out....more info
  • My Favorite Game of all time
    Deus Ex is the best game I have ever played. It is a combination RPG and first person action/adventure game with true freeform gameplay, scripting that changes depending on your actions, and multiple endings.

    Highly recommended!...more info
  • Cool!
    This is the most AWESOME game I have ever played! It's better than any other shooter because it has a storyline. Its better than most RPGs because of the immense stradegy involved. Its actually like you ARE him! It's so cool!...more info
  • If you haven't played this game...
    now's the time to. This is a very revolutionary game that allows you to play it how you wish. Many games have a very linear path to follow, not Deus Ex, you can play the game without killing anyone if you want, or you can outright kill everyone you come across. The game also has 3 endings depending on the choices you make. This is a classic and should be played by any gamer that has any interest in rpg's, first person shooters/sneakers, or just someone in the mood for a good story....more info
  • ...!
    This game is AWESOME. I got it for only Target so i thought it would be cheap, but I was proved wrong! This game has everything you could ever want from the game. You gotta sneak around enemies, and interact with everything. It could be called an RPG instead of a FPS. So I know i sound like an ..., but you gotta buy this game!...more info
  • Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!
    The second i saw this here in a magazine i thought of getting it and then after reading more about it i finally bought it and i thought it was very to start of with because this was the first time i had ever played a first-person shooter and when i got into it i couldn't stop playing it.
    I have completed it four times and right now im going through for the fifth time using new strategies and exploring new places i had never been before, which shows you that even after so many times you can still be suprised by the amount of freedom in it such as taking multiple routes,completing sub-missions like going to kill a spy in a clinic disgised as a Journalist,being able to choose what your player looks like and what his abilities are such as rifles,pistols etc.
    The storyline is ultimately compelling spanning across contries such as new york,hong kong,paris and even Vandenburg launch station.
    The graphics in this game are really good and the character animation is top-notch.
    overall this is a game to end all games in the levels of interaction it gives the player,the freedom of choice and a certain paranoia that nothing is as it seems,this is the best game ever,the birth of a new genre of games mixing stealth,role-playing and first person shooters also the new game of the year edition and deus ex on the ps2 are beng released very soon so that should keep your adrenaline levels high untill the almighty DEUS EX 2.......more info
  • Bryan Eastin
    Deus Ex ought to win the prophetic game of the century award. It was published back in 1999 when nobody talked about terrorists or abuses of the constitution or sacrificing freedom for safety, yet there are so many parallels with what's happened recently that it's almost spooky to play the game.
    I don't generally like first person shooters, but this game is awesome. You can play like a commando, a hacker, or a thief. The plot is smooth and side quests are plentiful and generally fit in well.
    Get this game....more info
  • Best all around game I've found
    I'm not sure where to start...You can approach missions different ways, from being a savvy, stealthy agent to being a head-on firefight warrior. You can interact with all the characters along the way, sometimes gaining needed knowledge only after the 3rd time you initiate conversation.

    There are points in the game where you have to make choices...Trust your brother, or your agency. Rule the world, or destroy technology and send everyone back to the stone ages. And the game relates to real world history, real-world places. I've never played a game through more than once, but I did for this game several times. And I found new things each time I played.

    I enjoyed Doom, Duke Nukem, Quake, Red Faction (recently), but none of them measure up to Deus Ex....more info

  • A Spellbinding Classic
    There is nothing else quite like Deus Ex.

    I have a long history with video games, but have never encountered such a detailed, immersive experience as this. The player is thrust into a palpable, decaying technological society of the near future. It's a dark world where secret conspiracies spin incredibly plausible schemes for world domination, where a plague is ravaging the populace, and where fear is cunningly manipulated to further terrifying power-grabs. Deus Ex is a classic for many reasons, but this latter point is as prophetic and well-executed as any warnings handed down to us from Orwell.

    I won't recount the vast, epic storyline of this remarkable game. Suffice to say these are the points that make it a must-have, must-play, and rightly deem it a classic video game.

    1. The amount of exploring that can be done throughout the awesomely-rendered settings of New York, Hong Kong, Paris, and other locales is amazing. Each is highly atmospheric and immersive... from the rotting catacombs below Paris to a futuristic Hong Kong district to an abandoned fortress once belonging to the Knights Templar.

    2. Actions have consequences. This is a highly intelligent game, demanding that characters do more than shoot at everything that moves. You can play through many times and each will be different, depending on things you choose to do or say.

    3. This is storytelling at its best. An ingenius hybrid of conspiracy theories, technological innovations, philosophy, political theory, and sheer imagination makes for the most rewarding video game experience I've ever encountered.

    4. The sweeping cast of characters is memorable, well-acted, and unique.

    5. The attention to detail is unsurpassed. Everywhere you go there are books, newspapers, datacubes, emails, and messages that can be snooped into. Sure, they can be ignored easily enough, but it is fascinating to pay attention to them because they each spin ongoing, miniature story-arcs. Again, this has little to do with the story-at-large, but as you proceed with the main tale you can keep abreast of the unfolding events of this futuristic universe, read succeeding chapters of in-game novels, learn relationship dynamics between minor (and sometimes unseen) characters.

    6. A combination of many game genres is to be found here: stealth, exploration, FPS, roleplaying, etc.

    My first time playing Deus Ex still burns vividly in my mind years after playing it, and it possesses an addictive quality for all the reasons listed above and many other ones that can't be articulated. I still play through it once a year, like returning to a favorite book or film.

    Naysayers may point out that the game's graphics are dark and grainy. Graphics do not make a game, and I found them appropriate enough in the context of the future this game creates.

    This is the kind of game that should be saved, and relished, by generations now and to come....more info
    could someone PLEASE tell me if this game will run on Windows XP. I want to but it, but have yet to get response from Eidos tech. THANKS!...more info
  • One of the most memorable games ever
    [...]. And after getting into the game this happy grin on my face would not go. This has to be one of the best PC Games ever. It has an intriguing story line and although the voice acting is a bit patchy the game keeps you interested the whole way though. The gameplay is absolutly awesome and the greatest part would just be the amount of ways 1 problem can be solved. The biggest problem with the game is its lousy framerates. Because its based on the Unreal Engine the game performance is not good on a non-voodoo card. I have a fast PC (Athlon 1Ghz, 256MB RAM, GeForce 2) and had to download drivers to just get the game running at a playable framerate. The graphics are good but if you dont have a VooDoo card then the framerate will suffer badly. Dont let me put u off on that. This is still one of my favourite games off all time, and my Favourite PC Game Ever (even beating Half Life!)...more info
  • gamer from minneapolis, mn
    Addictive and challenging. Even for me, a 41 year old
    female! The sound track and effects suck you in....more info
  • Best game of all time
    I'll start off by saying that you need to get this game... I mean NEEED!
    Deus Ex is one of the most innovative and prophetic (i agree with Brian eastin) games of all time, in one mission you are near a gas station, and if you look at the prices, sure enough $4.00, $4.10, $4.20. and this game was made 9 years ago
    It takes RPG, fps, strategy, and plain genius into one package. This game was worth every single penny spent on it.
    I still play this game, regardless of how many times i have been through the plot, excellent replay value.
    on a scale of 1-10, deus ex is at least a 17.
    Don't buy the sequel, Deus ex 2: invisible war. Deus Ex 3 is in production, but Deus ex is a game that can never be fully recreated....more info