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You know that old dramatic principle of suspension of disbelief? You'll have to rely on it for this box-office smash, but you won't be disappointed. Harrison Ford plays a U.S. president who single-handedly employs his rigid antiterrorism policy when a band of Russian thugs hatch a mid-flight takeover of Air Force One. Gary Oldman, who chews the scenery as the lead terrorist, will shoot a hostage at the slightest provocation. Glenn Close plays the sternly pragmatic vice president who negotiates with Oldman from her Washington seat of power. If you can believe that the aircraft's pressurized cabin can sustain hundreds of rounds of machine-gun fire, you'll buy anything in this entertaining potboiler, especially thanks to Ford's stalwart heroics and some nifty special effects. Director Wolfgang Petersen (Das Boot) keeps the action moving so fast you won't be sweating the details. Don't forget your parachute! --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Too much like Bush. Not enough like Clinton.
    Nowadays, Hollywood just wouldn't have the balls to make a film that spits in the face of terrorism, unless it was an easy target that doesn't spit back (aka, America and it's 1st Amendment). This film harkens back to the day when people wished our country's foreign policy was a bit more leathery. Well...ya got it now! At the very least, a film like this would piss off the surrender-monkeys in the jackass party, not only for what they would see as a glorification of nationalistic jingoism, but for the villification and slaughter of Stalinistic, Castro-like communists that they would only want to capitulate and make peace with. Makes one wonder if the lefty Glenn Close now hates herself for acting in such a film. What would they say to a film like this? Unfortunately, there's plenty of room for criticism in this movie, aside from the political implications therein. Some (arguably, if not all) of the special effects seemed a bit hokey (hence the 4 stars instead of the five). I think if anyone wanted to be bipartisan about anything, it would have to be the 90's style CGI, especially the plane crash. At best, one might go so far as to say it was "cute." And what can a guy like me say to that? Even as I write this review, scarcely 2 days have past from the red letter day in the struggle against terrorism, in which the ruthless terrorist leader of al Qaida in Iraq, al-Zarqawi, caught himself a couple of 500 lb. bombs with the use of his house. For those who want to keep westerners depressed and demoralized (not a far stretch from "fear-mongering," right?) in the fight against terrorism, this deals a disappointing blow to those who hate America. What's worse, they can't seem to ban a film exalting American nationalism such as "Air Force One" from those who wish to see it (oh no!). And just 2 years ago the same whiners were bitching about "The Passion." Sucks to have the 1st amendment apply to every American and not just the idealistic "intellectual" few, doesn't it?...more info
  • Sooo Unrealisticccc!!!!
    What kind of plot is this? They land the plane and then take back off when they're not even on the runway. I'm sorry this is just a little too impossible for me. Six Russian terrorists just happen to get on Air Force One unnoticed, please. One of the president's, most trusted and highly scrutinized, secret service detail is a traitor.

    There's nothing wrong with a fictional account, but at least make it one we can half-heartedly believe.

    What were you thinking Harrison? This was a "B" movie plot at best!...more info

  • Air Force One
    Air Force One
    I ordered this for my grandson as I could not locate it anywhere in the stores. I was so pleased to find it on Amazon, and at a reasonable price. This was the gift my grandson really wanted and it was easy to make him happy by ordering through here. ...more info
  • Air force One
    Harrison Ford and Wendy Crewson are believable in this action/human story of what happens when the presidents plane is hijacked. The real story however is about how hard it is to hold to ones principles when doing so means the death of a loved one. It is a quality, action movie....more info
  • Just saw it again. HAD TO REVIEW IT!
    ``Air Force One'' is a thriller that taps into our secretly cherished associations with the presidency. It gives us the president of our dreams, a president of mythic virtues, and then shows him desperately at risk.
    The catch is that the audience must believe that it's watching the president of the United States. Buy it, and ``Air Force One,'' now out on video, is halfway home. Don't buy it, and the film becomes a preposterous thriller.

    Fortunately, the film finds in Harrison Ford the one actor who can fully inhabit two kinds of grandeur -- action-movie bigness and the aura of the presidency. He has the ego and the intelligence for the job. He has the Gary Hart hair. He also has a quality that Americans perhaps are nostalgic for -- sincerity.

    As President James Marshall, Ford is beyond sincere. He is an impassioned visionary. We meet him for the first time at a Kremlin banquet in his honor, giving a speech in which he's about to implode with rage and moral fervor. ``It's your turn to be afraid!'' he warns terrorists. By the time Gary Oldman, as an obsessed Kazak super-nationalist, and his band of Communist mal contents hijack the president's Boeing 747, the act seems like a chilling violation.

    There's a violence to ``Air Force One'' that's simply not present in the more cartoonish action films. Bullets rip nasty holes into doors, and the sound of gunshots in the confined space of the presidential plane is a jolt. Oldman's enjoyment in murdering defenseless people makes the violence more personal and frightening. Director Wolfgang Petersen's action fantasy escalates into midair dogfights and elaborate stunts that have people dangling from the Air Force One parachute ramp and later trying to transfer via a cable to a rescue aircraft. There is a tone of confident military heroics and almost a reverence for the presidency that seem a throwback to World War II propaganda movies. ``Air Force One'' might not be the role of Ford's career, but it might be the ultimate role of his maturity.
    ...more info
  • Great Cast -- Stupid Movie
    If it weren't for Ford and Olman doing their best to keep this turkey of a film together, it wouldn't be worth sitting through more than five minutes of it....more info
  • I liked it!!!!!
    I first saw this film on ABC, and I enjoyed it,my little sisters didnt like it very much, but I did,Great Peformance by Harrison Ford.Filled with stunts and action expacially on a plane....more info
  • Awesome and TIMELY! (RELEVANT)
    People don't often celebrate this movie for its timeliness and relevance but as world events unfold, it is steadily becoming more and more relevant in my humble opinion. This particular version doesn't necessarily add anything to the enjoyment of the movie. But to be honest it's hard to add to sheer perfection. This movie is well-plotted and very believable, even in the moments when you find yourself going "NO WAY!"

    Some have written it off as saying it depicts the "cowboy mentality" as if that's a bad thing. Some say that it's a training manual for terrorists that might wish to harm our own leadership.

    Personally I think it's merely a good action movie with a good moral to the story. Good will only triumph over Evil when Good learns to take its head out of its scared hind end and actually be willing to stand up for what's right.

    Until we are willing to have a back bone, the list of countries that are going to run right over is is ever growing. This movie cautions us not to let that happen. It's up to us to either listen or ignore this stark warning. ...more info
  • Effective Action Flick!
    Harrison Ford continues his top billing streak with this exciting film about terrorists hijacking the President's plane. He proves his star power in the title role. Gary Oldman is errie as the leader of the rag-tag group of thugs. He is one of the best villans in Hollywood today. Check it out!...more info
  • Very Scary Movie!
    In this age of terrorism, this is an intensely scary film. Imagine Al-Quada doing what these Russian terrorists do on this plane. Harrison Ford is good in these types of films and gives a very good performance. The violence was hard to watch, but it is not difficult to imagine this kind of hatred esprecially from Islamic or other militant and closed-minded terrorist groups.

    Hang on to your seats, this is a good one.
    ...more info
  • Air Force One
    Harrison Ford should have been a President... He is great in this movie and could save the world.......more info
  • Finally, released on Blu-Ray in the US!
    This is a great film, and it will be even better on Blu-Ray. I am excited that this is finally being released on Blu-Ray in the US.

    Harrison Ford turns in a great role as the President.

    The TrueHD Audio should sound awesome - especially the action scenes.
    I highly recommend....more info
  • One of the dumbest and fakest movies ever made
    This is the kind of movie that should have never gotten to a studio once the script was written. It's so fake and it would never happen.

    Harrison Ford is the president and he's kidnapped aboard his plane by a terrorist Gary Oldman. He's negotating for the release of some of his comrades to the vice president played by Glen Close. Ford won't give up without a fight and he's determined to save his family and friends without Oldmans plans being met.

    The movie is so fake it's sad. The plane would have been destroyed by pressure. It gets laced with 100's of rounds of ammo. Come on you have to make is somewhat believable. Wolfgang Peterson should be slapped upside the head for putting something like that in a movie.

    Glen Close is horrible. Her dramatics are over the top. The fact that her character negotiates for the president is stupid. We don't negotiate with terrorists and the fact that they put that in his dumb. It's so fake.

    The refueling plane blowing up is dumb. There are so many saftey devices in place that would never happen like that. You have to mkae a movie at look least real if your trying to make an action drama like this and it's not.

    Russia would never give up dangerous men either. They'd tell us they felt bad for the president being in danger and would tell us to shove are demands where the sun don't shine.

    This movie is way to fake. I couldn't enjoy it because it would never happen. I enjoy action dramas and this is one of the worst ones I've ever seen. If they had decided to make this more a drama and not so much action I might have been able to go along with it. The cast is awesome for the movie and a drama could have worked. The cast and talents are wasted. Why this made so much money I don't know. I guess people are stupid enough to follow the story. Don't waste your time or money on this one....more info
  • Mislabeled as wide screen
    This is not a review of the movie, rather Amazon's misrepresentation. The description for this movie clearly says the aspect ratio is 2.35:1 -- that is wide screen. A few lines above that is says:

    Format: Closed-captioned, Color, Dolby, Full Screen, NTSC

    So "Full Screen" is buried. I get the DVD and to my great disappointment it says "1.33:1". Yes, it actually is full screen.

    Amazon lied! I will be returning this DVD immediately.

    These descriptions should have a big red: WARNING, FULL SCREEN -- INCOMPLETE MOVIE ENCLOSED! to keep people from being tricked into purchasing full screen movies....more info
  • Great Action flick wrapped in honor
    There are some unrealistic elements to this movie, but only when you stop and think about it. It's an action movie and there will always be some stretches of reality. Harrison Ford delivers as does his supporting cast. It will pull you into the story without any real trouble, you will find yourself routing for the President and telling the evil guys "take that". In the end, you will feel good about it and you may even be inspired by it. Enjoy!...more info
  • An Action-Packed, All-American Action Thriller!
    When President James Marshall (Harrison Ford) goes off of the regular script at an international dinner and announces that the United States will not bargain with terrorists in any fashion, he has no idea that his challenge will soon be put to the test. On his way home from Russia, after his remarkable pronouncement, Air Force One is hijacked by terrorists led by Ivan Korshunov (Gary Oldman). They are determined to win the freedom of General Ivan Radek (Jurgen Prochnow), a military leader who murdered thousands of people in his bid for power. The secret service agents on the plane sacrificed themselves to get the President into the escape pod in the belly of the plane, leaving the President's closest advisors, as well as his wife and daughter, at the mercy of the terrorists...

    Vice President Kathryn Bennett (Glenn Close) immediately tries to negotiate with the terrorists to get the hostages off the plane alive while the military follows the beacon to the president's escape pod. Everything changes when the escape pod is found - empty. President James Marshall never left the plane and he is determined to make the terrorists pay. However, the terrorists quickly notice that their numbers are dwindling and assume that there is a secret service agent loose on the plane. They begin killing hostages in the hopes that they will find one that matters enough to the unknown man for him to give himself up. With the clock ticking and increasing numbers of hostages being murdered, President Marshall soon finds that he is forced into negotiating with the terrorists and arranging for the release of General Radek from prison. But that doesn't mean that he is beaten as he uses every trick in the book to get the terrorists off his plane...

    Air Force One is a great movie. It is fast paced, full of action and you almost instantly identify with the characters, especially Harrison Ford, as we have seen him play the president so many times that it is instantly believable. It is true that many of the details of the movie are obviously fantasy, such as the mythical escape pod (that doesn't exist on the real Air Force One), the ease with which the terrorists boarded the plane, and the constant firing of weapons on the plane without ever puncturing anything important, but the director is so talented and the cast so believable that you don't really think of any of this until after the movie is over. This is a big-budget blockbuster action adventure film at its very best!...more info

  • Still A Good Movie...
    This movie came out a couple years ago, but still today it's a great action movie. After watching this it makes you feel good about being an american. Anyways, Harrison Ford said he's ready for another Indiana Jones films. I'm not sure if or when that will happen. This is a great movie still. Its worth buying, no question......more info
  • All-American Badass
    After 30 years as a movie hero, America has fallen in love with Harrison Ford playing the role of the perfect hero from Han Solo to Indiana Jones to Jack Ryan and now as the President of the United States. You know that Ford is going to win and you know that there will be some truly ridiculous twists, but the bottom line is that you are watching this movie to see Ford act well and ultimately save the day. Gary Oldman is a great if not typical adversary for the infallible Ford, and Ford's triumph over the crazy Russian serves to give us a sense of national pride. This is really not that great of a movie, but Harrison Ford can elevate any action movie which he does here....more info
  • Once upon a time....
    ... USA was the only country in the world where this kind of story (although farfetched) could be happening. Especially when you remember the JFK's fighting history (maybe it's one of the reasons why he was assassinated). But now, when you see the Bush family history, the only war record of the grandfather (at the same time JFK was patrolling in the Pacific) shows his best achievement was building the family's fortune by catering for the Third Reich's financial needs. And I can imagine the present Bush pounding Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the head with a bible (to show him it's better than the coran), and telling him "Get out of my world". As well, USA lost all credibility when he got RE-elected : One mistake might be understandable, but, as the Romans said "Errare humanum est, sed perseverare diabolicum" (to err is human, but to persist is diabolical)....more info
  • Sit Back & Enjoy
    Air Force is the best film This action film, for me, should be rated as being a "Action Film". Harrison Ford once again plays the reluctant hero, and plays it very well.This is a great film if you want to sit back and be entertained without having to think too much.It will not set your world on fire but you will enjoy it,The picture quality is very good with a nice anamorphic transfer and very few marks on the print, This film may suffer from a slightly unbelievable story line but when you have Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman and Glenn Close delivering performances as strong as these, In this action packed blockbuster, Hollywood legend Harrison Ford stars as President Marshall on board the presidential plane Air Force 1. 1000's of feet in the air President Marshall is horrified when he discovers that the plane has been hijacked by communist radicals. Unless he meets the demands of Korshunov (radicals leader), everyone on board Airforce One will be executed. As well as having to save his own skin the President also faces the daunting prospect of having to rescue his wife and daughter from the jaws of death.
    In a film which sees the President's daughter held at gunpoint and his plane chased by Russian fighter jets, Air Force One takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. This thriller has more twists and turns than the River Nile and is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat right through to the closing credits.

    As well as having an excellent plot that keeps both the mind and eye stimualted, the quality of the acting and special effects used make a major contribution to the film. Any movie which features a household name such as Harrison Ford usually guarantees acting of the highest quality and Air Force One is no exception. Ford maintains his reputation as being a top class yet versatile actor in a career that has seen his roles range from playing an outer space cowboy through to an adventurer in the deepest jungle. Although not in the same league as the Indiana Jones or Starwars trilogy....more info
  • A Great Action Movie
    This is an action movie that captivated me the first time I saw it and still keeps me from changing the channel whenever I come across it. It has all of the essential elements of a great action movie; great script, good directing, above-average acting, a reasonable amount of special effects, plenty of twists, and lots of action. "Air Force One" takes but a few minutes to set the stage, introduce the main characters, and let the events begin to come together.

    Harrison Ford is the president, with a solid military past, whose plane is taken over by Russian reactionary militants. The concept that the events of this struggle would primarily take place on a jumbo jet adds to the excitement; there's no running away (although it may, at times, seem that there is). I won't go over the plot because, if you haven't seen "Air Force One" yet, you won't want to know what's next.

    I noticed that some previous reviews had a few objections about various technical and political aspects of the movie. Yes, there are plenty of bullets flying around while everyone is flying around. However, I dismissed that as an aspect of the latest in aviation technology as would exist on Air Force One. Ironically, the idea of terrorists hijacking Air Force One is more believable today than when the movie came out. My pet peeve with the movie has to do with the failure to properly explain how an inside member of the President's circle could be the one to aid and abet this takeover. In the several times I've seen the movie, this matter has never satisfactorily been explained. However, these are mere anomalies when compared to all of the thrilling, action-packed adventure that is the essence of "Air Force One". It is truly one of the great action movies of the 1990's. ...more info
  • The president fights back!
    Harrison Ford plays a US President that has traveled to Russia to make a deal with the Russians to fight terrorism, and to seal the fate of a rogue ultranationalist, former Soviet general. When terrorists supporting that general slip aboard and then take over Airforce One, the president and his family are in danger.

    The action is good, and the bravado of Ford as the US president is exciting. I have to admit, however, that the believability of the entire story is pretty sketchy. There are quite a few holes in the plot, the largest being the lack of an explanation about why a top secret service agent, the one over the President's security detail, would ever help terrorists.

    Even so, the drama and action are good.

    Those things together make for a good, but not completely outstanding show.

    4-stars...that's it...and perhaps a rather weak 4 stars at that....more info
  • Nice Action Film
    Another great performance by Harrison Ford. This is a nice action film that moves along quickly, making it wonderful entertainment!...more info
  • My Husband loves this movie!
    This is a good movie and will keep you watching all the way through. Harrison Ford is excellent in this and the supporting cast is good as well. The plot is revelent with all the current world situations. The ending makes you want to cheer!...more info
  • AWESOME movie - Suberbit why?
    I LOVE this movie - but I am not sure what difference the "Superbit" made. It "says" that it makes the showing of the movie a better experience by utilizing all the disc space but honestly I can't see any difference except for you don't have the pause when it switches layers. ...more info
  • What would they have called the sequel?
    Air Force One (1997) Harrison Ford is the President of the United States. Gary Oldman is a hardliner Russian who has just hijacked the title vehicle, and off we go in the new thriller from director Wolfgang Petersen (In the Line of Fire). Although it obviously has echoes of a Die Hard movie, with ex-Special Forces Prez Ford playing cat and mouse throughout the plane with Oldman's minions, this one stays sharp, smart, and entertaining, thanks to a good script and sure footed direction. Also helping is a fantastic cast, including Glenn Close, Wendy Crewson, William H. Macy (Fargo), Xander Berkeley (Terminator 2: Judgment Day), Dean Stockwell (Blue Velvet), Jurgen Prochnow (Das Boot) and Timothy Carhart (Beverly Hills Cop III). The action and suspense are plentiful, though it possibly goes on slightly too long, maybe sticking in one crisis too many before the end credits. Still in all, that's a minor quibble, and this is still a fine flick to check out! ...more info
  • Great movie!!! But DVD lack of extras....
    Air Force One is probably one of the best and realistic movies ever made. In the world after 9-11, you would wonder if this can happen to the real Air Force One... The world's most safest aircraft with the president of the United States, touted as the most powerful man in the world on board, being hijacked is just a nightmare...

    This movie has what you would expect from a typical action packed movie that involves hijackers on a plane. What I love abt this movie is the details put together to make the Air Force One set look just like its counterpart in the real world.. Great effort!

    Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman is just brilliant in this movie! They are the stars!

    A pity though that this DVD is lacking great extras such as a behind the scenes look or interviews with the cast. I would love to know how they built the set for Air Force One.

    The only extras in this DVD is the commentary from director Wolfgang Petersen and trailers for the featurette..

    However, if u like a good action packed movie and have always wanted to see the presidential plane in action, get this DVD.....more info
  • Poor realism.
    I used to remember this film as being pretty good, and the performances of Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman are enjoyable, but there are parts of the plot that are those 'oh come on' moments that no audience should buy in to. And the special effects are pretty cheesy, with some really bad airplane manuevers. The whole scene where Air Force One lands and takes-off again in the heat of the hijacking is just awful... totally unrealistic....more info
  • Ford's Best Work Since "Clear And Present Danger"
    Harrison Ford has certainly become the quintessential action hero. He started off in the mid - 1970s' as Han Solo in the "Star Wars" series. Then, his starpower went through the roof with the "Indiana Jones" trilogy. After a dry spell, he bounced back as CIA agent Jack Ryan in 1992's "Patriot Games" and its sequel "Clear And Present Danger". In the interim between these two films, he starred as Richard Kimble in "The Fugitive". In the 1997 vehicle "Air Force One", he played an unlikely action hero - The President Of The United States".

    Ford is President James Marshall. He seems to be the embodyment of the American dream. He has a loving family, and seems to be the leader in the upcoming election now that he's captured a Russian general responsible for the death of millions. But that all changes when he announces that the United States will no longer negotiate with terrorists at a convention in Moscow. But that all changes on the flight back to Washington. A group of Russian terrorists led by Gary Oldman hijack Air Force One. When they threaten to kill, Ford is forced to choose between going against his policy or sacrifying lives of the passangers on board - including his wife and daughter. Nonstop action combines with convincing acting, especially by Ford, Oldman and Glenn Close as the vice president. In fact, Ford is so convincing, it makes you wish he was really president. Great film....more info

  • Requires a suspension of disbelief
    Don't try to figure out just how many rounds of machine gun fire an aircraft can absorb without depressurizing and crashing. Just sit back and enjoy the story, for heaven's sake. We viewers are now always required to BELIEVE the stuff we're watching; most movies are made to entertain; few are made to educate. If you take Air Force One for what it is, a wholly impossible and improbably bit of acting and producing and directing, then you won't be disappointed. It's not trying to be Shakespeare, so don't try to judge it as such.
    Harrison Ford plays a U.S. president who seems to have gotten his training in guerrilla warfare or at least as a member of the Green Berets. He single-handedly bests a band of Russian thugs who try to pull of a mid-flight takeover of Air Force One. Glenn Close is the VP who manages things from Washington. Stuff happens so fast in this action-thriller that you won't have time to wonder why the plane didn't crash within the first 20 minutes.
    Top notch stuff, for what it's meant to be....more info
  • Is it a bird, is it a plane? no it's THE PRESIDENT ?
    This film is so over the top it's hilarious, this is POTUS as super hero, you almost wonder why he needs the plane I'm assuming the only reason he didn't reveal his true identity of US PRESIDENT MAN the masked avenger is that he couldn't find a convenient phone booth to change into his star spangled leotard. I enjoyed the film, but I feel a little dash of realism would have made it much better, just a bit believable maybe....more info
  • Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!!!
    This is, quite possibly, the worst movie ever made. The utter absurdity of the premise is only outmatched by the absolute stupidity of the events that follow. In the realm of Hollywood movies about impossible things that miraculously happen with aircraft, this one deserves top awards. I give one star because you can't give zero, or negative stars. Beyond ridiculously abominable....more info
  • Harrison makes a fine President
    At a conference in Moscow President Marshall vows that he will never negotiate with terrorists. This is tested immediately up his arrival at Air Force One. Gary Oldman does a masterful job playing the terrorist leader. Him and his co-horts take over the most secure airplane in the world. They make it seem realistic and fairly believable. Oldman has always been one of my favorite villian actors. Unfortunately some actors are typically typcast. One villan show and you're set for life. Oldman sets this mold in this movie. He's entirely believable as the Russian nationalist willing to do anything for his cause.

    Harrison Ford, one of the quintessential actors of our time, was the perfect match as the battling President. When called upon, he fights back with the best of them. When push came to shove he shoved back real real hard. You can really believe him as the President of the U.S.A ready to risk it all to save his family.

    Glenn Close is equally riviting as the female V.P. "You're Commander in Chief has given you a direct order. DO IT!!" Some of the reviewers criticize the movie for her role. She's the Vice President. When the President has a gun to his head she is SUPPOSED to take charge. She IS SUPPOSED to something. To do anything else would be a sure sign of weakness. As for the bullets being shot, you'll notice that all of the bullets were shot at people. Also, it's widely known that Air Force One is not your ordinairy run of the mill 747's that regular citizens ride. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find that the entire shell is bullet proof, with bullet proof glass. Even bullets from machine guns can't penetrate the armor of armored cars. Air Force One probably has the same material all around the main cabin. Do do any different would put the leader of the free world in serious jepoardy.

    The acting is crisp, the suspence taunt, the script well written, and the storyline fairly believable. The refuling plane scene, contrary to what some might say, is believeable. A large refueling tanker is a very dangerous job for the exact reason that is shown in the movie. There are safe guards, yeah. But a huge plane taking a sudden dive, with the tanker not diving has a good chance of causing the results in the movie.

    Don't just listen to the 1 star reviewers. Think of the cast. Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford, Glenn Close, and others. Think of the director, Wolfgang Peterson. This is a great movie with great acting. SEE IT!!!...more info
  • One of the Greats
    This is one of Harrison Ford's best. I have always enjoyed his movies. He is a real actor and there is not many left out there. This movie has a plot to it and was well made, there are some kind of fake looking part in it but over all, very good....more info
  • superb acting
    My DVD's insert had one movie exec (probably the producer) saying that only Harrison Ford could pull off the role of the US President. Harrison was absolutely convincing as a president "who knows how to fight", as one of the movie's characters put it. He exuded decisiveness, compassion, regret and strength. No wonder that one of the fighter pilots sincerely praises him, "Sir, you did great!" ...more info
  • Another Hollywood Hack Job Hiding Behind Cliche
    I like Harrison Ford, a lot. I grew up with the man as Han Solo & Indiana Jones, but since The Fugitive, can anyone name me ONE decent performance he's been in? Anyone? Anyone? Thats right, he's really not much of an actor. And shamefully the talented Gary Oldman, Glenn Close, and Jurgen Prochnow are not allowed to show off their skills.

    The plot (Air Force One being hijacked by Russian terrorists) seems easy enough. However, the linchpin of the whole plot is completely ignored, thereby invalidating the whole movie. For the terrorist plot to succeed, it is completely dependent on one of the secret service agents to be a traitor. Did he do it for money? power? sex? a good chocolate milkshake? We'll never know because they don't bother to mention it! So we're supposed to accept that a president will run around Air Force One beating up terrorists, but a secret service agent who would have to endure YEARS of training, screening, and background checks would turn on the commander-in-chief with no good explanation? Also do we really want a president who would consider the life of his family over the well-being of the nation? I know that sounds cruel, but that's THE JOB!

    I do not expect reality from movies, in fact when done right fantasy is a great genre. However, this movie obviously is trying to have SOME basis in reality. So if you're going to construct a film that has to have some realistic factors, isn't worth time to review the script to make sure it even makes sense? THIS is primary point of my critique.

    I don't feel any possible political leanings are to be drawn from the film. You're really supposed to shut your brain off, eat popcorn, and feel good about the ole U.S.A.. So should you want another overly melodramatic, cliched, bad leading man 2-hour crapfest, that's your choice. Please just don't consider it a good one... ...more info
  • Maybe we should vote for Harrison.....
    Ford plays a president whose toughness nobody can deny! When his plane is hijacked by terrorists, he sends everyone else to safety, including the Secret Service, and goes after the bad guys himself to rescue his wife and daughter. Harrison kicks major(...)and his furious, grated line, "GET OFF MY PLANE!" will forever be a classic. This one is not to be missed. Move over, Han Solo....Ford outdoes himself here!...more info
  • Petersen builds the challenge with nice sequences...
    Marshall is the kind of President alluded to a change in the U.S. foreign policy... He took a great risk when he stated that America will no longer tolerate any terrorist government... His policy is soon put in practice when he boards his plane on his way home...

    Once 'Air Force One' is in the sky, it is hijacked and currently controlled by Russian radicals who ask for the release of their leader or they'll execute the hostages on board...

    While in Washington the vice president and the president's advisers, deliberate how to answer to the terrorists' demands, the president apparently is deployed in an emergency pod, but, in reality, he's determined to bravely confront the hijackers and retake his plane...

    Harrison Ford plays with courage and charisma the commander in chief who has already played his cards, there's no turning back...

    Gary Oldman who steals the show as the evil Ivan Korshunov, reminds the President that he is holding 'his wife, his daughter, his chief of staff, his national security adviser, his classified papers and his baseball glove!'

    Beautifully shot by cinematographer Michael Ballhaus, Petersen builds the challenge with nice sequences from every compartment of 'Air Force One' to the White House contingent in Washington...

    ...more info
  • 2 Hours Of Nail Biting Suspense
    Andrew W. Marlowe, the writer of Air Force One, did an excellent job of producing a wildly entertaining story of a United States president (Harrison Ford), who basically becomes a counter-terrorism agent when his plane is high jacked in the wild blue yonder.

    While the taking of Air Force One has to be far more difficult than portrayed on screen, don't worry about it. Sit back and enjoyed the ride and what a ride it is!

    Gary Oldman, master of a thousand accents, convincingly plays a ruthlessly brutal Russian Terrorist who wants one of his comrades released from prison. Only the president can call in favors to get this done.

    The conflict: The United States doesn't negotiate with terrorists under any circumstances. Well, maybe the US will negotiate if the president and his family have been kidnapped and used as the only viable bargaining chips.

    I don't know what kind of shielding the real Air Force One has, but, I for one was glad that there was serious gun play on the 747 without losing cabin pressure and crashing it. Without this feature, the film would have been much less exciting.

    Let's give writer credit for having the gumption to go with his vision, rather than comprising a good storyline. Hopefully he'll produce more work that captures our attention for another two hours....more info
  • Right on the line
    It sad how everyone tries to politicize what is essentially a popcorn-drenched exercise in entertainment. This President is loving, compassionate and tough. No matter what your political bent, isn't that what we're all looking for? A president who lives, and acts by his own convictions?

    But that's not true is it?

    This is a dumb, but very fun, action picture with a preposterous premise. The script ain't great. The acting, however, is really top-notch, in the fact that you buy into all of it. I couldn't imagine the film working at all with out Ford and Oldman.

    It's not supposed to be any sort of comment on the current state of world affairs, how could it be? It was made YEARS before the WTC attack. You have to look at it as a personal story. It takes the inherant drama of a man with power being placed in a position where it means nothing, the ratcheting it up by placing what he holds most dear in jeopardy.

    Yes, symbolism abounds, but when the most powerful man in the world is the President of the United States, how can it not? But watch how the film spends more time on what he is NOT, which is superhuman, rather than what he is. ...more info