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HP 17BII Financial Calculator
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Product Description

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With the HP 17BII financial calculator, you can perform more than 250 business and statistical functions from wherever you happen to be. You can calculate loan payments, amortization, interest rates and conversion, internal rate of return, net present value, bond price and yield, depreciation, and percentages, to name only a few.

The bottom line on the two-line display shows the menu labels for the five major menus in the calculator: Financial, Business Percentages, Statistics, Time Manager, and Equation Solver. The menu keys allow you to shift between functions. The top line shows the numbers or letters you enter and the resulting calculation. Each menu has subfunctions and built-in variables for greater complexity. A beeper sounds when you press the wrong key, when an error occurs, or when you are late for an appointment.

The HP 17BII has 8,000 total bytes in RAM (6,750 bytes plus 1,250 for your built-in variables). You can monitor the available memory (both in bytes and percentages) by pressing shift-MEM. The calculator retains current functions until you press "clear data." If you accidentally shut the machine off, just turn it back on and your calculation will reappear. After 10 minutes of nonuse the calculator turns itself off, but your most recent information will still be there.

The HP financial calculator interfaces with an HP infrared printer (sold separately), allowing you to print tables, lists, and payment schedules whether you are--in a meeting or on an airplane.

A protective cover is included to keep your calculator dust-free. Batteries are already loaded, and the calculator is backed by a limited one-year warranty. --Dana Van Nest

  • Over 250 built-in functions
  • Algebraic notation
  • Reverse Polish notation
  • Business/finance features
  • 2-line, 22-character LCD

Customer Reviews:

  • This is a great financial calculator
    I've had one of these since 1992 and I love it. I just came across this site when I thought I had lost mine and I was freaking out wondering how I'd get by without it.

    I'm a little surprised that it hasn't dropped in price over the years and I'd like it if it had a rolodex-type function, but you can sort of get that by storing addresses and numbers as functions.

    The financial functions rock, as does the solve menu. The menu-driven format is also neat, as it saves on clutter on the keypad....more info

  • A must for any business major
    This calculator made my life a whole lot easier in my accounting and finance classes. The time value of money, cash flow, and bond calculations are done by the calculator very effectively. It takes time to learn how to do the calculations, but the booklet has great examples on how to. For management graduate students this is a requirement to have, but I noticed none other of my fellow undergraduates have this calculator nor have even heard of it. To do the time value of money and other related calculations by hand takes time and is difficult while this caculator can do it in seconds. It was a huge advantage to have this. A great tool for any accounting or finance major during college and after graduation....more info
  • HP18's Algebra mode: No precedence for multiplication/division over Addition/Substraction
    I bought this calculator on the basis of good review here.
    True, most of the good things mentioned in reviews here are indeed true but I found out one major flaw in the "algebra mode"
    for this calculator.

    In the past, I have avoided HP calculators becuase HP insists on RPN. So I was happy to have an HP calculator with both algebra and RPN until I found out about "Algebra mode" in this calculator.

    In other algebra calculators, it is clear that the following is true:
    3 + 4 * 5 = 23

    But HP 18 gives me the following result:
    3 + 4 * 5 = 35
    In other words, it is not algebra, in the sense that is taught in the school.

    ...more info
  • OK until the keys quit
    Great calculator, and HP's excellent manual does the job. HOWEVER, it should last. The early HP25 could be dropped off the table, and I still have one - unfortunately the battery died, or it would be active still. The operator keys stopped working on my 17BII. Power came on, self-test wouldn't test, and the operator(+ - x, etc. ) had no effect. People should buy HP calculators because they work well, they are well documented and they LAST. No matter how marvelous a calculator is, if the keys don't work, it is less than a paperweight.Charles Elliott...more info
  • The best financial calculator around
    Nothing else even comes close. None of that annoying 5 minute wait like the 12c while you stare at a screen that says "running". Also, the 17b2+ has been visually cheapened (cheap plastic, rather than the metal-like cover). This is the banking gold standard. Easy to use and very intuitive....more info
  • I wish HP would re-issue this calculator
    After the classic HP12C, this is the best financial calculator they ever made. My old one hasn't worn out, but I bought a NIB replacement at auction for when it does. This has all the functionality of the more cumbersom 19B, but in a better designed handheld size. I love my 12C, but this is the calculator I wish I had in grad school. The keys are fantastic, the menus are logical and fluid, the case is super rugged, and it is just all around excellent. I'm a messy klutz and have dropped mine and sat on it dozens of times and it still works like a the day I turned it on. I wish HP would re-issue it....more info
  • Great calculator for those in financial services industries
    One of the best features of this calculator is that the calculations (i.e. present value/future value calculations and basic mortgage payment calculations)are menu driven using a series of buttons at the top of the calculator. You simply input the data per the associated input button. In addition, this calculator is a lot easier to use than the 12B which is the standard in the leasing industry. The 17B version allows you to input your data in a straight forward fashion rather than the "reverse" data input method of the 12C. HP also did a good job with the instructional booklet you receive with the calculator. The booklet gives you numerous sample problems and does a good job of highlighting the capabilities of the calculator in an easy to understand format without all the technical jargon. I wouldn't be without this calculator....more info
  • If only my computer worked as well as this calculator!
    This calculator will never need to be replaced. It is a typical HP product - fantastic tools, durable, entirely customer focused....more info