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The Eyewitness Travel Guide helps you to get the most out of your trip with minimum difficulties. The opening section Introducing Paris locates the city geographically, sets modern Parisian its historical context and explains how Parisian life changes through the years. Paris At a Glance is an overview of the city's specialties. The main sightseeing section of the book is Paris Area by Area. It describes all the main sights with maps, photographs and detailed illustrations. Get to know Paris with The Eyewitness Travel Guide.

Customer Reviews:

  • A Preview of Paris and Travel Guide
    If you are planning a trip to Paris or enjoy remembering your trips through travel guides, the Eyewitness Travel Paris Guide has a lot to offer. While planning a trip you can read all the detailed descriptions and then later also gain perspective on where you are in Paris through the detailed maps.

    If you plan to take a river tour or want to know what it feels like to have the Mona Lisa follow you around the Louvre (really she seems to see you no matter where you are standing by her portrait), then this book gives you an idea of where you will be at any point in time on a tour. A tour is an excellent choice, but this book will give you all the details you need to truly appreciate your Paris experience.

    Full-color illustrations show details of the Seine and all the essential places to visit including the Musee du Louvre, Notre-Dame Cathedral and Eiffel Tower. Details are given on how to take a Seine Cruise and with this book you will be able to identify the buildings along the river as you cruise by them on a pleasure-cruise boat. Some of the highlights include information on:

    Place du Tertre - highest point in Paris, also see the Street-by-Street map of Montmartre
    The Louvre Collection - Venus de Milo, Mona Lisa and a Gallery Guide
    The History of Paris
    The Palace and Gardens of Versailles
    Eight Guided Walks - Choose from a variety of 90 minute walks around Paris
    Where to Stay

    If you love the travel guide for Paris, you may also want to look for the Eyewitness Travel Provence & The Cote D'Azur.

    ~The Rebecca Review
    ...more info
    Perhaps the best "overall" guide to Paris. Wonderful photos and full of useful information. This may not be the only guide you bring to Paris but it should be at least one of them....more info
  • lacks itineraries
    What I missed in this book compared to other books are the pre-planned out suggested itineraries for various length stays. ...more info
  • Can't wait to go!
    Upon receiving my Eyewitness Travel Guide I was so drawn into the detail and ease of use in finding many interesting facts and hints. My wife and I have both taken turns looking through the guide and have been able to create an itinerary, map our routes, and find places of interest and things we want to see. Everything is in an easy to understand format. There were things we found in the book that we had no idea were an option on our upcoming honeymoon. Traveling to a place you have never been to can be very intimidating but I can honestly say that after receiving this little gem of a reference tool my wife and I are even more excited about our trip.

    Jason S.
    St Cloud, FL...more info
  • Great book
    This book was perfect for my trip to Paris. Used it lots and lots every day. The maps were particularly good....more info
  • Good, but limited
    The maps, pictures and layouts in this book were all extremely helpful to our visit, as was the descriptions of major attractions.

    I found, however, that the recommendations and listing for hotels and restaurants (the key to any good vacation) were extremely limited (probably less than 1% of the places in the city were listed) and somewhat dated....more info
  • All The Basic Information You Need
    The City guides have all the basic information you need to figure out where to go and how to get there. The only weaknesses to the book are (1) lack of "human interest" anecdotes (such as you find in a Rough Guide), (2) very little detail on hotels and restuarants, and (3) lack of good pricing data. If I had to limit myself to 2 or 3 books when visiting a city, this would be one I would take....more info
  • Good guidebook
    This guidebook really helped me on my trip to Paris. There's lots of good, up to date info and maps....more info
  • great book but two shortcomings
    just bought two of these books for a european holiday. they are fabulous books. they made planning my itinerary very easy and i love the detailed information included with all the major sites.

    however, there are two shortcomings.

    - the maps are not very good. there is no overall paris map that is usable in any way. we had to go to a hotel and find one of the free tourist maps in order to really make our way around the city. also, they break up the city onto 16 smaller maps but there is no way to easily navigate from one map to another. we found ourselves lost frequently.

    - the recommendations for food were quite lacking. yes, this is paris and there is a patisserie on every corner, but it would have been nice to find out which ones stand out from the crowd. we were unimpressed with the small restaurant section.

    if i could, i'd give the book 4.5 stars. the strengths of this book more than make up for the two shortcomings....more info
  • Great tour book for Paris!
    My husband and I just traveled to Paris for our first anniversary, and we bought this book to help us plan our trip. It was perfect! It's full of great information about the city and various sights to see. It also contains maps that came in very handy! The book also contains a couple pages of important phrases in French - not much, but enough to help you get by! I always buy the travel books from this series when I travel, because they are so appealing to look at! Rather than just containing pages and pages of text like many travel guides, these books are full of great pictures, maps, and photographs. A great travel guide!...more info
  • Can't Wait for Paris!
    I purchased this book in preparation for my upcoming trip to Paris in 9/2008. I didn't realize that I had already purchased a copy a few months ago when I first started thinking about going to Paris. Nonetheless, I don't mind owning two copies--the book is full of information about Paris and there's cool information about the history of Paris. I guess I could bring one copy to Paris with one--I'm sure it will be battered with use, so now at least I'll have a fresh copy at home for my next visit......more info
  • Eyewitness Travel Guides
    Nice pictures, good maps and narrative. A little short on details which would help you plan your trip, such as how to order tickets, make reservations via internet, etc....more info
  • Just like being there...
    the pictures, the words, the organization...this is the perfect resource for any armchair traveller preparing in thought or deed to travel to Paris...the information is up to date, fresh, interesting, and thorough....more info
  • Visually stunning, but bereft of information
    The graphics, images, and maps are really well done, and cover many of the places you would want to visit. However the actual textual information is remarkably limited, leaving you to judge how to invest your time based largely on the pictures. In addition, the guide is careful to provide no cost information at all for any attractions.

    I would recommend this guide only in combination with another guide that provides more information, background, and cost information. This was the only tour guide I had, so I don't have a specific recommendation for the companion to this one. You should read the reviews of the other Paris guides with an eye towards what is missing in this one. With that guide, I think this one is in fact worth the money and, perhaps more importantly, the space in your carry-on baggage.

    I do highly recommend Sandra Gustafson's "Great Eats Paris" and "Great Sleeps Paris", which are far better and much more comprehensive than the corresponding coverage you would find in this or any other Paris guide book....more info
  • Very Good Guide
    Used these books before in both Paris & Italy in conjunction with the Rick Steve's Guides.

    I especially like the DETAILED street maps & easy open Paris Metro Map.

    With the two books, you can't go wrong....more info
  • Must Have This!
    Even if you don't venture to the city of lights you'll enjoy this beautiful little gem of a guide. We found it to be imperative on our recent trip to Europe and they offer a condensed "Top 10" version as well.
    Priceless!...more info
  • Beautiful book, just not useful
    The Eyewitness Paris travel guide is a beautiful and fun book to read before a trip to Paris, then purchase a real travel guide to take with you. It's a great guide for armchair traveling....more info
  • Paris (eyewitness travel guide)
    I loved this book! The maps are excellent as they are different from regular maps, it is like looking down on the town and you can see where each building is. Offers unusual sights to visit and a lot of needed information. I am excited about our upcoming trip...more info
  • Lots of detailed info, good maps, great pics
    This was this best thing we took with us on our honeymoon - no pre-planning needed! The maps in this book were great, especially the metro map, the info by neighborhood, etc was so detailed that it helped plan our daily itineraries and even showed us a few things off the beaten path. I highly recommend this book for both travelers who have been to Paris many times and those who haven't been before. ...more info
  • Paris
    This is the best and most informative travel book on Paris. The illustrations are splendid,with so much information on Paris! Beautiful colour plates, Dorling Kindersley are excellent publishers, the best ever. I am very happy with this book. I highly recommend it....more info
  • My security blanket
    I love this travel guide! I depend on the maps in the back so that I don't have to worry about getting lost, which I always do in a new city. I used this book to plan my trip and I use it to navigate my way around Paris. I have also used the Madrid and London Eyewitness Guides. I like the balance of photos and text. Do yourself a favor, especially if you travel alone like I do, and get this travel guide for your Paris trip- for your peace of mind. ...more info
  • Great guide to Paris
    This book gives a little history and insight into Paris. This is the second Eyewitness I have purchased and LOVE IT! It not was invaluable while we were there but a great memory book of the places we saw. ...more info