Kreg SML-C125 1-1/4-Inch No. 2 Coarse Screw (1000-Pack)
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Product Description

Kreg's self-tapping screws were designed for its famous pocket-hole joinery, but that's not all they're good for. Kreg's self-tapping auger point eliminates time-consuming pre-drilling, and these screws are made from the highest quality steel, case-hardened and coated with a dri-lube finish. That means less driving torque for you. This coarse-thread screw has a larger thread diameter and provides greater holding power when driving a screw into soft material such as plywood, particle board, MDF, melamine and pine. The washer head offers a great surface area to seat the screw firmly and helps prevent overdriving. They're on the spendy side, but the quality is worth it.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste

  • 1,000-pack of softwood to softwood #8 coarse screws
  • Designed for pocket-hole joinery
  • Self-tapping auger point eliminates pre-drilling
  • Casehardened, steel coated and dri-lube finished for easier driving
  • Large-thread diameter for greater holding power

Customer Reviews:

  • Love these screws !
    Just got the kreg system not long ago and I don't know how I did without them. I have used it several times and the whole set up is great quality.
    These screws are such good quality I would never consider using anything
    else....more info
  • Its a screw with a big head
    Works great easy starts, holds well,..its a screw......more info
  • More for the money
    After researching internet for pocket screws, I found Amazon was the cheap by quantity. If you planning to build alot of wood projects then purchase in bulk to save you money and time in long run. I am planning to build several bookcases for the our office and under the stairs so this purchase provide me with enough screws to complete without having to continiously purchase more screws. Additionally, I like using enough screw to make sure the bookcase is strong enough to move without breaking. ...more info
  • Kreg -SML 1-!/4-inch Coarse Screws
    Great screws to use in woodworking projects. The Kreg system makes quick work of project asemble....more info
  • Square bits, solid bite, self tapping
    Good screws which work good in hard wood, soft wood, and plywood. I like to use these for my cabinet frames. Although they aren't cheap, they work well and are quite strong. I do use the fine screws on some hard oaks, but I find the coarse are versitile and will work in most anything. ...more info
  • The RIGHT screw makes a BIG difference
    Great screw for soft wood and sheet materials. I've had problems with wood splitting in the past whenever I didn't remember to pre-drill holes. This is the first time I've been able to simply drive screws without pre-drilling. Great time-saver....more info
  • Kreg Jig products
    Well if you have a kreg jig you know how great this product is. Its the only way to put kitchen cabinets together. ...more info
  • Can be used for many other projects too!
    These are great screws in their own right. I love them for pocket hole joinery but I also am using them to hang new windows. The self tapping is terrific, the pan head does not go through the plastic flashing, the the square drive holds the screw securely while I am one handed drilling them while hanging onto the ladder! I do not think they are weatherproof but after flashing and the trim, they will be protected enough. High quality screws, never have had one strip one me and the self tapping has NEVER caused the board to split even right near the edge....more info
  • Cool little screws
    I got these screws because I anticipate using them for some pocket hole joinery in some pine I have. But I've been using them left and right since they arrived, so I'm sure glad I got the 1000 pack.

    I have historically used the "wood screws" sold at home centers, etc, which generally have a Phillips head and a fairly thick shank. The problem is you have to drill the right sized pilot hole or the head strips fairly easily when the going gets tough.

    These "pocket hole" screws seem to have a much thinner shank and deeper threads (at least on the coarse ones) so they screw in much easier. Plus the square (Robertson?) drive is much better that Phillips for holding on and not stripping.

    I suppose they are weaker in some dimension than the wood screws, but how much strength do you need?...more info
  • Best square drive screws available
    I have YET to break a KREG screw off doing something. They just work. What more can a person want in woodworking? I wouldn't use anyone else's screw for pocket hole joinery.

    Best to buy in bulk if you find yourself using one particular size. The more you buy of them the more you save. It's a nice way to join wood and hide the joinery as well....more info
  • Kreg pocket hole screws 2-1/2"
    Product quality control is exceptional. I have found no defects in the lot I purchased. Unlike lot purchases made with other type of fasteners in which I've found defective heads making some pieces unusable. In other products with self tapping design I have found the tip was messed up on some screws making the self tapping feature fail.

    Kreg has a good design but what makes their product exceptional is the product quality control. They hurt their image though by selling their large count quantities in brown paper bags. A good product needs to be delivered in a good package. ...more info
  • Best pocket screw
    I'm a remodeling contractor with a small custom cabinetmaking shop. The washer-head or truss-head on this screw makes it a much better alternative than other "knock-off" brands out there. The coarse threads grab better than the others available. Of course, if you're going to be using many of these, it pays to buy in bulk. Shipping was quicker than the website said it would be. I'm pleased....more info
  • Quality product, great price!
    Just started using the Kreg pocket hole system, and I wish I would have started long ago. The Jig is top notch and the screws are the best I have seen, giving you a strong tight joint. I highly recommend this system and accessories to beginners and Pro woodworker alike....more info
  • You need the coarse AND the fine screws
    I had read a review that stated they were using the fine screws for everything. I found that when using soft pine, and more importantly into plywood, the fine screws were on the edge of getting the job done. All you had to do was remove one of the screws and reinsert it, to see what I mean. In my opinion getting the coarse screws, and the fine screws is essential.
    These screws have a very sharp tip on them, and the shaft thickness is thin as well. Consequently you do not need to pre-drill unless you are using them close to an edge of a soft wood. In that condition the thin edge can bulge a little.
    The great thing about pocket hole screws is their convenience, and strength especially when used in pairs. You will find your self using these more and more often. I even use them on straight joinery by drilling with a forstner bit to create a straight pocket, then go right in with the pocket hole screws. Admittedly by using the kreg jig, and getting an angled installation is stronger than going in straight. The angle prevents tugging on just the threads, but rather creates strength by having to pull the angled shaft through the wood. That is a lot stronger except in the rare condition of pressure being exerted at the direct angle of insertion-not likely.
    Their is some difference of opinion as to whether it is advisable to use glue in conjunction with pocket hole screws. One camp states that since the screws hold so well when done in pairs, that you do not need to use glue. Additionally, that gives you the option of being able to remove the joint, in the event you need to resize for example, or disassemble for shipping. Additionally their argument states that since the pocket hole screw system holds so tight, any glue that is put in the seam will be squeezed out.
    The other camp feels that for security purposes, gluing and screwing is the way to go. In the book, "Building Kitchen Cabinets" by Udo Schmidt (an excellent book by the way) the author states, "The expense of a pocket hole-drilling jig will easily be repaid in the time you save assembling face frames.
    So if you are contemplating getting the Kreg jig assembly, it comes highly recommended. If you are thinking about buying the screws, I recommend you getting the coarse and fine screws in the 1 1/4" format, since they are useful for joining 3/4" wood. Additionally you should get the screw kit with a variety of different length screws for those times when you are dealing with different stock thickness.
    In a recent magazine doing a run off of different manufacturers pocket hole jigs, Kreg took first place in every size jig-first place across the board. Hope this helps....more info
  • A Great Screw for soft wood
    Well what can you say about a box of screws. These are actually very good square head screws. They are of good quality and the self-taping feature works very well. It saves you trying to have to drill out a pilot hole on your joined material. A great time saver and I have not noticed any propensity for tear out on reassembly. They may seem a bit expensive but I think they are well worth the price. Use these Kreg coarse thread screws for softer 3/4" woods....more info