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  • Bleak, unsparing, jarring, and brilliant...
    When I first saw this film, I have to admit I thought it was good, but not great. Further viewings (including a recent one) have made me changed my mind and hang my head in shame. This is one of the greatest Westerns ever made, and one of Eastwood's crowning achievements as a filmmaker and as an actor.

    The film is uncommonly dark, even for an Eastwood film. It starts off with a brutal rape scene, and ends with a shootout. The cinematography is masterful, arguably the best in any Eastwood film. Eastwood's character, Billy, is really trying to go straight after spending a lifetime of killing, whoring, and maiming. His wife is dead, his farm is failing, and he's worried about his children. He gets a chance to get some money, but he has to find and kill the people who raped and beat up(and got away with it) a prostitute at the beginning of the film. Over the course of the film, Eastwood's quest becomes more brutal and darker, concluding in what has to be the best, most brooding scene in all of Eastwood's work. The final scene takes place in the bar/brothel where the rape/assault took place. The scene starts in a wide shot, then you see Eastwood's rifle make an entrance, but it's only his rifle. It's a brilliant entrance, one of the greatest in Western movie history, and the concluding shootout is as menancing and as cruel as the West could be.

    This film won Eastwood his first Oscar, and it's a film that deserved all its accolades. Most Best Picture Oscar winners are rather safe and tame films, but this is one of the exceptions where an uncommonly dark film swept the awards. It also rejuvinated Eastwood's career a bit. He had just directed and starred in The Rookie, a film that is considered his worst film by mostly everyone, including fans (for the record, it's not that bad of a film. Pink Cadillac is Clint's worst movie). The Rookie was a box office and critical bomb. So when this film appeared, it really brought Eastwood back, and he's been there ever since. Unforgiven is considered one of the greatest Westerns ever made, and deservedly so.

    For the record, buy the 2 disc special edition DVD, not the single disc edition. The single disc edition (which is thankfully out of print) is a very poor edition, with an unremarkable, grainy transfer, no special features, and a bizarre scene selection menu that is impossible to navigate. The 2 disc edition has an excellent transfer of the film, several excellent documentaries, including one where we see Clint making his vastly underrated 1997 film Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and an episode of Maverick with Clint in a supporting role. ...more info
  • The reality of the gunfighter
    To clarify, I do not own this particular DVD. This review concerns the movie itself. Plot elements are vaguely revealed in this review, so don't read it if you haven't seen the movie yet. There is a warning in the review before any potential spoilers are revealed.

    People have called this film many things, dull, plodding, what have you, but they do not understand the point of it. This film was never meant to be an action packed romp through a fictional western ideal.

    This film deals with real men, imagined, perhaps, but real in their plight and manner. Death is heavy subject matter, and this is perhaps one of the few movies that gets the point across. There are no heroes in Unforgiven. It is not a director's self indulgent pat on the back, either. This film is as good as anyone ever said it was, and is by far, the most relevant story of violence told on the silver screen. It is at times vulgar, distasteful, and flat out cold, but such was the life of this kind of man. This was the reality of the myth, and no punches are held in laying that fact out for the viewer to observe.

    After this point, I discuss plot.

    There is an evolution throughout the film, where the viewer tags alongside the main character. At first, he is innocuous, and one is lead to believe that perhaps the days are truly over, or maybe this man isn't so bad, after all. Throughout the film, the journey follows him, and his fellow riders, as he is laid low by the plot, forcing the viewer to identify with him slowly. You get to know his character as a man, as varied myths of the west are smashed to pieces in action and conversation around him. Throughout it all, there is talk by many characters of just what a real killer truly is.

    This man begins to grow on you, as others talk of killing, and even accomplish it, to their own ability. Mention is made of his devotion to his wife, and the viewer is left to identify further with him, and begin to really like him, before the bottom falls out, and the man reveals the true colors of such a legend, and the monster is revealed.

    The gunfight is sudden, and the killings are meant to shock. Things are presented things actually are in such a situation. The viewer watches as violence fuels this character to a bitter end for others, you can feel the adrenaline flowing in his veins as he steels himself after the fight, murdering the survivors and promising death to everyone who would oppose him, right on down the family line, starting with women and children.

    He knows the use of fear and blood, and you can see him slump away on his horse as the moment leaves him, riding not into a sunset, but into a dark, wet, cloudy night, rain dripping off of his hat, hoping to leave town before his spell wears off of them.

    This is a film about death, and the reality of death. It does not color over the harsh reality of the men we like to idolize. 5 men killed at the end of this film feels like 500, it weighs on you, if you let yourself be absorbed by it. This film does not idolize a gunfighter, it obsesses, it twists and writhes with the reality of the coldness and hate that is required of a killer, and the detached irrelevance of life after the act.

    If you only see one western film in your life, make it this one....more info
  • Best Western of the last few decades
    This is a magnificent film. Clint's best wild west flick since his work with Leone. It's such a different sort of film though. It is much more moral, in the same vein as High Noon. Gene Hackman's performance is also phenomenal and really makes the film, especially in the final confrontation. I'm kinda a sucker for special editions, but this special edition is certainly worth it. The 2nd disc is loaded with interesting featurettes which is just what I expect and want from special editions. I hate it when I get nothing but typed up bios of cast. This one has got the bios too, for completeness's sake I'm sure. :)...more info
  • Unforgiven
    The movie is probably great. I'll never know through any use of the DVD I received. The "details" in the order indicated this was an "All Region" DVD. It was not & therefore, will not play in my DVD player, Blu Ray player or even my PC. It might make a nice coaster except for the hole in the middle. I also ordered "the Wild Bunch" in the same format. It will not play in any of my machines either.
    What's even more frustrating is that the cases are marked "Not Authorized for Sale or Rental outside the USA and Canada". Somewhere outside of these two countries is the only place these might function. ...more info
  • Husband's 2nd favorite
    Because my husband likes this movie so much, purchased for a friend who also likes it. Don't make movies like this too much - too bad. ...more info
  • Border Wars come to Wyoming
    "Unforgiven" is a deconstruction of the classical Western. There are no 'good guys', only different degrees of wrong. The killings aren't idealized. They are the filthy business that murder always is. Eastwood's character, Muny, is a man with a troubled past. He was a border raider in Kansas and Missouri during the Civil War although we never learn which side he was on. All we know is that he was brutalized and committed atrocities. His wife, however, tried to set him straight and he makes his life as a poor and simple farmer.

    Temptation comes to him in the form of bounty money offerred for the killing of men who cut and scarred a prostitue in Little Whiskey, Wyoming. The prostitutes couldn't get the law to arrest the culprits so they have raised money and, in so doing, they have taken the law into their own hands. Muny, at the urging of a very young, very inexperienced wannabe gunfighter, complies. The result is a series of brutal killings with one culprit shot to death while sitting in an outhouse.

    The local sheriff, Little Bill, is, himself, a sadistic man and exacts retribution on Muny's little gang. Muny, all veneer of civilization now completely stripped away, exacts bloody vengeance. It's all so very satisfying which, I'm afraid, speaks volumes about our basic human nature.

    This is, in my opinion, an excellent film. Clintwood, as director, shows that his attitudes about who we are may very well parallel those of Sam Peckinpah, as in 'Pat Garret and Billy the Kid' and 'The Wild Bunch.'

    Ron Braithwaite author of novels--"Skull Rack" and "Hummingbird God"--on the Spanish Conquest of Mexico...more info
  • Unforgiven
    It had been ages since I'd watched this. I saw it in a theater in the U.S. when it was new. And I was carrying many memories which were quite vague beyond the words, "This is great." Remembering more detail than that was kinda like Clint's character, William Munny, trying to remember everybody he killed. It's been a long time, a lot of miles, and a whole lot of drinkin'.

    So, what are my thoughts on UNFORGIVEN this week, all these years later, watching the DVD at my home in China?

    First scene, a bad guy slices a whore's face. I was appalled. I thought that perhaps it was a good movie but maybe that scene was gratuitous. Or maybe they just wanted to show us, "That guy needed killin," which is still a valid defense in the South. So, I decided to let it play.

    A bit later, Gene Hackman's kicking the mess out of Richard Harris. I was appalled again. And this film never got any kinder or gentler. But isn't Gene Hackman wonderful? What a performance. Has he ever made a bad movie? None I've seen.

    Finally, I remembered. This appalling, ugly violence was deliberate. When I first saw this movie, I'd been ingesting a steady diet of Hollywood, and I got the message even back then. I've been away from that diet a long time, and the message was even more obvious.

    (Too obvious? Not for the crowd that admires Dirty Harry.)

    Violent deeds carry heavy consequences. Gawd, that looks so flat as I type it. So trite. But heck, maybe you've seen some real world violence yourself. And then you see the Hollywood version. So different. This film did try to show us just how divergent the two are.

    A soldier in Iraq claimed that whenever you kill somebody, you kill a piece of yourself. True, and yet a slight bit simplistic at the same time. To explain why I write that would be to sermonize ad nauseum, which is something the film never does. It is what it is, folks. Watch it.

    The DVD also contains some very cool stuff about how it was made.
    ...more info
  • There is nothing to forgive; everything is pitch-perfect...
    It's really no wonder it's taken me this long to finally see `Unforgiven'. I've stated before that westerns were never really my thing, and it's not like Eastwood has a huge draw on me either. He's serviceable at best in my opinion, only on rare occasions having his overly gruff mannerisms pay off with brilliance. After the amazing year westerns in general had last year (`3:10 to Yuma', `No Country for Old Men' and `...Jesse James...' all making my top ten of the year) I figured that maybe I should research this Oscar winning classic to see if the films iconic status was justified.

    Watching `Unforgiven' has really made me realize that you should never judge a film before you see it, because you never truly know what's in store for you.

    `Unforgiven' opens with a sharp pain of brutality as two men victimize a woman. When the sheriff doesn't do anything more than slap the men's wrists the women of the community put out a reward for the men's head. William Munny, a former murderer turned caring father and widower, hears of the reward and, hesitantly, decides to pursue it in order to better take care of his two children. Along with his former sidekick Ned Logan and an overly confident young gunslinger going by the name of The Schofield Kid, Munny makes his way into town with his horse and his gun and the smell of blood.

    Eastwood really went all out with this production. The overall feel of the film is very gritty and dark and adds weight to the moral that is brought to the full as the curtains close so-to-speak. The film is violent, but in a repressed sort of way, allowing the majority of the film to ride on the anticipation of bloodshed and only truly rearing its head in short explosions of brutality. This allows `Unforgiven' to become more than just an action film or a bloodbath but creates a film that is as deep and poignant as it is entertaining.

    The acting is also golden here. Morgan Freeman seems to just coast through his scenes, but his companionship with Eastwood is unmatchable. He just has such a natural talent that even when he isn't doing anything exceptional he is still amazing. Clint has never really sold it for me. I was impressed with him in `Million Dollar Baby' because I felt as though he made his harshness work to his advantage. He does that here as well. Next to `Million Dollar Baby' this has got to be his finest performance. Gene Hackman steals the whole show though as Bill Daggett, the ruthless sheriff. His savagery is embellished by his sick sense of justification and that makes Hackman's character development nothing short of extraordinary.

    In the end I'm pleased to say that `Unforgiven' stands up as worthy of the praise and attention it has received. I can't say if it was the best film of the year (92 was such a fantastic year for film) but it most definitely ranks in my top ten and surely will stand the tests of time as one of the most effective westerns of all time, defining everything that makes the genre what it is. I may not be an avid supporter of the genre as a whole, but when a western is done right it can be nothing short of amazing. `Unforgiven' is done very, very right....more info
  • Review from a first-time viewer...
    Before I begin, I would like to give a disclaimer. Although I liked this film, I have only viewed it once and I am also I young man who has not seen many westerns. Therefore, it has not yet grown on me (as many previous reviewers have stated that it does) and also I have very little to compare this film to. With that said, on to the review...

    My first impression of this film was that it was very well done. The plot of the film is thick and dark and has many parts, the main segment being the story of Will Munny (Clint Eastwood) and his companion Ned Logan (Morgan Freeman). Munny is a retired assassin in from Kansas who has decided to live a life of rationality in tribute to his wife, raising two children and working (and failing) as a pig farmer. One day Munny is confronted by a young assassin-in-training known only as "The Schofield Kid" about going to Wyoming to kill two cowboys who slashed a prostitute (there is a $1,000 reward put up by the prostitutes). The film, in an extremely summarized version of the extremely dense storyline, is the story of Will Munny struggling to come to grips with his haunted past.

    Although I enjoyed the suspense of the film very much, there were two aspects of the film that I didnt particularly enjoy. The first was the constant use of shadowed lighting which spread shadows across the face of nearly every character in the movie and which made the film extraordinarily difficult to concentrate on. While I understand this technique is used in emphasis of the darkness of the film, I still don't think it added anything to the emotions running within the movie. The second was the use of Richard Harris' character, "English Bob". I didn't understand how his portion of the storyline was relevant to the rest of the movie other than to allow for an excellent soliloquoy by Gene Hackman inside the town jail. There were many more portions of the film that I did appreciate very much, especially the youthful enthusiasm of the Schofield Kid, who beautifully contrasts Will's bleak denial of his true identity with yearning for adventure.

    I will probably watch this film again at some point, but even after one view, I strongly reccommend it for its dark and brutal storyline and excellent acting performances. Watch it several times if you get the chance, and let the film mystique grow on you....more info
  • Stole my money
    The only thing you will be wishing upon when you are done is where is my money and I wish I did something better on a friday night...more info
  • Clint's a winner!!
    I've have had this film in standard DVD, and now have the HD-DVD version of it, and it's even better. I totally agree with the rave reviews of this film and it marked Eastwood as an important director to watch (witness his 2 great war films, and another Oscar winner-"Million Dollar Baby"). If you have either of the Hi-Def formats, I would seriously recommend you purchase this classic asap. By the way, when I first saw this classic in a suburban theatre, many people in the theatre clapped after it was over which goes to show you how strong a reaction this film has made on the general public!! There are no winners when it comes to the violence within mankind!!...more info
  • Unforgivin' is what you'll be
    Unforgivin' is what you'll be if you don't see this Clint Eastwood movie. I think it's one of the best western movies ever made. Clint Eastwood is excellent but Gene Hackman should have won an award for his role as "Little Bill." You won't be disappointed....more info
  • OVERrated, but still good
    It's all these guys in their later years so kind of goofy to see them as trying to be studs. Hackman is the best thing in the movie. BR continues to miss on the extras. ...more info
  • yummy junk food - enjoy!
    As far as grandiose Westerns go, this is about my favorite - along with McCabe and Mrs. Miller. It's a story of two old retired gunfighters, long reformed in their ways, stepping back into the ring for one last hurrah of badness - assassination for hire. The movie builds tension wonderfully, creates a magical vibe of reality (minus the rather cheesy acting of the young guy who plays the "Scofield Kid"), is full of flesh-and-blood, fallible characters with whom you can empathize and whom you can hate - or be sickened by, or root for... And best of all this movie has QUITE the payoff. It WORKS. Mostly Hollywood stinks. Not here. And frankly, Clint Eastwood rocks. He plays his part to the T.

    Okay, two more little criticisms:

    1) The scene where Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood discuss sex and masturbation came out of left field and deflated the reality of the moment. So cheesy. Morgan to Clint, set in 1880: "Do you use your hand?" WHATEVER!

    2) The violence at points went a bit far for me. Yes, it added to the drama and reality of the movie, but how many times does a guy need to get kicked in the bloody face?...more info
  • Great Western and Eastwood's Best.
    "Unforgiven" has to be rated as the top Western's of the 20th Century. It is well made and has great actors. Hackman's role in "Unforgiven" is so well played he deserved all the awards of that year. Eastwood and Freeman are well suited to make more movies in the near future. All in all "Unforgiven" has to be in your collection of movies even though you may not like Western's. Highly recommended, Buy-It Now!!! Ed...more info
  • Unforgiven DVD purchase
    Received in a very timely manner and in great condition. I would definitely order from this vendor again!...more info
  • What true gem...a pleasure to watch.
    This movie is my favorite of Clint Eastwood's films. It is certainly one of the best westerns ever filmed as well. As others have already written, it is dark, rich in both visuals and in characters. Eastwood's character is really a anti-hero lost in who he is and seems to be looking for a bit of redemption.

    Totally worth every penny. I was fortunate enough to have been working at a theater when this movie was released and for the many nights, weeks, and months that it was shown, I watched every minute of it I could. As nice as it is to watch a movie in the luxury of one's own home, nothing can compare to a movie like this on the big screen. I sorely miss those days....more info
  • Excellent

    **** Out of 5

    Release Date- August 7th, 1992

    Running Time- 131-Minutes

    Rating- R

    Screenplay- David Webb Peoples

    Director- Clint Eastwood

    Starring- Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Richard Harris, Frances Fisher, Jaimz Woolvett, Saul Rubinek, Anna Levine and Gene Hackman as Little Bill Daggett

    Unforgiven was Clint Eastwood's big return to the Western genre and is by considered by many as one of the all time greats of the genre and won four Academy Awards, which included best editing for Joel Cox, Gene Hackman for best supporting actor, best director for Eastwood and best picture and while Unforgiven is deserving of it's praise the movie isn't without it's flaws and quite honestly as much as I liked the movie it wouldn't make my top 5 Eastwood movies.

    The screenplay by David Webb Peoples is quite solid with some really great characters. Unforgiven does feature plenty of action, but the movie is driven more by the characters rather than the action. The characters are all mostly well written for, but some aren't as interesting as others. None of the characters are boring or anything, but some work better than others. The script is well thought out and works on pretty much every level

    Clint Eastwood won his first Oscar for Unforgiven and he delivers a very well made movie. As I stated even with the action, Unforgiven is much more driven by the characters and Eastwood does a great job at brining the script to life. His scenes are generally well paced and he delivers some great action, suspense and real life human emotions. The only problem I really had was the running time. I personally felt the 134-minute running time was a little overly long. While none of the scenes are filler scenes and they all add to the plot and to the characters I did feel a few minutes here and there could have been edited out and it wouldn't hurt the movie at all.

    But regardless Eastwood delivers an excellent movie and the final act was nothing short of brilliant. The suspense level is excellent and while the shoot outs don't drag out, but they aren't too brief either and while the whole movie was well done I think the final act is where Eastwood really shines as director.

    Besides directing and producing Clint Eastwood stars as William Munny and this might be the best character Eastwood has ever played or at least the most complex. The thing about Eastwood is he is a great actor in the sense that he's best known for that tough guy role and even in his lighter movies he still has that tough guy persona and you'll be hard pressed to find someone better at that role than Eastwood, but he doesn't have a lot of range as an actor. That isn't a knock against him since he's great at what he does, but in Unforgiven, Clint Eastwood shows more range than anything before or after this movie.

    William Munny was a cold blooded killer who once married changed his ways and is seeking a sort of redemption. He knows what he's done in the past and he knows it was wrong, but what's done is done and in many ways William Munny is a broken man since the death of his wife. William Munny may not be as cool and entertaining as say Dirty Harry, but like I said he is the most complex of all Eastwood's characters. There was a lot of depth to William Munny and Eastwood really delivers a performance of a lifetime. We've seen characters like this before, but Eastwood as director and actor manages to make it seem fresh and different. Clint was nominated for best actor, but lost out to Al Pacino for Scent of a Woman, but I personally feel of all the nominated actors that year Eastwood was by far the best with a very complex character.

    The supporting cast is excellent with Morgan Freeman as Ned Logan, who like Munny has done bad things in the past and is trying to put it behind him. Gene Hackman like always is great and was very deserving of his Oscar win, but I don't understand how Freeman wasn't nominated. Jaimz Woolvett as The Schofield Kid nearly steals the show as a wannabe gunslinger.

    Like I said Unforgiven is a great picture and it's one of those movies as I think back to I like it even more, but still wouldn't place it in my top 5 Eastwood flicks. Unforgiven though is a really complex movie with excellent characters and like I said Eastwood is great at what he does, but doesn't have a lot of range, but here he shows all that range and more. William Munny is truly a great character and despite any problems I had with Unforgiven it comes highly recommended to Eastwood and Western fans.

    The Blu-ray has excellent quality and makes the movie look like it was done recently and not in 1992. The extra features are great with some good behind the scenes, plus the documentary Eastwood on Eastwood, which is a must see for fans of the Iconic actor....more info
  • Prefection destroys the mould
    The last western that can ever come to life on the silver screen. After it there will only be placebo westerns. The ultimate episode of the western wilderness just before it turned so sour that your blood would curdle in your veins and your brain would either calcify into a heartless stone or liquify into a tasteless brew. The solitary cowboy is the real judge and executioner, in one word that last fatal justice maker that represents the final fate of all crooked minds that meet with their destiny in front of the barrels of his guns just before he shoots them dead with no remission, no suspension, no parole, ever and never. Fatal lethal fateful fate of a big bang death of a few trashy men who thought their violence was god's law to all others. And God came down from his heaven in the shape of Clint Eastwood and he struck them dead with the flashes of lightning of his anger. Just before these hooligans learned that women had to be respected, that plain justice, fairness and humanity require strength, righteousness and forwardness. With only one star in sight guiding their steps, the star that leads to Bethlehem and the birth of a really humane world founded on the salvation of the innocent and the damnation of the guilty, and not the reverse. Probably the acme of western films, the final touch to be able to close a long line of inspiration that has to come to its end since the audience has now lost their innocence. When justified violence is the angry redeeming tool of gratuitous and pleasurable cruelty. But that's also the end of a myth, the myth that there is a salvation of the innocent and the weak in this savage world that could not even think of existing if it were not brutal.

    Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris I Panth¨¦on Sorbonne, University Paris Dauphine, Universit¨¦ Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines
    ...more info
    "Unforgiven" is one of the many entries into THE American film genre. According to Clint Eastwood, the film's star and director, it "summarizes everything I feel about the western." And it is a fine western film, filled with fascinating characters, exciting gunfights, and beautiful choreography. The story itself is fascinating, though it is a bit slow and uneven in some places.
    Clint Eastwood gives what is arguably his best performance as Bill Munny, a former gunslinger and cold-blooded killer, who's changed his ways, but agrees to collect one more bounty in order to support his two children. We see how violence can corrupt a human being, and how past demons can truly eat at him, and Eastwood plays this perfectly. Morgan Freeman, one of my all-time favorites, gives another terrific performance as Ned Logan, Munny's old partner. Gene Hackman is brutal, but also scarily likable, as the villainous Little Bill Daggett, the corrupt sheriff of the town. It isn't hard to see why he won an Oscar for his performance. The rest of the cast turn in solid performances as well, and help to keep the story both interesting and involving.
    Overall, "Unforgiven" is a fine, if slow and uneven, entry into the genre with great performances and well-done gunfights. Fans of western and drama alike will find much to enjoy in this modern-day western.
    Movie/DVD Grade: B+...more info
  • to avoid imperatively
    I don't share the same enthusiasm as other reviewers...
    This is an absolutly boring movie and be warned nearly 60% of the movie is shooting in night time.So you are in the black .A lot of fun garanteed...!!!!
    Zero action and zero everything.
    The HD DVD transfer is surely not what you expect from High definition....more info
  • Great Film
    I bought the 2 disc version with alll the extra's on disc two. I haven't watch disc two yet. The movie disc played fine. sound and picture quality was good.

    I fell off the couch with laughter when Morgan Freeman asks Clint if he's gone to town for a woman after his wife died. Clint said he promised his wife he wouldn't pay for sex. Morgan Freeman then asks Clint, "Do you use your hand"?.............LOL.....Clint jsut glares at him....more info
  • The Best Western Since The Wild Bunch
    A great movie does not follow a formula but crafts a story that tells you something. Eastwood has done something magnificent here and in the process he's explained what's going on in many inferior Westerns. There are violent people in the world that handle situations differently than most, but this film is more about clarity of conviction than violence... if you are going to do something, you might as well commit yourself to it.

    Unforgiven is a great movie and a compelling story. Peckinpah was one of the first to successfully film violent men. Cormac McCarthy and Hemingway successfully wrote about them. Pick up McCarthy's "No Country For Old Men" to see his take. ...more info
  • Excellent service , hasta Mexico
    I always fan from Clin Eastwood Movies and here in Monterrey, Mexico is hard to find special editions , only under order and is always is the double priced. But this is my first buy from amazon and recomended a lot, the time arrival estimated was by 1 month , and i receive my DVD in only 4 days , amazing ,specially from this seller, SO have the security of you receive your product any place in Mexico or Latin America.
    Gracias....more info
  • Unforgiven Gives
    This is one of my all-time favorite movies, and to experience the clarity of the movie on Blu-ray was thrilling. Good stuff!...more info
  • One of the best westerns ever made
    In the interest of brevity, I will say only: UNFORGIVEN is one of the best western films ever made and certainly the best film Clint Eastwood has ever made; everybody in it is good -- except Gene Hackman, who is great; don't miss it....more info
  • *****
    My favorite movie of all time. My dad shared this one with me, one of the closer moments in our relationship was watching this together. Incredible pic....more info
  • the epitome of realistic westerns
    outlaw turned bounty hunter... some old tag line... but this movie stands out because of it's dark atmosphere, great acting, and realistic action sequences.

    When I want to sit and watch a serious, adult western... this is it.

    It makes you think about all the aspects of life, and all the different times of your own life, like how cocky you were when you were young, how many bad things you might have gotten away with, how powerful you can still be if you had to, and what lies ahead in the future and how you can control your own destiny. ...more info
  • In my Top Ten List
    Unforgiven is not just a Western movie. It is a statement. It is in my top ten list of all time great movies. This is Clint Eastwood at his best. The movie is an allegory, metaphor and masterpiece. The characterization of human failing, guilt, determination, cruelty,love, hate,and indifference in one movie is beyond measure. The blu-ray version captures the beauty of the country with magical sunsets amidst a story of revenge and ultimately a quest for forgiveness....more info