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The Lions of Lucerne
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On the snow-covered slopes of Utah, the President of the United States has been kidnapped and his Secret Service detail massacred. Only one agent has survived -- ex-Navy SEAL Scot Harvath. He doesn't buy the official line that Middle Eastern terrorists are behind the attack and begins his own campaign to find the truth and exact revenge. But now, framed for murder by a sinister cabal, Harvath takes his fight to the towering mountains of Switzerland -- and joins forces with beautiful Claudia Mueller of the Swiss Federal Attorney's Office. Together they must brave the subzero temperatures and sheer heights of treacherous Mount Pilatus -- where their only chance for survival lies inside the den of the most lethal team of professional killers the world has ever known....

In this incredibly fast-paced thriller, a conspiracy hatched close to the Oval Office results in the kidnapping of the president and the slaughter of a company of Secret Service agents commanded by ex-Navy SEAL Scot Harvath. The story careers from the ski slopes of Utah to the top of Switzerland's Mount Pilatus and sets Scot on an impossible mission: recover the president, evade renegade Swiss spy Gerhard Miner and his cadre of trained agents, and elude the American conspirators who are hot on his trail. Framed for murder, his reputation in tatters, his former colleagues turned against him, Harvath finds an unlikely ally in a beautiful Swiss prosecutor who's been checkmated by Miner once too often. Together they play a high-stakes game of mixed "doubles" to save the president and uncover the conspiracy. Brad Thor's debut novel is a tightly wound spy tale that makes up in excitement what it lacks in subtlety and character development. Ludlum fans will love it. --Jane Adams

Customer Reviews:

  • Entertaining Balderdash
    If you're in the mood for a realistic political thriller, please don't buy this book. If you're in the mood for escapist action-adventure, DO buy this book!

    Brad Thor's protagonist, Scott Harvath, is a bit like the Roger Moore version of James Bond; he keeps taking lickings and somehow keeps ticking. There are many preposterous moments of action where the reader must suspend their disbelief, but the writing and cartoonish quality of the narrative and characterizations make it easy to do so. I really enjoyed this book, and recommend it to anyone who likes escapist fare with no illusions of highbrow literature.

    Hooray for fun!...more info
  • Good News, Bad News
    If you like Ludlumesque chasing around Europe, Brad Thor's your man and Lions is your book. But be ready for a pretty far-fetched plot, one that involves treason by 2 U.S. Senators, the head of the Secret Service and the Vice President. The fantastically well-armed and organized bad guys become The Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight when they are gunning for our hero, Agent Harvath--there must be 10 times when they shoot at him and miss. The book is fast-paced, but lacks the believability needed to truly capture the reader....more info
  • Page Turner
    Brad Thor has scored a knockout with his debut - The Lions of Lucerne. I could not put it down. It is, I believe, the strongest debut novel in its genre. If you like Ludlum, Clancy, DeMille, Vince Flynn, et al - you'll speed through Lions and wait anxiously for Thor's second installment....more info
  • I enjoyed it!
    Takes some imagination to get past some of the "mental hurdles" you might throw at the plot plausibility. That said, I think if you can imerse yourself in fiction and enjoy it for what it is, this was a good book, and another example of this character kicking arse and taking names....more info
  • He Built A Franchise On This?
    Completely agree with the reviewers who referenced the cringe-inducing dialogue, the one-dimensional characters, and the absurd plot contrivances (the villains are world class mercenaries, yet can't kill Our Hero with any of the hundreds of bullets they send his way).

    The protagonist and the plot of this book are also AWFULLY derivative of Vince Flynn's work. My advice is to stick with Flynn and avoid Thor. You'll be happy you did....more info
  • First-Rate Action Scenes, but Little Else
    THE LIONS OF LUCERNE is Brad Thor's debut novel written in 2002. Since writing this book, Thor has become a very successful author, with his most recent effort hitting #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list.

    Other than some very well written action scenes, this book has little to recommend it. The characterization is two-dimensional, the dialogue trite, and the hero Scot Horvath almost too bland for words. The political conspiracy plot is outlandish, and is structured in a manner that contains few surprises. I found the whole storyline to be almost painfully predictable, right down to the final showdown at the villain's mountain hideaway.

    THE LIONS OF LUCERNE is written well enough for a debut, but the plot and characterization problems made it a pretty mediocre reading experience. If you want to read a first rate action novel, my advice is to go with Lee Child instead, who is a far superior writer and plotter. ...more info
  • A Good Beginning
    This is a real page turner. It is an interesting idea--the kidnapping of the President. The middle of the book shows possibilities. The problem is that the excitement of the search and the understanding of the characters, especially in Washington, was put aside for the never ending chase scene. Scot Haveth is a superman but there is a limit to how many close calls and injuries he can have and still keep going. Less is sometimes more.

    As a note it seems interesting to read a pre 9/11 thriller. The world somehow seems simpler in the old days. I will read another one of his books before I decide whether it is worth continuing the series.
    ...more info
  • he has promise
    This was the first thriller by a new author I'd read in a long time. I tend to pick one author and read them for broke...Clancy, Follett, Le Carre, Forsyth, Higgins, Robinson....and I picked this one up from the library because the premise sounded suitably geopolitically thrilling. It was not bad. Thor could benefit from a good writer's workshop. The scenes of action are top-notch, but a few things irritated me. Number one, the comic relief SUCKS. Just leave it out. Ludlum did. He'll have this great action scene and then Harvath makes a stupid joke. Also, after a while you get tired of bullets whizzing around our hero's head. There's no cat and mouse. Just lots and lots and lots and LOTS of missed gunshots and superhuman exploits. You get two of those moments per book, not seventeen. Finally, it would be good if "Star Gazer"'s identity were revealed later in the book and his importance to the plot made much more prominent- that's a really great hook but it's revealed too early. The book was leaner than your average Ludlum and less melodramatic but was annoyingly clunky. Keep it up, Brad....ya got promise....more info

    It is one of America's worst case scenarios - the President of the United States has been kidnaped. On Utah's snow covered slopes during what was to have been a restorative interlude for POTUS 30 Secret Service agents have been executed and the Chief Executive abducted by one of the most feared Middle Eastern terrorist groups - the Fatah Revolutionary Council.

    There is one Agent who lived, a young ex-Navy Seal, Scot Horvath. It was under his watch that the horrors took place; he has messed up to the nth degree. Chagrined, disgraced, Horvath doesn't believe the Fatah group is responsible, and sets out on a one man mission to find the guilty parties.

    His work is muddled by a waffling Vice-President and apparent ineffectual thrusts by the Secret Service, the CIA, and the FBI . Terrorists soon make public their demands - $500 million.

    Meanwhile Horvath, who has been targeted by a mysterious cell of high powered government and business officials, heads for Switzerland where he believes he'll find answers among a no-holds-barred gang of mercenaries, the Lions of Lucerne.

    With boundless luck and sheer determination Horvath soon finds himself on a collision course, propelled toward a showdown with the terrorists inside the glacial Mt. Pilatus.

    Readers who don't mind trading ounces of credibility for pounds of excitement will line up for THE LIONS OF LUCERNE.

    - Gail Cooke...more info
  • Good Introduction to a Series
    Action packed. Brad Thor did a terrific job introducing Scott Harveth as a series character. Very similar to the "Bourne" books. Only flaw is that it seams the character has too many "barely missed" action sequences....more info
  • The Lions of Lucerne
    My book is called the Lions of Lucerne, and is about an ex-Navy SEAL Scot Harvath who has recently been drafted to the president's personal Secret Service team. He is in charge of the president's daughter, Amanda, on a ski trip. While there Scot's team is whipped out by an avalanche that was caused so that terrorists could make away with the president.

    Harvath has been framed for the killing of the Secret Service squad and the leak behind the presidents kidnapping, being the only survivor. He must find the real people behind this while almost being killed three times. He goes to Switzerland after finding many clues leading him here where he must climb mountains and kill or be killed.

    ...more info
  • Not bad for a debut novel...
    I just finished this book and must say that I was a little disappointed with it. What began with such promise seemingly evaporates in the last hundred pages....can someone say "deadline" ?? The other reviewers who talked about the sudden inability of master assassains to hit a target were, pardon the pun, dead on! The Claudia Mueller character appears early in the novel and is not seen again for nearly 300 pages. The Harvath charcter is good, but he is no Mitch Rapp! Brad Thor is good but he has a way to go to catch up with Vince Flynn.

    All that being said I will more than likely pick up Path of the Assassain when it comes out in paperback. Even my favorites like Ludlum and Cussler were still developing their tradecraft in their first novels. Thor deserves a second chance with this reader....more info

  • Even the blind can read
    I applaude the entire idea of audio books. One of my elderly friends is going blind but her mind is not in the dark. She loved the book by Brad Thor....more info
  • A Great Vacation Read
    This book is fast-paced with good action and humor. The characters are well written and the plot is nicely done. This was my first Brad Thor book and I'll definitely try another one. There were a few places where the coincidences were just a little too neat, but this was a solid 4-star read with pages and chapters going very quickly....more info
  • Excellent Product
    This book was delivered as advertised and arrived very quickly. I would highly recommend this seller....more info
  • Good early Thor
    Although his later writings show more maturity, the pace of this book was shows the beginnings of the good work to come. The easy switch between narrative, dialogue, and just plain "shoot-em-up" scenes was so well done as to be almost transparent; suddenly, you were in a different world.

    My main niggling fault was in the gratuitous ending; I found it too much of an afterthought, as it really added nothing....more info
  • Can't Put This Book Down
    This is a great book and I couldn't put this book down. You should read this book if you love any book that involves the FBI or the Secret Service....more info
  • Relentless Thriller
    This was my first Brad Thor novel and I absolutely loved it from cover to cover. This book had amazing action and adventure sometimes maybe a little over the top but hey it is a work of fiction. Scott Harvath is a great character, very resoureful but yet not a comic book superhero like some fictional characters are. As any novel that deals with politics it is going to have its down time(ie: The Bourne Identity which is one of my favorite books) but it was short and right back to the fast past action. If you are looking for a great political thriller that you can actually follow you will not be disappointed with this novel....more info
  • Don't Bother With This One!
    When I started reading The Lions Of Lucerne, the first of Brad Thor's series featuring Secret Service Agent, Scot Horvath, I thought I was in for a real exciting reading experience. However, shortly thereafter my high expectations rapidly deteriorated. Reading this book became the equivalent of reading an action comic book, with the hero being a combination of an indestructible superman and a one-man army. Horvath's main character (and secondary characters) lost all credibilty for me to the point that I'm not sure if I want to read any of Thor's other books in this series (even though I own these books). Beyond Thor's weakness in character development, his dialogue is often cliched and, perhaps most annoying, is that the plot moves at too slow a pace throughout much of the book and is very predictible. Do yourself a favor and don't bother reading The Lions Of Lucerne. ...more info
  • Save Your Money On This One
    If there was a zero to give for a rating on this book, that's what I would give it. Trite, stupid, ridiculous, uninteresting. Characters are impossible to like. The author should go back to his television show, maybe he does better at that. An author, he isn't. In my opinion....more info
  • Good page-turner, but not his best
    This book is a terrific page-turner -- it is hard to put the book down once you've started reading. I have also read Takedown by the same author, and it is a much better, more mature book. There is a little too much coincidence in this book, and perhaps one or two too many miraculous escapes from impossible situations. It is still very entertaining. One other thing that struck me was the similarity to The Day After Tomorrow by Allan Folsom, down to the role of the Jungfrau in the plot. You should read this book, and read his later works to see the development of an excellent author....more info
  • Excellent Thriller
    I really enjoyed this book. I hesitate reading a lot of popular fiction because it gets rather obscene. A few of the bad guys swear in this, but, overall, not so bad. The story is really interesting. It weaves its way through so many paths that it is difficult to believe that they are all going to end up in the same place, but they do.

    Since it is one in a series about the same character, you know the good guys win. What you don't know is how. The bad guys are smart, just not as smart or tough as the hero.

    Lot of interesting details. Who knows if they are real? Who cares? They are still interesting.

    This is the second Brad Thor book I have read. I stumbled into the first one in a secondhand store. It was so interesting that I went looking for more. i will continue to look for them.

    If you like good action thrillers, I would recommend this to you.
    ...more info
  • A bit predictable, but still good.
    My wife picked this book up for me at the local supermarket when I was jsut about done with the latest Vicne Flynn book. She knows I like books about special forces and terrorists, so away we go.

    First off, I enjoyed the book. I kept going, fairly fast paced. I enjoyed the mentioning of airsoft (I own an airsoft MP5A5).

    It's obvious that Mr. Thor has traveled to the places he described, especially the towns in Switzerland. When I found out that Thor is a travel writer and produces a travel show for PBS it was even more clear. It often seemed like he was giving more descriptions of locations as filler (something Anne Rice does too much with New Orleans).

    The one real trouble I had was a lot of the book was too predictable. I told my wife of the start of a plot point, and she was able to predict, easily, what was going to happen in the next thirty pages.

    Despite this, I'd go get the book and read it. It's a page turner....more info

  • The Lions of Lucerne
    The book was to form, interesting, suspenseful for the most part, and kept moving without undo delays in forward progress. The only thing that bothers me at times is that as good as Scot Harvath is deliberatly made out to be, he doesn't sometimes "get it" untill chapters and days later. I as the reader have been privy to the same information he has had and am way ahead in being able to figure out what happened or is going to happen. Therefore, I am not as excited as I should be when he does finally work it out. This creates a situation where the prose and writing style is the only thing that keeps me reading, with great gratitude when the unknown looms it's mysterious head....more info
  • This is a GREAT book
    This book kept me on my seat and up at night the whole time. It taking place near my home was just a bonus for me. I recommend this book for anyone....more info
  • If you like WEB Griffin... will like this book.

    I compare this book to WEB Griffin's books because it has many of the same type of unlikely coincidences and fortuitous things happening as many of WEB Griffin's books do. I won't ruin it for you by giving away the plot, but if heroes that just happen to end up bumping into old pals that have the exact thing they need at exactly the right moment bother you, you won't like this book.

    I really was excited to see this book in the store at the airport because I was headed to Switzerland from Utah and staying in Luzern at the same hotel mentioned in the book! Once I started reading it I thought a lot of the stereotypes that were used in the book were kind of corny, and then the coincidences I mentioned start piling up, and I would have put the book down if I had anything else to read, but since I didn't I finished it.

    The book has mildly good action sequences and is fairly clean, with a hero that tries his best to do what he thinks is right; I give the book 3 stars for that.

    It might make a good Lifetime movie or something....more info
  • Shows some promise
    This book started out with a lot of promise. The meeting of the conspirators and the well executed kidnapping of the President reminded me of the Ludlum of old. Scot Harvath, sole survivor of the kidnapping, is the only one to see through a paper thin attempt to frame Arab extremists for the abduction. Wanting to live up to his sense of duty he sets out to save the President single-handedly.

    It goes downhill from there.

    The series of vague clues and bizarre coincidences that lead Scot to Switzerland, Claudia (an ally), and the bad guys is overly far-fetched,to put it mildly. How many people do you know who keep a safe deposit box containing phony ID's, a weapon and a disguise just for yucks? The baddies are a crack team of elite Swiss mercenaries who can shoot and kill Secret Service agents who are skiing down a mountain but can't hit our hero when he is standing still. The story has way too many,"...the ground exploded around him..." type passages. Thor seemed in too much of a hurry to complete this story as the ending seems very rushed.

    Overall, not a terrible read. I think and hope that Thor will improve with future efforts...more info