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A Gothic Tale Straight from the Grave, Challange the Powers of Darkness and untold Magic....

One hundred years ago, in the land of Gallowmere, an evil wizard was defeated by the honest citizens of the land. You are a knight that died in the first unsuccessful charge against the wizard's army, but the king, in need of a way to inspire his embattled people, gave you both a hero's burial and the credit for victory. Now the wizard has returned from the dead with a mind for vengeance, and you've been brought back from the dead to stop him. Perhaps the world's least worthy hero, you set out to save the land once again--for the first time.

The animation and humor are reminiscent of Tim Burton'sThe Nightmare Before Christmas. If this alone isn't enough to thrill you, the difficulty level will. This is one of the few games that seems to keep itself near the perfect level--difficult enough to keep you interested, easy enough to keep you from getting frustrated.

The perspective perfectly complements the gameplay and animation style: the 3-D follow-cam allows you, in most places, to look around with ease. And you'll want to take time to see the sights, since the game looks as good as it plays. This game isn't just for the hard-core gamer. It's for everyone. --John Cocking


  • Cartoon zombies
  • Gentle learning curve
  • Goofy good looks
  • Killing zombies can get monotonous
  • Addictive
  • Sony

Customer Reviews:

  • this game is fun and challenging too
    I have beat this game and it was not easy, but it was fun... The puzzles are a bit difficult and younger players will need help. I recommend keeping notes to refer back to during the game. A true hero's welcome awaits you at the end of the game. March on warrior........more info
  • A classic for any age!
    This is a great game and I constantly find myself going back to play it again and again. Great graphics and game play as well as challenging puzzles and a cool story....more info
  • Christmas Gift
    This is one of my husbands favorite games so I got it for him. The old games can still be fun!...more info
  • One of the best games ever
    This is a monster of a game! Superb graphics and sound, enthralling gameplay with a great storyline that keeps you hanging. It's good both for 12 year-olds as well as 25 (well I enjoyed so much I kept playing non-stop for 2 days without leaving my flat). A great fantasy action adventure!...more info
  • I found myself waking up early so I could play before work
    In the past 3 years I have graduated from a major university and passed a major professional exam. I think beating this game gave me an even greater sense of pride and satisfaction. By far the best game I've ever played on any system or in any arcade. I found myself waking up early so I could play before I went to work. Right after work I would go straight to it and play for another 3-4 hours. Fun and amazingly addictive. I have not before or after played a game that has so captivated me. When I get bored with my other games I go back to it and start over. DEFINITELY need a sequel....more info
  • This fun, interesting game requires brains and bronze
    This game ,unlike many adventure games, gives the thrill of navigating yourself through various levels and also rewards you with new, more powerful weopons. It also excites you eyes with great 3-D effects. I would whole heartedly reccomend this game to and game player who is looking for a fun ,interesting game....more info
  • This game kicks ass!
    This is an awsome game the only drawback is your lightning attack has a limit on it. Other wise it's a great game. BUY IT!!!!...more info
  • this game rocks
    This game has everything.Graphcs are good. sounds good.This game should be in the greatst hits line...more info
  • I don't get it.... This game is horrible.
    I can't believe all the over-zealous reviews this game has received. If you've played a GREAT game with GREAT camera control such as "Spyro the Dragon" you will be utterly frustrated with this title. While the graphics and cut scenes are nice the game suffers from a lot of pop up and the camera control is primitive and HORRIBLE. Just when you get the angle the way you like it the game forgets and spins the angle back around. You will often find yourself cocking your head trying to look under your TV screen feeling as if you have blinders on. Also due to the graphics it's often difficult to tell which way your character is facing and this is frustrating when confronting enemies as you will attack in the wrong direction while you are pelted from behind. Also the game does not give you enough opportunities to save your progress so you will often find yourself replaying an entire level you came very close to completing. This can get quite monotonous. To give you a better idea of my dissatisfaction with this game, I yanked it from my Playstation and smashed it to bits. This game actually has great potential but the control is loose and weak. I know it's only my two cents but save your money for a better game. I already wasted mine....more info
  • great!
    This game has very good graphics for a PS game and the action and music.The game is very good and has 22 worlds,although they're short.What I dont like is that,you can only save when you pass a world,and thats bad because if you're doing perfect in the world but then you die,you'll have to do it all over again.The game has 4hands up and 1con,so I recommend it if you like zombie killing,horror action games....more info
  • IT KICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am a hardcore gamer and I have seen some good games in my time but this is one of the best I have ever seen. Also the kind of gameplay that is seen in this game is very very rare! Plus they have a huuuuuuuuuuuuge selection of weapons....more info
  • Trash
    I don't know what people see in this piece of trash. It's boring and stupid. I guess it might be alright for a 5-year old child. I took it the day after I wasted my money on it and traded it back in for a real game....more info
  • Great Fun! Also, Look for its PSP Release!
    I love this game. The countless hours of fun it has given me, ahh, good times. Yes, it's primarily hacking zombies away, but didn't you just jump on things in Super Mario? The point I'm trying to make is that both games succeed in turning a fairly simple concept into an immense and addictive video game experience (although I am in no way comparing this game to Super Mario, it's great, but that would be blasphemy). There are puzzles, extra goals and challenges, awards for your exploits, and an intriguing storyline (and some good humor all around). So, if you just happen to be looking for a delightful time on this grand old console (I still play mine!) this game is a great choice!
    I can't wait!!...more info
  • Story and graphics make this title a winner.
    This game not only has a great concept, a corpse coming back to life to face his old nemesis (in honesty to redeem his soiled name), but the graphics and the game play are great! Medievil has a very fast learning curve and can be handled by even the most novice of PSX users. Each level gets increasingly difficult, but the game never gets to where you're "stuck" or can't beat the AI. The only complaint I have about the game is the camera views. There are times when the "smart camera" takes over and the view point shifts so that movement of the character is difficult, which can result in the loss of life, and on many of the later levels, the more lives you have the better. Overall, I think this is one of the best games I've played and think it's well worth any price. What's better is to play this game with an analog controller. With the analog's vibration feature, you hold the entire experience, literally, in the palm of your hand. For those gamers, like me who like challenging games, but not TOO challenging (and not too easy either), I'd highly recommend this title....more info
  • The Hall of Heros Awaits...
    Never are you gonna get a better game! I have never seen a game where you can fight zombies with swords and clubs. You can set your enemeies on fire with a Fire Crossbow. You'll fight the evil Zarok in Zarok's Lair. You'll go into battles with demons of stained glass. You'll go into Graveyards and use your sword to kill Zarok's Army. Collect the Chalice of Souls and go to the Hall of Heros for a reward. Once you have completed the game and you have collect all the Chalices you'll become a hero of THE Hall!

    Good Graphics
    Cool Gameplay
    Pretty Good Storyline
    Very Cool Menu

    Not as thrilling as in MediEvil 2
    No blood like in MediEvil 2...more info

  • fun clean game
    its of the old system, can be used on the PS2 also. Was cutting edge when it first came out. I loved it, played it through more than once. Is more a hit in the EU, than north america. Just clean good fun. Easy to learn....more info
  • whole family loves this game!
    My boyfriend plays mostly driving games on his Playstation, but this is a rare, enjoyable exception. Even I like playing this one, and his two sons have been completely obsessed with it all summer! Not just a fighting game, it gives you a great story, puzzles to solve, and tests your coordination, all with much charm and wit. There are a lot of different levels, so it takes a while to complete this game; you get your money's worth. And when you do get to the finish, it is very rewarding, like crossing the finish line! Very imaginative, very different, everyone seems to love this game - Playstation, make a sequel!...more info
  • This is one of the best games I've ever played.
    My brother got this game for my birthday, and I loved playing it. The storyline was awesome, and the game's characters were cartoon like, but scary in a way. I also liked the fact that you could get so many different weapons, and you had to earn them by getting the chalice. It was a challenging game. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good adventure....more info
  • One of the best adventure games of all time!
    MediEvil is a fun and funny adventure game with Tim Burton-like visuals. My only gripe is sometimes the camera will shift to some very unfavorable angles and makes it difficult to know where you're going. Overall, i believe this game is a rare gem and deserves to be played by anyone who's a fan of adventure and humor....more info
  • Zombie Fun!
    I enjoyed this game for its quirky characters and ease of play. Its not too challenging, so you can really enjoy playing for a long time. You go through cemeteries and such, slashing zombies, and anything else that gets in your way. Some people may find the game a bit morbid, but it is all in good fun....more info
  • Gravely entertaining...
    This game is pretty good for its own sake. It's basically about a dead warrior in a land of ghouls & zombies who attack him at every turn, & it is up to you to find the Chaos Rune, among other hidden treasures arrayed throughout this underworld of bizarre incarnations.

    The animations are up to 3-D par, although I will remark on the variety of different angles. The graphics are japanamistic, but nonetheless amusing. ...more info
  • this is THE best playstation game
    I should preface this by saying that I bought the playstation for my younger brother and sister last year for Christmas. When I saw Medievil on the demo disk I located it and rented it, and I loved it!

    I think it is a great game because it has a fantastic storyline, great graphics and each level has its own challenging puzzle; which if you look hard enough you will find clues and hints to solving. I quickly discovered that each puzzle can be solved by using a system of order and logic.

    I am deeply saddened that as of yet I have not been able to find a copy of Medievil to purchase because the game is so popular. I am hoping that the success of Medievil will spur the game makers to produce a sequel to it....more info

  • If you like adventure - this is a good start!
    Medievil! Definitely worth renting, if not bought. I rented it one night and couldn't put it down. I LOVE adventure games and this one was well designed, thought-out and easy enought to play. The graphics are stunning, the music/sounds are fantasic, the controls are user friendly and it only takes up one block on your memory card (gee - a money saver).

    Every level does get increasingly tougher, but that's expected. Never made it to any parts of the game that really required a 'Cheater's Guide.' Oops! - I meant Strategy Guide. I can't tell you how many levels there are, since I never finished it, but I did manage to complete up to seven of the 'worlds.' Which further leads me to believe that it's a worth-while product since I spent approximately ten hours playing them.

    Each 'world' presents a mini-movie of what you can expect, vaguely, and sets the stage for what frame of mind you should be in. Once you're in there are, sometimes, more 'worlds' within for you to explore. The comments throughout the game are funny and you can't beat some of the antics that take place when you die, kill off a monster, win a certain section of the game, etc.

    Definitely check out this game - it's a lot of fun! I personnally believe you won't be disappointed....more info

  • Terrific
    This is a wonderful game. It's fun and challenging, and even displays a sense of humor. Sir Dan moves fluidly, but the camera angle is somewhat frustrating at times. Overall, I enjoyed it immensely, and hope there's a sequel....more info
  • sir matt
  • Sir Dan RULES!
    If you are a person who likes action and adventure games (with a perfect touch of horror)you are missing out on so much because...


    It also is really funny, has dozens of insane weapons, and has enimies that will strike fear in the bravest players. Remember to collect all chalices, or you won't get the second part of the ending. The only drawback is that sometimes the camera sucks. Other than that, the game ranks 1st place to me....more info
  • Okay game, until you beat it. Ending is real cheesy
    I wouldnt buy it, borrow or rent it, in addition, you will never beat it without a guide. You have to go back to previous levels to get stuff you couldnt get before because of the weak weapons you get to start....more info