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Symantec, Veritas Leaders Tout Merger

Symantec, Veritas Leaders Tout Merger
January 5, 2005

Leaders of Symantec (, ) and Veritas (, ) met with investors Wednesday to convince skeptics of the wisdom of the marriage between the industry giants.

Symantec Chairman and CEO John Thompson said a combination of the leading security software and back-up software makers will help solve problems many CIOs face: Preserving information integrity while making it highly available.

Thompson said customers have told Symantec and Veritas some of their major challenges include reigning in the complexity, cost and compliance factors of information technology.

This comes as security threats such as viruses and other malicious intruders are more pronounced and a glut of data threatens to clog corporate infrastructure. To make matters more challenging for CIOs, they are faced with stringent compliance regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA.

While most analysts and software vendors the

of KVault Software would provide the e-mail archiving software to back up the e-mail server for Microsoft Exchange systems should a virus enter the system.

This would ensure data availability. Security, plus availability, Bloom argued, makes a compelling value proposition.

"We want to offer a preemptive environment," Bloom said via Webcast. "It's a lot cheaper to provide preventative medicine."

As for the competition, such as Microsoft's entrance into the antivirus and antispam space, Thompson pointed out that Symantec is already well established in this market. He expects Microsoft's presence to have minimal impact on Symantec's results this year.

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