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After several years at the top of the rock world, Springsteen pulled back the reins on Tunnel of Love--a lot, not just a little. Members of the E Street Band played on the album but seldom in full-band arrangements. Then, too, there are the deeply conflicted songs--"Brilliant Disguise," "Two Faces," "Tunnel of Love," "One Step Up"--that may have been written in response to the imminent failure of his first marriage. There's more to the album than divorce-court play-by-play, however. There's also the raw rocker "Spare Parts," the sprightly "All That Heaven Will Allow," and the bold declaration "Tougher Than the Rest." Overall, these are some of his most thoughtful songs and most intimate performances. --Daniel Durchholz

Customer Reviews:

  • One of the Boss's best
    I purchased "Tunnel of Love" when it first came out, on a cassette. I bought it for the music, lyrics, and because I am a huge fan of the "Boss". As the years have gone by I have come to appreciate the lyrics and music more. I can relate to Bruce's poetic prophecies of love, marriage, and sometime emminent divorce. The everyday tyrannies of love, family, and life are so well expressed in "Tunnel of Love". I myself came to enjoy the "Boss" as a teen growing up in a small town, "Born to Run" became our anthem, and "Racing in the Street" says it all of those not bound for sports stardom but pursuit other interests, and "Glory Days" well that is life now, when the gang is together! Needless to say my cassette of "Tunnel of Love" and other Springsteen cassettes are well worn and I am in the process of replacing them with CD's. The Boss just keeps getting better....more info
  • unbeatable!
    I have over 900 CDs in my collection by artists as diverse as Simple Minds, Neil Young, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Patti Smith, Bryan Ferry, Nick Cave, The Verve, Gun Club, Oasis, U2, The Police, Sonic Youth and many many more...

    'Tunnel Of Love' is the best of them all! I would throw all my albums away, but this one will follow me until the day that I die. I love, no, i LOOOOOOVE this album! This comes straight from God. The best album EVER!!...more info

  • His best album. Period.
    Or subtitled "Who the hell did I marry?". From the exhuberant opening of "Ain't Got You" to the mellow, hypnotic closing of "Lonely Valentine", Bruce looks at where he's strayed to after his marriage to Julianne Phillips and the whole superstar strata. There is nothing reminiscent of the raucous E street band screamer anthems, either. Please note that not long after this album he dismissed E street, moved back to Jersey, and married the girl in the band, all the while recording some very clean, underrated tracks that finally showed what he could do with his voice (Human Touch/Lucky Town). Meanwhile, back to 'Tunnel', every song is about his doubts about his girl, his life, his footsteps. It's a very moving album, and odd that Bruce lets you so deeply inside of him this time to witness the human condition. The best cuts would be "One Step Up", "Tunnel of Love", "Walk Like A Man", and "Brilliant Disguise", which I also consider one of the best music videos I've ever seen. An incredible work of art, and with the exceptions of Nebraska and Tom Joad, not typical Bruce-fare....more info
  • Loneliness, heartache, and pain
    Often overlooked, this album is simply brilliant. Lyrics and words like these come from pain, and you can feel the pain in his voice on some of these songs. I don't think I've ever heard an album that expresses the feelings of deception, doubt, loneliness in love and out of love and the heartache of losing love that comes across in these songs. Besides the "hits" of Tunnel of Love and One Step up, there are the overlooked heartbreaking songs of Brilliant Disguise, When You're Alone, and Cautious Man...
    "One night Billy awoke from a terrible dream callin' his wife's name
    She lay breathing beside him in a peaceful sleep, a thousand miles away
    He got dressed in the moonlight and down to the highway he strode
    When he got there he didn't find nothing but road"...more info
  • A Great Album
    While I'M Not A Big Bruce Springsteen fan I Have Too Give Him Credit on this Gem.this ALbum is Solid all the way.Talk about a Risk Taker? Considering Coming out with this album after the Grand Success of Born In The U.S.A SPeaks Volumes about Him.Tunnel Of Love,Brillant Disguise&Valentine's Day are Deep Songs.THis is THe Kind Of Album that Leaves a SOlid Impression.AN Artist Going thru Something So Deep.Springsteen hasn't come close since this Album.but You can Understand the pain.Very Essential Recording....more info
  • Masterpiece
    We all know the boss is a legend, but tunnel of love is the masterpiece of the legend. This is in the top 3 albums of all time if not number one. Most people exaggerate on these reviews, but I am completely serious on this one.

    Enjoy!...more info
  • A little bit of the old, some new that will become great,
    My Rating - 5.4/5 (For great songs - One Step Up and Valentines Day)

    "Tunnel of Love," in some ways, is a transition for Bruce. Some songs echo former songs, but with a slight twist. "Spare Parts" reminds me of songs on "Born in the U.S.A," but without the synthesizer, while "Cautious man" belongs more on "Nebraska." The album as a whole carries on the synthesizers from "Born in the U.S.A." but to a more heartbroken beat, as most of the album deals with the difficulties involved in love and relationships. Bruce will go on to develop this music style in "Streets of Philadelphia," "Secret Garden," and "Nothing Man." Be warned, you will develop a love/hate relationship with these songs. Bruce uses the synthesizers brilliantly in most of the songs, but in some cases the fake music ruins the song.

    Highlights -
    "Spare Parts" - A great song reminiscent of former Springsteen music, with a new look.
    "One step up" - A great song about a relationship on the rocks with someone you really love. The song is good for foot tapping, shaking your head, closing your eyes, staring out over a lake, or walking and thinking.
    "Valentines Day" - Overall great song.
    "Walk like a man" - A song that will probably strike a chord in every man.
    "Two Faces" - See below.

    Negatives -
    "Tunnel of Love" - Really a good song but the heavy synthesizers in the beginning ruin it.
    "Two Faces" - Also a good son featuring a brilliant solo guitar beggining ruined by solo synthesizer ending....more info

  • Love Falls Apart
    Tunnel Of Love is Bruce's most personal and introspective album. After the mega successes of Born In The USA and Live 1975-1985, Bruce took a step back to record a more quiet and intimate record. Bruce had married Julliane Phillips during the Born In The USA madness and love and marriage are the main themes running through the album. Most of the relationships discussed are not happy ones. The couples in "Brilliant Disguise", "One Step Up", "Two Faces" and "When You're Alone" all face problems that breaking up their relationships. "Walk Like A Man" is a man who longs for the joy of his wedding day, the title track tells of the rocky ride that love takes you on. The song contains a line that sums up love, marriage and relationships and the album itself. It goes "it ought to be easy, ought be simple enough, man mets woman and they fall in love, but this house is haunted and the ride gets rough". Bruce's marriage to Julliane fell apart, but the struggle he was going through laid the groundwork for this breathtaking record....more info
  • My favorite song from Bruce is in on "Tunnel of Love"
    "One Step Up" is one of my all time favorite songs.I've played this one number over and over again.In some ways,I fill this songs about myself."Tunnel of Love" is completly different from Bruce's other albums.I enjoyed this mellow sound,but "One Step Up" is Brilliant....more info
  • One of the ten best rock/pop albums of all time.
    "Tunnel of Love" is not matierial that breaks musical boundaries and it's not meant to be. This is well-crafted, thoughtful, simple music that takes you on a pleasant journey. I've probably listened to this at least once a week since it came out and I never get sick of it. Springsteen has a unique ability to take two or three chords and make a great song out of it (check out "Brilliant Disguise" and "Tougher Than the Rest" to see what I mean). As a musician, I try to learn from this man and realize that more isn't always better. I mean, most of "Brilliant Disguise" is only two chords(!), but the song GRABS you somehow and draws you in. Also, these lyrics about love and relationships are extremely poetic. A must for any serious music collection....more info
  • This is it...
    I was introduced to Bruce Springsteen by way of Born in the USA. My absolute first all time concert was Bruce in Lexington's Rupp Arena Dec. 1984. First and still the best concert I've ever attended. I then proceeded to catch up starting with Greetings From Asbury Park to Born in the USA and have been hooked ever since. If someone asked me to pick 1 single Bruce album to listen to I'd recommend Tunnel of Love. Bruce's music spans a lot of time and a lot of styles and genres. Still if I had to pick a favorite...start with this one then work your way backwards and forewards from Tunnel of Love....more info
  • Doesn't get any better than this!
    Tunnel of Love is one of the most challenging and introspective recordings I have ever listened to. In the midst of an era of trite music (which is still continuing 13 years later) that is sexually obsessive, Springsteen pumped out a very engaging and thoughtful album. Bruce looks at a relationship between a man and woman, the longing, the development, eventual marriage, & then problems that occur in that context. Not only does he make observations, he never really points the finger and holds both people in the relationship accountable for the troubles that are occuring. "Tougher than the Rest," "Tunnel of Love," "Two Faces," "Brilliant Disguise," and "Valentine's Day" are some of the most endearing songs ever written by Springsteen. That being said there is one song on this album that is a cut above everything else. "One Step Up" is a heart breaker. This song closely analyzes the human tendency of falling into old habits and traits as shown by one of the chorus lines: "I'm the same old story, same old act. One step and two steps back." I've never heard anyone with as impressive a catalog or songwriting ability as Springsteen (that includes some favorites of mine: U2, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, etc.) and this album is one of his best. If you can buy them all, if you want a great album to start with and are really serious about listening to the music start here....more info
  • Still in heavy rotation after all these years
    I've had this album for about twelve years now and I still can't get over how good it is. What a wonderful feeling it is to be moved by music - and to find an album that can do it to you over and over is priceless. Thank you Bruce....more info
  • A soft side of Bruce
    This 1987 release of TUNNEL OF LOVE is more adult contemporary than hard rock unlike his predecessors. Only BRILLIANT DISGUISE was recycled for the GREATEST HITS compilation nearly eight years later. The E Street Band is seldom heard on this album. His not-yet second wife Patti Scialfa provides background vocals on many songs. Most of this album was recorded in the studio of Bruce's New Jersey home. At the time of recording,he was married to actress Julianne Phillips. Other hits from this album include the title track and ONE STEP UP. After this album,Bruce would take a five-year studio break to marry Scialfa and start and raise a family with her....more info
  • Redemption
    Three years after the stadium thunder entitled "Born In The USA," Sprinsgteen assembles (either by luck or design---you be the judge) his best work in almost a decade. Thoughtful, insightful, and mature, "Tunnel" is a classic example of how life manifests its universality via art. One could even argue that this album may be the original spark for several country and western sounds from the 90's to today.

    This album opens up with a self-parody and self-pitying riff called "Ain't Got You." Remarkably sounding like some sort of "Elvis Unplugged" offering (complete with "misters" and sirs" in the lyrics), it's a light juke with mostly acoustic guitar and harmonica. By sharp contrast, the second cut, "Tougher Than The Rest," is a full-sounding ballad of hopeful love.

    "All That Heaven Will Allow" is the poetic, hopeless romantic Springsteen. "Spare Parts" is Springsteen sounding like he's at a Texas roadhouse: hard, fast filled with determination despite the bad breaks of the central charcters. "Cautious Man" and "Walk Like a Man" quickly return to the insightful Springsteen. The former is a classic story about a amn and the difficulty of love. The latter is a first person account of life's lessons.

    At this point the album starts to build to the climax. The title track is probably the only true pop offering. However, "Two Faces" and subsequently "Brilliant Disguise" and "One Step Up" are classic examples of Sprinsgteen (or his personae) in conflict. These three songs, in my opinion, are the essence of this album. "Brilliant Disguise" is a who's fooling who in a dark statement of love going south. "One Step Up" is simple exasperation: if you've ever experienced this in real life, these words will resonate clearly with you. The final two offerings close on a somber note, 'When You're Alone" and "valentine's Day" are remarkably darker, similiar to "The River' closing with "Wreck On The Highway."

    The remarkable aspects of this album in my mind are: 1) Springsteen for the 4th album in a row finds a way to re-invent himself and 2) his outpouring of emotion in a controlled, but not contrived, manner gives this album distinctive realism. Replace some of the arrangements and production, and this could easily become a classic Johnny Cash album. And perhaps that beauty of this album: it's ability to speak to everyman. On 'Born In the USA," Springsteen did it in 4/4 time thanks to Max Weinberg's drums. This time Springsteen delivers from the heart...and hits the mark.

    Sad how some of an artist's best work is inspired by perosnal turmoil (a poor marriage to Julianne Phillips, in this case). Perhaps Springsteen fans should be thankful to her; she may have provided the source for his best material/album ever.
    ...more info
  • Bruce in love

    The want of love, the loss of love, the power of love, are all topics of this Springsteen "solo "album. Going in the opposite direction of BORN IN THE USA, TUNNEL OF LOVE softens the approach, allowing Springsteen the luxury of letting the simple melodies and heartfelt singing to be the focus of the song, rather than just an aspect of the song as was the case on BORN. Love the cause of so much joy and so much pain has always been a great topic for Springsteen's songwriting and while you might think a whole album dedicated to love might be too much, Springsteen pulls it off magnificently. While the E-Street Band makes appearances throughout, this really is Springsteen going it alone. A little more high-tech than NEBRASKA, TUNNEL OF LOVE reaches for the same sense of intimacy and grabs it with intensity.
    ...more info
  • good album
    actually i have to admit i only bought this album for Tunnel of love and maybe also for tougher than the rest. the rest of the song exept brilliant disquise and spare parts i have to admit the songs aren't song you can normally expect from him. but i still give it five stars and i strongly recommend it even if you aren't a fan of bruce....more info
  • Underrated Best of Bruce's Career
    Obviously the majority of the reviews posted here agree with me that this is one of Bruce's finest albums. However, it seems to be one of the more neglected collections in his catalog, even from Bruce himself who rarely plays any of these songs in concert. To me, it's his most cohesive and coherent collections- a concept album without the pretentions that often go along with such. Bruce captures all the aspects of love and relationships, and that's not always a pretty thing. There's the unrealistic idealization of "Ain't Got You", the giddy joy and optimism of "All That Heaven Will Allow", the swagger and cockieness of "Tougher Than the Rest" (a great country song from a non-country artist), the ambiguity of the title song, and the despair and self-doubt of "Brilliant Disguise" and "One Step Up" (Bruce's most beautiful song, rivaled only by "Racing in the Street"), and finally the acceptance and moving on of "When You're Alone". I hope that my marriage never "falls apart when out go the lights", but it's great comfort to know that there's someone who recognizes that love is a strange, tenuous concept and that romance and relationships can bring out both the best and worst times in our lives. That we have Bruce Springsteen putting these ideas into song is truly a gift to any music-lover......more info
  • Bruce's Most Overlooked Album
    When most critics or casual fans think of Bruce's greatest albums, this 1987 effort is usually not one of those picked. It seems to have been lost in the bright spotlight of "Born in the USA" 3 years earlier. This is a shame, because it really is one of Springsteen's 2 or 3 finest albums. I don't know that I've ever heard another album that expresses one man's feelings of loneliness, deception, betrayal, and overall heartache as much as "Tunnel of Love" does. The lyrics and music are thoughtful, reflective, and passionate. I think every man can relate to the feelings Bruce expresses on this album. The songs provide a nice contrast to Springsteen's powerful rock anthems. ...more info
  • One of Springsteen's Best
    A beautiful record that will stay with you for years to come. So much more than just Brilliant Disguise. One of the rare cds where each song is as strong as the next. So many great songs, stories, music in one record. I highly reccomend this album....more info
  • It's been 21 years, and still there's been few albums as well-crafted as "Tunnel of Love".
    One thing that consistently impresses me about Bruce Springsteen is how unwilling he is to sell out and put out pop album after pop album. It would be easy for him to do. After all, his catalogue has plenty of catchy hooks and choruses. It's not a bad thing, because sometimes you just gotta rock out. But, it's the more emotional, smart numbers that really make him The Boss. Sometimes epic, sometimes low-key, almost always leaving you with a "whoa" and the realization that that song just hit home in a way that no other song from any other artist ever could. Sometimes, he puts those two types of songs together and makes one big incredible album (1980's "The River"), sometimes he gets dark, solo, and acoustic (1982's "Nebraska"). And, sometimes he mixes those brilliant lyrics with the catchy hooks, making an incredibly deep, smart song palpable to even the most airheaded radio listener (1984's "Born in the U.S.A."). Which brings us to 1987's "Tunnel of Love".

    "Born in the U.S.A." was an enormous success, and continues to be hailed as one of the greatest albums of all time. This success is entirely deserved. Springsteen didn't create a pop-rock album, he just made a record that sounded like one. It would have been too easy to follow that success up with a sound-alike record. But, true to his nature, and in drawing upon his marital troubles as inspiration, he instead released something that fell between "Nebraska" and "Born in the U.S.A." (and I'm not the first to point that out). Not that TOL is as stark and somber as "Nebraska", but it's a much quieter record compared to "...U.S.A.". The end result is an album that brilliantly details a marriage falling apart.

    As a whole, it's a dark album, but not every song is bleak. In fact, it almost follows a concept format, with the meeting and courtship ("Ain't Got You", "Tougher Than The Rest", and "All That Heaven Will Allow", which is just about the most 'happy' song here), warnings as to what's about to come ("Spare Parts", "Cautious Man"), and finally the marriage ("Walk Like a Man", which also serves as another song about his father). It's the second half where the romance goes downhill and the album gets really dark. The title track details real trouble on the horizon, and everything afterwards details the romance falling apart. Few songs can match the pure brilliance that is "Two Faces" and "One Step Up", or the haunting "When You're Alone".

    The end result is a record that only gets better each time you listen to it. Each song crafted in a way that only something as terrible as a failed marriage could allow inspiration for. It's a more solemn affair than the previous album, but it's also probably Bruce's last truly great record until 2002's "The Rising" (though arguements can be made for 1995's "The Ghost of Tom Joad")

    Still, we have "Tunnel of Love", an album that stands in contrast to so many other works from the 1980's, an era dominated by empty, synthesized music that sounds good but leaves you with nothing, usually forgotten immediately after. TOL, on the other hand, not only sounds good, but it truly has a beating (and broken) heart there. Even today, it's a thought-provoking classic that hasn't aged a bit. Unfortunately, I'm afraid many listeners today will listen to it a bit, realize it's not anthemic, and turn it off. Such is the price for NOT bending to the public's desire. That doesn't change this record's stature one bit.

    Well worth a purchase, and highly, highly recommended.

    ...more info
  • Tunnel of Love is magnificent
    Wow, what a fantastic album! This is Bruce at his poetic best. Wisdom and maturity in his life is revealed in his music through these songs. The listener is transported to witness the consequences of love through a diversity of stages: from burning new love, discovery, new marriage, happiness (or betrayal) and the end (or not) of a marriage (rumored to be Bruce's own). BRILLIANT DISGUISE is about two people who are discovering each other and "peel off" each other's masks. TUNNEL OF LOVE is a metaphor about two people who embark on the voyage of marriage: the fear of the unknown, the possible heartaches, happiness..etc. will they be unscathed through life's problems? ONE STEP UP is about having the wisdom of realizing that you're in a relationship that is not working out because you are with the wrong person. And that it doesn't matter how hard you try and make it work, it won't. Each song is a wonderfully written piece that is familiar to many of those who have gone through similar situations in a relationship. For that, I applaud Bruce for giving fans a piece of his heart through his wonderful music. He is truly an extremely unique songwriter/musician....more info
  • What a difference three years make
    Coming three years after the cultural phenomenon that was "Born In The USA", this record has a much more subdued Bruce Springsteen on the cover, wearing a black suit and a cautious look on his face.

    It seems obvious that these often bleak songs about mistrust and deceit in a relationship reflect Springsteen's own marital problems at the time, and some of the lyrics on "Tunnel Of Love" are darker and more personal than most of what came before.
    But that doesn't mean that it's all gloom and doom. "Ain't Got You" is a good-natured bluesy little number, and the glorious, slow rocker "Tougher Than The Rest" is one of my favorite Springsteen tune. The music is wonderful, and the lyrics are so incredibly macho - without even being vulgar ;o)

    "All That Heaven Will Allow" is light-hearted and fun in spite of itself. "Brilliant Disguise" is one of Springsteen's later masterpieces, a bitter tale of supposed infidelity set to one of his very best tunes. The tragic, yet hopeful "Spare Parts" rocks, "Two Faces" and "One Step Up" are pleasant little mid-tempo folk rockers, and the quiet "Cautious Man" would have fitted seamlessly onto "Nebraska".
    The only song that really doesn't work for me is actually the title track. A bland melody and too many unnecessary sound effects and annoying backing vocals.

    "Tunnel Of Love" is certainly not the most accessible album Bruce Springsteen has ever made, and it is not as pop-radio friendly as "Born In The USA" or a cohesive as "Darkness On The Edge Of Town". But give it a chance, and you will find that the lesser songs are vastly outnumbered by the good ones. And besides, it has "Brilliant Disguise" and the majestic "Tougher Than The Rest". Gotta have those two, right? ...more info
    What an utterly amazing CD. I remember in 1987 hearing Brilliant Disguise and feeling the emotional raw talent that came from the single. The album and now CD are infused with such great songwriting and talent. Bruce Springsteen is an utter genius and is one of the most talented song writer sin our generation. The whole CD displays such an emotional and touching symbolism. Anyone who has ever been in love and has experienced heartbreak can relate to the raw emotions. One Step Up and Tunnel of Lover are sheer genius! Walk like a Man chronicles the insecurity of roles in marriage and the utter fear we all live with when we are married. This CD is a classic and will go down in history as an incredible work of art....more info
  • Bruce in reflective mood
    I became a fan of Bruce's music because of his brilliance as a latter-day rock'n'roll singer, exemplified best on his classic album, Born in the USA. I was therefore somewhat doubtful when I learned that this album was very different with none of the hard rocking songs I'd come to expect from him (although some songs get close, notably Spare parts). Nevertheless, there is a lot to like about this album, which reflects the difficulties he was having in his personal life - he was heading for divorce - during the period he was creating this album. As usual, Bruce wrote all the songs by himself.

    One of the more upbeat songs here (compared to the rest of the album) is All that heaven will allow, which was later covered by the Mavericks. This song exactly suited their style and I prefer their version although I also enjoy hearing Bruce sing it. Another song that I became familiar with via a cover is Tougher than the rest, a song of defiance in the face of adversity, which has been covered by Emmylou Harris.

    The set open with Ain't got you, which Bruce starts singing unaccompanied, although the musicians join in eventually. Spare parts, a tragic tale about a woman who gets pregnant only for her man to desert her, has a driving rock beat to disguise the sadness. Bruce pays tribute to his father in Walk like a man. Most of the other songs are love stories, generally sad.

    In its way, this is a great album, but Born in the USA remains my favorite of Bruce's, with The River second. If you are new to Bruce's music, this is not the best starting point - however, it is a fascinating album that shows a different side to him. No self-respecting fan of Bruce's music should overlook this album....more info

  • A Trip Through The Successes And Failures Of Love
    After making numerous albums of songs chronicling the struggles of the working class, Bruce Springsteen turned inward on TUNNEL OF LOVE, describing how men and women fall in love and then lose their belief in it after a while. Several songs here could be seen as a discussion of the imminent failure of his first marriage, but this is not just a divorce album, as several songs deal with the happier side of romance, and the hard rocker "Spare Parts", which sounds like the Outlaws in some ways, is also here. Although members of the E Street Band play on this CD, they're rarely in full-band arrangements. However, this is made up for by some of Springsteen's most thoughtful songs ever....more info
  • Tunnel Of Love
    I can't help it - I love it when Bruce throws curveballs at his audience. I mean, Nebraska is by far my favorite album of his. The Ghost of Tom Joad is also a great, underrated mini-masterpiece. If he recorded countless Born In The USA type albums over and over, I'd still dislike him like I did when I was younger. Tunnel Of Love is easily his loveliest and most personal album, and among my top five favorites he's ever cut. Highlights include 'Brilliant Disguise' (along with the brilliant, personal video for it), 'Tunnel of Love', 'Tougher Than The Rest' (with the memorable concert video of Bruce and future wife Patti locking eyes intensly for nearly the entire song), and 'One Step Up', a beautiful, introspective song, among my favorites. I love how 'Ain't Got You' deconstructs his fame and gets down to what's important: you're nobody unless somebody loves you. This is an incredible album, making me actually glad his hasty first marriage was on the brink at the time. It furthered his art, at the cost of breaking his heart. It's okay, since he's been happily married now for many years. No matter what, though, Tunnel Of Love remains a striking artistic vision that he hasn't equalled since. Well, The Rising comes closest....more info
  • Tunnel of Greatness
    If you are lookin for an album with rockin tunes than this not the album to get. This is the type of album that makes it a risky move on an artist who just had a lot of hits on his previous record. He still had two top ten hits. Brilliant Disguise and the title track. A couple of the songs he does by himself. Aint Got You, My Happy Valentine, Cautious Man and One Step Up he does byself, well, One Step Up does have backup vocals by his future wife. It is also the last album he used the E Street Band untill the 2002 album The Rising. Me personally, This my favorite bruce album. The song WALK LIKE A MAN is a song about a long obsession with his father, Aint Got You self-consious look about being a rock star. ONE STEP UP, TWO FACES, BRILLIANT DISGUISE AND TUNNEL OF LOVE ARE ABOUT reflections of his trouble marriage ...more info
  • Probably one of my all time favorite albums
    I was a fan of Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run" as it marked the bittersweet time of graduation from highschool and moving on to college and "the real world." I always hold that album in high regard and close to my heart especially because of the little jewels it contains such as "Meeting Across the River." I'm also a great fan of "The Wild, The Innocent, and the East Street Shuffle," again filled with songs that are really "stories" that never hit the Top 40 so they're my own private treasures like "New York City Serenade." But it is wonderful to hit upon an album with a single theme, riding into that "Tunnel of Love" and trying to emerge unscathed, where every single song is truly a work of art. Music, lyrics, sound effects, creative use of instruments or lack thereof, and Bruce's soulful voice all reflecting the mood of each song. And yes "One Step Up, One Step Back" -- really a masterpiece. It's a work straight from the heart and a work of great talent. You've got it, I love this album! A real classic....more info