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Japanese edition of their platinum debut with two bonus tracks for collectors, the hit version of '#1 Crush' (Nellee Hooper Remix) that was featured on the double plati-num Romeo & Juliet soundtrack and their deleted first single'Subhuman', released before the album came out in 1995. 14 tracks total.

Cool, calculating, and Euro-trashy in the grand tradition of Roxy Music and the Eurythmics. --Jeff Bateman

Customer Reviews:

  • Not trash.. Garbage
    This album has several great songs on it. Highly recommended for listening while riding in cars, elevators, or gettin down with the Mrs....more info
  • ?? THIS IS THE BOMB !!!
    I can't say nothing new, This is the best album from the 90'S in this genre. Don't miss " SUPERVIXEN","NOT MY IDEA","STUPID GIRL" and " VOW " ( Weird video) all the cd is full of thunder and musical explodes. Buy it, you can't miss it, Buy it!!...more info
  • Excellent Debut
    "Stupid Girl" rocks and Garbage lays the seeds for a flourishing career in music. Shirley Manson has an excellent voice and really shines on this record....more info
  • love it
    I love the mix of dance & rock. This is garbages best album hands down....more info
  • One of the great alternative pop albums of our time
    I came to this album only very late in the game, and I have to say: better late than never. I knew Garbage by reputation, a reputation that was strengthened when I agreed to take into my home two completely black cats, sisters named Tori (after Tori Amos) and Shirley (after Shirley Manson). Finally, to learn more about my kitty's namesake I gave this album a try, and I was absolutely shocked at how great it is.

    The amazing thing about this album is that on the surface it is almost a punk album, with a tough exterior, hard driving rhythms, edgy production, and extraordinary arrangements. But somehow, partly because of the stunningly musical nature of each cut and partly because of the breathy, almost girlish quality of the vocals by my cat's namesake, the songs comes across as more pop than alternative.

    There really isn't a bad cut on the album, and several of them are quite exceptional. The album begins on a strong note with the rasping, gritty "Supervixen" before moving into the spectacular "Queer, " which is one of the greatest songs on the album. It proceeds on to such marvelous pop masterpieces, as "I'm Only Happy When It Rains "and" Vow." Not all of the songs are as good as they appear to be. "Not My Idea" for instance is a decent song that is made memorable by stunning arrangement. The care and crafting that goes into every song is remarkable in this way.

    I'm still not certain that I would have been inspired to name my cat after Shirley Manson had I gotten her as a kitten, but I am now definitely a fan of the band. This is one those discs that is going to spin significant time in the future in my CD player....more info

  • One of the best CDs of the 90's
    When this CD was first released in 95 it may well have been the 1st great major label release since Nirvana's Nevermind led every label to turn all of their attention to any jerkwad in flannel.
    What a shocking breath of fresh air it was then. Especially when you factor in the lineage of this band.
    And guess what? It still holds up remarkably well. A truly great CD....more info
  • An awesome shoegaze/grunge album, but I'm not sure if most people will like it
    In a way "Garbage" is a slightly cheesy album (mostly for "Only When It Rains"), but there are many great and slightly original songs here that that fact essentially doesn't matter. Not every song is great, but the ones that aren't are pretty decent. 90's grunge fans will especially appreciate it. Sonically it sounds like it was heavily influenced by My Bloody Valentine, Curve, and Sonic Youth. The female vocalist sounds pretty intense compared to what most people are probably used to (it fits the music). Except for the obvious hit-worthy tracks "Only Happy When It Rains" and "Queen", I'm not sure if it has mass appeal (although they DO do a darn good job of trying to popularize the genre). The reason I'm giving it 5 stars is because A: its relative uniqueness to other bands, B: it's pretty interesting musically and lyrically and C: the two hits, "Queer" and "Only Happy When It Rains", plus the number of good grunge/shoegaze songs on here. Open-minded listeners and fans of the genre/band will definitely enjoy it (even if some songs might take a while to like). Not a must-have but definitely recommended if you like the style!

    Highlights include:
    "Only Happy When It Rains"
    "Stupid Girl"
    "My Lover's Box"
    "Fix Me Now"...more info
  • Domination to Surrender in Twelve Rich Tracks
    If you're looking for room thumping, full frontal rock n' roll, listen up. This is a club band but also more. Beyond the pounding, full-bodied sound is the writing, and it is good, very good. Together, the music and the lyrics in GARBAGE "G" give a spectrum portrait of raw emotion.

    G begins with the dominatrix in SUPERVIXEN, "I will be your religion". We have her erotic promise, "I'll feed your obsessions". The audio dropouts are the tease and denial. If vocalist Shirley Manson doesn't own you on this first track then try to resist her in QUEER with its sensual invitation to "...take a look at me, let me dirty-up your mind". There are surprises throughout this CD. ONLY HAPPY WHEN IT RAINS is a signature song. It is ironically upbeat. Manson is "riding high upon a deep depression". And we love her enthusiasm!

    AS HEAVEN IS WIDE is an extended curse and very scary. The venom from betrayal is undiluted, "Choke on guilt that's far too good for you". In NOT MY IDEA her patience - "I bit my tongue and stood in line" - turns to bitterness. She is vengeful in VOW, "You burned me but I'm back at your door. Like Joan of Arc coming back for more". The anger may be self-directed in STUPID GIRL, "A million lies to sell yourself is all you ever had". It's another signature track. Regret surfaces in DOG NEW TRICKS, "Sometimes didn't say what I meant to say". And desperation in MY LOVER'S BOX, "Send me an angel to love...I'm afraid I'll never get to heaven". FIX ME NOW is an urgent plea. The tone has certainly changed from the early tracks. Again in A STROKE OF LUCK and the plaintive final track, MILK, we see her vulnerability and longing, "I am lost...but I'd be love and sweetness if I had you".

    The CD jacket has a sampling of the lyrics. I'd like to have seen them printed in their entirety. As it is now you will need to mine the gems with the replay button. On reflection...not a bad thing....more info
  • Dark and fun
    This is on my top 10 favorite albums of all time. I love how the band combines the normal rock sounds with a techno edge. Shirley Manson's has a great low voice, which works perfectly with the vibe of this album. Best songs:
    Queer- Offbeat and quirky, dare i say sexy?
    Only happy When It Rains- Extremely catchy, you won't be able to stop singing along.
    As Heaven Is Wide- Dark with low hissing vocals.
    Not My Idea- Angry, great lyrics "Yout thought I was a little girl, you thought i was a little mouse, now I'm here burning down your house."
    Vow- Good intro.
    Stupid Girl- Slow and fun.
    Ok... All the songs are great!...more info
  • Downright Awesome
    This CD is the cornerstone in which all future bands of this genre should be built on. Garbage is awesome in all of thier CDs and is the best band in thier genre of all time....period....more info
  • garbage lover #1
  • Garbage at their Best
    This definitely is the best Garbage Album that was released. Self titled Garbage, each track is very original with unique lyrics that range from many emotions.

    1.Supervixen: this song is very good. The electric guitar does have some good solos. Also, the vocals of Shirley shine in this piece.
    "If you like it to much, you can always pull out..."

    2.Queer: one of the songs that was released as a single, the song isn't much driven by frantic guitar or percussion but rather a much more mellow feel. This song does a great job of catching audiences as it does have a very memorable melody.
    "Learn to love the pain you feel, like father and son..."

    3.Only Happy when it Rains: this song is driven by the sound of the electric guitar accompanied by rather softer percussion beats. Another released single from this album, this song yet provides with another catchy tune with distinct lyrics.
    "I only smile in the dark, my only comfort is the night gone black..."

    4.As heaven is Wide: this song has frantic drum machine sounds. One of the haunting songs within this CD, but is less memorable of them all. The vocals are very hard to hear in this piece because the layering of the instrumentation over powers Shirley.
    "If holy is as holy does...takes your conscience as it falls..."

    5.Not My Idea: this track has a great drive by the guitars as well as nice percussion beats. The lyrics and the melodic structure are very likeable and has become one of my favorites.
    "You thought that I would never see what was meant for you was meant for me..."

    6.A Stroke of Luck: this piece is very haunting. It is a ballad, well a ballad that is meant for Garbage. It is great; the instrumentation is very haunting and dramatic. The vocals are well done in this piece, as well as the melodic structure of this piece. Very good chorus as well.
    "Nothing could seem to touch me...Did you know I was lost until you found me..."

    7.Vow: another released single from this album that is a great piece overall. This song has a great drive through strong guitar instrumentation. The percussions drive is also helpful to portray this song's hardcore driven emotion of revenge.
    "I came to shut you up, I came to drag you down..."

    8.Stupid Girl: another released single that is one of the best tracks in this CD. The Bass line, percussion, electric guitar, and melodic structure of the lyrics is very memorable. They all help to make this piece very good.
    "What drives you on, can drive you mad..."

    9.Dog New Tricks: this piece does have nice guitair accompaniments but the rest all falls short within this piece. The lyrics aren't good, nor is the melodic structure. Least favorite track.
    "Dog New Tricks, You make me feel so worthless..."

    10.My Lover's Box: this piece has nice percussion as well as electric guitar accompaniment. The lyrics are great, especially with Shirley's vocals. This piece shows her vocals and how they can be very soft and angelic like even during a rock driven song.
    "My lover's charms are in a box...cherish them, until the very end..."

    11.Fix Me Now: this piece has very strong percussion beats and one very distinguishable guitar melody. The lyrics and melodic structure though is very forgettable. Another least memorable track that I easily skip to move onto the next song. The only thing that can keep me to listen to the entire track is the Chorus which is opposite from the entire track.
    "bring me back to life, fix me now.."

    12.Milk: this piece is the slowest song on this album. It has a nice melodic structure help created by the keyboards. The instrumentation is very haunting, as well as the vocals.
    " I am lost, so I am cruel, but I would be love and sweetness if I had you..."

    Compared to Garbage's other album, this album has definitely has to be the greatest. This CD shows the original direction that garbage was heading towards. I would recommend this CD for all fans of garbage, or even to those who are looking for an alternative group....more info

    Garbage's self-titled debut is a must have for anyone who likes anything from alternative rock to goth or emo. It's really a raw album that is shocking and scarily understandable. This record I fell in love with Garbage 13 years ago and I remain a faithful fan (I even have a tattoo resembling the cover of this very album!). To truly appreciate the band you must look behind the scenes and learn about them; I suggest through their 'Absolute Garbage' dvd and get to know the band. Thanks, Aaron. ...more info
  • Garbage in, - a Musical Treasure out !!!!
    Let's be realistic. Most of the time when you buy a normal popular album, from songs you heard and liked on the radio, you are lucky if you like one or two additional songs. That is the case with the preponderance of albums I have so purchased, the usual two or three good songs, plus one or two more better than average songs (if you're lucky)and then mediocrity (also known as filler). Let's call this "The rule of the hit song / album"

    This is probably why the music industry sales are down. Buyers are getting fed up, paying upwards of $14 to get a hit and one or two more songs (like three lemons, maybe two cherries). You tend to feel like you were ripped off. Conversely, There are exceptions to our "rule", when you buy the rare bird, where you like a majority of the songs, Voila, you hit the jackpot (three bars!). And when you get the really rare bird, where you like all the songs, you hit the big one (Three sevens!!!)

    Garbage, is such a rarity. I have a few other rarities as well and I may discuss them in the future but for now lets talk about Shirley Manson and Garbage

    I became a Garbage fan quite by accident. Of course I'd heard their hit single "Stupid Girl" but that isn't what interested me. It was the remarkable song they performed on the excellent sound track to Romeo and Juliette called #1 Crush. WOW!!! What a unique sound and Shirley Manson, what a voice, no not spectacular but neither was the music. Manson's voice was sultry, sexy and oh so cynical, it fit the music, which is kind of a bluesy, brooding, alternative grunge, perfectly.

    I was hooked so I went out and bought Garbage, Version 2, a pretty good album in it's own right. So I decided a rare bird deserves another crack and off I went for Garbage S/T, which was even better (though slightly)and here we are.

    If I have a favorite song "As Heaven is Wide" is it, though there are 5 other 5 star songs and nothing below 4 stars!

    "As Heaven Is Wide"

    "Nothing that you say will release you /Nothing that you pray would forgive you /Nothing's what your words mean to me /Something that you did will destroy me /Something that you said will stay with me /Long after you're dead and gone

    If flesh could crawl /My skin would fall /From off my bones /And run away from here

    As far from God /As heaven is wide /As far from God /As angels can fly"

    All Garbage's music has a slow to medium alternative rock tempo and kind of a dark melancholy feel. One of the best Alternative - pop albums of 1995. To me it has a semi - gothic feel as well.

    While this music is not for everyone (it is a little depressing) it is certainly an essential album for those who like a grungey catchy semi - gothic feel to their music and especially for those who like female fronted rock/metal and since so many good songs are on one album it's also a great value.

    Band Members

    Shirley Manson, vocals
    Butch Vig, percussion
    Steve Marker, guitar/bass
    Duke Erikson, Keyboard/guitar/bass...more info

  • Edgy, Fresh And Enticing.
    "Garbage" is a debut album of great strength, it's a band announcing itself with the best material it has to offer, going for broke but never disappointing. What makes their music so enjoyable is the feeling of so much being mixed around. Consider that their songs can sound like a hybrid of The Doors, The Beatles, 90's U2, Patti Smith and Blondie...all at the same time. "Supervixen" is a rousing opener, a metallic invocation to "make a whole new religion" and singer Shirley Manson daring us to make her our obsession. "Queer" is a seductive piece that sounds like Nancy Sinatra meets Jim Morrison while "Only Happy When It Rains" is a wonderfully catchy, memorable and dark in-your-face jam that would make Patti Smith proud. The band's drummer, Butch Vig, was Nirvana's producer on "Nevermind," yet with Garbage there are barely any traces of this being a grunge retread (indeed, the sound is a little more accessible than Grunge, by all accounts a dead genre). The band shines precisely because of their talent, the guitars are examples of wonderful sonic experimentation much like what U2's The Edge was doing through the 90's. Shirley Manson is a great singer who knows how to express moods, her voice is not limited and it is surprising how many ranges she can reach through-out the album. The album has it's moments of gothic flourishes and techno polishes. Since this album announced them to the world Garbage has found success with their later albums ("Beautiful Garbage" being their most experimental outing to date), but "Garbage" is their baby, the album that showed us there was more to Girl Power and modern rock than the Spice Girls and Bush....more info
  • Great band, clever name!
    While I was waiting in limbo between Debbie Harry's last solo album and Blondie's reunion album, into the void came a band that fit my need for great music perfectly.
    This eponimous debut from the alternative rock band, Garbage, is the first album in a wave of new generation female-led outfits that took Blondie's example of how to make music from the feminine viewpoint and catapulted it into the rock stratosphere. Shirley Manson's lyrics are pure "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" delight. I don't know who hurt her, but I wouldn't want to be him!
    Ms. Manson doesn't shrivel up over her broken heart, but instead comes out spitting and clawing like a wild cat seeking revenge against her former captor. With songs like "Vow", "As Heaven Is Wide" and "Not My Idea", Garbage turn her anger into danceable alt. rock and give the listener the feeling that Shirley and company know how he or she feels. The hit single "Stupid Girl" (not the same as Pink's new tune) takes aim at a woman who uses her shallowness to attract men only to throw them away like old kleenex. It's "Rip Her To Shreds" for the nineties.
    All the way through, this album makes vengeance something to rock out to. If you've ever been through a break-up, you'll know just what these songs mean!...more info
  • Edgy Alterna-Pop + Manson's Menace = Rock Bliss
    Too bad Garbage's music started leaning a little too much into the Britney Spears sphere for my tastes after this album (musically that is - as in plasticky dance-pop). I hardly ever listen to VERSION 2.0 although BEAUTIFUL GARBAGE does have some good songs on it.

    This self-titled debut, however, is the real deal. GARBAGE is edgy even when the music's soft. Shirley Manson is downright menacing. Her persona is generally not one you want to mess with. "Vow" is positively venomous. She sounds like a spurned lover or a psycho that's been burned, bent on revenge and as relentless as the Terminator - "I can't use what I can't abuse/ and I can't stop when it comes to you." "Not My Idea" ("of a good time") is another female revenge scenerio ("You thought I was a little girl/ You thought I was a little mouse/ You thought you'd take me by surprise/ Now I'm here burning down your house"). It's one of the best and the music can really take you to high places.

    "Supervixen" and "Queer" are snakey and sexy, "Queer" being the big hit and very dancable. I always skip "Stupid Girl" and (old?) "Dog New Tricks." Take these 2 out and this is a 5-star album no question.

    GARBAGE has a distinct negative bent, but by the end Manson is "afraid she'll never get to Heaven" and makes a half-hearted attempt to change on "Fix Me Now" ("Things don't have to be this way") but she wants someone else to change for her. "Milk," the last cut, finally immerses the listener into a sensual world where Manson waits for . . . . . you, actually....more info
  • A dark, catchy, rare gem
    I first heard about Garbage about 7 years ago, when they came out with the song 'Special'. The song had appeared on a 'Now' CD and at the time, I had really enjoyed the song. Unfortunately at the time, I was also eleven, and was too immersed in Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys to go out and buy a Garbage CD. Now many years later I've rediscovered the alternative rock genre that was going on when I was a kid in the '90s. Since I enjoyed the song 'Only Happy When It Rains' I decided to buy Garbage's debut CD on a whim. I'm pretty glad I did, because one of the miracles about this CD is there is hardly any filler at all. Almost every song probably had the potential to become a hit single. Garbage combined a lot of the elements that were being used in the '90s alt rock genre: sassy female singer, catchy hooks, grunge-sounding guitars, and bitter lyrics. The album starts off with 'Supervixen' a unqiue and empowering song that has interesting stop/start noises. 'Queer' undermines exactly what it means to be an outcast. 'Only Happy When It Rains' was the big hit from this album, a very tongue-in cheek song about the depression state of the '90s. 'As Heaven is Wide' has some of the most clever lyrics: 'As far from god/as heaven is wide/as far from god/as angels can fly. 'Not my Idea' is extremely catchy and Shirely Manson is able to pull off singing 'Dut dut dut dut dut dut do' without sounding corny. 'Dog New Tricks' is an empowering rocker while 'My Lover's Box' is longing and self-pitying. The closing track 'Milk' is haunting and longing, a great way to end the album. In short, if you are looking for an album that offers more than just the radio singles released, then I highly recommend this album....more info
    So what is one to think when the producer of Nirvana's "Nevermind" teams up with some old musician friends of his to form a grunge band and then recruits a relatively unknown female Scottish redhead with a syrupy voice and saucy attitude to be the lead singer? If your guess is that the band produces absolute garbage, you are CORRECT! But this band is anything but trash. Since 1995, Butch Vig, Duke Ericson, Steve Marker, and Shirley Manson have been providing an escape from the monotony that dominates radio airwaves. "Garbage" the band's self-titled debut is one of the most amazing musical experiences there is: where other music is poppy, happy, and easy on the ears, Garbage is an angry, pulsating message of sexuality, vibrance, and emotion encased in scraping guitars and electronica.

    SUPERVIXEN: One has to wonder if Shirley Manson is talking about herself with this one. The guitars are really crunching in this song and the verses create a perfect tension that comes exploding out in the lyrics of the chorus.

    QUEER: This one is quite eerie and seeing the video only makes it more so. Everyone has their own interpretation of what this song is about but there is a general consensus that it is creepy. "I know what's good for you... I know you're dying to... You can touch me if you want..."

    ONLY HAPPY WHEN IT RAINS: The quintessential song about depression, ironically set on the background of relatively peppy music. Shirley almost sounds peppy when she teasingly asks you to pour your misery down on her.

    AS HEAVEN IS WIDE: A very dark and raspy song that deals with betrayal; this one expresses everyone's deepest and most vicious revenge fantasy.

    NOT MY IDEA: This song is kind of playful and dangerous at the same time. I think we can all empathize with the staccato repeating chorus, "This is not my idea of a good time, this is not my idea of a good time..."

    STROKE OF LUCK: The beginning to this song has the sound of wind blowing. This and MILK have the distinction of being the only two slow songs on the album. This song also deals with betrayal but with a touch of sadness as opposed to anger.

    VOW: This is the type of song you want to play in your car with the windows rolled down. It's a real standout on its own. There's something mesmerizing about its anger, "I came to knock you up, I came to shut you down, I came around to tear your little world apart, break your soul apart."

    STUPID GIRL: A nice, steady song with crunching guitars that is easily accessible. Very catchy. This one was a hit single.

    DOG NEW TRICKS: A very abrasive song that deals with depression but from a less emotional viewpoint. I think everyone has uttered Shirley's groggy, "I wish I had not woke up today" at some time in his or her life.

    LOVER'S BOX: For some reason, this track isn't very memorable for me. There is something kind of clich¨¦ about the chorus, "Send me an angel to love" and I can't imagine Shirley Manson and family ever trying to get to heaven.

    FIX ME NOW: This song has always seemed very poignant to me. There is something about the retro guitar chords harmonized with Shirley's sad and enfeebled lyrics that really does take one down to Shirley's level and can understand the tearing plea of the chorus.

    MILK: Don't even try to guess what this one is about. It's a very good song though and it commences the tradition of the last song on a Garbage album being the slowest on the album. The chorus is extremely haunting: "I'm waiting, I'm waiting for you."

    Essentially there is no point in listing my favorites for this album because virtually every song would qualify. Butch, Duke, and Steve's music in conjunction with Shirley's perfectly sultry and powerful voice inflect this album with an energy and emotion that stays with the listener long after the songs have stopped playing. I used to compare this band to No Doubt, but now I can't understand where I got that idea. Garbage has no comparison, it speaks for itself. Garbage is a band which straddles the lines, refusing to be labeled as pop or grunge or electronica or anything except what it is. It is also worth mentioning that they not only fulfill but surpass their lethal promise on their sophomore album VERSION 2.0....more info

  • The classic debut
    When one looks back at the alternative rock scene that dominated the first half of the 90s, Garbage's self-titled debut album immediately comes to mind as a defining album from that movement. A decade old as of this writing, "Garbage" (1995) has stood the test of time and not only contains some of the best singles from the 90s, but is a modern-day classic.

    "Garbage" has many elements in its sound which can explain its broad appeal. The songs are so incredibly infectious and danceable, fans of dance-pop (Madonna, Janet Jackson) are sure to enjoy the album. But "Garbage" is undeniably a rock album, first and foremost. With crunching guitars, intense drumming, and a charismatic frontwoman, a more rock inclined audience is sure to dig "Garbage" as well. Garbage's music also encompasses an element of 70s/80s cool new-wave. In a sense, Garbage was like an updated version of Blondie for the 1990s, so fans yearning for a new Debbie Harry are sure to appreciate Garbage.

    Another reason "Garbage" struck such a chord with the public is there really wasn't another band quite like them. There were bands that were precursors to Garbage, like Curve, and My Bloody Valentine, among others, but they didn't take off and explode as Garbage did, for whatever reason, probably due to marketing and timing. Garbage's debut came out at the perfect time. In an era of post-grunge, where many up-and-coming bands were clearly derivative of Nirvana and Pearl Jam, Garbage's brand of rock/pop/retro offered a refreshing change of pace. While Garbage's cynical themes fit the disparaging alt. rock 90s like a glove, the lyrics are often tongue-in-cheek. In this sense, Garbage had the best of both worlds: cynical lyrics for cynical times, but with the playful, sexy trimmings of Blondie.

    Because the musicians of Garbage, Butch Vig, (drums) Steve Marker, (guitar) and Duke Erickson, (guitar) were made up of first-rate producers, namely Butch Vig, they knew how to craft songs meticulously and methodically. They also happened to be great songwriters' to-boot. Great songwriters and producers' aside, the band still needed the perfect singer...enter Shirley Manson.

    While working on songs for their new band, Vig, Marker, and Erickson spotted the Scotch-born Shirley Manson on MTV. At the time Manson was the lead singer for (the underrated) Angelfish. Knowing Manson would be the perfect singer, the band sent out the word and a short time later Manson joined the group, thus Garbage was born.

    It's one thing to have great songs and producers, but the perfect singer is needed to put a face on the music and the image. Truth be told, Garbage without Manson would have been like Van Halen without David Lee Roth. Without Manson, Garbage most likely would have been a good, but untimely forgettable band, a footnote in the 90s. While the songs on "Garbage" are excellent, no doubt, it is Manson that truly makes them shine. Truly a gifted singer, she can change from sounding sensitive to indifferent, seductive to vengeful, passionate to passive, all in a single breath. While her beautiful voice can enchant, it can also scorn. Much like Nico before her, Manson is a true femme fatale. Manson proved to be very popular with males and females alike. Her self-confidence, integrity, and self-empowerment no doubt struck a chord with a female audience. Being extremely attractive, a femme fatale, a sort of black widow, was no doubt appealing to men.

    Garbage's unique brand of electronic pop/rock is demonstrated immediately with the seductive "Supervixen." Manson sounds as though she gets sadistic pleasure as she plays with the listener, telling her audience to "bow down to me." The off-beat "Queer" is equally seductive, and quite mesmerizing, leaving a lasting impression. The album's massive hit, the super infectious "Only Happy When it Rains" is without doubt, one of the greatest rock songs from the 1990s. It both epitomizes and mocks the self-involvement and narcissism of generation X. If Manson had toyed with the listener up to this point, she now shows her teeth with the aggressive "as Heaven is Wide." With its almost Black Sabbath-like riff, with electronic trimmings, it makes for an intriguing and captivating listen. The good-but-not-great "Not my Idea" is cut from the same cloth and keeps up the momentum. The somewhat spacey, "Stroke of Luck" shows traces of both beauty and darkness, as Manson lets her guard down as she sings "did you know I was lost until you found me." One of the catchiest, most memorable songs on the album, the vindictive "Vow" is both unforgiving and seductive. An ode to female empowerment, Manson shows her contempt for the dimwitted in "Stupid Girl." The hard-rocking but danceable "Dog new Tricks" keeps the album moving along. "Garbage" saves some of its best songs for last and demonstrates its mastery of pop-craft with the lush "My Lovers Box," and "Fix Me." Like most Garbage albums, the self-titled debut ends on a morose note with the cheerless "Milk," which leaves a lasting feeling.

    Ten years old, Garbage's self-titled debut album has aged well and sounds as good today as it did back in '95. "Garbage" stands as one of the finest albums from the 1990s and is an essential cornerstone to add to any modern rock collection. People unfamiliar with Garbage are best served starting off here with the self-titled debut. But Garbage is no one-album-wonder band, and people who like what they hear here are advised to buy "Version 2.0," (1998) "Beautiful Garbage," (2001) and "Bleed Like Me" (2005).
    ...more info
  • awesome!
    I adore this CD... it basically lays out what Garbage is all about. Every song is powerful both in lyrics and music, and just very great to listen to. I love everything from Garbage, and this would be my second favorite CD of their's, the Version 2.0 at number one. Still, this one is a 5-satr CD....more info
  • Amazing album, best of the '90s
    I lovelovelove this album. I only recently got into Garbage, but I'm a hardcore fan now. I bought this album because the song "Stroke of Luck" caught my attention on a tv show, and I fell in love with all the songs. Every song on this album is raw, melodic, and intense. The opener, "Supervixen" is a tease to the rest of the album. This song is my absolute favorite, with Shirley telling the world that she will be their religion. Next up is "Queer," which has a video that is to die for. Coming in third, still sure to please, is "Only Happy When It Rains," which I'm sure every person who was at least 10 years old in 1995 has heard. The rest of the album has standouts like "My Lover's Box," "Not My Idea," "Dog New Tricks," "Vow," and "Stroke of Luck." Seriously, pick this up. You WON'T be disappointed....more info
  • Has lost some of its initial edginess
    Unlike other bands, like Curve (which I've just reviewed), whose music has an undying sort of quality, I'm afraid that Garbage, a band I used to love dearly, and even saw in concert, somehow lost a bit of their edge. I guess if I had to choose a few songs from this album that haven't really become stale, I'd choose "Only Happy When It Rains" and "As Heaven Is Wide," both tracks with a strong driving beat; otherwise, the entire album just doesn't appeal to me anymore. If you want to hear Shirley singing songs that won't ever lose their appeal, try listening to one of her earlier albums with her band "Angelfish." Songs from back then like "Suffocate Me" and "Dogs In A Cage." Most of the songs from the Angelfish cd are excellent and have true staying power....more info
  • Still great a decade later!
    Wow! I can't believe that it's been over a decade since I bought this CD. Listening to this CD now brings back all the memories of the times when I listened to it almost non-stop, which is what good music is supposed to do. This style of music was new at the time of this release and at first I remember not really liking it all that much. Of course the first two singles (Only Happy When it Rains and Stupid Girl) were all I had to go on, and they're not the best songs on the album. After I heard Supervixen and Vow I was sold and decided to buy the CD. It was a great purcahse becase all the songs really grew on me and I played this CD over and over again for months! ...more info
  • Simply haunting...
    Never an album did precisely what this one did to me. It has a sad and depressing mood that never sounded so well. Shirley Manson is a genius; her lyrics are simply mesmerizing. And what about the three boys, they literally hit you with a raw, threatening and unpolished guitars riff! The mix of both gives you a brainwash. For those of you who like a grunge feeling which interfere with alternative rock at his best, you'll be at heaven with Garbage.

    The whole thing begins with "Supervixen" Great opener, not the best but still a great choice. You'll be very well introducing to the lyrics of Manson: "I'll be you're religion, this thing you'll never doubt"... Right after this "Queer" comes - WOW, this is what I meant when I said something haunting... Her voice; incredible, a tremendous depth and the lyrics are ghastly, one of the best song they ever produced... Others highlight include "Only happy when it rains", "Vow", "Stupid Girl" and "Dog New Tricks". There are tracks that seem to be hidden jewel like "As Heaven Is Wide", this track is rarely cited and I think it's one of the best songs. The album has its weak points "Fix me now" just did not gives me the effect that others tracks did but it's still superior from many things who could heard.

    But my favorites has to be those two; "A stroke of luck" and especially "Milk", it's the last songs (generally the best track on a Garbage's album) is a ballad which is far more cruel, sad and ironic than is name represent.

    Hands down the best from Garbage resides in this album. I mean you could easily do a "Greatest Hits" only with the twelve tracks; the music, the lyrics, the style and atmosphere are simply the best. I can't ask for more when I got this ground breaking masterpiece ...more info