WWE Best Of RAW - Volume 1
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  • Waste of Money
    I love the WWF home videos, but this one sucked. Don't buy it. it wasn't the best of raw....more info
    O.K. It goes like this: I recently sold my copy of this tape because I never watched it anymore. The first few times I watched this video (after I bought it) was fun. But after a while, it got boring. Most of the stuff on this video is just scenes & moments of the Austin-McMahon feud. If you want a video on the rivalry between S.C. Steve Austin & Mr. McMahon then go buy the McMahon vs. Austin home video.
    This video is uncensored too. That's the only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1. There's a scene in which Cactus Jack is cutting a promo in the ring, and he says the GD word twice.
    Also, there's a part where Val Venis is about to be castrated by some enemies, and you can see his nakad behind when security breaks into the locker room.
    The story of The Undertaker & Kane is kind of cool, but nothing much. This video focuses on the feud between Austin & McMahon too much. Don't waste your hard earned money on this. Find something else to buy....more info
  • Ok but this tape should have had clips from 1993-1996 too.
    This video is allright if youve only been watching the WWF for a few months. But there were some things that were left out including the Austin/Taker vs. Mankind/Kane hell in the cell match. I would have also liked this video a lot more if it had some clips of RAW before 1997. Other than that its pretty good....more info
  • A BIG Letdown
    I bought this tape cause I was expecting to see the best of Raw from all-time...not 1997 on!!! There was WAY TOO MUCH of Steve Austin...just buy an Austin video to see that stuff! The Val Venis segment was unnecessary...the only high point of the video was the DX impersonation of the nation...but they only showed clips!!! That whole interview and thier Corporation impersonation should have been included. WWF...if you make another Raw video...show us some older stuff and better highlights!!!...more info
  • Truly the greatest moments of RAW!
    This video highlights RAW from the beginning of 1998 on. It highlights it person by person, showing the biggest moments of theirs's, like Stone Cold's zamboni incident, or the birth of Mr. Socko. It only has the best guys highlighted though, no midcarders. Buy if you want to bring back the memories....more info
  • A great one
    The tape was the best ever. most of my freinds liked it and it should have a new one....more info
  • Its True, Its the best of Raw
    WHen I decided to sit downand wright a review for this tape I read the other reviews that decribe the tape as.. Not the Best of Raw, or A Waste of time. If your looking for Wrestling matches, Dont watch it, if your looking for a bit of History of the WWF/E Then watch it, I love to take a step beck in time and relive the best and worst moments in wrestling history. Every twist and turn in the story line is in this video. The Video Highlights what angle each super stae was taking and what happend in certion years. If your not sure about it then go to your local video rentle store and rent it first, but as a collector of WWE Entertainment, its worth it....more info
  • A good recap of classic RAW programs from the last 2 years
    This is a good video showing clips of classic RAW is WAR programs from the last two years. It shows Steve Austin's many hellacious encounters with his boss, Mr. McMahon; the formation of both DXes, the Undertaker's battles with Kane and others; the break-up of the Nation of Domination; a brief, unique look at the women of the WWF. A video worth purchasing....more info
  • Where's the Beef?
    Boy some WWF fans just have nothing better to do but complain. The Austin vs McMahon Feud was the backbone of RAW. It deserves the amount of video time it received. I would have liked a bit more focus on The Rock. I like the Val Venus segments. They definitely were worth a chuckle or two. Some of the Undertaker/Kane stuff dragged on a bit in spots. Jackie vs Sable does not actually stand the test of time. However, the good clearly overshadows the bad. Dr Austin is the house. What more could you want?...more info
  • Could have been much better
    This was a waste of time it has stuff from '97 to late '98.But
    the short parts with mick foley D-X and the nation was interuppted by the austin mcmahon battle.And dont watch this if you have bad eyes, the part with kane and undertaker will kill
    your vision its mostly red and blue.DOnt buy this its not worth it......more info
  • I am disappointed in the WWF
    I enjoyed this video just for making me remember all the past RAW moments that were so good. I do have a few complaints, though. Number one, Michael Cole's narration is really bad. Number two, all of the other WWF best of videos have some sort of wrestler comments or exclusive interviews. This video had none of that. Also, there is one scene where a little Japanese guy is attempting to castrate the superstar known as Val Venis. This little piece occured on Sunday Night Heat, not RAW. If you are lookig to add this video to your collection, buy it, but don't expect to watch it too often. If you are looking for a way to remember the classic moments of RAW through just a single video, buy one of Stone Cold's videos, after all, as Michael Cole says on here: SCSA is RAW....more info
  • awesome!!!
    This video was awesome. It had the formation of Dx and the Nation. It had Cactus Jack and other Mick Foley characters. It also had some on the undertaker and kane....more info
  • I like it
    This Best of Raw,Vol. 1, I personaly thought was great there is only one little problem it's not a big problem but it was a little too much about the Austin/McMahon war still it was really cool i loved the Undertaker/Kane part if you have the DVD or VHS Austin vs McMahon then maybe you should not get it but if you don't,i truly recommend this to you cause it's great....more info
  • A great video!
    I think this what was a very good video. It bought back alot of memories very entertaining. I like the recap of the Vince and Austin war. The Val Venis angles and etc. My favorite part was when Austin got Vince arrested and yes folks it's worth it. All the parts from this video were right on point I love this video. Like they say Raw is War and WWF is sports entertainment....more info
  • great
    You know you look forward to everything the WWF does but this time its just stupid stuff that already happened i suggest you buy this video if you want to see stuff that already happened....more info