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Every Which Way But Dead (The Hollows, Book 3)
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There's no witch in Cincinnati tougher, sexier, or more screwed up than bounty hunter Rachel Morgan, who's already put her love life and soul in dire jeopardy through her determined efforts to bring criminal night creatures to justice.

Between "runs," she has her hands full fending off the attentions of her blood-drinking partner, keeping a deadly secret from her backup, and resisting a hot new vamp suitor.

Rachel must also take a stand in the war that's raging in the city's underworld, since she helped put away its former vampire kingpin¡ªand made a deal with a powerful demon to do so that could cost her an eternity of pain, torment, and degradation.

And now her dark "master" is coming to collect his due.

Customer Reviews:

  • Whooee! Now we're talking!
    They say that one learns from their mistakes. Perhaps true for some people, but maybe not so for others. Rachel Morgan belongs to the latter category. While she isn't without charms - indeed, there are many things to like about her - her biggest weakness is her impulsiveness. This trait has landed her in many troubles that after months since quitting her job with Inderland Security, she is practically a dead witch walking barely escaping unscathed from one attack after another. Oh Rachel, when will you learn that the easiest route is not usually the best?

    After nailing Cincinnati's master vampire Piscary, Rachel finds herself being hunted down by the demon Algaliarept, who is both freaky and comical at the same time. I had such fun reading Rachel battle it out with this demon, each one trying to outsmart the other to get what they want. Both are worthy adversary and it becomes a game of cat and mouse as Rachel does her utmost to survive and keep her soul at the same time. As if dealing with `Big Al' weren't enough. Her friend and business partner Ivy is becoming more vocal about her desire to take their relationship to the next level, a mysterious Were is tailing her every move, Jenks is in a major snit over some trust issue, and it looks like a case of `out with the old and in with the new' in the romance area. Frankly, I have never trusted the `old' so bring in the `new' beautifully wrapped in tight leather. Whooee!! I love Kisten!

    The first book was fun, the second was delightful but the third was a real charm. EVERY WHICH WAY BUT DEAD is a stunning urban fantasy, filled with fast-paced action, suspense and never ending mystery. Kim Harrison continues to tantalize as we learn more about Rachel's past and the truth about her father's relationship with Trent's father. I am now fully absorbed in the complex world that Harrison has built. Her otherworldly creatures have just gotten more fascinating and look to continue to do so as this series continues. ...more info
  • Enjoyable series within the vampire genre
    I wandered over to the Kim Harrison universe after becoming disillusioned, like many other readers, with Laurell K. Hamilton's stubborn addiction to making her female leads sleep with anything walking upright on two legs. I've enjoyed this series so far and find this installment to be more consistent in character development - Rachel is still a survivor and we now know why, but is still slightly addicted to danger; Ivy is still conflicted but we understand to a greater extent as to why she continues to stick to Rachel; and we find out what makes Trent Kalamack tick.

    But it is these latter two characters and Rachel's schizophrenic relationship with them that has me knocking off a star in my review. Harrison would have us believe the Rachel can rationalize Ivy's and Kisten's kills but Trent's actions send her into a morally righteous rage. Huh? And Rachel continues to ying-yang Ivy around emotionally but thankfully Harrison introduces a potential solution to that fast tiring subplot. Frankly, I'm biased - I think Ivy and Trent are the most interesting characters in the series and want them front-and-center in every book.

    I like this series and look forward to the next installment. And here's hoping Trent and Ceri hook up and start wreaking some elf havoc!!...more info
  • Ahhh, another blissful witchy read
    This was another breathtaking entry in the complex and colorful world of Miss Rachel Morgan, sort of a supernatural bounty hunter if you may, who always manages to get into immense trouble and who longs for drinking coffee on Ivy's couch while trying to figure a way to save her life. This is the third installment of this delicious series and I cannot stress enough to read it in order, this story line has so many twists and turns that's it's easier than I can say to spoil things and ruin those great surprises, I don't even read reviews for next entries because it's never safe with the amount of ingenuity Kim Harrison puts into each one of her books.

    I adore the subtle mix of humor thrown in, the main heroine has the audacity to make fun of the demon that keeps trying to pull her into the ever after, calling him big Al and stealing his familiar, and she enrages him to the point where their battles become hairy. Her relationship with Ivy is back on track although an old flame shows up, a vampire that I am sure Ivy is not going to be done with yet and whose job stands in Rachel's way. Kisten is back, the bad boy has some heart and really grows on the reader, I am starting to adore his role in the books, and he always smells like silk and leather, interesting combo...There is also more Trent drama but better than ever, I didn't know whether to sit or stand when reading, some parts were so ingenious and wonderful that I giggled or made noises while reading, making my boyfriend look at my strangely, books rarely have this effect on my hard to please reading palate but his one was superb. Nick is here somewhere, he needs to have a great excuse for his deplorable acting or he's out of my fan club, Jenks is fresh as always but with some changes, and new characters are subtly added, it's hard to tell who's bad and who's just pretending - but that's just part of the fun.

    Currently being in the middle of the series I have to force myself and not read the remaining three books in the next three days, because then I think depression would set in, so hopefully I can stretch out the time between each because they are true jewels in the fun, wicked world of witchcraft, vampires, werewolves and all things magical. Although these books are very much part of the fantasy world of writing they are realistic, insurance, jails and lawyers are always breathing down everyone's back, some things can't be avoided even in other worlds...

    - Kasia S.
    ...more info
  • Wonderful book!
    This series is a wonderful surprise. I read this in one gulp of fresh air - it's humorous, very real and the characters are so detailed that you actually feel that you know them in your real life!
    So many reviews here compare it to Anita Blake, but I read the first few books in that series - and NOTHING compares to Rachel Morgan.
    First off, Rachel Morgan is a much more complex individual, and Harrison creates a world of characters that you actually care for. In Anita Blake, I didn't feel any sympany for her or anything bad that happened to her . Moreover, the story is so stupidly plain and simple that leaves no room for imagination.
    I also tried to read the Dresden files (read 2 books) - AWEFUL!!!!!!
    The closest I could find to the style of writing and the intricate little things that happen all around in the book is the Sookie Stackhouse series which I also am thorouly enjoying right now. Can't wait for the next book in the Rachel Morgan series!!! ...more info
    I absolutely loved this book. It is in someways similar to the Anita Blake series but otherwise it is unique. I think Kim Harrison is a very good author. IN the book Rachel Morgan escapes from a demon and helps bring in a biodrug dealer. She also is having some fun with Kisten (otherwise known as Kist). Well I can't wait till the next book and the anthology called "Dates From Hell". Well either way you should enjoy the book...if you dare....more info
  • Love KIm harrisons books
    Her books are fast paced, fun and exiting, you will fall in love with Rachel one of the main caracters. ...more info
  • Great Concept but....
    I love the concept behind this series but, it seems to me that Rachel just gets dumber by the minute. How many deals can one person make with demons. It seems that she never thinks about the consequences of her actions. She only deals with the aftermath of what she has done after the fact.

    I am not even going to comment on the "Ivy" factor. I feel bad for her and I don't think that Rachel takes into account her feelings or how the way she flaunts her "male" relationships in front of her affects her.

    I do hope that as the series continues she finally gets a clue!...more info
  • Awesome! If you love the older Anita blake stories...
    Kim Harrison is incredible! Her books remind me of the first books in Laurell K Hamilton's series with Anita Blake... All of her books are a must read!!! Ivy and Rachel kick butt!...more info
  • What a witch!
    OK, so since reading the first of the Rachel Morgan series, I have grown to love getting the next in the chain. Every time I dive into the pages and submerge into the world that Kim Harrison so eloquently portrays, I feel a part of the story. Her extraordinary gift is making such fantasy feel whole, real and totally believable.

    This to me was the failing of others like buffy, which always felt unreal. Rachel is sassy, and knows what real life is, and to me they should put these into film ASAP!

    Book 3 Rachel starts to think she can start getting her life in order, but as always things never quite go to plan. Living with a family of Pixies, a living vampire and having your boyfriend as a familiar would suggest 'normality' is a dream that will never come true, but lets hope Rachel can do it.

    If you are looking to drop out of the hum-drum and into a complex and real fantasy world, with adult emotions shown with grit and feeling, these are the books for you, and book 3 is even better!...more info
  • Super Reader
    More demonic dirty deeds are to be seen here. Rachel encounters one of her demon's past slaves, and it turns out she is an elf. Suddenly there are elves everywhere, ex demon-slaves are elves, the super villain and annoying henchmen are elves. These guys are supposed to be gone, what is the story, etc.

    Mysterious elderly next door neighbour, as well.

    With arguments with her boyfriend, and the amusing pixie going on, this perhaps runs the risk of turning into a crazed supernatural fest, with no human characters left, despite their overwhelming majority numbers in the city. ...more info
  • Every Whitch way but Dead
    This was a GREAT !!!!! Book. I stayed up all night could not put it down. I have already ordered and read all of Kim Harrison Books they are all Great,I Wish the next Book would come out SOON!!! The books start out very Good then just get better!!!! ...more info
  • Great Rachel Morgan book
    In this book, Rachel made a deal with a demon to testify in court as a witness. Now it's time to collect that debt. Big Al wants her to be his familiar. She tricks him at the last moment, which keeps her safe for a little while and gets his old familiar, a 1000 year old elf.

    If that isn't enough trouble, Rachel has the hots for a vampire that Ivy has a lot of history with that makes home life a lot more difficult.

    The whole plot has so many different directions. You are definitely kept wrapped up in the story waiting for the next plot twist.

    I recommend this to anyone that likes the Jim Butcher series. This is a must read....more info
  • This is Great
    What a great story Kim Harrison has come up with! This is the third time we've been exposed to the wonderful Rachel Morgan.

    Rachel is a great leading lady. She's a bounty hunter (the type that hunts vampires and werewolves) and also a witch. Rachel is always getting herself in to trouble and she just can't catch a break. But one way or another she gets herself out of trouble and is ready to face another day.

    In "Every Which Way But Dead", Rachel finds herself surrounded her is a ton of action, quite a bit of horror and some hot hot hot scenes! Kim Harrison has simply perfected Rachel in this novel. If you liked the first two, you simply must pick this one up. ...more info
  • A Lovely Supernatural book with a strong heroine
    I came across this book one day in the library, looking for a book to help erase the disappointment I felt after having read one of the later books in Laurell Hamilton's Anita Blake series. The title was the first thing to catch my interest, when I read the back of the book I figured it was worth a try. The library didn't have the earlier books in the series, but the book seemed to have a similar theme to the earlier Anita books so I checked it out, despite usually liking to read series in orders. I'm glad I did check it out; it was a wonderful story with a strong heroine and a supernatural flair. The characters were interesting and the mythos was unique....more info
  • Baby if you call me, you can call me Al...
    Once again, Rachel Morgan is in way over her head. And, once again, with the help of her friends and a big helping of luck, she worms her way right back out. In the third book of the series, we learn a lot more about the world (elves and werewolves and demons) and Rachel's relationships with Ivy and Kistin takes even more interesting turns. Oh, and there's Trent, too, who throws some interesting... 'issues' into the mix.

    Despite the supernatural theme of the series, half of this book could easily have taken place without it - the focus on the criminal ring and running of the city casinos doesn't need the witch factor to keep it afloat, and juxtaposed with the demon familiar storyline, well, saying it gives and air of believability to the story might be going a little far, but it is, at least, relatable. There's plenty of action (both supernatural and mundane) and the storyline does keep you guessing.

    The same good things about the first two books apply to this one - good characterization, fun dialog (especially some of the demon's lines!), and a fast-paced storyline. Some of the descriptions are getting a little repetitive, but it's a small price to pay for the rest of the book (also, probably more noticeable in the audio version than if you were reading the print book). If you liked the first two, you won't be disappointed in this one. If you haven't read the first two, it would probably be best to go back and read the story in order - this is a world that is developing from book to book, and I'm not sure it works nearly as well as a stand-alone.

    I'd highly recommend the first three books in the series, and can't wait to read the fourth!

    AUDIOBOOK NOTE: This is the same reader that did the previous books in the series, and admittedly, while her voice is nice and she does a great job with the characters, there are some places where she pauses in odd parts of the sentence, leaving a strange, hiccupping rhythm to the book. It can be distracting at times, so bear that in mind when deciding between the print or audio version of the book - if that would drive you crazy, pick up the print version!...more info
  • A more introspective Rachel
    I really like this series. In this entry, there's a *little* less danger for Rachel and a little more romance. Along the way, there's a lot she's learning about herself, even if she sometimes doesn't like what she learns. There's less Ivy and Jenks in this book, and I kinda missed Jenks, but at least Rachel wasn't fending off Ivy every other chapter. There's also a new character introduced into Rachel's life, and I'm curious about what sort of role David the Were will play in the future. ...more info
  • Couldn't put it down!
    I'm new to this series, but have been tearing through them! I'll always be a fan of Anita Blake, but this world has even more types of characters and the plot hasn't deviated into the relationship-only type yet. I'm already halfway through the next one!...more info
  • Fun read for what it is.
    The book was a nice continuation of the Rachel Morgan story that answered some questions and asked a few more. I was worried at first that the story would shift like the Anita Blake novels to a more Adult sex book than vampire book but with the exception of one or two PG13 parts the story stayed on course and developed nicely. Far from a master piece of modern literature but a fun read for what it is....more info
  • A compelling third volume of the series...
    I think I have fallen in love with Harrison's Hollows books. The characters are so colorful and real, and they have good depth and energy. And nothing has changed in this, her third book of the series.

    It was a little slow and not much happened. It seemed that this one developed the plot for a future book and the series, but didn't really go too much in to a heavy plot for itself. I enjoyed the story none the less. We finally got to see Ivy in action, although not that much and it was brief at that, so I was happy. The Elves begin to play a larger role, and we meet another Were, which is developed some. All this adds depth to the world she is creating, expanding on Demons, Witches, Weres, Elves, Pixies and Vampires in order to expand the world and books/plots that she is creating.

    It was a little funny though. You read the cover and it says "Great sex..." and you think, huh? Because in the book itself, 500 pages long, there is only one sex scene and it is only roughly 10 pages long. So there isn't much going in that direction, but it seems they are trying to bring in the romance readers, since the quote was from a romance writer.

    That being said, I loved this book, though not as action packed as the first two, but great none the less. I would recommend.

    4.5 stars....more info
  • Gets better with each book
    First witches, vampires, pixies and demons, then elves, and now weres! And none of them are ever the way we'd picture them. Corporate elves and insurance adjuster weres. But they're still nothing like the human versions. The weres still have pack hierarchies and the elves, as we learn more about them, might have magic, but they're very cold beings indeed. At least, most of them are. When Rachel saves one from Algaliarept (the very creepy and well written stalker-demon she's "acquired" in the last book), under...unusual circumstances, we start to get a better idea of what elves used to be, and maybe can be again.

    Rachel's impulsiveness actually catches up to her in this book, props to the author on that. It's a continuity I hadn't expected. She pays a heavy toll for making one of her snap decisions and doing what she thinks is the right thing. Her battle with Algaliarept for her soul is almost lost. In the end, her relationship with her human boyfriend pretty much is, as well as with one of her partners. She has to face up to the consequences of her actions and I really liked that. Maybe she does make it out, but not without scars, internal and not. And that's the way real life is for the rest of us, if we don't think before acting. It's so good to see that Rachel isn't "better" than the rest of us, in that regard. It makes her much easier to identify with, to like as a protagonist.

    As others have said before, the pacing of the book is pretty slow for the first couple hundred pages. Much rehashing of the dangers and situations from previous books, but I can understand the repetitiveness in this case. Things are really moving up a notch in intensity in both the case of Ivy and Algaliarept, and both set the stage for things to come in the latter part of the book. A latter part that moves along at a very fast clip, in comparison to the first part. Once it gets going, it doesn't stop and pulls few punches.

    This is an excellent addition to the series, building more on the characters and defining their situations. Some conflicts are resolved but all new ones are created, leaving us wondering just what's going to happen in the next book. Great cliffhangers without being overly annoying about it. This is definitely a series I'd recommend to anyone thinking about getting into the vampire mystery genre....more info
  • Good, no great... just not fantastic...
    I think Kim Harrison is a fantastic writer, and her books never fail to excite me. Maybe it's because the novelty has worn off a bit (serial characters) but I wasn't as blown away by this one. But I stress, she is a _brilliant_ writer and I hang out for Fistful of Charms. Yeah, right about good dark fantasy writers who's name start with H. What about good dark fantasy writers who's names are Kim? If you like Kim Harrison, you'll probly like Kim Wilkins. Not vampires, but cool supernatural stuff with great realistic characters....more info
  • Good series
    I am looking forward to the next installment of the series. I thought they were all a good read. I would LOVE to see more of Ceri, and think she will end up being a powerful ally.
    ...more info
  • Sex, suspense and supernatural
    I just started reading Kim Harrison so I've been reading her out of chronological order. Talk about lots of fun! She makes it easy to be a supernatural fan. lots of adventure and sex spice up her book...I wish she could write faster....more info
  • The Life of a Demon Familiar
    Every Which Way But Dead (2005) is the third Urban Fantasy in the Rachel Morgan series, following The Good, the Bad, and the Undead. In the previous volume, Rachel slams Piscary into unconsciousness and turns him over to the FIBs. Later she convinces the Howlers to pay her fee for searching for their mascot fish.

    In this novel, Piscary is convicted for the murders of several ley line witches after the demon Algaliarept testifies against him. Now Rachel summons the demon to fulfill her promise in exchange for his testimony. She goes through the rites to become his familiar.

    After accepting her service, Al no longer needs his former familiar, the elf Ceri. Despite his sadistic intentions, Rachel convinces Al to release Ceri and then she gets Ceri onto sanctified ground. Ceri is now free after a thousand years of service to the demon.

    Although Ceri is rapidly adjusting to her new freedom, Rachel needs to find her another home. Jenks is frustrated because he can't tell what kind of creature she is. He knows that she is the same kind as Trent Kalamack, but Rachel prefers not to release that information and pixies are not known for keeping secrets. Besides, Rachel, Ivy and Jenks are not exactly a normal household living in a typical lifestyle.

    Rachel invites Keasley, the old witch living across the street, to come over and meet Ceri. While Keasley is not exactly a typical inderlander himself, he is more so than the Vampiric Charms team. At first Ceri and Keasley are a bit reluctant, but soon find much to like in each other. Keasley returns home to install Ceri in his spare bedroom.

    In this story, Rachel notices that an older Were has been following her and confronts him in a back corner of the zoo. David Hue is an insurance adjuster who has a few questions about the fish that Rachel had taken from Mr. Ray's office. It seems that the fish had been stolen and the original owner has filed a claim. He also has some papers for Rachel to sign concerning the final disposition of the fish.

    Algaliarept cannot use Rachel as his familiar without taking her back to the ever-after and is less than happy about her refusal to cross over. One day, when Rachel uses the ley line in her back yard, Al unexpectedly appears and starts dragging her away. Since the backyard ley line is surrounded by sanctified ground, the nearest available ley line is eight blocks away and Al is determined to drag or carry her to it. But Ceri, Keasley and David form a circle to stop him and Rachel, as the de facto summoner, then banishes him back to the ever-after.

    This story also tells of Rachel's troubled relationship with Nick Sparagmos. After he became her familiar, Nick was subject to seizures and other upsets whenever Rachel drew upon a ley line. Now that she is Algaliarept's familiar, that tie has been broken, but Nick still isn't returning home. Then Kristen takes her out on a date and she finds herself becoming more attracted toward him.

    With Piscary in prison, the criminal underground in Cincinnati becomes more unstable. Rachel gradually becomes aware of a new player. She first learns of Stanley Saladan from Takata in regard to his annual concert. Then Kristen takes her to Lee Saladan's gambling boat. Later, Quen hires her to protect Trent during a meeting with Saladan.

    As usual, Rachel gets into all kinds of trouble with both her friends and her enemies. Sometimes it is hard to tell one from another, since today's friend is tomorrow's enemy and vice-versa. Her life is so screwed up!

    Highly recommended for Harrison fans and for anyone else who enjoys tales of inderlanders, humans and romance.

    -Arthur W. Jordin...more info
  • Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
    I justed to let you know that this series rocks my socks!
    I have read 'em all fast as I could get 'em.
    She is in the list of my favorite writers.
    ...more info
  • Just full of Spice and Everything Nice.......
    Kim Harrison's series on our infamous witch Rachel Morgan is the best series in this type of Genre that I have read in a very long time. We get a little taste of everything. And just when you feel that you've gotten a pretty good handle on our main characters, something gets thrown in that shakes things up.
    ...more info
  • Better and Better!
    Book 3. I started off my book 2 review for The Good, the Bad, and the Undead by stating that Ms. Harrison managed to defy the laws of diminishing returns and created a book 2 that was even better than its predecessor. I can only begin this review by repeating that observation, as Every Which Way but Dead raises the ante even more.

    At the end of book 2, Rachel manages to thwart death at the hands of the Master Vampire Piscary, but only by striking another deal with the demon Algaliarept. Rachel's practice of "act now, think later" has saved her skin a number of times, but this time she fears she might have gone too far. In exchange for Big Al (her nickname for Algaliarept)'s testimony against Piscary, Rachel has agreed to become his familiar--provided that she gets to keep her soul. Every Which Way but Dead opens with Big Al coming to collect. He drags along his current familiar of 1000 years, Ceri--who is a haggard, haunted young woman, with an aura coated so thick with demon smut it is completely black. Rachel takes pity on Ceri, and manages to rescue her by swindling Al and also manages to resist being pulled into the Ever After (aka demon land). As it turns out, Ceri knows all of Big Al's tricks, how to stir demon curses, and becomes a formidable ally for Rachel, and a major character going forward in these books.

    Rachel also has some serious man trouble on her hands. After pulling magic through familiar and boyfriend Nick by accident in book 2, Rachel finds herself in emotional limbo. She and Nick had a great thing going, but now he can't shake the memory of her accident, and pulls away from Rachel. Finally he decides that he has to leave town for a while to `take care of some business', and Rachel is forced to come to terms with the fact that their relationship is over. Meanwhile, vampire Kisten--former scion of Piscary and good friend to Ivy--has his designs set on Rache. Especially after the hot little elevator interlude in The Good, the Bad, and the Undead.

    When I started this installment to the Rachel Morgan series, I feared that it would just be more of the same old same. Rachel fights the same demon and manages to keep her butt out of the Ever After, more unresolved tension with Ivy, unresolved sexual tension with Kisten, same old grudging problems with Trent Kalamack...but Ms. Harrison manages to pick up all these storylines and push them forward, taking Rachel into new territory without feeling recycled. Rachel begins a romantic relationship with Kisten and allows herself to be seduced by him, causing more complications with the jealous Ivy. There's a serious fallout between Rache and Jenks after yet another demon attack, and Rachel finds herself in the middle of a new power struggle in Cincinnati since she put Piscary behind bars. A whole new species joins the main cast with David Hue, werewolf and claims adjustor, as he tracks down Rache after the fish incident at the beginning of book 2 (really, how does Ms. Harrison keep track and maintain all these separate plot lines? It's awe inspiring).

    Needless to say, there is nothing boring about this book!

    Fans of the first two books will not be disappointed--Ms. Harrison just keeps getting better.

    Review Courtesy of The Book Smugglers...more info
  • Oustanding
    Even in a market full of supernatural, witty, authors, this author wins the prize for books that cannot be put down once begun, and that leaves you anxious for the arrival of the next book in the series....more info
  • Just luv it!!!!!
    This was the first book that I picked up by Kim Harrison....I could not put it down. I really hate first person in a book but I quickly overlooked that after I started reading. All the characters in this book are great......Ivy, Jenks, (especially) Kistan, Trent etc... I just read the first book DWW and right this min ordering the second installment. I cannot wait till book 4 comes out and with it more bout Ivy and Trent. Read her books-----for they are so unexpected....more info
  • Demons, boyfriends, and the underworld...
    Things are not really looking up. Rachel Morgan is sexy, tough and everybody wants a piece of her. And when dealing with vampires and demons, sometimes that piece may be your soul or an important organ. She also has boyfriend trouble, Jenks is pissed at her and the powers of the underworld are starting to notice her and how she has this problem with authority. By the time you finish this book even you'll feel tired and need a good cup of tea.
    I love how all the books have titles from Western flicks. Also enjoy the relationships because, frankly, undead or not they seem realistic and not too over blown....more info
  • this book rocks
    i really enjoyed this book. It was actually very well written to have so many paranormal elements in one book. I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • This is the BEST book
    I love all of Kim Harison's books but this is by far my favorite. It has everything thrill, love, and terror. I don't think there could be a better one. This is the best of all of the Rachel Morgan books to date. I have it so many times my first copy, of Every Which Way But Dead, it started to lose pages.