Act of Treason
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The fallout from a horrific Washington explosion has just begun -- and so has CIA superagent Mitch Rapp's hunt for a killer with a personal agenda.

In the final weeks of a fierce presidential campaign, a motorcade carrying candidate Josh Alexander is shattered by a car bomb. Soon after the attack, Alexander is carried to victory by a sympathy vote, but his assailants have not been found. When CIA director Irene Kennedy and Special Agent Skip McMahon receive damaging intelligence on Washington's most powerful players, they call on Mitch Rapp -- the one man reckless enough to unravel a global network of contractkillers on an explosive mission that leads back to the heart of our nation's capital...and the inner sanctum of the Oval Office.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Book
    Great book. couldn't stop reading it. Seems that Vynce hate polititions like I do, so no problem enjoing thier fall.
    Couldn't stop reading it. Nice prespective reading it on October on Election year......more info
  • Disappointing - Vince, you can do better!
    I think that Vince's stories would be more believable if he didn't make his characters so extreme! Why does Rapp have to be the best at everything (judo, karate, jujitsu - black belt of course)? Why is Irene Kennedy the smartest woman in DC? Why are the villains (Ross, Green, Spiere) the most wealthy, megamaniacal? Why are the women (the president elect's wife in this book, Mitch's late wife Anna in the earlier books) the most beautiful, or the most talented (Whitehouse TV anchorwoman marries CIA agent)? I think the story would still work if they were a bit more regular - it is what they do and think that matters, not that they are the most.....
    In this book, it was too unrealistic to have Green, Spiere and the campaign manager discuss their guilty conspiracy in a restaurant near the end of the book. And finally, why did Flynn depart from all rationality by having Kennedy do something so extreme and out of character at the conclusion of the book. Flynn needs to do better....more info
  • Another Top Notch Read From Vince Flynn
    America's CIA hero extraordinaire continues to protect The Republic from enemies within and without. A bomb goes off in Washington killing the President elects wife and a secret service agent as well as many innocents. Was this a true terroist attack? Or an inside job? Of course Mitch Rapp gets to the bottom of the plot in a very exciting page turner. CIA Director Irene Kennedy plays a very surprising role in the dramatic conclusion. Keep it up Vince!!...more info
  • One of the Three Toughest Guys
    Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp is simply audacious! I'm talking "audacity" in the most positive sense of the word. Nothing deters this guy from his mission. In Act of Treason, Rapp will satisfy your desire to see the bad guy go down and it doesn't matter how physically big his nemesis is or how politically powerful. Mitch and his boss, a beautiful woman no less, aren't shy about taking a bad guy out even if it's over coffee in the Oval Office. He is clearly one of the three toughest guys in the genre today. After you read this book, be sure to check out Jack Reacher in The Hard Way (Jack Reacher Novels) and John "Lilly" Lelankevitch from Evil, Be Gone. One tough trio!...more info
  • "We are going to kill him, aren't we?"
    Vince Flynn delivers another Mitch Rapp thriller with overtones of the same moral ambiguities and political machinations that distinguished his debut novel "Term Limits," (which featured many of the same characters but not Rapp). Flynn takes Rapp out of his usual counterterrorism/Middle East jihad mode and places him smack in the middle of a dirty tricks plot engineered by a couple Washington politicians to further their careers. Although the identities of the villains are never in doubt from the reader's perspective, the fun comes from watching Rapp and company unravel the traitorous skeins which lead to the bad guys.

    This book lacks the punch of others in the series, as it's missing the non-stop action which is Flynn's forte. The main shocking event happens at the beginning; there are several exceedingly suspenseful, well-written scenes as Rapp runs down the trigger-man; but the action flags for the next half until the stunning resolution. Numerous plot lines are introduced and then mysteriously dropped, and the fate of several characters is left unresolved. For these reasons the book gets four rather than five stars. Despite the flaws, the book is a satisfying read, though not an outstanding one, and should not disappoint Mitch Rapp fans.

    The ending does give food for thought. If you believe in transparent government and black-and-white legalism, you may find the end disturbing. The novel's attitude can best be summed up by a conversation between Rapp and his boss on the final page. Mitch says, "We are going to kill him, aren't we?" CIA Director replies: "Yes we are." And the reader nods, "Good!"
    ...more info
  • Great Read
    Terrifc book. Its best to have an understanding of the Mitch Rapp character prior to reading this book. Regardless, this book has action and a great timeline of events to keep staright that requires your attention. Once you start reading, you have to finish b/c you become so involved with the book....more info
  • My first Mitch Rapp book - not really a thriller though.
    As the title suggests, this is my first Mitch Rapp novel. In fact, this is my first Vince Flynn novel. That being said, I clearly do not know the history of the main character, Mitch Rapp, and all of his escapades that have made him the man he is today. However, I can say that I truly enjoyed this book. It was fast paced, easy reading fun. Flynn creates an engaging storyline that is fun to follow and hard to put down. Rapp is a CIA character with some bad history. He gets the job done, and seems to have no problem with his cool demeanor and deadly efficiency.

    As the title suggests, there is treachery among the highest levels of political power in Rapp's world. It is always a good experience reading about these possible terrible scenarios. In fact, I was often reminded of Fox TV's series, "24."

    My only concern with "Act of Treason" was that I didn't really consider it a "thriller," as the cover of the book suggests. I had troubles putting the book down; not because I was on the edge of my seat in anticipation but because I was engaging in the storyline.

    I highly recommend "Act of Treason," and if you have read the other Mitch Rapp novels I'm sure you will appreciate this book more than I did....more info
  • What happened to the good guys?
    "Act of Treason" lacks the depth, complexity, and action of Flynn's previous novels. Take a magazine short story and flesh it out with lots of detailed filler and you have it.

    I'm a real fan of thrillers, of the way the good guys, who exemplify American ideals and values ultimately triumph over the bad guys. With "Act of Treason", Flynn turns Mitch Rapp and his boss into bad guys like all the rest. They break American laws and murder American citizens because they think they are are above the law. Maybe Flynn is setting up Rapp for a big fall, but if not, Rapp more typifies the values of the old KGB than the ideals I was raised with....more info
  • Great book but too many f bombs
    This book is written well and is definitely a page turner but there are way too many F-bombs dropped in this book. The language in this book seems to be worse than in Flynn's previous works. I don't think writers need to use what I consider a limited vocabulary to get their point across. Other than the language the book is very good, that is why I rate it a 4 star....more info
  • overdone
    This book is written like pro wrestling: it's so melodramatic that it's barely believable, but every movement is very slow and large so everybody can figure out what is going on. The audience is given time to examine every move as it happens and to absorb every grunt and groan. It takes one character twenty pages to enter a room, an action that would have been over in two minutes. I suspect Flynn of writing under the influence of Proust.

    Flynn is a person who really, REALLY cares about Starbucks. He grows rhapsodic every time anybody gets a cup of coffee, if and only if they get it in Starbucks. He pours out scathing scorn on independent coffee shops and their patrons. His love for Starbucks is outdone only by his hate for conservationists and people who want a healthy environment. Evidently he dislikes fresh air and clean water as strongly as independent coffee shops. Perhaps you don't need clean water when you can get coffee from Starbucks.

    Flynn does exhibit humor, of the deadpan, tongue in cheek variety. I guffawed at how he reverently introduced jujitsu like it wasn't centuries out of date; to hear him talk, you'd think it was some dangerous martial art that could actually be used in the real world. Rapp was presented with a black belt `after a solid month of training and fighting'! Wow! A whole, solid month?? Oooh! Was it one of the 31 day months, or a wimpy 28er like February?

    The author's English is not very good. He misuses words and makes grammatical mistakes. For instance, in Chapter 26 we read, `The people who flocked to San Diego sunk their money into real estate.' Ok everybody, repeat after me, ring rang rung, sing sang sung, sink sank sunk. They sank their money into real estate, not sunk. Flynn should have thunk about that one. The editor had probably already fallen asleep.

    Or maybe the editor was too busy trying to cheer Flynn up. Look at the scowl on his face in the author photo. He looks like somebody who's got the runs and just discovered the bathroom door is locked and the key is missing. Why was he in such a bad mood? Maybe just before the photo session he reread his book and asked the photographer, They're going to put my name on this?
    And my photo?
    So people will know who I am?
    So my neighbors might read this?
    My family might read this?
    My high school English teacher might read this?
    *click...more info
  • Rapp is back!
    Rapp is back, baby! Flynn has taken the overhead out of Rapps life and made him more heroic. Rapp is superhero-esque in this world of terrorism. Flynn puts out quality products with well researched stories. Reading Flynn is like taking a course in politics, the CIA, world affairs and espionage all at once. I always look forward to a Flynn book. ...more info
  • Lots of bang for your buck
    Oddly enough this was the first Flynn book I ever read, and I went in a little skeptical. However this is a terrific thriller, not only filled with action and suspense, but surprisingly full of emotion as well. There are some real surprises in here that hit me pretty hard, and I can imagine how readers who've followed these characters for a long time must have liked it even more. Rapp is not the most three dimensional character ever created--he's kind of a juiced-up Jack Ryan--but he cares just enough for us to root for him not just as an action hero, but as a person. A great thriller, and I'll definitely be checking out more of Flynn's stuff....more info
  • Another poor ending by Flynn
    Absolutely another great thriller except the ending. This is the second Flynn book in a row that I have read that needed a better ending. Up until the ending I was ready to give this book a five star plus. Flynn had me so drawn into the book that I actually was in a hurry for the bad guys to get discovered and punished, but Flynn was too concerned about his next novel to give this one a proper ending.

    When writing my first novel, al-Qaeda Strikes Again, one of my proof readers said that I should give my book a better ending and not worry about setting up a beginning for my next book which is what Flynn did in Act of Treason. The most important parts of a novel are the beginning and the ending. When Flynn tries to bridge the ending of one book into the beginning of his next book then he robs the reader even if the reader reads all his books in order, but it was even worst than that as the ending was wham bam that's it! Part on the ending for this book is the beginning of Protect and Defend: A Thriller and in that book the beginning has no connection with the rest of the book.

    The ending in this book was the worst that I have read in an otherwise fabulous thriller....more info
  • Act of Treason
    Great book! I am a big fan of Vince Flynn and always enjoy reading his books. Mitch Rapp is extremely like-able with his no nonsense attitude and approach to a situation. ...more info
  • Can't wait
    Have not read this book yet but I have no doubt it will be a 5 star effort.

    Everything Flynn writes is outstanding.

    I borrowed my first Vince Flynn book from the "library" at work. I was hooked. Vince Flynn writes about the same subjects as Clancy. I have liked Clancy from the start but he is often too nitpicky about the minutia of his subject matter, often to the detriment to the story. Whereas Flynn gives just enough detail to lend credibility to his writing.

    Nobody doubts Clancy is an insider in the community and Flynn leaves no doubt he is one too.

    His stories are fast paced and a VERY good read. I recommend ANY book by him. Clancy writes about the Russian cold war, Flynn writes about the war on terror. His main character, Mitch Rapp, is undeniably a complete Bad***, I loved the Jack Ryan character, but time to retire Jack, Mitch is in town....more info
  • Dirty Politics
    This is my second Vince novel. The first that I read, CONSENT TO KILL, was excellent. I am fully prepared to read the whole backlist, but before going backwards, I decided to read the most recent one. In reading the book, I can see that it would have been better to start at the beginning of the series to witness the development of Mitch Rapp as a man and as a CIA assassin. Not the book was a stand alone story because it was, but I do like to see the character growth along the way. I have to admit that political based novels are not my favorite genre, but I make an exception for Vince Flynn. The books I have read have been extremely well-plotted and well-written. I did not enjoy ACTS OF TREASON quite as much as CONSENT TO KILL mostly because the secondary cast was rather unlikable and after the set up of the plot, the story started to drag for several chapters. The ending was a bit farfetched, but overall I did enjoy the unravelling of the plot. I look forward to reading some of the earlier work of Vince Flynn....more info
  • Fast Paced Thriller
    It has been several years since I had read a Vince Flynn novel. I thought that he was a great writer before and this book did nothing to change that.

    This is a treat most of the way through. The action is continuous. The superhero CIA agent Mitch Rapp is as good as ever. This particular tale is set around the bombing of the motorcade of a U.S. presidential candidate and its aftermath. There are many twists and turns.

    The only down side to this is that the ending is a bit anticlimactic. It is still very good. I just would have preferred a bit more of an explosive ending. In spite of that, it is a great story and is hard to put down. I recommend it....more info
  • painful
    Say what you will about "24", but it's unpredictable and riveting. After the first segment, "Act of Treason" is laughably predictable and completely devoid of even a drop of adrenaline. It's just heavy-handed right-wing drivel, using the most ham-handed and contrived scenarios and characters imaginable to make its grotesquely oversimplified, ends-justify-the-means, good versus evil arguments.

    From the technology to the plausibility to the characterizations, Vince Flynn writes with the depth of silly 8 year old....more info
  • Superb Intricate Personal Details
    Act of Treason is the second to show a growth in Flynn's ability to allow readers an opportunity to connect with the personal details or Rapp's life. Until now Rapp's life has been an undertone of the main plot. I return again and again to be teased by the next well woven plot but also to see how Rapp's personal life is progressing.

    In Consent to Kill the insane personal torture Rapp experiences, brings readers to a burning anger that drives a good retribution plot to the desire for more. Now Act of Treason allows us to see a different personal glimpse of not just Rapp, but others too. It felt as if the anger that was birthed in Consent to Kill, was stoked a bit more - along with the pleasure of Flynn's resolution.

    If I had any disappointment at all, it was that the conflict resolution seemed a little simplistic. It does, however, represent the same justice distributed in Flynn's earlier novels. I would have loved to see that part more developed, and think Flynn would have done great work had he chosen to do that.

    I hope Flynn continues this kind of superb growth in style. It's definitely a change from his earlier great work, but bears the finesse that only experience and personal pilgrimage bring to a master craftsman's work. I can hardly wait for his next novel - to read the delicate details of one more subtle victory over smirking politicians strutting as if they can't be stopped. I think everyone who likes Flynn's work will leave Act of Treason, still thinking about it until the next novel appears.
    ...more info
  • I'd give it a "24".
    If you like the TV series "24", you will like this book and any of the Mitch Rapp series....more info
  • Act of Treason
    This is the first time I have read Vince Flynn books. I enjoyed it very much. He write a good story and manages to be humorus at the same time. I am looking forward to reading more of his books....more info
  • Great continuation of Mitch Rapp saga
    Vince Flynn in "Act of Treason" gives us an exciting, non-stop thriller involving perennial hero Mitch Rapp. The plot has already been spelled out on the back cover (too much) and in other reviews/descriptions so I will not bore you with more of those details.

    However, the book gives the reader more than just one suspenseful event after an other; it provides a glimpse into Mitch's tortured (no pun intended) mind. We get to see more of his ingenious ways of interrogation (physical and mental) as he uncovers the various elements involved in the assassination plot. If all of the recent talks of water boarding made you ask even more questions-this is the book for you.

    Many characters from previous Flynn novels about Mitch Rapp are included here. So the personnel will be familiar to those who have read other works.

    Overall, other than some minor flaws it is a great read and another fine Flynn masterpiece of thrilling characters and events that take us to a new level of suspense.

    Sam Hendricks, author of "Fantasy Football Guidebook: Your Comprehensive Guide to Playing Fantasy Football"
    ...more info
  • An awesome read per usual Vince!!
    I have now read 4 Flynn books. They are all fantastic IMO. The get you and hold you throughout. Easy to read and understand. A plus for me. I can highly recommend Vince Flynn books. Mr. Flynn writes about what you WISH would happen in the US government and black ops situations. You will not be sorry when you pick this one up! ...more info
  • Latest Flynn Offering Fails to Meet the Standard Set by Previous Novels
    For white-knuckle political suspense, there is none better than Vince Flynn. Flynn's protagonist, Mitch Rapp, is the ultimate hero, a fearless, ultra-masculine CIA operative with a hidden sensitive side. His basic sense of patriotic morality, coupled with an uncompromising commitment to defending American ideals, is a refreshing constant in an age of anti-American relativism.

    The book opens with a bang, as an assassin blows up the limousine in which the wife of a presidential candidate is riding, killing her and her Secret Service escort. The candidate is swept into office on a sympathy vote, but the nation wants to know who perpetrated this vicious act, and Mitch Rapp, still emotionally raw from the murder of his own wife, is tasked with finding out who is responsible.

    As Rapp follows leads and vigorously "questions" suspects, it soon becomes clear that the guilty parties lie much closer to home than anyone suspects. And with only days left before the new president-elect takes office, Mitch Rapp and CIA Director Irene Kennedy are faced with the most important decision of their careers: should they keep silent for the good of the country and face termination under the new administration, or should they go public with what they have uncovered and perhaps upset the political balance in the United States government for years to come?

    The book's premise is believable and realistic, but sadly Act of Treason does not live up to the high expectations Flynn set with his previous novels. The main problem is the concept. Whereas Executive Power, Memorial Day, and Consent to Kill dealt with large-scale, almost alarmingly current and relevant issues (primarily terrorism and ongoing political/religious strife in the Middle East), this latest offering limits its scope to a domestic political situation, rendering it comparatively unexciting. Throughout the book, I couldn't help wondering when the opening conflict would be resolved so that the real action could get underway. It wasn't until three-quarters of the way through the book that I realized the primary conflict was going to be the only conflict.

    Still, Flynn's writing is as fast-paced and dramatic as ever, and though the characterizations are perhaps less thoughtful than his aforementioned previous novels, the suspense and pacing are no less satisfying. Depictions of the politics surrounding the government's love-hate relationship with the CIA and the complexities inherent in the process of a change of power in the White House are satisfying. Readers who have enjoyed previous Mitch Rapp stories will find plenty to like about Act of Treason. What's missing seems to be the sense of urgency and immediacy that Flynn has built his reputation on.

    In today's world of real-life international suspense and intrigue, it seems reasonable to expect that a fictional reflection of that reality should provide an equally complex foundation. This book settles for relative simplicity, and the story, while enjoyable, suffers as a result....more info
  • Exciting book
    This is only my second book by Vince Flynn that I have read. The first book was just by accident. I was so bored in the dessert and I wanted to read a book and came across on Consent to Kill. I love the story so much that when I read an excerpt on this latest one, I could not wait to get a hold of it and start reading. If you love mystery novels, this is the one for you. You won't be sorry you spent your time and money for this becasue it is all worth it....more info