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Incredible World of Cats [VHS]
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Whether you love 'em or loathe 'em, you have to admit cats have become a force to be reckoned with. According to this playful, thorough two-hour boxed set, there are 10 million more cats than dogs kept as pets in the United States alone. Yet they have been domesticated for only about 4,000 years, compared with about 14,000 years for dogs. Perhaps because this alliance with humans is so relatively new, cats keep a bit of distance. And as this A&E documentary points out, that seeming aloofness is certainly part of the their appeal. There's great overview material here, including some fascinating segments on cats' physiology (a cat's ear, for instance, has more than a dozen muscles that can rotate the ear up to 180 degrees), grooming and purring habits, and love of play. The second volume discusses cats' behavior, especially in relating to humans. One touching segment focuses on an AIDS patient and how his vital signs improved when he retrieved a cat he had given away for fear he could no longer care for her. Another, hilarious segment shows how cats can indeed be trained (are you listening, oh ye skeptical dog owners?) to perform tricks, perform in TV commercials--even act in films, like the all-cat version of Romeo and Juliet by Italian director Armando Acosta. To fill things out, there's a lot of adorable footage of kittens chasing their tails and, our personal favorite, jumping straight into the air from all fours. --Anne Hurley

To the ancient Egyptians, they were gods. To the pet industry, they are big business. To 56 million Americans, they're family. A&E's Incredible World of Cats tells their fascinating story, from the domestication of wild cats to the celebrity felines of today.Take a comprehensive journey through the films, music, TV shows and comics that have celebrated the playful and mysterious cat. Witness real-life feats of feline bravery and intelligence. Go behind-the-scenes of the multi-billion dollar pet industry. And meet the world's leading experts as they explain feline behavior, offer training tips and reveal what cats really need to be happy. It's the ultimate collectible for fans of America's favorite pet!

Customer Reviews:

  • Nicely done, good job of balancing various topics
    Recorded on two VHS tapes (although it could fit on one VHS tape at SP), and packaged in a thick but quasi-luxurious box, it does a good job of balancing the various topics as they relate to cats, ranging from the ancient times to today's world. Very interesting to watch, lots of useful information about cats, and lots of cats in it too :) ...more info
  • correction to official review:
    Note to Anne Hurley who wrote the "official" review:

    Armando Acosta is NOT an Italian director. He is an American of Spanish heritage who currently resides in Belgium. Not sure why she thought he is Italian....more info

  • The best video for all cat enthusiasts!
    I and my children (even my husband who is not a cat fan) enjoyed this video set very much. It takes one through the many aspects and personalities of cats. Including a visit to the famous Ernest Hemmingway House and the decendants of his famous six toed cat, a cat show, commercials and the training of the stars, as well as candid home shots and cats in their natural domestic lives, even cat heros! (They even play "Jingle Cats" music video which is said to be a favorite teaser to these furry companions who go bananas trying to find the cat in the speaker! :) )I enjoyed the interviews with some "experts" such as the presidents of the SPCA and national cat shows and their insights into their lives and behavior. This is deffinately a video for one who enjoys all aspects of a cat and their diversity in personality!...more info
  • More Errors In The Original Review
    An archaeological expedition in Crete found a 9,000-year-old grave in which a man was buried with a (presumably pet) cat. Both the human and feline were posed. This pushed the domestication of cats back another 5,000 years. It looks as if Amazon should get reviewers who know what they're talking about....more info
  • A & E's Incredible World of Cats
    This is an enjoyable documentary that is great for the cat lover...
    It is short and informative illustrating the history and nature of cats. It shows a wide variety of cats and highlights remarkable cats such as a mother cat who saved her kittens from a burning building. The photography is bright and cheerful and captures the personality of each cat portrayed such as Hemmingway's 6-toed cats....more info