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Fleetwood Mac - The Dance
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Studio: Wea-des Moines Video Release Date: 11/18/1997 Run time: 90 minutes

With each passing year bringing another high-profile rock reunion, prompted as often by balloon mortgage payments as any real artistic hunger, old fans could be excused for greeting 1997's announcement that the big Mac was back with skepticism: at their commercial zenith, Fleetwood Mac had offered superb transatlantic pop-rock with the added spice of a remarkable back-story, but the band's long decline and underwhelming later personnel shifts didn't bode well.

Such guarded expectations make the musical punch of The Dance all the more impressive, and enable the meticulously produced concert special to genuinely surprise. The band's musicianship--the one constant between the original, late '60s English blues band and its platinum '70s lineup featuring guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and singer Stevie Nicks--is in peak form, buttressed by a discreet auxiliary of additional musicians. Even with the hired guns, though, it's the rock-solid rhythm section of founders Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, and Buckingham's impassioned playing that strike sparks. Always a dynamic guitarist, Buckingham brings feverish intensity to both group classics and solo turns such as "Go Insane."

Both familiar hits and new songs (including the solid "Temporary One" and "Bleed to Love Her") further confirm that this isn't a rote exercise--the band sounds fully engaged. Buckingham, Nicks, and the elegant Christine McVie retain their vocal charm (although Nicks has clearly lost her upper register). And the sense of old wounds healed, and older affections acknowledged, gives true poignancy to the set's high mark, a brilliant live version of "Silver Springs," a truly haunting Rumours-era B-side that proves deeply moving. --Sam Sutherland

Customer Reviews:

  • Fleetwood Mac "The Dance"
    This video is the best of Fleetwood Mac, old songs and a couple of new ones for this CD.

    I would recommend this to all Fleetwood Mac friends and others alike....more info
  • An embarrassment to modern bands
    As a general fan of music, I listen to all genres and virtually anything between Beethoven and Modest Mouse. I even enjoy the music and songwriting of a few key bands from the 80s, 90s, and new millenium. However, musical talent and live singing abilities of many new bands leave a bit to be desired without the advancing technology of studios and computers to fine-tune and over-produce the sound to something the artist is incapable of without electronic help.

    When older bands such as Fleetwood Mac or the Eagles decide to reunite, as evidenced on DVD/CD releases like The Dance or Hell Freezes Over, the raw live talent both vocally and instrumentally, together with the superbly crafted melodies and brilliant songwriting, flat-out embarrass most current bands.

    In The Dance, the superb harmony of the band shows the incredible inate talent and skill each possesses even as they age and their voices fall off a bit. Mick Fleetwood and John McVie lay down the most superb and perfectly timed rythm for each song as a tempo for the others to feel and match. Christine McVie shows excellent timing and tune with her keyboard, adding depth to each track and supplying the necessary third to the voices of Lindsay and Stevie...each of these singers has a completely different vocal pattern and style, and on their own can be liked or disliked, but together they create an unmatched singular vocal tone which balances the imperfections of each voice into a perfect unity. Stevie Nicks still provides the necessary and unique rasp and power from her voice which made Fleetwood Mac stand out from other female-vocal bands, and whether she can still achieve the ultimate top of her former vocal range is irrelevant as she still knows how to keep it perfectly in tone, range, and synch with the instrumentation and vocals of her bandmates (something today's blonde pop creations can't do even with all of today's electronic assistance).

    And then there is Lindsay Buckingham. A voice that on its own may not find favor with all - a fast vibrato and a high nasally tone...but in tandem with Stevie's deeper raspy resonance and Christine's soothing melodic syrup of a voice, his voice becomes a perfect match. His songwriting for Fleetwood Mac is brilliant and poignant, and his passion and effort in his performance is inspiring and powerful. But his guitar skill, his utter genious with the device, is beyond any description - and sends shivers down the spine and tears from the eyes of any guitar player or wannabe. Whether his guitar skill inspires one to want to play like him one day, or forces one to sell the guitar and give up knowing you'll never even stand at the foot of the altar upon which he up to the listener. But the acoustic performance on Big Love and Go Insane (10-finger playing in a Spanish classical style and a blues / rock rythm and pace, simultaneously laying down a complex multi-part rythm with 1/2 of each hand and playing the lead guitar with the other halves!), and the superb electric solo jam on I'm So Afraid, would merit a standing ovation even in an audience of every guitar god and virtuoso ever to play music.

    This DVD is highly recommended, for fans and newbies alike...and a must-have for instrumentalists and other bands seeking a lesson in rock-band-musicianship 101....more info
  • Excellent !!!!!!
    I'm always happy with my purchases with amazon. Shipment is always super fast. I recomment this site to anyone!...more info
  • What a colossal disappointment
    This version of Fleetwood Mac is the one most known to American audiences. Far better versions of Fleetwood Mac existed with guitarists Peter Green, Jeremy Spencer, Danny Kirwin, and Dave Mason.

    At the opening of this concert there is a sense that Mick Fleetwood can still lay down a beat. Inadvertently, the camera shows two other drummers in the background pounding away. For some reason, Fleetwood takes to mugging to the camera with a wild-eyed demented visage. He keeps this up for the duration of the film and one begins to question his sanity.

    John McVie is one of the best bassists ever and Lindsey Buckingham is one of the all-time great guitarists. Neither can sing and should be kept from microphones. Christine McVie is an adequate keyboard player but her voice has sounded better.

    Age has not been kind to Stevie Nicks. She has packed on a few pounds and has lost her upper register. Many of the Fleetwood Mac songs were written or co-written by her. Lindsey Buckingham was always clever enough to play over some of Stevie Nick's singing so the 70's songs sounded great on the old eight-track. If you choose to show the captions, you will realize the banality of her lyrics; they don't make sense but they rhyme.

    A sore spot with me is the whole concept of an encore. Why can't a band just get through an entire playlist without resorting to the ploy of leaving the stage, getting an ovation, returning, and then playing their best stuff? An encore is only appropriate when the performance was outstanding and there is some time left before the building closes. In an encore, the band should play covers of other bands.

    Here we have the presumptuous Fleetwood Mac leaving the stage and then returning for an encore. Then they are joined by the USC marching band! When a panoramic shot is shown, it shows a choir that had been augmenting Stevie's caterwauling....more info
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wow! This was the very first FM concert that I ever saw! Actually my dad put this concert in one night and I watched it with him and the next morning I was listening to Stevie and the Mac. Anyway, YOU should buy this! DVD or VHS it dosn't matter! They both play GREAT!...more info
  • Most watched DVD out of my collection of 120
    It's an awesome concert filled with emotion and great sound. The crowd was into the concert even though it was done in a soundstage and they even added to the already well performed live concert. The song Silver Springs which failed to make the cut on Rumours (big mistake) had never been heard by any of people there in the way that she sang it. They were on their feet by the end and now I hear her new version of the song on the radio regularly. This was a major turning point for a band on an endeavor to reach out to each other and perform again. It's really a very special DVD....more info
  • Fantastic
    I was never much of a fan of Fleetwood Mac, but after seeing this DVD, I get it....more info
  • Very questionable sound qaulity
    The DVD visually is very good. The sound quality is terrible in my opinion. Noticed it immediately upon watching it. I love Stevie and Fleetwood Mac and have been a faithful fan for many years but I am sorry to say this DVD was not produced well....more info
  • Christmas Gift to Son who loves Fleetwood Mac
    Bought this DVD for son who has wanted it for several years. I watched portions of it with him on Christmas Day. It was a very entertaining DVD and was excellently recorded....more info
  • Top rate DVD well worth the money.
    This band is at the top of their game, and the guitar work is superb. The surround sound top quality....more info
  • Don't Stop
    This is the only concert video that I own, and I can watch this one over and over. The tension between Lindsay and Stevie elevates it to a new level. All the songs that were written during the "Rumors" era showed just how personal things had gotten. "The Chain" and "Landslide" show Lindsay and Stevie at their most intimate. Mick and John seem to be enjoying themselves throughout. It seemed that this concert provided some catharthis for everyone in the band; and we all benefited from it. My favorites are "The Chain", "Go Your Own Way", "Landslide", "Big Love", "Go Insane", "Bleed To Love Her" and the finale of "Tusk" and "Don't Stop" with the USC. Incredible, fascinating, entertaining; what more could you ask for?!...more info
  • Fleetwood Mac triumphs with '97 Reunion Performance!
    This is the performance that introduced this legendary rock band to a new generation in the late 1990's. This is Fleetwood Mac's first performance together in over 10 years, since Lindsey left the band in 1987, filmed live on a LA soundstage before many of Hollywood's elite. The entire band rocks out on every single song - there is not one bad performance on this DVD. The sound of the band and the quality of the DVD sound is EXCELLENT. Above all, the interaction between band members, particularly Lindsey & Stevie, is PRICELESS. As Stevie Nicks said of this performance "As magic as it gets, it was." Stevie Nicks proves her standing as The Queen of Rock on every song, turning on all of her trademark moves, not to mention looking and sounding incredibly beautiful. Christine McVie, equally as graceful and beautiful, treats the audience to a few of her Fleetwood Mac hits, and Lindsey proves that Fleetwood Mac just isn't the same without him. The audience is treated to a few surprises, including an emotional "Landslide" (the version you hear on the radio was taken from this performance) which shows clear reconsiliation between Lindsey & Stevie, a visit from the USC marching band on "Tusk" (they also played on the "Tusk" album)and an AWESOME performance between Lindsey & Stevie of her Grammy nominated "Silver Springs". The album version of this performance was nominated for a Grammy & went to #1 on the charts - you'll wonder why it didn't win an Oscar for best real-life drama after you see this one! The only set back is that "Stand Back" and "Little Lies" are not included on this performance, yet you couldn't ask for more after you finish watching it! This DVD proves why Fleetwood Mac is one of rock's most legendary bands! You'll watch it over and over again!...more info
  • At Their Peak
    I grew up with FM. Rumors came out the year I graduated high school so it held and still holds a central place in my soul... I have to say that as much as I loved the recent Live in Boston I think this DVD shows the band at its very best... Why? While time had helped them all to heal and get healthy there was still enough "fire" there to drive them all. The emotions, the turbulance that made Rumors, e.g., the 3rd biggest seller of all time was glaringly apparent in SILVER SPRING. Right from the beginning as Stevie's eyes FLASHED in THE CHAIN you could tell that all that raw magma was still there just below the surface... Seeing Lindsey pour his heart out in BIG LOVE and GO INSANE was stunning... The cap to all of it with Chris singing SONGBIRD reminded me so much of the story of how the song originally ended up on Rumors...

    Altogether an amazing piece of work. For those who slam Stevie's voice - well, all I can say is that it's doubtful they ever did like FM. Her voice is fine. No one who's been singing for 30 yrs sounds the same. Bonnie doesn't. Sade doesn't. Even Sheryl Crow's voice has changed over time...

    "As you slowly go away from me... This is just another test... Did I ever really care that much? Is there anything left to say?"

    J.M. Harrison
    Portland, OR...more info
    I am a fan of Fleetwood Mac,but never went to see them live. I would have liked to see the band at the top of their game,but this DVD gives you a very good idea of what that must of been like. The band is in top form playing a wide range of their material. The only time I was disappointed is when Stevie Nicks didn't reach for the high notes like on the studio recordings. This may be due to her not being able to do it any more or just wanting to change it up a bit. Either way when you know songs as well as these you want to hear them done the way you remember them. Aside from that one small complaint,the sound is rich and clear and the transfer is very good. The band really conects with each other and you feel like you are part of something special when your watching this. If you like concert DVD's,you should have this in your collection....more info
  • LOVED IT!!
  • Buy two of the DVD's - not one
    Since the other reviewers have been so eloquent, I can only give you my recommendation on what to do:

    1) Buy two of these DVD's
    2) Save the other in a vault far, far away

    That way if you ever lose everything, you'll know that at least you have this.

    Jokes aside, the energy, love, talent, vibration and joy exuded by this group is simply inspiring. I recently went to their concert in Houston and it truly amazes me how they give it their all. When these people get together, they produce magic.

    I believe no other reviewer has spoiled the surprise at the end. just be sure to watch this uninterrupted and with a GOOD stereo (or home theater) system.

    don't think, just get the DVD. now....more info
  • One of the Greats
    Awesome DVD, seen Fleetwood Mac in concert a couple of times. This concert reminds me of how great a talent they all are....more info
  • Thank you Stevie, Thank You Lindsey!!
    Like my title refers to a moment of the concert, after Nicks sang Landslide, i believe they were so emotionals like fans of this extraordinary band like me when we see this concert. A lot of problems have passed, John & Christie divorce because of alcohol addiction of him, Lindsey mocking of Stevie on stage and making her cry ,etc., was part of the cost of success, now, back on stage, they seem to be fine with each other, a family like in the old times.
    The band sounds maybe not better than before, but yesterday's gone, I agree My Little Demon is no a very good song, some of their Say You Will is far better, but the concert is all the story in music of this Megaband in a good shape and intact talent....more info
  • Lindsey and Stevie
    I saw this DVD being played at a Bose outlet store and could not move from the performance being showed. Watching Fleetwood Mac perform "Silver Spring" was a real eye opener! It was as if Stevie and Lindsey were singing only to each other. Wonderful music! ...more info
  • Great Music/Great Performance but Poor Video Editing
    First let me say that I loved FM's performance.

    Unfortunately the pictorial record of the fabulous show is marred by Bruce Gowers' video editing.

    It's obvious that a fortune was invested to provide dozens of camera angles. Unfortunately Gowers decided that the view needed to shift with every downbeat and at the first word of each verse.

    As a result, continuity is lost. We watch, for instance, Christine sing two words then the camera suddenly shifts to Mick. Just as suddenly it shifts back to Christine at the first word of the next lyric line.

    Obviously, every member of the band deserves to be featured, but each song also deserves to be anchored to a performer then illustrated with wides, close-ups, two-shots, and group shots.

    Landslide is performed beatifully, and we catch glimpses of the potentially electrifying interaction between Lindsay and Stevie. But Gowers ruins the moment with discontinuous shots from floating cameras and close-ups of instruments. Suddenly we notice tears in Lindsay's and Stevie's eyes at the end of the song. It would have been much betterto amplify the emotion-packed song with soft camera work and discrete editing.

    To better understand my point, compare John McColgans simple video of "Riverdance" to David Mallet's over-produced jumpy edit of "Lord of the Dance." One is elegant and a joy to watch. The other is disturbing and hard to enjoy.

    Nevertheless, "The Dance" concert is magical, and despite the flaws of this video production I recommend its purchase.
    ...more info
  • Awesome concert performance!
    My wife & I first had the opportunity to view this DVD at a party several years ago but did not know the title. The host payed this DVD in the background and it was so incredible that my wife and I gravitated to the family room where it was playing. I had no idea at the time that dvd's of concerts were even available so this was a real surprise to actually see them up close at their very best! Our memories of this dvd were so strong that we recently searched and found it available on

    We have always loved the music of Fleetwood Mac but had never had an opportunity to see them in concert-well this is even better. The photography is really well done so you really see the musicians playing their instruments (up close) as their part in the song comes up. Great close ups so you really can get into the concert. The pinnacle of the concert is when the USC marching band comes onto the stage as Tusk begins to play...WOW!!! You can't image how good it sounds!

    Even after watching the dvd several times it is still very enjoyable to play as we clean the house or cook. Not only is this the best of Fleetwood Mac but you can watch their amazing talant be shared with some lucky college band members who, I am sure, had the experience of a lifetime! This is our favorite concert DVD. I know you will enjoy it if you like Fleetwood Mac at all....more info
  • Excellent Show
    This has to be one of the best live performances captured in video. The entire cast is in fine form. If you love music, this is a must in your collection....more info