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Sigaba Adds Federated Authentication to E-Mail Security Software

Sigaba Adds Federated Authentication to E-Mail Security Software
October 16, 2003

Version 4.0 of Sigaba Secure E-mail from Sigaba, a secure messaging product, adds the ability to interoperate with all major authentication mechanisms and e-mail applications, plus federated authentication for connecting multiple trusted partners.

Secure E-mail runs atop Sigaba's secure messaging software platform. The company also offers Secure IM for secure instant messages, and Secure Statements for handling sensitive documents such as bills, legal statements and medical records. The Sigaba Gateway version 3 product conforms to Federal Information Process Standard 140-1, a mandatory requirement for federal agencies to purchase cryptographic-based security systems.

Version 4.0 of Secure E-mail adds authentication adapters compatible with the Secure Assertion Markup Language (SAML), defined by the Oasis consortium ( that works to define e-business standards, which Sigaba executives participated in drafting.

The federated authentication option enables partners to exchange secure email authentication through trusted parties. "Send anywhere" options enables users to communicate securely with anyone, anywhere, without the requirement of client software.

Pricing for Secure E-mail 4.0 starts at $50,000, for the Sigaba Gateway, Key and Authentication Services, and Plug-Ins if needed for client access.

"Customers need an email product that combines ease of use and high security standards," says Jahan Moreh, chief security architect for Sigaba. "With the 4.0 release, we bring to market a product that is easy to use yet complies with federal security standards."

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