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Monster Cable MP AV 800 PowerCenter AV 800 with Surge Protection
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Product Description

An 8 Outlet / 1 Coaxial Audio/Video Power Center

  • Color-coded, labeled outlets and matching cord labels for easy hookup.
  • 8 ft. Monster AC power cable with FlatProfile right angle plug provides flexibility for installations
  • Eight outlets total, including three spaced for use with AC adapter transformers
  • Maximum conductivity 24k gold contact, grounded right angle plug lets furniture hug walls
  • Audible and visual indicators for damage, protection, and ground status monitoring

Customer Reviews:

  • Works for me!!!
    I bought this surge protector for the main room's A/V equipment. It does a great job and had an added bonus. I plugged the satellite cable into the suppressor and it improved my reception signal.

    ...more info
  • Be careful
    I purchased this product to use with a new Samsung 52 inch A650, a blue ray player, and satellite HDDVR. I plugged everything as instructed. Plugged the unit in and turned it on. Bottom line: there was a loud popping noise and a strong smell of something burning. I was afraid it ruined my new TV but was fortunate that it didn't. The smell was awful and the unit was ruined without even being used. One would think they would test these things before they sent them out.

    I sent it back to Amazon and purchased another brand. Seems this works for some, but is the risk worth it?...more info
  • As Promised
    This product is everything it promises. I had investigated other options before buying, but you never know until you open the package and use the product. Good value item!...more info
  • Easy to use
    Though i didnt notice any difference in the picture quality, i feel much better plugging in my $3000 HDTV and the home theater system in this powercenter....more info
  • Nice product
    I bought this surge protector for my new LCD and DVD player. It works just fine. The right angle plug, coaxial connections, and the long cord are very convenient features. I already had a surge in my apartment, and my equipment is undamaged. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a surge protector....more info
  • Must buy!
    This is a must buy for your valuable purchase. In my place I have seen that the electricity fluctuates a lot. This provides protection to valuable equipment....more info
  • PowerCenter
    The PowerCenter is an excellent item to purchase if you have multiple electronics to plug in at one central location. I think it is awesome and I recommend that everyone buy one for themselves....more info
  • Great Value
    For $30, this power strip is a great deal and even comes with a short length of Monster coax...more info
  • Good Product
    No complaints, I've only had this for a few months and haven't gone through any surges but I do have several other monster cable surge protectors and the whole line is great. For a low end monster it works fine but for really important stuff (Plasma TV, Gaming Comp $2000+) I have a HT850 with stage 1 voltage cleaning. But overall a good product for it's purpose...more info
    Just bought a new Sony HDTV and these surge protectors make everything including the TV safe....more info
  • Monster Cable Surge Protector
    So far I haven't had the need for a higher price one. We don't have a lot of fancy equipment .. I felt no need (and I was correct) to purchase a $500 surge protector that C.City recommended....more info
  • Good enough
    The labeled outlets are a nice feature and the outlets are generously spaced. I agree it would be nice if recording device outlets (DVR, VCR, etc.) were not switched or were separately switched, but that's a minor complaint. As a power strip it is decent but not outstanding.
    Technically speaking, the cord is a bit long for a surge suppressor; too much ground impedance for my comfort. I am *not* a fan of cable and phone "protectors" on power line suppressors - there is a significant risk of directing surges through your equipment by creating a ground loop. As my grounding instructor put it, "Lightning is the wolf - don't invite it in." Surge suppressors on the phone line are pointless if your house is fairly new, since the standard protector where the line connects to your house is far more effective than any add-on. If the video cable isn't grounded where it connects at your house, insist the cable company fix it. If it is, don't create a problem by adding a ground where it doesn't belong.
    I have more experience than I ever wanted with surges, being responsible for several mountain top microwave sites that attract lightning. Most of the damage I see comes from ground loops, most of the rest is by direct strikes on power lines. If you are in an area where lightning damage is a big problem (especially if your electric service is on overhead lines) you should look into a comprehensive solution for power line entry installed by a licensed electrician. Google: whole house surge protection...more info
  • no, "a. e. f." it does NOT have a phone jack
    SUJO 99 (December 17, 2000) was correct. I have a Monster Power AV 800 (made by Monster Cable) in front of me at this moment. The package says 1480 joules, but no mention of phone jack(s). After opening the plastic package with the help of an oxyacetylene torch, a chain saw and half a stick of dynamite, I see no phone jack on the top, sides or bottom. Perhaps the phone jack is hidden in another dimension? Anyone for string theory? Just to make sure we're all talking about the same device, mine has a label that says "Monster Power Audio Video Power Center AV800" on the top and "MONSTER CABLE MONSTER POWER" on the bottom. I plan on using it in my bedroom, where nothing wiil be plugged into the phone jack. But my wonderful Grado SR-80 headphones will be plugged into an equally great used Adcom preamplifier, and that deserves surge protection. (May I say PLUG, PLUG at this point? For Grado and Adcom, I mean. Yeah. OK. Sorry.) If you need phone line protection, might I suggest the Belkin SurgeMaster, 9 socket unit? It's rated at 2655 joules, with both coaxial cable AND phone line protection. It's about the same price as the AV800. Just search for surge protection here at Amazon. ...more info
  • Monster vs. Belkin: close call, but price and number of outlets shouldn't be the deciders.
    [Since the following was written, the price difference between the Monster and Belkin (both approx. 25) has become decisively gaping (20 and 35), making the Belkin the only sane choice.}

    Monster is premium quality at a premium price. Musicians will pay more for a Monster patch cord than some folks would pay for an electric piano. But on closer inspection, this power strip is competitively priced. I recently purchased a 12-outlet Belkin strip at only several dollars below this Monster strip. But the Belkin would accommodate only 8 of my plugs because 6 of the receptacles are in a vertical row (with the ground holes on the inside, not the outside as is the case with Monster). Consequently, a right-angle plug took up the space of 3 receptacles, in effect reducing me to the same number outlets as this Monster.

    Even so, why not save several bucks and get the Belkin? Two compelling reasons in favor of the Monster (the included HDMI cable isn't one of them): 1. The color coding is a thoughtful timesaver/frustration eliminator (how many times have you found yourself on the floor suddenly at a loss about which device connects to which receptacle?) 2. The well-illuminated surface tells you at a glance whether the unit is connected and receiving power (Belkin units have too few or zero lights, requiring the user to get down on all 4's to determine whether the problem is a loss of power to the strip).

    I'm giving it 4 instead of 5 stars because only 3 of the 8 outlets are dedicated to those space-robbing power adapters (wall-warts). Count on the remaining 5 outlets accommodating no more than 2 additional power adapters....more info
  • Ok, but there are better ones out there
    I bought two surge protectors at the same time. One was the Monster AV 800, the other was APC Performance SurgeArrest 11 (PF11VT3).

    The Monster is fine. Most importantly, it should do a good job of what it is designed for: extension cord + surge protection. It does NOT have a phone line protection, just for coax cables. But if your only criteria is whether it does it's job, it gets an A in that area.

    But, I'm more picky, so here are additional items for consideration:

    It has a right angle plug allowing it to be plugged easily to a wall behind a desk or other tight spots. The plug is angled towards the right hand side, so it's better if you're going to keep the surge protector on the right hand side of the wall outlet. My equipment was on the left side of the outlet on the wall, so the plug looks a little weird for me; the APC unit has a left angle, so that was a better fit. Obviously this is purely cosmetic.

    I also have mixed feelings about the color-coded outlets. They also come with stickers so that you can tag the power cords, so that you know which cord belongs to which unit. That certainly makes things easy when you need to unplug just one of the items. On the other hand, since each plug is titled with a specific equipment name (TV, VCR, DVD Player), if you are plugging something else, you are stuck with using one of the existing tags so you have to sub-optimize. Again, just a cosmetic complaint.

    But, overall, the main reason I'm not as passionate about the AV800 is that it is not as good a value as APC Performance SurgeArrest model is. I bought both at the same price (About $30 on Amazon). But:
    a) APC comes with phone line protection, Monster doesn't (and in fact, you can connect two equipments to the same phone line on APC, so it also acts as a phone-line splitter)
    b) APC has safety shutters on its outlets, Monster doesn't (Although they do make it slightly more difficult to plug things in and out of the APC unit, and some complain about this. I find it as a useful feature)
    c) APC has 11 outlets, Monster has 8.
    d) On APC, 2 of the outlets are "always on", while the remaining 8 can be swtiched on and off using the switch on the unit. This is useful, if you are going on vacation and want to leave only your VCR or DVR on for recording, but want to cut power off from your amplifier, your TV, and any other equipment. When you initially set it up, just make sure to put your VCR on the always on plugs. Then you can flip the switch to off and leave. Monster AV800 does not have such a feature, so the switch turns all outlets off.
    e) Cord Guide - APC also has a cord guide, so you can group all cords together and guide them from one end of the surge protector, making it look a little tidier. It's not perfect, but better than nothing (which is what Monster has).

    Finally, if you are obsessed about the joule rating (I'm not), the APC also has a higher joule rating at 2030 joules.

    They both get the basic job done, but the APC comes with more bells and whistles, making life just a little easier, but for the same price. ...more info
  • Good product at a great price
    This product works as advertized. Cheapest deal I found. Circuit City was going to charge me $100 for a surge protector, I got it for $35...more info
  • Monster Power Strip
    As with most Monster products they are superior to the cheaper store bought power strips. Highly recommend....more info