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Disney's Hercules: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack
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  • A Star Is Born
    There is only one thing you need to know about this soundtrack and that's - gospel. It's what makes this a soundtrack you have to own. Without the gospel influenced songs this would've been just a mediocore effort, but with the high flying tunes this soundtrack soars to greatness!

    The Gospel Truth parts 1-3 start things off slowly, explaining the back story and just hinting at the fun to follow. Soon though, you'll be bouncing off the walls, dancing around the room and singing at the top of your lungs to "Zero to Hero", "A Star Is Born", and "I Won't Say (I'm In Love)". These have got to be the most energetic songs in a Disney film ever! You simply CAN'T sit still when listening to them. And what's even better is that they're each teaching a small (but important)life lesson, yet never feel preachy.

    What keeps me from giving 5 stars are the ho-hum "One Last Hope" and the painful "Go The Distance". I just find them to be cliched, been-there-done-that kind of songs. There just wasn't any sparkle, but I actually thought the music for "Go The Distance" was done very well, it's just the lyrics that killed it for me. Let's not even mention the Michael Bolton version of "Go The Distance" ok. As for the score it's pretty good, but doesn't pack the emotional wallop that say Lion King, Pocahontas or Hunchback of Notre Dame had. The action packed cues are the most fun and are non stop bombast. The cues that go for more emotion just fall flat.

    So if you love to have a great time, and gospel gets you going you can't go wrong with this soundtrack. The gospel songs more than make up for any low points elsewhere. "Who put the GLAD in gladiator? Hercules!"...more info

  • Really cute!
    Now I'll admit, it's not much of a CD for adults. But kids will love it! (Being a kid, I'd know.) "I Won't Say(I'm In Love)" is the BEST song! If you ask me, tough, I think those stupid Muses would have survived singing a few less songs, don't you think? Go the Distance is mediocre, but "I Won't Say(I'm In Love)" is the true best! Enough jabbering. Buy this CD for your kids! It's great!...more info
  • The Gospel Truth!
    A mixed bag of a soundtrack to be sure, from an enjoyable movie that never fully realizes its golden potential. Both soundtrack and movie make exciting stylistic departures from the usual Disney fare, only to stop short at pivotal moments. Lots of buildup without full payoff. "Go The Distance" lacks the emotional oomph required of a signature tune. "I Won't Say" is a bland and unsatisfying showcase for the spicy Megara (particularly when considering Susan Egan's wonderful charm and talent). And "One Last Hope" is given a hopelessly boring treatment by the all-too-identifiable Danny DeVito.

    YET THE MUSES REDEEM THE WHOLE AFFAIR. Using a "Greek chorus" of five black goddesses to sing the story was genius (and a welcome injection of color to the Disney catalog.) Not only are their gospel-inflected songs the wittiest and most dynamic of the whole batch, but their vocal performances simply blow the lid off. Find two Disney songs that are more clever, heartfelt, and rousing than "Zero To Hero" and "A Star Is Born" and I'll eat this review. BRAVO!...more info

  • beautiful
    as usual disneys soundtracks are a work of art. alan menken is a genius and while you're listening you're just replaying the movie in your mind. it is a treat.
    ...more info
  • Not Bad
    This isn't half bad. It's too bad Disney lost Alan Menken, but they're getting along pretty well without him, eh? Just listen to the Tarzan soundtrack....more info
  • Gotta love Hercules
    This product was incredible! In perfect condition, and just downright awesome. "Lemme shout it from the mountaintops..." this product rocked my socks....more info
  • And that's the Gospel of Truth!
    This was the start of something a bit new. Daivd Zippel & Alan Menken. Once more, Disney goes for bringing adult stories to Disney light. Not many people like this movie because it's untruthful to actual myth. I mean, it'd been nice to see a movie of Hercules doing the ten labors, saving women, but... that's not really what kids want in a disney movie.

    But what they DID do is give some greek feel to the music and score. After all, the Muses were the goddesses of art and song, so it makes it fit for them to be telling the story.

    Long Ago...--Charleton Heston (famous from Planet of the Apes) does a nice little prologue to the story.

    The Gospel of Truth I/Main Titles--David Zippel has catchy lyrics but a more different way of arranging them than Schwartz does. It's complexed, but it rules.

    Gospel of Truth--People would think Hades is a bad guy, 'cause he's the greek form of the devil. But if you understand what is right or wrong about this song, it's not that bad.

    Go The Distance--I was told by one of my friends that this song was used a lot in the olympics. I never knew that, but pushing that aside, I like it. Also Roger Bart has an amazing singing voice, soon to be a star of The Producers around this time, and possibly starring in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown as Snoopy, I love his singing voice.

    Go The Distance (Reprise)--This is nothing new, but it's great to hear Roger's voice again.

    One Last Hope--I love Danny DeVito's voice as Phil. This role was tailored for him. He talk sings this song more of than belting it out. Which works, because it's more of a training song. All in all, I think it's witty.

    Zero to Hero--The most famous song from Hercules, it's full of rhyme after rhyme lyrics. They give a nice homage to broadway and gospel music, it's awesome. It's so catchy.

    I Wont Say (I'm In Love)-- Susan Egan (previously Belle on Broadway for Beauty and the Beast) is an amazing Meg. She's smart, sassy, and she owns this song. This is such a doo-whop song that it's a toe-tapper.

    A Star is Born--A nice summary to a nice vareity of music. Gospel, catchy...

    Go the Distance (Single)--Michael Bolton was drilled in my head as a child, 'cause my mother liked him. But I find him a pretty good of a singer for this song. I like the added words, and I think it sounds amazing. Though it sounds more like a song for "going the distance for a woman", not "going the distance for your dreams". And so people can kind of get touchy about that.

    Now, sad to say, I like Alan Menken, but the music just doesn't do it for me in this soundtrack. It was his last time doing Disney musicals. To others he may have given it his best, but I really don't seem to appreciate it. I also don't like the fact that this was the start of smaller amounts of song in the movies. But out of the composition pieces, I like "Cutting the Thread" & "A True Hero/A Star is Born". Those are beautiful tracks. Perhaps this was because of the pixar take over?

    All in all, people like the movie and the soundtrack. I seem to appreciate the movie, but this is not a soundtrack that makes its way into my record player much. Though if you are a disney collector, buy it. I am sure it'll be discontinued sometime soon....more info
  • Love that Herc
    I myself am a Greek mythology lover-so when I had my kids- I had to get them this movie(well also for myself too) It is very well done-characters are so funny and cute-Danny DeVito is fabulous as Philoctetes (Phil) and Tate Donovan is a perfect fit as the naive, sweet,innocent yet strong Hercules. Rip Torn (with his strong voice) plays Zeus superbly. James Woods (who mostly plays bad guys and does it well)plays the evil Hades-Lord of the Underworld.
    I recommend it highly for your movie library....more info
  • Disney's Hercules: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack
    Wonderful buy even if the price was a little bit high. Has all the songs from this move.
    Including "I Will go the Distance" and "I Won't Say I'm in Love"
    Great CD!...more info
  • Another Good Menken Soundtrack for Disney
    It is a shame that this soundtrack kind of went by in silence. Alan Menken did a great job with this score and the songs. What surprised me was Michael Bolton's vocals that I really liked on "Go the Distance." Bolton finally sang a song that actually matched that slightly arrogant style of vocalizing that he is famous for. This movie really benefited from it. Bolton turns that arrogant style around and uses it as a plea from the young Hercules in Disney Productions' interpretation of the character. Perceived as a foul-up in adolescence, Hercules reaching manhood wishes to prove himself the hero he yearns to be. Bolton's rendition is brilliant and Hercules really does Go the Distance. Go for this soundtrack....more info
  • Lacks Appeal
    I bought it because I remembered how good the music was in the movie. I guess my memory was that good after all.

    The highlights of this CD are the songs sung by the Muses (A Great Gospel Shakedown). Everything else about this Soundtrack just didn't hit the mark. Susan Egan sounded awful (and i thought that was hard for her to do). Overall, the score is still not bad, but since most people would buy this CD for the vocals, I must say that it is a disappointment.

    Buy The Aladdin Soundtrack to remember what good Disney Music and vocals sound like....more info

  • Fun for the whole family!
    Great singers, great songs! A light-hearted soundtrack with real talent. The Muses carry the cd with their amazing voices and excited delivery, church choir style with alot of heart. Danny DeVito sings the likable One Last Hope and Susan Egan provides the raspy vocals for the catchy I Won't Say(I'm In Love). Good clean fun but warning!!!! the songs get stuck in your head! ...more info