Atomic Lobster (Serge a. Storms)
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Serge A. Storms is back with a bullet, torn between homicide and souvenirs, cranking up the fevered action as the pot boils over on a street called Lobster Lane. It's reunion time in the Sunshine State, and we're not just talking the family jamboree of the blood-soaked McGraw criminal clan, whose nastiest, meanest member, finally released from prison, is heading south bent on revenge. Serge's drug-addled bud Coleman's here as well, torn between getting hammered and getting more hammered, while trying to construct the biggest bong ever. Meanwhile the government is covering up a growing list of mysterious victims across Florida who may or may not be connected to a nefarious plot being hatched against national security. Something has set the Non-Confrontationalists off on a rampage. And everyone is rushing to flee Tampa on a cruise ship to hell.

Customer Reviews:

  • Triggerfish Two
    Serge and sidekick Coleman hook up with smoking hot Rachel and wreak havoc in Florida. Sounds a bit like the rest of the Serge books by Dorsey. In this one, we revisit a lot of characters from previous books, notably the Davenports from Triggerfish Twist. Hectic pacing and mad dashing abounds in this outing involving smuggling artifacts, drugs, and bio-hazards; not to mention Tex McGraw is released from prison and is on the hunt for all who did him wrong, including Jim Davenport with whom spree-killing Serge has forced into a friendship. How does Rachel tie into Serge's & Coleman's past? Who's the famous football player in the book? Is it cheaper to live on a cruise ship rather than a retirement home? Who is Special Agent Foxtrot? Will Johnny Vegas ever get any girly-action? What's up with Clowns vs Mimes e-videos? Can Coleman build the biggest bong ever?

    While the book is fast-paced and holds your interest, there really is no story here, it's pretty much action sequence to action sequence kinda like Live Free or Die Hard. Great quirkyness and fun characters but there's no underlying story....more info
  • The Madcap Comic Crime Novel Genius
    Tim Dorsey does it again! His ability to work cultural references into his protagonist's (?) everyday vernacular is amazing. And we always manage to learn something that amazes us about our state that dangles out into the sea with Serge acting as our Florida tour guide! And not since Hannibal Lecter has there been such creativity in the dispatching of folks to meet their maker! Thanks Tim for your series...between your books and my DMB fixation, I'm about set for my Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder!...more info
  • Liked it a great deal
    I got this book the day it came out. I really like Tim Dorsey's stories. It is not the ususal book that I read so I find them very funny and refreshing. I can see where some people will not like his humor however he cracks me up. The story has some good twists, and well crafted. If you have never read one of his books give him a try. I hope that you love it. If you do you will have a whole series to read. If not you can continue your search. ...more info
  • Awesome, Great, Funny Book
    Another great novel by Tim Dorsey. This one doesn't dissappoint. Non- stop laughter. Follow up to Triggerfish Twist, and every bit as fun. Great beach read....more info
  • usual over the top satire
    The man slapped six foot stripper Rachel so Serge A. Storms decides to give him a first hand lesson at the Serge charm school. He and Coleman hold the guy by his ankles off an overpass just to scare him. However, an angry Rachel arrives, elbows Serge in the chest and bites Coleman. They drop the man who vanishes. Serge and Coleman agree it is time to hit the road especially since the latter hopes to create the biggest bong ever.

    Others also are touring Florida. The quickest to the draw of the mean McGraws, killer Tex is out of prison with plans to murder those who sent him up river. The G-Unit (dubbed the E-Team by the media) nonagenarian investors seek sex on a cruise; Serge learns not to be in there way when they drive as they purposely pretend confusion while playing pinball with pedestrians. Finally the government seems to be hiding some mysterious murders. The convergence of all these divergent people turns out to be Jim and Martha Davenport, who just wants some excitement in their lives.

    This is the usual over the top satire that atomizes just about everyone even a lobster. Serge is at his best starting with his woops while Coleman meeting up with pal Lenny plan on a Guinness Book size bong. However, between Amazonian Rachel, the government, bad Tim McGraw and the "Granny" brigade, Serge and Coleman understand the biggest threat to their Florida road show is these dangerous ninety years olds. Tim Dorsey provides his typical insane zaniness that leaves no one standing except ninety-one years old Edith Grabowski who had sex twice without oxygen and is ready to take on Tim, Rachel, Serge and Coleman in a no holds barred Florida death match.

    Harriet Klausner
    ...more info
  • Dorsey is Back On
    After two less than hilarious books, Tim Dorsey has once again woven a gut-busting Serge and Coleman adventure with a purpose. This one is a little slow out of the gate, taking its time setting the stage and borrowing heavily from past successes before becoming laugh-out-loud funny on nearly every page. Serge and Coleman set up digs in a rundown hotel while Serge is laying low. Meanwhile, Jim Davenport from Triggerfish Twist is still having issues with assertiveness. His wife Martha makes him start attending a nonconfrontationalist support group, where he meets up with Serge, whose psychiatrist suggested he start attending such meetings after beating up everyone in the anger management group for being rude. Jim is less than enthusiastic about their reunion, but Serge renews his vow to keep Jim safe from harm, particularly as mass murderer Tex McGraw is now on the loose and coming after Jim. First, Serge leads the nonconfrontationalists on an unauthorized field trip to visit some shady movers who took advantage of the Davenports--wearing Seven Dwarves masks.

    At the same time, a group of old ladies discovers the joys and financial benefits of cruising, inadvertently becoming targeted by smugglers, while Jim settles into his new neighborhood filled with football stars and beautiful people. Serge, after accidentally upsetting Martha, decides to keep his surveillance secret and gets a position housesitting at a place down the street, complete with substance-hoovering Coleman and Rachel, an attractive young floozy who parties as enthusiastically as Coleman. While Coleman throws the party of the century, Serge keeps an eagle eye out for Tex McGraw. Add some clueless FBI agents and a secret assassin, toss them all on a cruise ship, and, as only Dorsey can do, this eclectic mix of characters and agendas all comes together, the fun in seeing how it all winds up. Though slow to gain momentum, once this story gets going, the laughs come fast and furious. Several plot devices from previous novels were put into play to pull this one off, but the bottom line is, it's very funny, which is why I read Dorsey. Once again, he's in top form.
    ...more info
  • Dead-on and hilarious
    Tim Dorsey's work has always been informed by his canny, nasty and very funny insight into the foibles of human nature in general and the residents of South Florida in particular. Serge A. Storms, his lovingly deranged, serial-killing anti-hero, is a sympathetic character --- up to a certain, shifting, indefinable point --- because of his victims. Serge picks nefarious drug dealers, purse snatchers who prey on senior citizens, bullies and the decent folk among us. Coleman, Serge's sidekick, is a drug-addled burnout, along to provide assistance as a homicidal go-fer, not to mention occasional comic relief.

    In ATOMIC LOBSTER, Dorsey brings back some old friends as well as mortal enemies into the mythos, though familiarity with what has gone before is not a prerequisite for enjoyment. Chief among them is Jim Davenport, a human pushover doll whose encounter with Serge in TRIGGERFISH TWIST left Davenport hoping that he'd never see him again. A series of coincidences --- South Florida is just one big small town, after all --- brings Serge and Davenport closer and closer together until they wind up living on the same street, and fortuitously so.

    Tex McGraw, the nominal head of Florida's meanest outlaw clan, has just been released from jail and is hell-bent on revenge against Davenport, who accidentally killed McGraw's brother. Meanwhile, Davenport's daughter is engaged to be married to an insufferable womanizer with no visible means of support other than a rapidly depleting trust fund.

    The Diaz Brothers, most famously characterized in HAMMERHEAD RANCH MOTEL, are seeking a more lucrative source of income than is possible as hotel proprietors. When one of them moonlights with a moving company charged with relocating the Davenports to their new home, you can see the collisions coming from a long way off. They come quickly and furiously in ATOMIC LOBSTER, beginning with a drop off of the Sunshine Bridge and ending aboard a cruise ship that is no love boat, not with Serge A. Storms aboard. Oh, and speaking of love, Johnny Vegas, the Accidental Virgin, is back as well. Does he fare any better here than he has in previous works? Should you even ask?

    Dorsey skewers everyone here --- his descriptions of the people boarding a cruise ship are worth the price of admission alone --- and the manner in which he captures the unreasonable sense of entitlement that seems to have possessed folks these days is first-rate, simultaneously dead-on and hilarious. If ATOMIC LOBSTER doesn't increase Dorsey's readership one-hundredfold while sending both new fans and old friends scurrying for his backlist, then nothing will.

    --- Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub...more info
  • Atomic Lobster is a Blast
    For Friends of Serge, Atomic Lobster has it all. From the first pages, the book rocks along the tracks threatening to careen out of control, but it never does. With multiple characters and subplots, Dorsey keeps it all together for those of us who may have lost a bit of grey matter along the way. I laughed out loud so much while I was reading this that people began looking a bit warily at me. A great read. ...more info
  • Hilarious
    It must be hard to keep doing this, book after book, but it doesn't
    show. Serge has no peer. There is no more endearing or enduring
    serial killer out there.

    Sure it's looney, but it has its own inner logic.

    I wish he could meet up with Skink (from Haiasson). That would be
    an adventure! Coleman would still have to ride shotgun though....more info
  • Florida Insanity
    Serge A Storms, serial killer?, Florida historian, fact finder, who is this man? This series of books may be the funniest ever published. Serge is the most anti of the anti-heros, but he loves his home state. If you have a slightly warped sense of humor and can read about some really strange ways of killing your fellow man, without passing judgment, read these books. Not for everyone, but they continue to make me laugh out loud. Serge is a physchiatrist's nightmare, but what fun to share his strange journey though life....more info
  • Atomic Lobster
    The most fun I have had listening to a book in years. It's like the Gang that could'nt shoot straight on Steriods. Murphy's Law Unleashed!! The reader was excellent and it made driving a pleasure.
    Oncoming traffic could never figure out what I was laughing at. Drove them all crazy....more info
  • Serge rules
    I'm the first to admit Dorsey's books are an acquired taste. I found that out trying to explain the books to friends. I read this book over a weekend and was not disappointed. This is not the book to start with as references are made to previous storylines but a fun read anyway. Start your Serge Florida experience with Florida Roadkill or Triggerfish Twist or as I did with Orange Crush....more info
  • Atomic Lobster
    I was extremely satisfied with the timely delivery and everything. Thank yo so much.
    Ira King...more info
  • Sail Away
    The lovable psychopath, Serge A. Storm, appears for the 10th time, along with his larger-than-life sidekick, Coleman, in this typically [for this author] comical and absurd tale. Along the way we are treated to amusing sidelights, ending in a cruise from Tampa involving smuggling.

    The novel includes the customary cast of unusual characters, including a serial killer, a timid husband and his mixed-up wife, a boozed-up and doped-up bottle blond strip-teaser and four elderly matrons who provide comic relief. The author's comments on cruise ships are not only funny but accurate and telling.

    If you've never read one of the books in this series, start here. You will not be disappointed, as we promised in the recent review of Hurricane Punch [the book preceding this one and just released in paperback].
    ...more info
  • Best Yet
    I love the way Dorsey writes and this is his best yet. Serge is a great character, but its Dorsey's twisted sense of humor that made me stop writing and read his latest. Everyone needs a good laugh, and this book provides it.
    I live in the Florida Keys, and I swear I've met these characters!
    ...more info
  • Tim Dorsey's at it again ...
    Tim Dorsey's loveable serial killer Serge and his sidekick, the wacky druggie named Coleman, are back in their newest adventure, Atomic Lobster. Oh, and some old friends and enemies make a return appearance for everyone's entertainment.

    We meet up with Tex McGraw, who is mean, meaner and meanest. He's out of jail and hot on the road to revenge. Jim Davenport is in his sites, just because of that accidental killing of his brother.

    Jim's daughter is engaged and that's not a good thing since the groom-to-be is a slime ball with few morals and no job and money that's running out. The Diaz brothers make a return appearance and run smack dab into Davenport during a move. Then there's the Accidental Virgin and Johnny Vegas. Whew! I'm tired already. Tired or not, the Florida road trip must continue, especially after dropping a guy off a bridge. Well, he did slap Rachael, a six-foot stripper.

    Then there are those government types who are covering up murder victims, and well, you've just got to read it all to believe it. And yes, there is a contest afoot to build the biggest-ever bong.

    Dorsey's Atomic Lobster races along at a frenetic pace, and nothing or no one escapes his wit. Serge and Coleman continue to do their thing, even when it's the older generation who they really must look out for. I always enjoy Tim Dorsey's novels, but must rest between readings. If not, I would be required to check into the nearest institution.

    Armchair Interviews says: Atomic Lobster is as fun, quirky and zany as the title....more info
  • Getting Stale
    I am starting to wonder why I keep reading this series other than out of habit. While in the past I have enjoyed the (dark) humor, this one left me just trying to keep up with who was who and who was double crossing who (whom?).

    Anyway, I also had trouble keeping track of what happened when and in what order due to the author's style.

    And coincidence is starting to rear it's head way too often with total implausibility.

    All that being said: Atomic Lobster is OK. Not great but OK. At least I didn't find myself throwing the book against the wall in frustration half way through....more info
  • Another Storm in the Life
    The problem any author faces in writing a series is keeping the continuing characters consistent with past action while developing more layers to their personality. In the last few books Serge has practically become a parody of himself. He has become more manic while the plots have become even more far fetched.

    The book was fun to read, but the plot was unnecessarily convoluted, and keeping track of all the characters rather tiring. And too many of the new characters were just cardboard cut-outs. Serge's killings have become of the avenging angel variety with ample justification for his vigilantism.

    Basically this book was for the fan of the series, but hardly one to expand the readership....more info
  • Serge A. Storms Rolls On
    Serge A. Storms is at it again with his pal Coleman in this new and zany adventure by Tim Dorsey. Rachael is a welcomed additon to the crew this time around. She is frequently at odds with Coleman, coming to blows at times.

    The story is not unlike the rest of Dorsey's, but that's the reason you read an author like Dorsey. He is highly consistent, adding layers to the personalities of his perrenial characters like Serge, Coleman, Davenport and of course the G-Unit.

    The humor is slapstick and silly but far from juvinile. Anyone who appreciates creative plot development and adult comedy will love this far-out novel....more info
  • Serge Rules, and Coleman Rocks
    Dorsey is at his finest with this effort. I'm still trying to design a bigger bong, and a more inventive way to kill someone....more info